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Lyrica (pregabalin) – Know Your Drug

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In this episode of Know Your Drug, Brothers Phil Debiasio and Dai-Nghia Khuong discuss the prescription drug Lyrica (pregabaln). Lyrica is commonly prescribed in patients with pain associated with diabetic peripheral nueropathy, fibromyalgia, postherpatic nueralgia, and seizures in adults. This information is a general guideline and is not meant to replace physician orders. Patients using Lyrica should use this medication according to their prescriber!

KGC. TANTO8 écrit: It's asham that the government won't listen. LRYICA WILL STOP ALL DRUG ADDICTION WITHDRAWAL. THIS DRUG WORKS 100% TO STOP THE SUFFERING OF DRUG ADDICTION.Passing Through écrit: Stay away from this lethal drug.koez koez écrit: How do i contact youmonchichiyoshi écrit: If you stop it can cause seizures. Wow! Just don’t stop – we need you to be addicted to this crap.monchichiyoshi écrit: You are drug dealers. Selling toxins.#Biden 2020 écrit: Great job guys!Wendy a Christian écrit: This is a evil highly addictive drug. It does horrible damage to your body. Anyone trying to get off of it will tell you. You don't realize your addicted until you try to get off of it. Like me, I thought my Lyme disease was getting worse, but it wasn't it is Lyrica. Please I beg you.,DONT TAKE IT. It us another way the pharmaceutical companies have a constant stream of money. Doctors are either unaware or they don't care.David Coomber écrit: The long winter evenings would fly by in the company of these twoHumood écrit: Lol its a real fun with flags showJo Feeney/Mason écrit: YaaaaaaaaaaaawnJosh Phillips écrit: xanax best dope woth some medical cannabisKim Howell écrit: What happens when i take 150mg once and stop cold turkey ?Maygee Walker écrit: omg wow, looks like these two have been held hostage while making this video, wth? , this med is poison, i suffer horribly and cant take this crap ill sufferPhrygian Dominant écrit: They left something vital out on what Lyrica/Pregabalin is licensed and approved to treat, which also used in the treatment of GAD: Generalized Anxiety DisorderMaribel De Andres écrit: estos comentarios deben tambien en españolcamerrill écrit: Post-herpatic indicates post-herpes. It is not Post-therapeutic, as you pronounced it.wren460 écrit: Wow, those 2 robots almost look human!!!!RICHY MARK NORMAN écrit: This is one hell of a nasty drug.You will realise this when you end up coming off it….Hopefully the personal cost that you will eventually pay,will not be more than you can afford…Good luck.beakf1 écrit: It feels like these poor guys have target spots on the back of there heads by the Lyrica Pharmaceutical companies sniper team. Read the script or else.Tony True écrit: please burn these corporate assholes to the ground and kill all the fucking cocksuckers who invented this shit I hope their children burn to death in a horrible fire or get tortured by some sick motherfuckerLenon Hope écrit: Please spread the message and help us. Thank you!–2/x/15064923AN Feuerstahl écrit: Boring, crappy video.Kenneth Soriano écrit: thanks guys, and please know there are some of us that appreciate the time you take in making videos and are not critics, but just need the info, thanks again!kadir1982 écrit: Take it easy on these 2…and try to make a video on a drug yourself…jesus, what have we come to? Instead of bashing what you do not like, just promote what you like…King_Kev00 écrit: Please be a little more enthusiastic with you video. Even Stephen Hawkins has more enthusiasmConec Visuals écrit: oh dear GAWD!!!! LOLray ray écrit: You know the Chinese guy has a rash on his assray ray écrit: These fuckers should be in SNL, you look at them talk, and obviously where dropped on there head when they where young!!wavygr écrit: I quit 300mg of Lyrica a day cold turkey. I did not have a seizure but i felt horrible and it felt like my skin was crawling.ray ray écrit: By the way Lyrica killed my brother 4 month ago!!!ray ray écrit: Mr China man, you talk like you just had a pennis up your ass, ofcourse I say this will all do respect!! nice hair.GEZZA1 écrit: it doesnt make me suicidal. it just makes me homocidal against people who work for drug companies, like the two "brothers" here.James Penz écrit: you two bought and sold pieces of shit will be brought to nothing by the time your poison takes its toll on the unwise people of this world. May God have mercy on your souls.asdf dsfg écrit: my wonder, does lyrica result antisocial behaviors?Jake Mills écrit: Guys that was terrible. Your body language and tonal variations suggest that neither of you is comfortable in this setting. Maybe being filmed or talking to an audience is not your thing.Leni GUTMAN écrit: EN FRANCAISjo son écrit: do you to meatheads take this bad drugjamal mohammed écrit: how long does it stay in the systemfademan écrit: Lyrica is shitjoe brush écrit: You two are nothing but " Drug Pushers " for Pfizer , I would love to know how many shares of PFE you have in your portfolio . LYRICA is POISON and that I know from just 3 50mg doses daily for fewer than 6 weeks . I weaned myself off of it after taking it for PHN if anything I feel a lot better with a clear mind as well . I suggest the two of you try it for 6 months and then argue and drool alongside one another .beanny shalom écrit: you two should be ashamed of youirselves advertising suicide and death your researchMark O’Cain écrit: These guys home bakeStephen Thomson écrit: Definitely sexual tension between these two!

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