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I’m still here! – Pregabalin update 2 years later

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Elliot Bigland écrit: Fitty aint u sexy ladyMagical 801 écrit: I've been taking pure pregabalin powder. at first I was using a lot of my 800 mg Gabapentin. I would run out of them after a few weeks and have to wait for my prescription to come. So then I decided to get pure pregabalin powder after hearing how strong it was. Now I'm addicted to this stuffGrizzlee Bear écrit: hey just wanted to know how you've been since uploading this video. Do you agree that the issues youve been having lately are more 'situational' and seeing a psychologist helps? do you think that maybe the meds are having a weaker effect on your now? I'm starting pregabalin in a week or so and wanted to know its long-term effectsyacine kaka écrit: That drug is the spawn of hell I rather be depressed and anxious than getting back to itcute wolfie écrit: I love this girlRonnie écrit: hvis du isolerer dig meget, inviterer jeg gerne på kaffe. forudsat du bor i eller omkrnig aalborg. jeg har kæreste så jeg perver ikke eller nogetRonnie écrit: Wew, du har en særlig accent : ) lidt irsk-ish, håber alt er vel med din GADAli Saeed écrit: U r so beautifull..marry me plzMike8827 écrit: I am taking 300mg of Pregabalin for anxiety as well, along with 10mg of Escitalopram ( Lexapro). Recently I’ve moved from Germany to another country where the psychiatrist hasn’t heard about it being prescribed for anxiety reasons, so it was really hard to get it prescribed, however I didn’t want to abruptly stop the Lyrica since it’s helped my anxiety and somatization a lot and lets me sleep better . Hope you’re also holding on in these crazy times!Amritananda écrit: i don't want to listen for almost 10 minutes to that bla bla bla. Does someone have a summary and the core message of the video?BJ écrit: Sounds like things are fairly positive! You are beautiful. Thank you!tystys 800 écrit: Have you ever talked to a psychologist? It has helped me with my anxiety more than I thought was possible, and I'm really only looking at medicine because I can't talk to my psychologist for much longer now, without it costing way more money than I have. I live in Denmark too, I was considering trying Buspiron to help with my anxiety, but my doctor suggested Lyrica, so thank you for making these videos, it helps me make a more informed decision. (Btw if you didn't know, if you have an anxiety, and or depression, diagnose you can get to talk to a psychologist for free, and I highly recommend it!)md fail écrit: Gotta just face it head on. It sucks. But the more familiar you are with your anxiety, the easier it gets.
I was on xanax 6 years. 10mg a day. I almost died when i withdrawled. But i did it.Priest Trash écrit: I take 600 mg and some time like once a month i take 1500 mg and it fucks me up to the point i fall asleep for 12-14 hour and sometimes that’s what i need (I don’t recommend this dose to anyone it can be fatal)callum Lawrence écrit: I take 400mg of pregablin a day for anxiety 200mg twice a day, works great, legit helped me get my whole life back on track. Wish you all the best from the UK xKathy Cusumano écrit: You seem like a lovely young lady. Stay strong. God BlessKathy Cusumano écrit: Started pregablin few weeks ago. Any weightgain or weightloss?Jeremy Watts écrit: Nice looking girl spoiling herself with a disgusting cigarette lolliquid79 écrit: Thank you for the update. You're very beautiful and well spoken. I just started using Lyrica for nerve pain as I'm a paraplegic and have constant burning and pins and needles everywhere. I noticed it helps with anxiety and gives me a calming effect BUT I did notice a decline in my memory and slowed down my thinking a bit. Have you experienced any of those symptoms? Also, have you tried Cymbalta by any chance, thoughts?imad qlf écrit: i have been taking for for 3 years straight at 600 mg to 900 mg that pill got me into trouble (stealing. making horrible things just when that pill ran out of me because in algeria its super expensive and no one can afford eating it ftom blackmarket because the goverment removed it from anxiety treatment they gave us replacements as tegretol . kietyl . xannax and that shiit dosent do shit to my anxiety level . ) . you can get rid of yr anxiety trust me your country is beatiful you seems to have a good family . just think positive .
here in algeria everything is negative ( family situation . poverty . shitty goverment . no futur for student or unemployed ) and sorry for my language and have a nice dayLiam Berg écrit: Hi from England is 100mg of pregab a day a low dose?James Kelly écrit: Keep your chin up my friends.��Kimmy écrit: Good to hear from you again! The fact that you are able to do so much, sounds to me it's working. I think you do need therapy when you are dealing with anxiety, to get to the root of it. The medication is just a band aid, in my opinion. There will always be scary stories about medications, people with epilepsy sometimes take this for the rest of their lives. I've really fallen down the rabbit whole in the past regarding medications, we have to remember we are all different and all react differently.Evan Miller écrit: I am likely a bit older than you and am dealing with all the same things here in the United States. You rock. Keep going.Susana Rubia écrit: Thanks for your videos. I stsrted one weekend ago, actually i am on 50 mg at night. So scared reading all the bad effects. I am addicted to xanax and my doc prescribed it to me to go off xanax. I suffer from very bad anxiety, still so scared of lyrica. Which are your thoughts about it today?Zakara93 écrit: Your video helped me to understand how to roll a cigarette. And I love your voice ^_^ besides that two things, I have no Idea who you are and what are you doing. Don't even know why I subscribed you but yeah, I'm happy that you showed up ^_^Who Cares écrit: I was on lyrica 2x 150mg a day for about a year, because of gad. It definetely helped, but i ended up drinking heavily and blazing every night alone in my room. Again. Which, of course made things worse in the long run. Now i am on brintellix, its not "better" but it is totally different, i also realized many anxiety symptoms stems from trauma. Anyway, great vids on your channel!Absolutely Anonymous écrit: Your a true inspiration, I found your previous videos about your experiences with GAD and the use of pregabalin soo helpful in my recovery process dealing with OCD. It's scary when your prescribed medication like Pregabalin, especially in my mid 20s, due to the stigma attached to them. Anyways been on the medication for 8 months now and they have helped me considerably. Best of luck with your studies and work, and be proud of how much your experiences have helped others including myself ��setitthen écrit: Loss is very difficult. We all have to go through it unfortunately. your not alone. Anxiety is very tough your not alone try not to think it's the case. I get very self conscious self aware anxiety intrusive thoughts. I tried laughing at my anxious self to cancel the anxiety it helped do you experience dissociation? A pet such as a cat helps you regulate your self.sheisunique écrit: Hi! I’ve just watched your videos about Pregabaline. It’s very helpful as I’ve started taking it yesterday and I was curious what people think. I saw many negative comments as well which scare me a bit . But there are also positive comments so I guess it just depends on the person.
I’ve been taking 10mg Escitalopram as well but it hasn’t worked great so far so my doc added Pregabaline. I take 75mg 1 hour before I go to bed. I feel quite dizzy and tired but calmer somehow..We’ll see what’s next.
Can I ask you if you also take some ssri still? Or only Pregabaline? I’m asking because I noticed you were taking Prozac in the older video. I’m glad the meds have been working for you and you have your life back. I suffer from GAD and panic disorders xxxbageko007 écrit: What are you studying/working in Denmark?joke007 écrit: You are so beautiful �� . Hope psychotherapy helps you to cope with your anxiety. Better get off the pregabaline that's for sure no long term solution ��. I tapered down recently and the world get's "clearer" without.Kim Furuwal écrit: Du talar så bra engelska så tänkte inte på att du var Dansk �� The doctor took my Lyrica because i was positive on Weed.. 1 week ago today off it and for me they did help a lot. Gonna beg the doctor to put me back on it. Ha en god sommar gott o se dig igen ❤️I C U écrit: Brad here, Awesome! I appreciate your videos, it takes courage to do them, congratulations on 1000k subs, you deserve 1mil + more! Adorable cat by the way lol. I have one too and he's a monkey trapped in a cat's body lol, he's too funny. Hope you get my message on Facebook. So basically I just have one question for you to start off with, or 2 rather,
1 – Did you experience very short like hangover type headaches at first after taking Pregabalin? Like the first week or so +/-.
2 – Do you feel in any way dependant on the drug?
Oh and hey what the heck might as well throw in a 3rd quick question,
3 – What medication do you use with Pregabalin? Besides cigarettes LoL. I smoke too, only cigarettes though, no weed or alcohol… Don't mind others drinking, just not for me, been there done that, lesson learnt…

Thanks, kind regards Brad…Stephen P écrit: wow great to hear from you again, has it been that long? i have been dropping by to your channel and got to worry a bit after the massive break but i know you have other things to do. I am still on 150mg per day of Lyri*** ( Pregabalin ) for pain ( diabetic neuropathy ) and sometimes do an extra dose in the morning ( for anxiety ) if i am going to have a big day with people and interactions ( stressful business appointments in particular )… but with the underlying problems of anxiety i still find psychedelics like DXM ( dextromethorphan ) to throw the problem into a more vivid ( and probably the wrong word but say impersonal or rational level that i can deal with it without sparking an emotional reaction ) this makes those recurring unhappy thoughts seem to dissolve and i can say to myself 'oh i just thought that silly thing again but its just a thought' and it sort of doesn't hook into my minds energy flow ( meditation ) … cheers from Oz its a lovely 10 C here in Sydney …… oh i just made a picture of the Egyptian goddess of healing potions ( Baast ) and i liked the cat at the end of your post as it seemed serendipitous ….Daniel écrit: I found your videos pretty recently and I must say I got a bit worried things had gone worse with your medications and all since there was a sudden stop of uploads, until I checked out the fb update from May. What a nice timing and how nice to see you back.Some Dude écrit: Have a look at the book "attached" and do some researching into John Bowlby's work. Also, watch out for Pregabalin. There are some horror stories with long term usage. A few youtube searches will give you an idea. What other medications have you tried in the past?Dino Del Giudice écrit: I was your 1000th sub.. I think lol?
Im on Lyrica 300mg not sure what its doing though?

�������������� you’re so gorgeous ahhh!!!! ����������

Take care! Stay strong ����Hazel’s House écrit: I've been off of it for a year and I have never been happier. I wanted to die every day when I was on that stuff. It took about 3 years to see that it was my problem more than my solutionPranshu Raj écrit: Can you give your what's app no. I am suffering from anxiety disorder and panic attack . I am also on pregablin from past few months. Please give your contact no. I will take some tips from you.

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