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Pregabalin is an antiepileptic drug. Pregabalin | lyrica acts on central nervous system. Pregabalin is generic name of drug. Popular brand name are\n1. Lyrica capsules / Lyrica capsules 75 mg\n2. Maxgalin capsule\n3. Pregalin capsule\n4. Nova\n5. Nuramed capsule\n\nPregabalin capsules | lyrica are available in many strength that is\nPregabalin 50mg\nPregabalin 75 mg\nPregabalin 150mg\n\nLyrica | Pregabalin capsules | pregabalin 75 mg uses to treat\n1. Neuropathic pain\n2. Fibromyalgia\n3. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy\n4. Nerve damage during epileptic sezure\n5. To quit alcohol addiction, opium addiction\n6. Anxiety disorder\n7. Restless leg syndrome\n8. Migraine\n\nPregabalin capsules | lyrica side effects are\nSleeplessness, confusion, trauble with memory, dry mouth and many more\n\nWe also discuss about pregabalin capsules | lyrica\nBrand name\nUses in detail\nSide effects\nDosage, How to take\nMechanism of action and many more in English\n\nLike/ share/ subscribe\n\nYT Pharmacist\nRelated topic covered\n1. lyrica\n2. lyrica generic\n3. lyrica side effects log term\n4. lyrica for nerve pain\n5. pregabalin\n6. pregabalin 75 mg\n\n#ytpharmacist\n#mohitdadhiche\n#pregabalin\n#pregabalincapsules\n#lyrica\n#lyricacapsules

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