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Pregabalin side effects on 300mg ������

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So these are the side effects I’m experiencing right now on this dose (300mg) and would love to hear from anyone in the same boat ��

Chris Sullivan écrit: am on 600mg per day and I've literally just lost two days as i cant remember them. And it took me twenty minutes to rite the loltom darco écrit: meNatural born Killer écrit: I've been on codeine for 4 years pregabalin helping my withdrawal 3 days clean from opiids i feel the same of the lycra dream like and I have no desire for codeine? it's actually amazing i just hope I'm not swapping 1 addiction for another this pregab feeling is quite nice i normally smoke weed and on these i don't e'ven want weed lol crazy hope u are wellGatecrasher 4Ever écrit: Hello ClivePhoenix Assets écrit: Im taking it for chronic nerve pain and a bit of anxiety…….
has anyone noticed their anxiety is replaced with anger ….everything I painfully compromised with for the Las decade …i just cant do it anymore!!
No tolerance for people that use me in anyway……
Lolol and I'm only on 150 a day …oh gaddddddddd������….it seems to be sorting my life out ….lol….when I'm in my own bubble all I'm thinking about is how to make my life better ….
And i get pain relief too bloody BIG bonus
Wish me luck hun ��❤ …Michael Uden écrit: You are beautiful and very interesting good video thanks for the info ��TheAlexisaac1000ify écrit: It's trippy for sure. Get off it as fastMaelthas Divine écrit: It feels empty.fallen angel- Caroline écrit: I'm on 600mgs daily 3 yrs now I have tried to come off them but the withdrawals are horrendous I wish I never seen them my ex partner was given them but the doctor didn't warn him about any of the mental or physical withdrawal. I'm so vacant a bird could nest in my head. I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and that maybe one day suicide will be the only way out. there are so many side affects. My advice to someone who is looking for pain relief for something that isn't permanent is stay the hell away from this evil drug I feel like hell is on earth it doesn't get much worseJohn Astill écrit: I take 2 x 300mg per day to help with my RLS. Haven't noticed any serious side effects, but there again i do have to take 60mg daily dexamphetamine to help with concentration. I also amitriptyline 75mg per day. I work out and do a lot of runningMike C écrit: Don't take more than prescribed cause you can have serious effects.Mike C écrit: Some of the drugs like this one may be linked to dementia.Kieron Geagen écrit: Me definitely me it’s very difficult to concentratePrince Latif écrit: Ive taken 15k, 12k tonightbeka djodjo écrit: yep I took pregabalin and I have that effect we call it flying ��DJ_ ASHAN écrit: You have nice lips��Trump 2020 WJB écrit: Shit I pop 6 150mg and catch a nice buzz.David Vanpatten écrit: Makes me really dreamy.and feeling kinda like surrealChris Mansouri écrit: 300mg lyrica a day will certainly causr that sometimes, not always, maybe talk to your doctor about lowering your doseAlex Main écrit: Good videos ��. Living in a dream hahaAlex Main écrit: I'm on 600 mg I totally agreemark blazing écrit: Hey there nice to hear about your experiences on Pregabalin. Are you completely off the meds now or still being dosed. I'm on 150×3 daily, been on it for a while now and did experience some rubbish side effects at one point, however found a way how to come off it safely. Your videos are very interesting also. Many thanks!Crack Cmack écrit: Yeah I understand what you are saying. I’ve be on pregabalin 300 mg and do really have feelings of disconnection. But on the brighter side of things it has been fantastic with anxiety issues. Not good if you miss doses. ������Ahmed Al Mehairbi écrit: U r amazing just be healthy and safe.Laura Mills écrit: It took me a long time to get used to it. After about 4 weeks it started working for neuropathic pain. It works well with me.Neil Cutts écrit: if you need help with your sex drive let me knowJohn Jones écrit: Noway do you need 600 maybe down to 150 and people the mg mean micro gram not mil a gram.Jay ParaOz écrit: A bubble, yes dreamy. Just try to enjoy it. I’m on 300mg a day. Don’t need higher.Chris, Chief Cope écrit: Well lady I can’t help you I’m not prescribed this but I can say is all the alcoholics in town all take a 300mg while drinking booze just for the feeling causes they say it make them feel drunkVicki Palm écrit: Never taking it againNot Fancy On a Budget * écrit: hey girly, i'm from the uk and i totally relate to this i have to get my nail's done tomorrow and i can't stop worrying about it, it's crazy.. dry sore mouth and water weight.. great video :)))Callum Wright écrit: I take 450 a day, only 18 years old, it took a month but I get you. The first morning dose (300) kicks in and my mindset gets slowed and dimmed but not in a bad way, it’s like it has become impossible for me to overthink or worry. Dimmed and vaccant is the best way to put itchair power davros écrit: I read apparently you shouldn't be on this meds long termchair power davros écrit: If you take them for or has a antidepressant and you can't manage function don't take higher dose I spent some yrs on antidepressants that may has well been smarties they didn't cure a thing I did it my self on no tablets in the end I was sick of being the zombie but tablets are different with different individuals I've got spine damage nerve damage, arthritis osteoarthritis spondylotic changes of my spine get burning in my feet arms hands chest lack of sleep and times I look like Stephen hawkings on bad days so hoing on lyrica /pregablin scares me after so many ppl say there not that great but il try them if not il ween off them but I have to try at least cus I'm sick of being in pain I got no help to come to terms with axonal sensory motor polyneuropathy etc and it's been at least two yrs now and I'm terrified of the tablets it's taken my life away and I use to be sporty cycling from a kid to adult walking swimming martial arts etc I can't even play games with my grandsons and ones five and doesn't understand why I can't and that's hard for me and him and apparently these tablets can do more damage to nerves and thete bad enough has it is and don't know about you and your Dr but my Dr gave them me and never said one word of the effects it could possibly do or what they are it's ppl like you and others on here can give insight into them from experience and we shouldn't have to has some ppl may lie some maybe 100%honest to how they managed on them, I've seen a Dr on you tube who said there not so great for the cost of the tablets and I found he's a dermatologist not a neurologist so has no experience in the same field has I see it and it's wrong and misleading but we all seek answers and sometimes the wrong ppl tell us who we believe to know I'm glad I looked online I hope your doing well or aswell has you can be if your on the meds still good luck I'm uk the Dr in question was from usaLucy Lanuchi écrit: Get off,.!!!! Look into natural way. Magnesium deficiency symptomsBelle Fleur écrit: Yes , I feel high as f—- I feel better though ����������‍��Billy McCarthy écrit: You're very entertaining. I've taken 600 mgs daily for 5 years and can so relate.. Long term its terrible. Memory loss self conscious thought's. Memory loss ��Jay McLeod écrit: Hi, yes I definitely feel '' Not Present and Dreamy ''. Almost '' Disconnected from Life ''.
I'm a male / 47 – Melbourne and use to be an alcoholic after the death of my 11 Year old
girlfriend. Now I'm suppose take 300mg Morning / Night for bad pain in my arm.
I starting taking them I really when only needed them. After a year I got hooked from abuse them
Tapered down to 150mg only in Morning now. I suffered all those side-efets as well – WORST
was the dry mouth, always having to drink.
I unfortunately abuse them now taking 12,000mg at a time = 4 x 300mg. And feel so good –
Lots of energy, confident, no anxiety issues, feeling euphoric, numbed emotions. Best drug ive had to be honest in large amounts. And bloody hell ive tried a lot of drugs. But yes NO sex drive!
Hopefully by the time I post this comment, you havn't not increased? Because coming off it or tapering. I FELT BAD LIKE A CROSS BETWEEN THAT A MET COMEDOWN AND ALOHOL WITHDRAWEL. And I wouldn't want THAT feeling on my worste
enemy. I ope your doing well and have you ever just thought about taking Valium? NOT XANXAS! All the best from Australia,
Jay.JA Bowden écrit: I’m on the same dose as you. You could not have better described what I’m experiencing! I have been working towards deadlines for the past couple of weeks and I feel like it’s taken me hours and hours each day to get ready/into the zone but I’m not really there. The deadlines have gone by without me even really engaging with the fact I’ve missed them. My emotions are…hollowed. I really relate to that “just giving up” feeling you mentioned. It’s not sad, it’s not dangerous, it’s just… vague… mindlessness.

I’m also experiencing some bloating, stomach distended and weight gain.viktorya psychedelic.souljam écrit: Just prescribed pregablin because I was addicted to opioids so they gave me valium and suboxone and now I'm addicted to valium so I'm taking lyrica now.. it makes be feel a bit strange at 200mg. I notice the dry mouth I thought it was just me. Lol peeing all day… also I sleep like a baby now. I can hardly get up in the morning.. if something doesn't wake me I'll sleep until 12pmjohn martin écrit: Yeah i get this and weird dreams.Duffie écrit: I eat pregabalin, 600mg a day and i have the feeling as I am not here but i am and for some reason i keep drink a lot of water. It really help with my GAD, but i can't work due to I am so sluggish.Róbert Bendík écrit: it is normal, you are HIGH. Pregabalin works similar like alcohol or benzodiazepines. 300mg is a decent dose.Eugene Donhio écrit: Georgeos honeyNicola O’sullivan écrit: Do you take 300mg in one dose? Also did you start on that dose?Shawny Boy écrit: Thank you. You're video and the comments it generated was very informational and educational. Just what I was looking for. More videos out there should inform like yours does. Well done.BRAZO VENGADOR écrit: 300 mg is a good high, almost like being drunk, kind of disconnected from stress and distractions, anxiety is lower.
Dry mouth and nose.SANDINISTA !!!!!!! écrit: Just to add to my last text. But yes I’ve been experienceing the same thing also found if I miss them out start to feel like cold turkeyJohn Bull écrit: Na makes me feel decent. I know an old man who's been abusing them for years, he can take over 10,000mg and still be completely normalSANDINISTA !!!!!!! écrit: ����D Elon écrit: Hi ,I had a bad back so my x_wife gave me a strip of 100ml pregabs, I was having a good laugh on them ,felt like I was out clubbing. But OH!! I had to walk home ,I. Had no control of my legs ( broad daylight). It was embarrassing ,nearly got run over ,had to cling to a sand stone wall all the way home ,so yeh. Thoroughly recommend them , as for sex drive, would imagine that a car crash ,I prob wouldn't let go of the headboard. ,take sweet Carey ,lolSANDINISTA !!!!!!! écrit: On300 3rimes adaydry mouth but overall doing me wellSaor Alba 1314 écrit: Hi am on 300mg twice a day and it does get betterin visible écrit: All meds are bollux. Get psychotherapy.Alysse Kim écrit: Im on 300mg twice daily, 70mg of methadone and 5mg of diazapam twice daily.. for opiate dependence, fibromyelgia , PTSD etc etc… my pain is still off the charts! it worked ok at first but its become less effective over time. My question to anyone is NIGHT TERRORS?? weird buzzing feeling bin my head and the sound of water in my ears almost… which leads to hearing noises and feeling presences etc,, its scary. if i go to sleep when its happening I have horrible dreams that mimic me being awake in bed… PLEASE IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING??? Its not hypnogogic or hypnopompic and i am awake when it starts. thanksPaul Dcosta écrit: Hi Carolina. Thanks for the update. I tried a 150 mg dose and thought it wasn't working till about an hour later. I started feeling light headed and a sense of weightlessness. Also felt like dozing off. However, I took it while at work and I could just get through my working day like a breeze. It was a rather strange feeling though, I must admit. Can't really describe the feeling, very much like yours. That said, it did give me a feeling of 'Turbo Boost' for a while. I wouldn't say euphoria but just a sense of calm and wellbeing.Aymen Khorchef écrit: Soo cute and beauty can i talk with u in private love u������Kay Mel écrit: Don't go higher stay on what u are tell them you feel a lot better. I wouldn't take anymore if your having side effectsBilly McCarthy écrit: I've been taking 600 mgs a day for neuropathic pain for nearly 5 years. I need to come off it. It has ruined me. My short term memory has disappeared amd I get pains I never had before I started taking them. Ie joint pain unrelated to spinal issue. My decision making skills are non existent almost. Interesting video. Good luck.R écrit: 2:15
I took close to 600mg last night…….I say close to, as I poured the powered out and was swallowing the powder in little doses. In the early stages, with little doses it was quite nice, not much euphoria from the drug itself but a really happy felling\relief due to the fact I wasnt stressed out.

But as the evening went on, I took more and more…….and I, as expected, got more and more relaxed and dreamy but a side effect I didnt like was vertigo. If I would move my head even slightly I would get a weird vertigo feeling……and this morning, as I write this Im still slightly high and still have vertigo a little bit.

In short……yes 600mg is WAY too much of a dose for proper use. 600mg is a, I want to get smashed out my face, kinda dose. In my humble opinion it is not a therapeutic dose.R écrit: nice voicephil wells écrit: IT does mess around with your sex drive and can make you a bit too chatty at bus stops lol..I'd love to meet her at one though .:-)phil wells écrit: LoL I love her….she knows how I think, and I love her eyes…MouldyBolog Bolog écrit: sweet lady – I am on 300mg BD and I cant think straight either I am in a fog responses slowed down dry mouth and I have chronic shaking I have to brush my teeth with two hands my left arm is holding my right arm because it is shaking so much I can barely carry a cup of tea without spilling it and it has not improved my seizures000 écrit: Prescribed 450 daily but take 3x that every 3 days and have almost no anxiety on those days. Yeah does feel abit dreamy like your on auto pilot but gives me energy and makes me productive. I agree I can get lost in what im doing. Dont really feel side effects over than takes like 3 times longer to ejaculate and the little buzz you get off it obv. Highest dose ive took was 2200mg was really shaky and everything was breathing and wavy like the walls and floor etcGeneration Wee écrit: stop with it or u wont be able to quitAaksah Wadhawan écrit: Gooddaveyshambles01 écrit: I’m on 600mgs , dry mouth, hungry all the time, drink like a fish, peeing every hour, but I feel like I’ve got a bubble inside me, it’s like heroin if abused.SANDINISTA !!!!!!! écrit: Oh yeh think you are sweetErssie Major écrit: I'm on 300mg a day now but am prescribed 600mg daily. It's easy to get stuck in a task and lost in it. I think if it as if it's a hypnotic effect. There are lots of scary warnings about side effects and brain damage, but I've been taking it for 20 yrs andim fine. The dry mouth is helped with biotene mouthwash, artificial saliva and xylitol breath lozenges. Your lack of emotional feeling and experience of being detached will be less pronounced over time and you will get to feel excited about stuff without over the top anxiety. My libido is extremely low on Pregabelin and I wouldn't choose to initiate anything in that way , but if someone else kicktarts it, the enjoyment is there and its easy to get lost in it as with other activities.
One side effect is that you might find it difficult to find the right words and that slows down speech. And if you're in a situation trying to get a word in, you might trip over your words and give up saying things in group situations. You have to take care not to talk over people too because Pregabelin can take away your timing and rhythm of a conversation and it can come across as rude. And I double check everything in texts or emails to ensure I don't come off as rude or impulsive or hit sr d before I am ready. I found I get fatter on Pregabelin, more water retention and you can get constipated but help that by drinking a lot of water and having fresh fruit and veg.
You might find you get a stuffy dry nose and Sterimar salt nasal spray Helps. 600 mg is quite high. Presumably this is 1 x 300mg twice daily, split between am and pm. When I was first prescribed it I found the daytime dose a bit heavy unless I had an hour to spend waiting for effects to settle. For a whole, I split my day dose between 150 mg breakfast and 150 mg lunch, then took the last 300 mg dose in eve. I chose to cut out my day dose altogether as I'm taking it for pain in addition with other stuff. Now having just 300 mg once a day at night means I have fewer side effects during the day but a slight increase in pain.
It took me a few, months before I could feel side effects are negligible and pain management was effective.
As for my mood, I do get irritable sometimes but on t by the whole feel less drepressed or miserable so I can see why yrs a popular solution to mood disorders.
Totally the opposite from you I didn't find it at all similar to venlafaxine. On venlafaxine I felt as if I was anxious, hallucinating, nocturnal, insomniac, agitated. On Pregabelin I felt quiet, serene and less agitated etc. But I wasn't taking venlafaxine for depression, I was taking it for gut motility and pain management. It felt like I was getting a seratonin boost I didn't need and turned into a manic person.SANDINISTA !!!!!!! écrit: Gives me energy has really helped with my painFalloutYogi écrit: I've been on 300mg for a year, and I definitely experience this vacant, dreamy feeling. I've been used to that for years though, after being on anti-depressants. This is different though. It's more like a separation from my anxiety, and a bit of an energy boost when I'm out and about. I also experience dizziness and fatigue.Charles Diver écrit: It would be dreamy. Its what the drug does.. it blanks out the nerves… your giving the drug a bad name doing these videosDaa Foxx écrit: I'm on 600mg a day at first I didn't really notice anything just wondered what all the fuss was about ! After about 4 days I completely loved how they made me feel! Full of confidence….too much!!!!!, I may add !! I was on autopilot without a care in the world, an extreme high but kind of fighting against the drowsiness people thought I was on cocaine or speed!! Not good, mixed with my other meds I'm now in a right mess ,chronic constipation, swollen ankles, suicidal thoughts, can't function properly, make decisions, get up ,sleep deprivation, agitation, list goes on !! Sex drive non existent,,lethargy,,,,,and more,,,,Happy Trails ,,,oliver mcelwee écrit: iv also taken high doses because im bad at control around 600+ and it makes you very high but it is still manageable but if you feel its bad then id recommend to stop i had no trouble stopping but i assume its because i was smoking weed aswelloliver mcelwee écrit: iv taken 400mg of pregablins for never pain took it for around 2 months and my flat mate said i was very lost and doppy when on them. i feel very sociable on them but not there alot of the time. im currently taking them again becuase iv had to stop weed for a job and its abit more intense this time as im not smoking weed but yeah its a very dissociating drugblue red écrit: hi, i'm on 600mg per day – not that different to when on 300mg – you're funny and cute – keep smiling 🙂D J écrit: I've been on Lyrica for 1 week and I love it but hate it at the same time. I'm starting brain zaps which are a bit disconcerting. They feel like an onset of a baby seizures then it goes away. I'm taking 75 mg twice a day. My appetite is tremendous, I can't afford to gain weight since I'm
only 5ft. I do love the energy it gives me since I've been chronically fatigue with nuergilia (severe nerve pain) upper back, neck, and head after 2 brain surgeries. I'm going to wean off because I'm afraid of the withdrawal effects, apparently its worst than getting off of heroin. I wish you the best, and I enjoy your channel you make me laugh, keep up the good work and good information!missprettypoppy écrit: I've been on 300mg for around 6 months now and they intend to keep it stable at this dose. get the vacant – ness. I describe it as I'm floating through the day on my own little cloud, emotions are definitely numbed but not in a bad way – before I would get obsessive and things would really get to me and get really involved in emotions, where now it feels like things are slowed down so I can take a step back and look at the situation rationally, oh and Sex drive does come back trust me 😉Lauren Wackell écrit: Hey Carolina! Would you shoot me an email to I'd love to use some of your content for a commercial. I left you a comment on the "Crappy Wet Tuesday" from June 2017. Thank you, thank you!!Christopher Poole écrit: I'm on it right now. It's a very strong drug that gets you very stoned. Especially at 300mg.whats his name? écrit: That's a large dose. perhaps you should do less. I ve taken pregabalin, but the most i took was 50 mg, and that was just for sleep. 600 mg i would hassle écrit: Anxiety can do that to you without tablets. Sometimes just going out the door and meeting people makes me more critical of my appearance. The brain is such a pain in the arse ha ha. Good luck!

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