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Pregabalin (Lyrica) For Anxiety – First Week 25mg

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The start of my journey on my 4th anti anxiety Pregabalin (Lyrica – Generic)

Grizzlee Bear écrit: hey im not sure if you went over this in your video, but what kind of anxiety do you suffer from? GAD? I was wondering how you've been doing with treatment with pregabalin and how its been helping with your social anxiety so far. Im currently considering pregabalin for my social anxiety and would love to see how it's been effecting you. thanks mate, love your vidsJosh Kamins écrit: 25mg NOTHING. Try 600 and it will knock your socks off. Might make you sleepy. But will definitly be euphoric. I think Lyrica CR (not yet generic) will be better for anxiety but I take it for sleep, doesnt knock me out to put me to sleep but definitely makes my sleep deeper and more restful.liquid79 écrit: I started 50mg of Lyrica and I noticed the calming effects on the first dose.Steven Osburn écrit: It doesn’t do a thing for my anxiety! I took Klonopin for 22 years and it was a miracle for me. DEA made my doctor take it away from me because I have to take Hydrocodone for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain.Chris Rice écrit: I've been taking pills etc for anxiety for the last 20 years. I ended up stopping all of them.

Anxiety is always going to be tough to endure for us all that suffer, especially when you feel isolated. Many of us suffer in silence.

We want pills to make these problems disappear, but usually they just lessen the hold anxiety has on our lives.

My advice:

1. Start 10 minutes of daily exercise – taebo for example (YouTube it) – no excuses just do it daily

2. Eat a healthy diet and keep hydrated

3. Practice EFT tapping

4. Practice mindfulness and deep breathing exersises

5. Positive affirmations on a daily basis

6. Speak to someone you trust about how you are feeling

7. Sleep well and get a routine

8. Keep things tidy (including your room). Not obsessively, just orderly

9. Be grateful for things that are good in your life and make a point of reminding yourself what they are

10. Kick assGavin Fenwick écrit: Hi pal thanks for video….can you help me, I’m on 25,25 and 150 mg week one… had 11 different anti Ds and all didn’t work over 25 years . Told this was amazing For anxiety which I suffered all this time -Feel to so tired dizzy and out of it ? Can you help ?M Bee écrit: Try cbd from simply cbd , it's the only thing which has helped me.allyouneedtoknow anonymous écrit: yeah……sertraline….done nothing for me. mirtazapine i had reaction to…..lorazipine done nothing for me.
lyrica….for fibromyalgia …..they put me straight on 100mgs but the side effects horrendous.
i refuse to take it.
good luck.Wes écrit: Hi , I'm thinking about starting lyrica did it ever make u paranoid in the first couple of days and can u still function in work those early days taking it, thanks for vidNeil Armstrong écrit: Good video. I would like to know if you had to increase the dosage over time?Henrik écrit: 25mg? Thats extremely lowVegan4life not just4fashion écrit: Is this the first time the doctors have given you lorazepam? As they are strong.

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