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Pregabalin RUINED My Life! (LYRICA)

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H Newman écrit: This drug sounds as bad as benzo's. I went to a gp and told him i was stressed out and not sleeping well. He prescribed Lorazepam on and off for over a year.
I cant even begin to explain the horrific symptoms i have been through after taking a benzo. The withdrawal is months/years of non stop mental and physical torture.
I couldn't even think! My inner thoughts were completely gone. The only thing i could remember about my life was my name.David Linch écrit: This substance should not be used as medication. If you use it more than 2 times a week you'll probably get addicted. I use it only recreationally with weed 1 time in 1-2 weeks and I think that this is the only good use to that.fallen angel- Caroline écrit: They have ruined my life too I took them no one to blame but I'm still addicted to them they make me feel like I'm going insane I have no confidence I was as sharp as any tool in the box now I can't focus . Nobody wants to know and the withdrawals are horrendous it's so bad my vision is messed up too . I hope someday I can help raise awareness about lyrica. major weight gain I was a size 6 I'm a size 16 that's UK sizes so a 6 would be a zero in the US. The sweats are so bad and that's not in withdrawals I'm taking them 3 yrs I have no hope I'm 42 and everything you have said I can relate to. I'm so regretting ever setting eyes on them it's a bottomless pit of unhappiness.Magical 801 écrit: I know how it is man. I've been using pregabalin powder 99% pure. The stuff is no joke I've heard of people sniffing and Lyrica I'm glad I've never done that but I'm still taking a lot of time. It feels like I can't do anything when I'm not using itPassing Through écrit: One of the most dangerous drugs if not thee dangerous.

It has left my mum with dementia and severe cognitive damage.

STAY AWAY from this LIFE RUINING drugMikel Hector Salgado Gonzalez écrit: Why were you prescribed pregabalin? Have your withdrawals gotten better to this day? Best xrubs troll écrit: dude, have you already taken the trousers off the back of the chair?Prince Latif écrit: I havent stopped for a year. I take 6000 minimum and dont feel nun. 12000 cool. 15000 im not here.blakedout écrit: It's hard to get Lyrica where I live. You can get it illegally and get high from it.
I will stop taking itCbN HaZe écrit: That psychiatry joke made my day. LolCbN HaZe écrit: I try to do it on my own as well and and doing great, but I am religious some what put my faith in him…CbN HaZe écrit: Hey AVI iv been a long time viewer and have always loved ur channel. You being very relatable to me. Am currently going through xannx withdrawls, but trying to replace it with pregablin, and baclofen. It's the only way iv been getting off it. Did 4 weeks cold Turkey and wanted to commit suicide, I have not done it yet but cutting helps. Which i have stoped but i microdosse any sort chemical that will raise my gabatrudy tru écrit: Out of all the drugs ive taken its the legal one thats fucked us up ������trudy tru écrit: 9 year journey of hell on this drug trying again to come off but its so bad even weening off is almost Impossible. Now im starting to understand what i thought was my illness is infact this drug. Once im out the other side i want to look into legally taking the company to court. Its gotta come off market. Im sure heroin would help my pain too but dr doesnt give me that. This is no differentLearn Your Guitar écrit: Lirica is shit. It lets You fucked up. You need to buy camomille tea and melatonine. I took Lirica for 2 years. I PHD, now reduced to a complete moron… Don't do that let the thing go. The ear does not heal himself.. Need Xanax to calm the tinnitus.cheryl taylor écrit: Wish the Doctor had told me the Truth of what Pregabalin can do to a Persons ears…I think it Guarantee's having tinnitusZeus Von Rafiel écrit: My Dr tells me this medication is not addictive but b4 I took it I researched it and found many vids like this one. I am on 300 mg of morphine a day and I refuse to take it but have to tell my Dr I am taking it. This is a bad drug and as soon as there is something better than morphine I will be taking it and only thing that will help me is medical cannabis. I have used it when I was younger n even went to Amsterdam and it helped me relax and with pain and IT IS NOT ADDICTING!! God Blessromepix écrit: I’ve seen it destroy two in-law siblings and my ex boss. DESTROY.William Beglen écrit: I cannot walk without this drug. Lyrica is the only thing that works.Candy Tiger écrit: Pregabalin makes me happy and stops my pain.. But I can't stop taking it!! I had a bad seizure a year ago after having to abruptly stop taking it.. My doctor then told me she'd have to increase it. It tore my mind up!! ��Le Prisonnier écrit: You dont seem ruined at all, you look like an average YouTuber. You dont realize what "ruined" means dude.ARTURKC7YED écrit: Thank you for the video, you just saved me and my life, I had bad experience with gabapentin for taking it for three days and now dr wants me to try to take Lyrica and assuring me lyrica is different from gabapentin, I believe you but now I am not sure if I trust my doctor, I won't take that shit, I hope you are doing much better today.Denise Allison Stout écrit: It ruined my life too ….I still take 300 milligrams a day …doubt I’ll be able to stop without hospitalization, does anybody got a class action lawsuit going against these fuckers? Sorry ��StevieBlues66 écrit: I've been a heroin&cocaine addict most of my adult life& have been on methadone for 20odd years.Pregabalin is the most addictive drug I've ever experienced its had me by the balls for two years, the withdrawals from it is fvkn horrendous &nothing can square u up only more pregabalin or gabbapentin will sort u out…Its the worst fckn drug I've ever encountered. Heavy duty addiction to it after only a few of days of using it.Seizures and mad brain twitching, sleepless nights, projectile vomiting, skitters flying out of u,a lot like a smack rattle but ten times worse …Its a bad drug and I wish to fck I'd never laid eyes in it……I'm sitting here with a big bag of 80 300s right now but worrying about when they run out again & I've to go find more….. Fckn avoid it& gabbapentin at all costs….Also there's another one nearly as nasty, Baclofen, pretty much alike to pre's in the charge it gives but same story with the rattle and all that…..AVOID. …Goat écrit: I suffer from tinnitus, have had well before pregabalin though, but also have severe nerve pain from bulging discs and sciatica, the pain is so bad that I cannot work or function with out either pregabalin or oxycodone 5mg three times daily. Medical marijuana is not legalised in Australia for chronic pain. I'm pretty much fucked, I have no idea what to do. I have been taking lyrica 150mg to 225mg per day.. So it's either oxycodone or lyrica. It's easy to say you'd rather be in physical pain, but when the physical pain is so intense that you can't get out of bed.. That had a profound effect on you psychologically regardless.. It's a confusing mess. I sympathise with what you're going through none the less. I hope it gets better. Tinnitus is hell too.Ryan Dale écrit: These drugs should be banned along with all the benzodiazepines they make anxiety 100 times worse

The best drug in the world for mental health is exercise just give it time.K Reese écrit: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Due to nerve pain from surgeries, Lyrica and Gabapentin have been suggested by two doctors.

Since I already struggle with mood swings and agitation, I cannot risk anything that might make this worse.

I will tolerate the body pain or look into other options.

Thanks for speaking freely.

I feel like God brought me here tonight.Ash j écrit: Aneurysms.. since when was the last time you heard of people getting that shitt fffffuu lyrics badAsh j écrit: Its a hard withdrawal like methadone I would knowcharley 160 écrit: I hope it's the side effects and not just a person whose other underlying disease process got worse I'm hoping for youPableetee écrit: For sure u ruined ur life whe u just abused a strong substance without information.ThaRager écrit: I made a whole song against it, it ruined me too brother. i hate it tooolivia écrit: You will get better. My doctor tried to surscribe Lyrica for my anxiety.
I refused to take it.

But I did take diazepam for 15 +years. 20 mg/day.
Worst thing I did.
Healing now.Christopher Poole écrit: it also turns you into a zombie, you care about nothing, sleep non stop. You cannot perform sexually. Its sh*telijah pink écrit: This drug has TOTAL control of me -I had no idea how powerful this drug was and would NEVER have started taking it had I known how addictive it was and how much it would interfere with my mind. The withdrawal is hell.Bogus McBogus écrit: I was only on pregabalin for like 2 and a half weeks before I said "Hell no". I've been on 7 different anti-epileptic drugs and they all have come with side effects like this. Pregabalin is probably # 2 on my list of the shittiest side effects. It has emotionally flatlined me. It's been about 2 weeks since I got off and I was on a light dose: 100 mg morning & 200 mg at night. I felt way too sedated during the day; I was basically high during the day. And it didn't stop the seizures. It also killed my boners. Total, 100% impotence. To this day, I am emotionally blunted, but my erections have thankfully come back.

I was also on the keto diet to help control the seizures (which, incidentally, did WONDERS for my depression. You should consider it.). The diet has been the single most effective treatment as far as controlling the frequency of my seizures. I went 7 weeks without having a seizure, the longest I've ever gone since I began having seizures.
I just want to be able to cry and feel feelings again. I can look at something that normally elicits an intense response from me and just feel nothing at all. So, I'm going to give it a few more weeks and then start raising hell with my doctor about it. I really hope this is not permanent, because it has changed such a vital part of who I am: my empathy and emotions. Hang in there, man. And look into diets. I'm living proof that they can be effective.Peters Zeug écrit: Your videos have convinced me to try this drug.Karen Keller écrit: March 22, 2019viktorya psychedelic.souljam écrit: I'm 24 and also just prescribed pregablin about a month ago for odd reasons (addiction and depression) and I've been really fucked up from it. I'll tell u my story on IGbenjamin anderson écrit: Our stories with this are very similar. I was finally able to get back to myself.. an even better self.. with ibogaine.. commonly referred to as iboga.Zomb13k113r écrit: Just spent a month going through the withdrawal. It's the worst I've ever experienced, they liken it to heroin. I've been throwing up, peeing out of my bottom, sweating, fainting, having panic attacks and two nights of making nooses. Please never take this. It "works" for a few weeks then does nothing, until you stop. Then he'll breaks loose. God bless you all xMax Supermax écrit: Your age can be a big factor I'm 61years old and it works really well for my pain.Jam écrit: Well… screaming, crying out of pain every day foŕ years because of a genetic disorder can drive you crazy too… It drove me crazy, coupld attempts… so yeah on top of my morfine I asked to try this. I have been warned to not stop cold turkey, but if U want to stop to do it veeeeerry slowlyLucas Sonny écrit: Do everything you can to help the brain man. Good sleep, lots of fats, good exercise, sex, blueberries for BDNF or you can even try taking some Coffee Fruit which increases BDNF in humans by 140%.A B écrit: hey im using lyrica and after watching this I want to quit, can you add me to the facebook group please?Kanthal Killaz écrit: ftw i hate myselfKanthal Killaz écrit: use alcohol instead of heroineKanthal Killaz écrit: i have many health problems and i cannot live without nerve pain medicine.Lee Hampton écrit: It f*** me I was taking 600 mil a day stopped taking them for 2 weeks been a messDistantcity OfficialBand écrit: Were you on lyrica when you made this videoJordan He Bear écrit: Lol trust me, if I didn't take gabapentin, I would be nothing.Rich XN Trick écrit: All these advancements you say are positive, yet suicide, depression, anxiety and general unhappiness is at its highest rate ever, we have lost the ability to communicate on a human level, and that is the key to happiness, who gives a Shhh if you have no money if you have good company? and who gives a shhhh if you have loads of money, if you have nobody to share your experiences with? Technology is turning everybody into recluses and sad, unsocial, depressed, narcissists. I have 1000 plus facebook friends, and 90% of those wouldn't stop to say hello in the street, we are misdirected and completely mesmerized by technology, yet its the most detrimental thing to happen to us as a species since the great wars. Id rather go to the local shop and buy my goods from a person and meet other humans, than sit at home ordering stuff online, imo, we live in very dark, lonely times, and the amount of people i meet that cant look you in the eye whilst communicating is growing by the day.seren1ty écrit: I'm 17 and I got tinnitus 10 days ago due to antibiotics.Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. écrit: This is why you should just grow weed!Sapna Upadhyay écrit: How to taper nurica nt and pregabChief Seattle écrit: I take the highest dose of pregabalin (Lyrica) 600mg – 300mg x 2 for severe chronic anxiety (GAD). I am looking at other therapies rather than taking dangerous pharmaceuticals. I take other drugs for heart failure and blood thinners (Warfarin).

Low dose Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Micro-dosing psychedelics (Psilocybin). Trials are taking place in UK. I need £1000 to get the ketamine infusions in a clinic in Oxford. Not available on the NHS yet.

The current psychiatric treatments have made no significant breakthroughs since the 50s. Antidepressants are handed out like skittles putting 1 in 10 of the population into further despair and nasty side effects including suicide? We are lining the pockets of Big Pharma and their shareholders. They have patented half the molecule of ketamine as they can't patent pure ketamine as it has been around for 50 years.
The new drug, licensed by Johnson & Johnson’s pharma division, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, isn’t ketamine exactly. It’s derived from esketamine, a chemical sibling of ketamine. It will be sold under the brand name Spravato. Fast tracked in the US by the FDA despite failures in trials.

More natural treatments and a good diet is the way forward I think. I am not medically trained but curious.Isa écrit: Good vid Avi i really hope you and anyone else on this are able to stay off this horrible medication I am on my 4th year on this I’ve tried to come off but found it really hard , this med is just as bad as opiates and benzodiazepines to come offmafurock33 écrit: I 100% sympathize for the suffering of the person who made this video. However, as a critique for Lyrica it is missing a lot of important information to give context for viewers to make a good judgment. How much was his dose? How quickly did he go off it? How was the decision to go off it made? How was the tapering off plan made?mafurock33 écrit: I have been on 100mg for a few years and it really took my pain from intolerable levels to having a productive lifestyle – successful at work, getting regular exercise, etc. I didn't experience any bad emotional side effects, if anything it improved as such. I had been prescribed Pergabalin before but I read horror stories online and decided not to take it until 2 years later. I just wish I had started much sooner. I think it is important to understand that this (and my story) are just individual accounts. One thing for sure is that this is a powerful substance. I think a lot of the horror stories are from people on higher doses and people who try to quit cold–turkey. (This is NOT a medicine that should be quit cold turkey – WHY did these people decide to quit so suddenly???? This is a foolish decision by doctors or individuals…) I think this kind of cautionary messages are very important, but I want to point out that this is not the only outcome.paul7from7ukr écrit: Hey man I saw this a few months ago. I get idiopathic tinitus every few months and it's maddening. How are you doing now?

In dentistry we are prescribing more and more pregabalin for burning mouth syndrome and similar oral conditions. I'll probably never prescribe it after seeing this.Omar Rodriguez écrit: Thanks for publishing this video. I was prescribed pregabalin too and suffered from suicidal thoughts, anxiety and terrible panic attacks. The last one was so terrible I ended up in the hospital and the doctors spent hours giving me benzodiazpines until I reached normal state. I may have taken the equivalent of a full box of diazepam. Psychiatrists never took earnestly my suggestions that lyrica may have been not working well. When I told them that I mistrust pregabalin because 20 or 30 years ago benzodiazepines were wonderful and now they are the devil's creation, so why should we trust lyrica now, they told me this could never happen with pregabalin because research had progressed so much. When I told them that I had read about some changes in the legal status of this medicines in Australia because of patients' complaints, they answered me sarcastically asking me if I believed everything that was in the internet. Lyrica may have influenced the fact that I lost one job, because i was not functioning 100%. I was able to quit this drug without withdrawal symptoms (luckily). I think your video's underlying tone is very optimistic, that's wonderful. But there are some pessimistic notes. They way they sound… I think it's still pregabalin working in your brain, or the memory of it. I mean, you sound 85-90% positive, but that 10% negative…. Because I have suffered from lyrrica too, I dare to say it's the drug effect. It's an intuition. Don't worry, it will fade away, you'll get rid of it. Good luck and thanks for sharing, you do really help people like me. Omar.Dolphin Starbeam écrit: haven't watched any of your content in over a year or more and needless to say im surprised to see you like this. I hope you get better soon, avi. you are definitely one of the best youtube rafi écrit: How to stop please help me…Potato Pi écrit: What happened most of your catalogPotato Pi écrit: Dang sorry Avi send you some good vibes your wayEries witchcraft écrit: Did anyone experience a trance like state while on lyrica?dean jackson écrit: hey everyone (and Hey Avi) – I was on 600mg of pregabalin per day and it really hurt me. I detoxed from this poison about 2 months ago, message me if anyone wants some information about how to do this in the most comfortable wayMrAxegrinder écrit: You'll be ok mate. Give it time.Abigail Hayes écrit: dude i feel u… i take 150 mg of pregabalin a day. yesterday my prescription was out of stock and the withdrawal symptoms are hell, the hot flashes, cravings, nausea… the side effects are hell anyway, you know. and without it my pain is so bad. i’m fucked up from this so bad and it’s honestly terrible. i don’t even know what to do. i wish you the best of luck despite this bslisa buckner écrit: Lyrica withdrawals are the WORST! It's a combo of opiate & benzo withdrawals at the same time!!!That Girl écrit: Is it as bad as benzo wd?John McClane écrit: man this shit absolutely fucking sucks, i hope the best for you that your tinnitus and other horrible symptoms go awaythomas hardin écrit: Very useful video, that will help BILLIONS of people about the drug!

YOU ROCK������G G écrit: What dosage did you takeknow body écrit: I feel exactly like you do when I quit phenibut. I took it for a year and a half everyday. I cry now everyday. I think of suicide constantly. I would never do it but my mind feels hopeless now. If I could go back I would never touch any drug at all.Broken Robot II écrit: Sorry to hear that you had those side effects. Lyrica has been doing good for me for chronic nerve pain. The only noticeable effect for me in that it acts as a stimulant. Like getting a high dose of caffeine.mike harvey écrit: Wow. At least now you’ll think long and hard before fixk8ng with head meds.T¡nfo¡l Hat écrit: �� wahSober Lifestyle écrit: I was only on this for med for 3 days and I was already getting suicidal thoughts, I stopped taking it…I don’t understand how a med like this can make me feel so fucking awful and I’ve only been taking it for 3 daysCatherine Meakin écrit: Perfectly explained! Well done for speaking up. I identify 100% with everything you have said. It's exactly how I am feeling now. This drug is not worth it. Try other methods people!Jeffrey MOORMAN écrit: I had Tinnitus from mixing too much acid and X for days on end and developing a MASSIVE ear infection that probably almost killed me. If you want to know how I got rid of it they this.. take some mineral oil, put a few drops in your ear.. drown your ear drum in the stuff, have your head tilted to the side as it soakes in the mineral oil.. and hold it like that for like 15 minutes. Do that at least once every day for a month at least. Now.. looking back on it.. I don't believe I even remember it reducing slowly till it finally stopped. It just one day.. stopped. Completely. Dude.. I had it BAD! REALLLL FREAKINGGG BADDD! And.. on a tip from my ear, nose, and throat specialist I was seeing and after trying so many things.. this amazingly.. worked. He essentially told me that I need to lubricate my ear canal/drum or whatever. Try it out dude. Ya might surprise yourself. Certainly lty surprised me.Sine Nomine écrit: Try eating cannabisC Dawg écrit: I've been on pregabaling for 5 months at does of 150-150-75 so 375mg a day and as of today I've dropped it to 100-100-75 as it's caused me nothing but hell, im 26 nearly 27 I don't dabble in no drugs not even cannabis ( got nothing against people who do ) you basically just listed my whole streak of symptoms + more I was put on it for generalized anxiety, health anxiety, I've had more panic attacks on it than when I didn't know what it was, the first capsule I took was blissful I felt not one but of anxiety and I thought wow this is a miracle, and from everyday after that first day it went completely downhill until I started getting my dose uppd then it was smooth for a few days and then of course back to hell. I've gained the weight of an elephant , my vision is terrible, I can barely remember anytbing, I'm a completely different person. My advice please don't start them unless you are prepared for hell. Cheers aviinkmeal écrit: Just recently quit Lyrica. I was only on it for about a month but all my side effects were physical. I had massive edema and swelling in my legs and feet. I had phantom bruises and major hip and knee pain that came about as a direct result of Lyrica. As soon as I realized what was happening, I stopped immediately. Luckily I'm not having any withdrawal, but I'm still trying to eliminate the edema and pain (4th day off it now). This drug is bad news. I was on a regular Norco prescription for a long time until they started cracking down on it. Never had any side effects or felt as out of it. Norco and Vicodin are WAY less dangerous in my experience (granted, I never abused them and only took what I was supposed to).
Incidentally, I took Lyrica exclusively for physical pain and had no emotional issues surrounding it… other than the fact that the side effects royally pissed me off. And the last thing I wanted to say was that you remind me of Elliot Morgan… that's a compliment. 🙂Zee Vahzav écrit: juice lettuce it repairs myelin sheathingMichal X écrit: Hi Avi , im off 3 -days now from 300mg a day , and it's a nightmare , cold sweats , shaking it's like coming down from an opiod horrible … I was prescirped this <%^#@ of a drug for my anxiety along with clonozepam which im slowly reducing , anyway I was inspired to get off it by U'rs video , I'm also a Warsaw Citizen hope U enjoy staying in Poland , hope u gonna find a time to resposne , take care
MikeOG Gecko écrit: I love you dude and always have. always remember the love when u can.John Doe écrit: Re upload your old vids plzSazzOwl _Gaming écrit: look at kratom it helps with WD extreme if you really want to stopJon Hhh écrit: Been on lyrica for 5 years taking 600mgs a day. With out it I would be more likely to commite suicied from the pain as my brain feels like it is tearing apart. After a year of taking it all side effects disappeared for me. However I'm scare of how I will be if the doctors ever take me off itLawrence Limon écrit: There is such a thing called Lyrica hangoverIsaiah Vanderford écrit: Get some long acting benzos and taper yourself off, going cold turkey off gaba antagonists is a terrible ideaMalevolent Light écrit: Man, I've never taken any prescription drugs and Im pretty much in the same state you are. Whatever imbalances happend from the drug you did, I feel like I may have naturally….probably should look into itCreepy Alligator écrit: I feel like my brain is broken due to taking psyc meds. I’ve been on Effexor and Gabapentin for 10 years+Lone Ghost _/\__/\_ écrit: We are all test subjects to our lovely gov. Land of the free…Lone Ghost _/\__/\_ écrit: Oh god my doctor had me on ambien for 3 years never again. Do not remember much. Funny my doctor tells me cannabis is bad.Lone Ghost _/\__/\_ écrit: I have been through benzo withdrawal cold turkey a few times do not worry it does get better. You are not alone. Also ssri and anti-depressants are placebo.Lone Ghost _/\__/\_ écrit: Gabapentin is working fine for me. I guess I will never switch to LyricaBrennan Williams écrit: You are such a smart guy. While drugs are fun and do have benefits, you shouldn't rely on them consistently. A sober life really is the best life but who wants to do that. Chill out with the daily drugs. I kind of look up to you and I really hate to see it.Thartea Lalropuia écrit: Abused pregabalin (750 mg per day with 500mg tramadol in the absence of gabapentin), gabapentin (900mg/day with 500mg of tramadol in the absence of pregabalin) everyday, was like I'm in heaven, lots of confidence, was very active, anxiety disappears, was the best thing that could happened to me. But as time passes by, it ruined me physically and mentally, depressed, suicidal.. and everytime I tried quitting,the side effects pulls me back.. I'm a Christian and abusing this breaks me down mentally to my core.. I don't know how many times I've tried to quit but couldn't.. but I know deep down that this cannot continue forever, so I tappered it, it was one of the hardest thing I've ever faced in my life, one you go down to 200mg, my life was not the same anymore, couldn't sleep also, once I go without it I slept for like maybe 1 hour a day, couldn't sleep for like 3 weeks and finally after abusing it for 4 years I overcame the addiction.. I overcame my addiction in the form of my savior who gives me the will.. thanks God.. I know u too can overcome this addiction, don't give up.. u can talk to me if u ever wanna share anything related to ur life of this substance abuse.. I'll try my best to help

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