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Pregabalin Review 25mg 75mg 150mg Side Effects Anxiety and Withdrawal

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Pregabalin (Lyrica) Side effects, use for anxiety and withdrawal discussed. Talk about pregabalin dosage 25mg, 75mg, 150mg and others.

Chris Devlin écrit: I take 150mg mg a day and it has cured my diazepam addiction and my codeine addiction literally in 2 days. I can think properly I feel normal. This drug is a heaven sent drug don’t listen to the bullshit. If you take it properly it can fix you from pain to anxiety. I am even off my SSRI It’s truly amazing I cannot believe it. I was taking 100 mg of diazepam a day and 8..30 mg codeine and paracetamol yes I was abusing these. I told my doctor. Now I just take one of these in the morning and one at night time and that’s it. A total of 150 mg a day. I can’ sleep again. I can think properly and I am not damaging my body with other drugs. At first it makes you a little bit high but it goes away and your body feels better.koez koez écrit: Covid gas made my script impossiblewger can I get some?Avatar A écrit: This is the best thing that ever happened to me:

I survived after discovering the truth about this nasty drug. This group is like a family who took me from hell to the other side " heaven "
all the support you find it there regarding this nasty drug.Michael Fowler écrit: I wish I could take it, but it causes swelling in my hands, arm, feet, legs. It's sucks that I can't take it, because it seemed to help with my pain.Awaken The Greatness Within écrit: It’s better to smoke some cannabisJamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Can you please do Bupropion? :]Steve Y écrit: Hello everyone ! My girlfriend is currently addicted to Pregabalin she went through some trauma a few years back and started taking pre gabs and zop I clone to cope with it . She’s now taking 3 x 300 mg a day and it’s changed her so much she’s so loud and doesn’t know what she’s doing from one minute to the next cause she’s so off her head .. what can I do to get her off this shit is there anything to make the withdrawal any easier can anyone help please I love this girl more than life itself but getting her off this shit had become such a mission it’s wearing me down but I know I’m the only one who can help her no one else cares thanksthisisrajeev écrit: How long does it take to work ( 75/10 mg- 1/2 daily at night )
Prescribed for tongue burnning sensationAntoine Tevis écrit: How long can you take this medicine? I take 400mg daily.Daniel Veti écrit: Honestly this drug is different for different people. I've been on and off it for anxiety and it gives me a mild calming effect. I've found every ssri horrible and this is tolerable. I'm on 500mg daily and my life is going much better than before I took this med. I've detoxed from alcohol and nothing will be worse than that so I don't worry about a detox from this if it's ever needed. Don't let eveeyone scare you. Benzos are a LOT worse so just put it in comparison. Don't let people scare you off because this med might work for you.Pissed off at society go spiritual écrit: I don't give a shit. If im free of this pain thats making me miserable I'll have it. I'm on 75 mil and no pain! im happy as larry. id rather a short happy life than a long miserable one.Lukas V. écrit: Me 18 (male) ive got pregabalin prescribed: I'm on 125mg (1-0-1-0) so 250mg per day (started with 50mg per day) because of neuropathic nerve pain caused by alocholsim (sober alcoholic), RLS and anxiety…. The medication reliefed my pain very well…. but not enough… especially for my legs… arr so I was wondering if you would recommend tpüo increase the dosage to 150mg 2x per day so 300mg daily…. or is this risky because of withdrawls or something like that or is there a point for the pain where a higher pregabalin dosage wont be more usefulM P écrit: I was prescribed 50 mg 2 times per day for chronic pain issues- hoping this will bring relief.Teca Guimarães écrit: I have fibromyalgia and I was taking pregabalin once a day 75mg. During quarantine I was without the drug and I cant go to the doctor, since I have bronchitis. So I went cold turkey, basically since last week. I cannot endure the migraines/headaches any longer, it feel like my brain is burning, is that a common effect of the withdraw? How long does it last?Nguyen Thai écrit: Thuoc tri benh giPatricia Carmichael écrit: I wish i had done more research but I had no choice taking something for the pain I was in and still am in. I am up to 300ml a day. Weight gain is def a side affectWsss525i Wsss525i écrit: some people are fine with this drug.but some are not..for me,ive been trying to stop using this for years(using /abusing for 11years)..i could cut it down to 100mgs after 2months rehabilitation ..if someone is struggling with lyrica there is a FB page..check will help you..BULLET PREMI OFFICIAL écrit: Can use neck pain this medicineCarmella Bradley écrit: Hi everyone! I am sooooo glad I found this video! I had a bad fall in 2008 on ice with both hands full and couldn't catch myself and suffered a concussion and major back, neck and knee pain to my right side. After years of chiropractic treatment, nothing has improved but has gotten worse. Not so much my knee, but I feel like if I'm laying down and someone is laying down above me with their feet on my shoulders trying to pull my head off of my body! That is the only way I can explain the pain……lower back moves to upper right back and shoulder, neck, jaw, ear plugging, pressure in my head and then it moves to the front and top of my head. The neck pain feels like I am being choked on the right side of my throat. Neck and head pressure feels like someone has a thumb at the base of my skull right in the middle and is pushing or is palming my head like a basketball and squeezing. My ears plug out of nowhere! I feel a small lump or nodule in my throat on the right side sometimes, but no-one else seems to feel it. The only time I get relief is when I go to bed. It doesn't really bother me when I am laying down and it doesn't disturb my sleep. Within the last 6 months, I've seen an ENT who did an Endoscopy and didn't see anything on my throat, I've had x-rays and ct scans of back and neck and am told that all is well…..but it's not! Finally, after almost 2 years of waiting, got in to see a neurologist and showed her my cds of the xrays and ct scans and the MRI from when I first fell and she said that everything looked beautiful and squeaky clean! She did the normal strength tests with my fingers, hands, feet, etc and all was well. Her diagnosis…you can guess…."You have Fibromyalgia" and prescribed me Lyrica and told me to go talk to a counselor about my pain. I've had this pain for 2 years non-stop and waited almost 2 years to see any neurologist and paid $200 to be told I need counseling and I have Fibromyalgia and take Lyrica! Needless to say….I know that this pain is not in my head like she thinks it is…..and after paying $78 for a bottle of Lyrica, 50mg/3 times a day I decided to read the papers that come with the prescription. When I read alllllll of the side effects and possible side effects…….there is no way on God's green earth that I would ever take this pill!!! I have a high tolerance for pain and will only take something when I can't take the pain anymore, but I will never take this pill, even though it is a low dosage. So that is why I am so thankful that I found this video and all of your comments!!! If anyone can tell me anything to help me, I am open to listening to it! Sorry, my comment is so long, but I am really at the end of my rope and desperate for some relief but not desperate enough to take Lyrica! Thank you all!Indeliblystamped Supertramp écrit: Your percentages of side effects part of your video , are very incorrect.Trekking with Joe écrit: First-episode psychosis induced by pregabalin withdrawal: a case report Dickson écrit: Subbed* .*Eboni Dickson écrit: This was very helpful thank you,Sam Danner écrit: This is the very worst drug anybody could ever take. I am 66 years old and I have Neuropathy pretty bad. I have taken this medication for 8 months and the side effects will mess your head up. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am very very serious about this subject.Ans R écrit: Is it safe to take long term for general anxiety disorder?LIVINTHEDREAM écrit: This horrible drug caused tinnitus and Visual snow for me. Stopped taking it once suicidal ideation occured, only took it for 1 month and had a horrible withdrawal while tapering off. I'm now turning 22 years old, I feel very dumb compared to last year before I took this medicine. I feel confident I would've had a different life had I not taken this medicine. Please be wary.Christopher Poole écrit: People please do not take this stuff. Its nasty and will mess you up.AbundantlyClear écrit: How is it different from gabapentin? Or gaba? You did not mention Porphyria.

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