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My First Week Taking Pregabalin as Anxiety Treatment

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This video includes vlogs of my first 8 days on Lyrica. I wasn’t thrilled with this video, because of the bad quality and lightning, but it was something I did for myself and to record my progress. I hope my future videos will be filmed with my DSLR and done a little better. I have a lot to learn about film making and editing.

word play écrit: You should only take them for 3 or 4 days and then have a 3 or 4 days not taking them because you get immune to them after a couple of days so if you want to miss use them it's up to you but they definitely get you. I'm supposed to take 150ml capsules twice a day, but if you are r the sort of person who likes getting fucked up stoned my "friend" took 1350 ml today and "he" is pretty well fucked up, yes "he's wobbly but spent a good couple of hours laying on the couch having the most amazing hallucinations and geometric patterns in my head. Now a few hours later he's felling pretty mellow and content but definitely wobbly on his feet. The main problem with pregabalin is they take a very long time to actually kick in. My "friend" says the best way to get them to kick in faster is to chew them up until a paste forms, (they taste disgusting at first) swollow the paste and have a hot cup off coffee and they will kick in much sooner, or so I've been told. I took 75 ml pregabalin twice a day, correctly, as prescribed for about six months and can't actually say that I felt any difference between taking them and not taking them. I have serious health issues so I'm in and out of the hospital quite a bit and I talk to people who are also sick in one way or another and we talk about the hospital and after a while I say "I counted my meds and I take 12 pills, and 4 injections (I have type 1 diabetes) every day I can list them if anyone's interested and then the person I'm talking to starts telling me what med list. What I'm trying to say is that nearly everyone I spoke to was prescribed pregabalin. They seem to be really keen for us all to be taking them. These are strictly my own opinions so do your own research and form your own opinions. Sorry for the rant but I needed to blow off some steam. Love your channel������✊Clever boys écrit: Why are u taking double is not true you take only one pill in one time that is best for you lifetime sisRob Medina écrit: My doc just put me on on 300mg it hits me hard I end up taking naps throw the day.The Realist écrit: im on 600mg for nerve pain but because of my bipolar it does make me manic irratable and suicidal …I hate side effect like this ��Rahul Juke écrit: Pregabalin is a medication that works great for some & absolutely terrible for others. I took it off script to start with then requested it from the doctor as it completely changed my life & my anxiety/eupd for the better. I'm now on 150mg twice a day. Yet some of my friends who have GAD/Social anxiety find it terrible & no good and hated it. It's a really strange acting medication but I feel it gets shunned because of this. Yet I do feel because it's strange acting & almost dangerous for some it can be a risky med. All I can say is personally it has changed my life for the best. Got me free from a 15+ severe alcohol problem caused by social anxiety & keeps me 100% stable in the community.

So yeah – Great for some, absolutely terrible for others. Watch out for this.Peura Mauriainen écrit: I take bregabalin sometimes 400mg-600mg.. never felt suicidal!!.. maybe debens a person!!. Dont do drugs!!!. Enyway!!..big mastiff ped écrit: Iv bin put on pregablin for about a week now I use it for nerve pain its working really wellDave Christiann écrit: YOUR THE FIRST PERSON EVER THAT IV HERD THAT WINDGES ABOUT SLEEPING WELL, WAIT TILL U GET A LIL OLDER U WILL BE GLAD TO GET 4 F'N HOURS SLEEP PER NIGHT …Frank Da Tank écrit: Ur hot date me lol I will walk again when I get my prosthetic and I'll build you pool and spa ��xi Rog écrit: You're soo cutetaza95 écrit: I've just sniffed 100 mg pregab and feel swawyzy 😉 I think I'm gonna potentate with a Valium and go bed and go to a different world lol I luv my pregabs n valselijah pink écrit: Pregablin has turned me in to a zombie .it helped for a while but I needed to take more and more to feel ‘normal’. I’m now completely addicted and without it I get so sick that I can’t function. It has totally effected my personality, I have put on so much weight and am ‘swollen looking’.It has total control of my life. Don’t touch it if I have ANY mental health issues or addiction issues. My withdrawal is so bad that this drug WILL be the death of me. This stuff is as bad as heroin but without a substitute to help the withdrawal !James Kelly écrit: This girl is wonderful, so much information, keep making videos,��.Ranjit Tyagi écrit: 02:57 You already look so relaxed. Smiling while in the plane moments before take off confirms your brain neuron firing signals have now reduced that hyper activity. It also confirms there is nothing wrong with you. I was diagnosed with GAD in MO. That doesn't mean anything is wrong with me. That was 12 years back. After understanding it's just brain activity, it was way easier to relax. Currently, I'm in NW India. There are some critical things I'd like to let you know but for obvious (you caught my drift), I can't write them here. Do let me know if you'd like to hear me out. I have an Indian phone number these days but you'd know how easy I lived in U.S. right from the moment you hear my first few words. Power to you. All the best, no one can stop you leave alone anxiety. P.S. I took 150 mg of Pregabalin last night after weeks and I too slept like a baby and now it's been an hour since I got up at around 2:50 PM. I can still feel some effects but you may be surprised that my purpose to take this chemical last night wasn't anxiety reduction at all.viktorya psychedelic.souljam écrit: Why would u film everything in the dark.BenGman Bucynack écrit: Pretty girl ….well 600 MLS a day is a miracle for me sat here looking at a box of 300ml tabBenGman Bucynack écrit: Pretty girl ….well 600 MLS a day is a miracle for me sat here looking at a box of 300ml tabAnonymous fuck écrit: feeling like your drunk i dont see as a problemswstmoney écrit: Lyrica is of the devil.Ne4gative thoughts and suicidal thoughts are the devil and demons attacking you.This drug caused me to have suicidal thoughts all the while being afraid of Gods wrath if I did kill myself but at the same time almost not able to fight the desire to kill myself.It is of the devil.nedar giordano écrit: I take 2 50mg capsules with a big cup of coffee in the morning. I leave my house feeling like a $ million dollars.Chris hannon écrit: I was on 600mg for gad I felt wasted for 2 years went down to 300mg so I've been on these and paroxetine for 13 years I still struggle with mood swings and suicidal thoughts. Don't think any of them work really but if I came off how would I be able to cope .old school honour and respect. écrit: Are you whispering on purpose?Ben Anderson écrit: I took one last night brilliant sleep but waking up i could not get out of bed, Head feels like its gunna explode man… This drug should be illegal!! Stick to trams or weed guys if you dont want vertigo.Evert Björklund écrit: Hi dose it help for anxiety and worry i have it in my hole body?Michael M écrit: Your accent is all over the place. It’s like a mixture of American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish and a hint of European there from like Sweden or one of the other Nordic countries ��trip2themoon écrit: My girlfriend has Fybromyalgia and has started self-medicating with Pregabalin for pain relief because her doctors offer no pain relief at all (happy enough to chuck all the Mirtazipine you could eat her way though) and I'm starting to worry she'll become dependent on them. They are available on the street here but ATM they are not too common. I wonder how long you have to take them before you would start to see any withdrawal effects once you stop taking them daily?barood khan écrit: You fine girlllGeoffrey Baker écrit: Can't here u much feel your need keep in touch trust know one.June Shortall écrit: It takes me 300mg 3x a day to relieve anxietyWalter Houben écrit: Awesome video ����Walter Houben écrit: Lyrica saved my life ! ��Walter Houben écrit: 25mg is very low dose !Edvin Edvison écrit: Don't do itBernadette Connelly écrit: Iv been taking this for 4 days and have an awful headache…is this a known side effect? Anyone? ☺mark ochle écrit: if you are going to take calcium you need to also take magnesium because it makes all your minerals work , 350 functions in your body need magnesium to function and almost 1000 chemicals your body makes need it also .about 90% of USA does not get enough magnesium .the Clayton show écrit: Dam your cuteNodadnottonight écrit: How stunning is this womanCarolina Braidy Bird écrit: I also take psyllium husk and Just checked the label. It states that medications should not be taken at the same time as this product but at least one hour before. Thought I’d let you know as I think it can prevent you absorbing medication correctly xAva Watkins écrit: Hey! If you're still on lyrica, please, PLEASE be very careful! It does help very well with anxiety and ,for me, it really helped with my depression. I have meds resistant depression and generalized anxiety. The problem is this: when you wanna come off it you are going to have pretty bad depression (even if you haven't had it before) and suicidal thoughts. Just be very careful with the dosage . Best wishes! !!Darren Hall écrit: Apologies if you said this and I didn’t hear it , but what dosage are yo currently on ? I am on 60 mg of Duloxatine and now 75mg morning and 75mg evening of Pregabalin to run along side it xdave henderson 2 écrit: There really hard to come off. You will be on 600mg by the endVictor Mcvic écrit: strange , shes got a Scottish accent to a point but its as if shes no been in Scotland for a long time, i'm about to get put o this too, fingers crossed ive been dodging getting on buses for a few weeks now….seriously annoyin its involuntary, hope it worked for youJim wilson écrit: Take 600 milligrams at one time and you'll be high as a kite .Be careful, there's a withdrawal syndrome after long usage.s0lga écrit: first of all omg u so pretty and cute … and i took about 600 mg today lol i love it and i didnt feel any side effect (knock on wood) . but it destroyed my social anxiety/depression and felt so good .. music is mad i love it and i had few shot of vodka omg its amazing but be careful with alcohol when u on lyrica
anyone experienced bad side effect ??Jo89 K écrit: gabapentinoids are damaging, stick with cannabinoids if you want long term anxiety reductionAaron from England écrit: It took me months to pluck up the courage to take mine for GAD,I’m on and off them ��Super Nova Castillo écrit: Subscribed!!!! ����Henrik écrit: I dont understand why you take it at night, if its for anxiety? Seeing as it lasts about 7-10 hrs, the effect would be gone in morningRoy the boy Mckie écrit: 300mg twice a day… Lyrica/pregabalin is worse than fucking heroin.. 3 months rattle coming of these after a 3 year prescription… Week 3_4 was spent in hospital where I was given a methadone detox to come of these as id tried stopping them many many times… Meds that fuck you up like pregabalin should be banned… Do not up the dose or you will regret it big time….. 18 months later and I still don't feel right……. They should be called hillbilly heroin……Jo Feeney/Mason écrit: Oh yeah one more thing lol i now eat like a horse! And my weight is ballooning!Jo Feeney/Mason écrit: Whats with the spelling and grammar in these comments??
Omg maybe you all were wastedJo Feeney/Mason écrit: I love this drug 200mg twice a day i can get so much done and i sleep well thing is im on 70ml of methadone daily so i think it gives you a euphoric feeling combined.
I am however very scared of my doctor suggesting that i reduce.Nasser Bin Jarsh écrit: It will let u eat to much and When you will not have the drug you will feel like heruein with droul and more u will stay sick 30 daysNasser Bin Jarsh écrit: All the pashint cant stop this drugNasser Bin Jarsh écrit: So be carful do not take it avery day unless you r shore that it will be in your pocit avry singile dayNasser Bin Jarsh écrit: Its the worst medication withdrol atleast 30 days you will be sick but its very good for ingzayti and if you wont to stop tramadol without paindes barker écrit: How are you getting on Dana it's been several months now hope you are still on a low dose,I have been on Pregabalin for a long long time for nerve pain and anxiety I brought myself down from 350mg to 200mg per day due to bad side effects breathing plus others,I realise we are all different but my symptoms improved yet they have not gone away so I may reduce further I came on Youtube to see if anyone else had my symptoms,be careful.Trevor Brubaker écrit: When you showed us you were playing Zelda my heat melted you're adorable.Trevor Brubaker écrit: They're great for anxiety they got me through a 5 year on and off Xanax withdrawal. They will make u feel drunk/ dizzy at the begging but you will get used to it just take the lowest dose. I'm on 600 mg right now and feel fine. It gave me a buzz maybe the first two times a took it besides that it just makes me calm. I can see how it's addicting but I will say most drugs like Xanax and oxy are much more addicting. Maybe take a day off every 3 days if your scared of withdrawal and you use it daily for anxiety. I stop using it daily after getting through the worst of Xanax withdrawal so I wouldn't know about how bad the withdraw to gabapentin is because I haven't taken it more than 7 days in a row. I also smoke weed drink alcohol and take kratom daily. And I mix all that with the gabapentin with no serious side effects. Just be aware of your body's warning signs and you'll know if you need to stop taking gabapentin besides that I think it's one of the better anxiety medications when it comes to side effects with only the months experience I've had with itmadtingemzy écrit: Can I ask you something? I have a virus right now and I have a med draw at home and I picked up the Pregabalin 150g tablets and took it instead of a ibro. Will I be okay?��Daniel D DePape écrit: I just started it 2 days now. I slept very well on day 2. 100 mg @ night 50 mg in morning. Makes me nice and mellow in morning.
Will post more as days go by.Jimmy Md écrit: It works for me tbh. Don’t really get any side effects and I’ve been taking them twice a day for two years.Connie Long écrit: its stopped most of my panicsHitchHikersBlues écrit: D ya reckon 2.7 to 3 grams is a high dose ?ZED ZTøØL écrit: its used as drugs more than a medicament��Connie Long écrit: how many mgs? u on? am fifty mg? safer dosex_gatchagurl_x Is here! écrit: I'm on em too, awe the best nd kin ye tell me whit loch that was Goni go fishin soonMatthew Coleman écrit: Hi have you tried the natural German Lavender called Silexan? I have been taking 160mg per day and I feel it's really helping my anxiety disorder. You can but it in the US and it's called Calm Aid. It's mechanism of action is like Gabapentin and Pregabaling without any of the nasty side effects. Speak to your doctor about it.Kobe_Power écrit: did it work for u, i just start taking it. I did get dizzy. so im taking less. i slept alot too.

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