pregabaline eureka

pregabaline eureka

Pregabalin – Week One �� Honest, funny account of my experience so far!

la description:
My first week on Pregabalin and the side effects are just starting to show along with improvements (I think) Pretty funny seeing how wrecked I am ��

Betty Blue écrit: Very honest ��Rach écrit: I’ve just started taking this drug for back pain as well. So far my brain feels numb. Or buzzing maybe? My speech is also affected by this drug too. Some of the back pain has already numbed tho. I’m not sure about this drug. Right now it feels impossible to work with this drug.Boris Johnson écrit: Has the opposite effect on me. High doses make me hyper and feel like I'm working towards something. Like I have to be active and get things done. But I'm just at home and got no plans. It's hard to explain. But they never make me drowsy. Even when I took 900mg at once.Ywar jan palod écrit: Do you feel strange things in your brain �� like pressure and ur heart ♥ is going fast as AK47 when on pregabalin?!?Charlene Ortiz Lifestyle and Fitness écrit: Thank you for sharing your experienceMick Hal écrit: Hi
We’re you getting sore eyes
And light sensitiveFrank Da Tank écrit: Ur hotLILITHS LAIR écrit: LEZ BE FRIENDS ? �� ����Gee Wiz écrit: That’s why I am too afraid to take Lyrica or Gabapentin when I have to work each day.Ranjit Tyagi écrit: I have an L5-S1 herniated disc and stenosis to go with it. Drop a reply and I'll share with you information which isn't commonly available on Internet. I believe so, at least. You're an honest person and I seek such souls. P.S. I'm not involved in any organized religion and never try to force anything on anyone.Dave West écrit: I'm on Pregabalin 600mg , Mirtazapine 30mg and Diazepam 80mgspiritual abundence écrit: Its hell to get offpeaceful warrior écrit: This is so accurate. I just started 2 days ago and I'm already beginning to feel visible écrit: Physiotherapy and a tens machine is fantastic for bulging disks. Codeine makes you drowsy alone so definitely mixed with Pregabolin will cause you to feel spaced out. You really shouldn't be driving under the influence of those meds.Marlon Jaed Luxury Condominiums PVT LTD écrit: i love the feeling of the pergabalin and it exactly does the same thing to me …but i am prescribed pretty high dose( maximum) does for a day … in my opinion we should make the group or a blog so more people can share there experience as there is very less infomation in related to how pregabalin helped people only the downside reports available …. i have been on the pregabalin for 3 years and i am successful realtor and it helps me a lot when managing 75 plus properties an 36 employees @carolina the dry mouth go away withing 3 weeksRobert Creasey écrit: You do look a-bit stoned. I have just been prescribed this medication. But I’m a bit scared to start it .as The job I do you have to be fully focused. The James Bond comment did crack me up �� you have lovely eyes. Anyway thanks for you vid and good luck for the futureR écrit: shes beautifulJamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Overall, would you recommend Pregabalin for anxiety disorders? I’m worried about the weight gain!Mercy Moo écrit: Hotttt#Biden 2020 écrit: It sounds like your dose is pretty high. And you might be a little stoned from it. The spaced out feeling should go away in a week or two once your body equals itself out and gets used to that dosage.Gwain Knight écrit: Yeah it’s normal to feel spaced, I do in 900mg of Pregabalin sometimes, I like to do this at night, then go for a walk and I am wobbling like a buckled wheel, I shuffle along and look at the lights, they look really bright, I like the coloured ones blue and green, they look so pretty and they really stand out. I make my way back home and I talk to whoever is in, once my speech starts to slur I know then it’s bed time and I fall into bed and sleep a good 9 hours. I wake up still wobbling but at least I can talk. Anyways, it’s being called the new Valium I believe, obviously I am prescribed a whole lot more than you are. I always miss doses so I have never got used to it, I always drop asleep within an hour of taking it. Enjoy!!Ronnie écrit: I think lyrica only was good Short term on small doses, because my body got used to it. So i use it now and again for social settings, i dont need it everyday anywayRonnie écrit: Caro you can make lemon water to get that dry mouth to go away, its important for your teethG B écrit: Did your GP prescribe the pregabalin?Absolutely Anonymous écrit: @Carolina Thank you soo much for sharing your very funny but very honest experience with Pregabalin. Been on them for over 2 weeks now and they seem to be helping me soo far, nice to hear somebody as open and honest share their experiences. Really nice to know that I'm not the only one who felt as high as a kite for the first few days. Actually quite liked the feeling ��. Great video ☺☺☺Nichola Jones écrit: I’ve been on pregabalin 600mg a day for years for nueropathic pain. I have diabetes and severe nerve damage. I did start needing an extra 300mg to get me through the pain. The withdrawals from pregabalin are worse than opioid withdrawalCharles Diver écrit: Shut up or they will ban this…. fucks sake. People like you screw meds up.. eg valiums gone . Temaz has gone…z drugs going…F M écrit: Exact all feelings on them.I should have started with a lower dose, i thought I had to take a huge amount to feel like how we are feeling now, it has improved my anxiety to the point I don't even care about benzos, which i have been addicted for 10 years. it helped me immensely, I wonder how long it will work?Mister Skarred écrit: This drug worked very well for my social anxiety and lowered my social inhibitions alot so I was really happy with it.. but after a while the good effects started wearing off and what I didn't know was that it had some of the most horrendous withdrawals I've ever experienced (though I was taking a very large amount). In the end I had to take pretty strong opiates to get off it because that was the only thing I ever came across that helped with the withdrawal, the problem is those drugs are just as addictive and their withdrawal is hell too, not as bad a pregabalin withdrawal however but still pretty bad. Though I've also heard stories of people who claimed to get no withdrawal at all or only minor withdrawal so who knows.D J écrit: I've been on it a week. 75mg in the morning 6 hours later 75mg in the afternoon. I never felt so good! I've had two brain surgeries and I couldn't get out of bed for a year, this was the first time I could get out of bed and be functional like a normal human being. However, I have been reading all kinds of nightmares of people trying to get off this drug and reading about the withdrawals I don't want to have anything to do with it because I know about antidepressants and withdrawals it is no fun and I don't want to go through that, so needless to say I'm going to start weaning myself regardless of it giving me the best energy of my life.Christopher Poole écrit: Btw this drug is very expensive in the US.Christopher Poole écrit: You can get incredibly high of this drug on high dosage. Mixed with pot it's even better. It's very addictive stuff. Just take it double dosage at night as its better. If you take it during the day you will not be able to function. That's my two cent's.Amie’s Makeup écrit: I was on 50mg twice a day for 2 weeks .upped my dosage to 100mg twice a day and feeling unwell . Dizzy and feel like I have a feverJames Gornall écrit: Yep it's the combo of those, it's ok you should get used in short order. For a lot of people the slowed speech can make them appear calmer and improve the interaction .space cadette écrit: Bahahaha you high love you reeeeeal highC Green écrit: Can be very dangerous driving on mixed pills. Be careful

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