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Pregabalin WARNING and ADVICE for everybody

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A warning about pregabalin and some advice regarding taking medication and handling your mental health.

tom darco écrit: Right onCraig Jukes écrit: I take 1.50G per day, 2 x 300mg and 2 x 225mg. I'm epileptic… I have no idea why people slate this, take it as is….not anymore than you should. Its done wonders for me, some people really need to learn what it does…Craig Hines écrit: Spot onM P écrit: Weight gain is the biggest issue, next to not able to enjoy sex. Bloating, water retention, numb crotch… good luck.Nash Manthu Nahey écrit: I have been given this medication for trigeminal nerve pain and anxiety. I have taken this for three weeks.100mg per day.i gained 4 kg.which is v much worried for me as am a thyrodectomy patient.will my weight go because I have decided to stop this ….plx give me an answer��martin me écrit: My doc is putting mine up to 225mg from 150mg in a weeks time. I'm currently on 300mg a day.Hisham Guess écrit: I went from 300 to 150mg then cold turkey that was a nightmare,I've been off for over a week and my memory issues are gone. The memory issues were horrible because you feel so stupid. After about two hours into my day my energy would slowly return. The pain I had made the first few days an absolute nightmare I mean words can not describe it.spetzie5 écrit: I'm detoxing off of 3000mg of Lyrica. No that's not a typo. To me it was highly addictive and I have just gone through detox and now the last 8 days I've been going through horrible withdrawals. Don't touch it. My anxiety is so bad now that I vomit 2 or 3 times during a panic/anxiety attack. I won't ever touch it again and man am I suffering but I will never ever ever take that drug again no matter how horrible the withdrawals.Paperkut ĺive écrit: u carnt get 25mg ��TrueFighter écrit: Doctors are biggest drug dealers goingTrueFighter écrit: They give these to my mum for fibromyalgia.And I toke 3 at once and they made me high then toke 10 300 mg pills aday.This was just playing them Am health MMA fighter and these things fucked me up fast plus am shizophenia So don’t fuck with these pills.I don’t them now can’t believe the doctors give these to peopleCristian Santoyo écrit: how long until the withdrawl side effects to subside? I’ve been on it for 1 month and quit cold turkey 75 mgKristijan Petrovic écrit: I'm on 150mg and when u run out and u can't sleep ask ur doctor for some mirtazapine if ur filling shit from progabline take 3 mirtazapine pills and it will knock u out u not going to come down from progablinePeter Bergweiver écrit: using parents computer. I have been on 300mg daily for 5yrs, not one blood test for liver function, is my Dr guilty of malpractice?Mike8827 écrit: I‘m on 300mg and if I miss / skip a dose I get restless / irritated and have trouble falling asleep. The moment I redose these effects subside. Thankfully I do not experience other side effects and it is actually helping my underlying condition but I guess the day I decide to finally get off it probably wont be easy.Jon Villalobos écrit: I am off and on with Lyrica. Anywhere from 600 to 1000mg per day. I built up to these higher doses over time. Rather I quit cold turkey or step down it doesn't matter for me. I go through 4 days of withdrawals. Day 1 is easy. No appetite, not thirsty, not interested in much. Day 2 starts to suck. Stomach upset, gassy, no appetite at all, not thirsty and major anxiety and feelings of sadness, can't sleep well, bad dreams. Day 3 is the same. Day 4 everything improves. By day 5 everything is better, but there's cravings for Lyrica. It's not easy, but not impossible. Be careful with the seizure risk. I noticed a distorted sense of taste and smell before the seizures I've had. I hope this helps. I don't plan on taking any more Lyrica. The side effects willkill me.Jay ParaOz écrit: Have chronic pain sciatica – I love it. 150mg 2 x daily. Am sure not normal in a little protective bubble like a stoned high. A little vision impairment.
I can do more on it, I can sleep much better, cramping gone.loin heart écrit: thanks for the advice, good lad, how you doing now pal.Rahul Juke écrit: Pregabalin is a medication that works great for some & absolutely terrible for others. I took it off script to start with then requested it from the doctor as it completely changed my life & my anxiety/eupd for the better. I'm now on 150mg twice a day. Yet some of my friends who have GAD/Social anxiety find it terrible & no good and hated it. It's a really strange acting medication but I feel it gets shunned because of this. Yet I do feel because it's strange acting & almost dangerous for some it can be a risky med. All I can say is personally it has changed my life for the best. Got me free from a 15+ severe alcohol problem caused by social anxiety & keeps me 100% stable in the community.

So yeah – Great for some, absolutely terrible for others. Watch out for this.Sneaky Gecko écrit: All of the above man. Lyrica is pretty fucked. IV it and tell me otherwise….Debbie Nye écrit: I;m now weaning off the Pregabalin by 50mg …I was on 300mg, It hasn't been long…but I'm doing it!….Thank you for helping us see!! It's only been a week…my anxiety and moods are alittle stronger…but I'm Ok 🙂Frapps & Scraps écrit: Just starting Lyrica.. kind of scared now ��Ronin Al écrit: This medication doesn’t work for anything. It doesn’t work for pain nor it does for anxiety. It’s sugar pills, just like Gabapentin. You make it sound like heroinJay écrit: Thanks freind, Jesus Christ appeared to me in a radical way and changed my life forever. I learnt that changing the way you think is superior to any drug. A doc prescribed be this for pain and I appreciate your thoughts a lot, you seem like a lovely soul that’s gone through some hard times. Respect to you freind. Much love.Bill Hale écrit: Thanks, Mate! Very helpful.louj101 écrit: I'm going through cold turkey right now �� and yes it's the worstDave Christiann écrit: i dont feel any different when i drinkMr.Right Thinker écrit: Western pharma industry have befooled Westerners .by introducing garbage health pills.
To survive till 100 years of age not a single pill is required.
Humans have forget the laws of Nature. that's why so much sufferings.That’s Just Life écrit: I've only been on lyrica/pregabalin for the last 3 weeks and I've been pretty depressed since, but I'm giving it a chance, I need it for my pain. I did a vlog on it, come check it out.
Sooooo absolutely no drinking? Also, I am moving on up slowly …taza95 écrit: Pregab is fine good to make diazepam stronger just don't stop or ull have fitsDale Fixter écrit: But do you feel better? Did this work after coming off them?Kian O’Donoghue écrit: I wish I saw this video before I prescribed it, currently on 300mg daily.Mark Williams écrit: I’m on 600mg daily, amongst others, tried scaling back and it’s a fucking nightmare, I was ready to kill someone, can’t get off them.Lee Small écrit: Hi I would like your advice I have been taking pretension for 3year & I have gained weight since taking them I take 2daily 350ml gram & I have tried to come off of them & failed every time I don't want to be in these is runing my life I am healthy eat healthy,work out & I seem to be putting on more weight it's crazy if u have any advice in coming off ..thanks��Lynno From Cork �� écrit: Been prescribed 600 to 800 mg a day for 5 years. Ran out of them and now attempting a cold turkey… On day4 and feel incredibly low..Swansea 1984 écrit: I started taking pregablin while I was in prison. I would swap my diazepam for pregablin. That was 4 years ago , now I buy them off a friend. I get 56 225mg capsules every 4 weeks. I also get 4 boxes of 28 5mg diazepam every 4 weeks. I find this combination works amazing for anxiety and depression. I’m also on 45mg mirtazapine daily . This combination has worked great for me for the last 4 years.
So I should be taking 20mg diazepam and 450mg pregablin with one 45mg mirtazapine. But I do tend to skip days and then take a double dose when I’m feeling shitty. I took 450mg pregablin and 50mg diazepam about 2 hours ago and I’m feeling fantastic ����������. I only take 1 mirtazapine b4 bed. But I’ve got some dank blueberry kush so I’m just chilling right now lolJACK_KNIFE-1 écrit: I've been on 50mg pregabalin a day for 7 months will I have withdrawal symptoms if I stop with such a small amount?Tomas Wolsink écrit: I had pregabline after a hernia surgery, but I had massive hallucinations which were mostly scary so stopped it after one tabletGeorgio Awad écrit: Man your positive attitude about the whole thing is amazing.. keep it upShimmano Joe écrit: Anyone else had aggression problems with this like lashing out uncontrollably ?Michael VanBost écrit: Sometimes already took 2250mg….. 30X75mg + alcoolaiden a jarvis écrit: Umm I'm on tegretol and Pregabs (250) for epilepsy. But then I'm an alcoholic, the mix is nasty. Thanks for your vidBrandon Kirwan écrit: Just got these today for back pain , not suffering from any mental illness but thanks for the heads up and all the best mate hope ya get betterBenGman Bucynack écrit: Ive been on methadone 27 years need to get off that firstBenGman Bucynack écrit: Hhhh shit I been taking 3 300 a day and everything you describe I s happened mood swings on a mad one …but broken ankle smashed ball of my foot got big nerve damage hhhh need these tabs stops the painPeter De vaux écrit: Progablin withdrawal iss like cold turkying of heroion and methadone for 30 yrs iwason 80mls of methadone I’m on 600 mg of lyrica and the withdrawal trying stop is just as bad believe people god bless u allPeter De vaux écrit: I crave lyrica every day when I try to quite I’ve done cold turkey of 30yrs of heroin and methadone I think coldturkey of 600mg progabalinleon watkins écrit: Hey im taking this at 250mg + 5 others
Escitapram 10mg
Matazapine 30mg
Clorpramazine 25mg
Zopiclone 7.5mg
Im having mermory loss or blibs in remmbering and mind goes blank for abit anixity is still bad though :\ClassyMess Channel écrit: Thank you so much for your video. Really helpful.Unknown Chick écrit: I quit it quite easily, despite being on 600mg per day. Can't relate, but I was very scared while quitting due to documents I've seen. Now it's been long time off.
You're very right about thing waiting in the corner! Too long story to tell now via phone, tho. 🙂 Keep being strong, mate. Hope everything's going in the right direction with ya, you deserve it: don't let your mental issues tell you otherwise, ever. I send understanding of the struggle, support and love! ❤Zuton B’stard écrit: Thanx 4being courageous with the vid Brother! Like the comments too! Am on pregab 4chronic pain, suffered many side fx as already listed…blackouts, migraines, increased anxiety, irritability, blurred vision, memory loss/brain fog, urinary problems, dental probs, premature ageing! Yes but does give some good pain relief and rest. All kinds of meds can have terrible side fx so im forever searching for Alternative Natural remedies of which Big Pharmaceutical companies and some doctors are just not interested in promoting! Sick health=REVENUE! Love & Peace to you all! 😉Sahitya Rampal écrit: I eat maximum 30 cap dailysunshine kitty écrit: I started to try to take this meds for my anxiety and back and neck pain.75mg×2,after lunch and before go to sleep.i don't really feel side effects besides headaches so far…and i don't feel this is really working either.Jon Hhh écrit: Been on lyrica for 5 years taking 600mgs a day. With out it I would be more likely to commite suicied from the pain as my brain feels like it is tearing apart. After a year of taking it all side effects disappeared for me. However I'm scare of how I will be if the doctors ever take me off itSurvival Farm Coach écrit: I'm on 600 mg per day and am 2 weeks in coming off of them. I made my own schedule. I've never met anyone else who has been on them for 12 years like me. So with the schedule I come off 10% per month. In total its going to take 2 years, because 10% of 90% is less than the initial first 10%. The withdrawal is still brute, but its better than cold turkey which i have tried 2x in 12 years.Hoc Vinces écrit: I've been on pregabs for ptsd and TBI for a while now. Current dose is 300mg twice a day but I have a good few times taken way over the maximum dose plus loads of booze. Luckily nothing happened to me but when I miss a dose or try and cold turkey its horrendous. Sweats, nausea, migraines, insomnia etc. Dont know why I've been put on these of all things given my brain injury as well. Im on a right cocktail of other drugs too. Cheers docsLily Gardner écrit: Thank you for this ��Moynan Playz écrit: I'm on 600 mg a day and I have tried coming off them in the past and it's near on impossible to come off I'm literally climbing the walls if I don't take them It's far harder to to come off than oppiates. Well done mate stay strongMeridian Heights écrit: I really thought lyrica was going to be the answer to my nerve pain. Started at a VERY low dose, and it helped me get some sleep. Dr got me up to 150mg a day 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I realized I was beginning to lose my mind. Weird, weird frightening side effects. I have tried about a half dozen different meds without any substantial improvement. I'm only 49 years old. I won't make it another 10 years if I can't find something that works for the pain without causing drug-induced visible écrit: Trust me – get some psychotherapy, medications are bollux.Alysse Kim écrit: Im on 300mg twice daily, 70mg of methadone and 5mg of diazapam twice daily.. for opiate dependence, fibromyelgia , PTSD etc etc… my pain is still off the charts! it worked ok at first but its become less effective over time. My question to anyone is NIGHT TERRORS?? weird buzzing feeling bin my head and the sound of water in my ears almost… which leads to hearing noises and feeling presences etc,, its scary. if i go to sleep when its happening I have horrible dreams that mimic me being awake in bed… PLEASE IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING??? Its not hypnogogic or hypnopompic and i am awake when it starts. thanksthenearestfire écrit: Pregabalin has been wonderful for me. Courseys for horseys I guess.Eric Puette écrit: How long did the withdrawal symptoms last?Sven Huber écrit: I have been take lyrica for 3 years (General anxiety disorder with heavy psychosomatic effects) starting with 75mg up to 600mg, then tapering off by 75mg per month, now off for 2 weeks, some headaches, some nightmares, some anxiety but with fasting (5 days) and low carb diet it got better very fastSarah Greaves écrit: I am in terrible withdrawals from this at this very minute, I can’t get them anymore of my doctors and I was buying them because they was the only thing that helps my anxiety I don’t know how long this will last but at the moment I would rather be deadBen Crossley écrit: Ive been taking 4000 too 7000mg per day for 15yrs everyday and i am fine. Fat now though but not obese.michael nixson écrit: Lyrica is Satan’s dandruff encapsulated in a shell of utter evilIbboblue Ibbetson écrit: Lyricas wickedArnaud Disorder écrit: blurry vision, fatigue, memory trouble ( can't remember a book very well, etc ) from 600 to 525 right now, the key is to go really slow, it's really addictive, doctors should take pregabaline before the patient himself, that would prevent.Makeup By Smithy écrit: It’s literally a heroin detox. It’s brutal. I was taking 3x300mg four times a day, unconscious. I detoxed cold turkey it was brutal but worth it. I’ve never relapsed and it’s been 4 years.Andrew écrit: Been taking lyrica for over a month for benzo withdrawal only think that helps me whay withdrawals did u experienceKashif Nawaz écrit: My doctor prescribed me pregabalin for treatment of my L5-S1 disk buldge for a long period of 8-10 months. I completed 1 month without side effects and much better relief but then for some other reason, I had severe cough and took cough syrup (which usually has alchohl) and also took PG. So with in 2 days, I started getting blackouts. 5-8 seconds black outs were life threatning. I stop taking it for a while and only use once my pain is not bearable anymoreShahan Exclusive écrit: This medication is evil. It has causes fights in my relationship with my wife cos it gives u sex problems. This drug prevents one from ejaculating n this is the problemThe Glitch écrit: I've just started this as of last night, to help with my pain and anxiety from various physical and mental health issues. Also taking escitalopram. So looking forward to the side effect from going onto this, as well as the withdrawal effect from coming off cocodamol after 8 months use.Ondrej von Hamburg écrit: I try to kick methadone with pregabalin. I what I notice is … the damn pregabalin is quite the same, really! both substances interacts with the same receptors. man, I feel like shit. I have a strange headache … and I'm heavily unmotivated … How long can I take pregabalin without getting addicted to it? Can someone tell me this? but con quest, I take my hat off to you for going cold turkey! that's brave! greetings from good old germany!Cloud 9 écrit: Its a shit drug i took 2000mg in one day i just felt very drunk and was already intoxicated severe. It is a strange drug. It helped my pain i admit that but i never take it now i was getting it off the street here in Australia. 300mg tabletsdylan walton écrit: i am on pregabalin…..clonazepam bupornorphine…….also a 20 year heroin addict……………do not take pregabalin and alcohol…it is the worse mix…very dangerous……yes pregabs work if u take them as prescribed..the drug itself does help many people…but like all drugs…its down to the person….i have loads of experience with drugs….just saying…do not mix with alcohol.cdmDiego écrit: I’m on 900mg a day! Some days I take all 3 300mg at once some days just 1!Alanna McDonald écrit: Is that a small orb flying around you?Nina Decker écrit: You will be fine my man…you have a lot of protectors and protection around and all the best x0x0JKBManagement écrit: Lyrica is working well for my panic attacks and anxiety but I'm not looking forward to coming off them one day, however I will taper off rather than go cold turkey, well done for doing it, good video, plus your cute lol!paganpablo 69 écrit: I take PG for a buzz In jail ppl go mad for themAsli Akoglu écrit: I came of some tablets 4-5 months ago and Iv been feeling better not had one break down been to my mental health doctor today and he's trying to pill me up on pregabalin Iv tried so many tablets when Iv not wanted to for 6 years Iv had so many bad side affects from them all I'm 100% not trying these! Just reassures me not to.. and be comfortable in my decision to say no.. Iv found what's helping me at the moment is clean eating and exercising even if I can't leave the house sometimes just a small indoor work out.. Iv not had one break down in 4 months being on completely nothing I was on loads of different tablets for 6 years having maybe 1-2 a week breakdowns, I still obviously have my mental health issues but I'm 100x worse on tablets .. I live with my mental health and I know more about myself then any doctor can to say here is a pill to fix you .. all minds are different no two are the same so I don't get how one pill can fix so many minds? There just dopers at the end of the day and I don't wanna be doped out, I get it's good for some people it's just not for meN C écrit: My brother died by accidentally overdosing on pregabalin shut down his brainAlbez écrit: How long was you on it? It sounds like your withdrawal hasn't been that badsamraat king écrit: pregaba raises effect of alcohol nothing more….Deer Heart écrit: Terrible drugs just go to therapyCoco Butter Barbie écrit: I've never taken these before, came across this vid in my feed and it looked interesting. I just wanted to share something i learned from being prescribed a pain pill for my back. The doc prescribed something he thought would help, i told him i had some other pain pill previously and i would like to take that again. He told me i could get both. When i went to the pharmacist to pick them up, the pharmacist looked alarmed and cautioned me that they cant both be taken together, that could cause a stroke. I was in shock that my doctor allowed this and didn't even warn me. Needless to say, make sure all your docs know of all meds and do your research as the man in the vid stated and good luck to you all.Kalla H écrit: Pregabalin works almost like a weak opioid but with different effects on the GABAergic presynaptic terminals by regulating calcium ion reuptake, and it`s a pretty new drug so they want to paint it as a "wonderdrug" even though they know it`s dangerous. This effect leads to there being to much calcium ions in the presynaptic cleft which cause serious health risks since it degenerates the neurons. It should not be mixed with other calcium ion inhibitors like benzoes, opioids, ssri, MAOi ++. It just should not be used for anxiety. This medicine is also addictive just like an opioid which are known to cause depressions, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and so on when you have withdrawals…愛煙家 écrit: ( ・x・)y─┛~~~Patrick Foley écrit: I pretty much don't have alcohol as a problem Switch to non alcohol drinks You won't miss it and you may improve your social life Plus you'll save moneyAlison Hilll écrit: I took pregabalin I was ok for 2 weeks happy as fuck but then my girl friend left me I thought I was ok but every one else thought I was mad the doc gave it me for pain it took a long time to get it out my system feel better though so good luck mate I just walk me dog now best thing ever all the bestJesse Webb écrit: I'm on 3000mg lyrica, yes 3k. i have been for 4-6 years… i don't even know. But i feel like I'm losing time and losing my mind. I started taking it when my mum got prescribed it and got a nice relaxing high off it so i started going to different doctors and getting it. I'm about to run out again and im getting so sick of having to lie to a new doctor to get this drug to sustain my addiction. I really don't know what to do anymore, i havn't for years.HRH PRINCE LOUIS MAGNUS VON DRACHENBURG écrit: Vile drug ! Give to me for fibromyalgia but made me go into a coma and nearly killed me , beware of this EVIL DRUG ,IT NEEDS TI BE BANNED IMHO .lee 12381 écrit: I take 30 75mh pills at once I'm high and drunk for 4 days 🙂clan Macbeth écrit: You have a spirit around you…observation ����Andrés ZM écrit: I've been really dizzy, you know and I have been having some struggles on my genital area, like pression. Nerves are coming and going, some few testicle pain, etc. Did any of you had something similar? I made a hard stop on pregabalin and took 1 or 2 beers.Wendy a Christian écrit: Lyrica is the worst drug ever made. Highly addictive. Excerbates pain without you knowing it. Until you try to get off of it. Extreme pain now. Crying uncontrollabley. Extreme stabbing stomach pain and nausea. I'm bedridden now. How can Doctors prescribe this drug !!!! Everyone that uses it, is addicted, no exception. They just don't know it, because they haven't tried to get off of it. I have Lyme diseaseCarol Miller écrit: Every tablet has side effectsdawnehelene59 écrit: Interesting-
Lyrica is the most effect medication I take.
I find the difference in each individuals reaction to this drug fascinating-which also beggars the point, "one size does NOT fit all."
Some people such as myself can take this drug (I take 300Mg a day) without the slightest side effect.
As for going off?
Nary an issue. I discontinue it and never look back. No muss, no fuss-no anything.
When and if my nephropathy returns, I simply begin taking the medication once again.
The medical profession needs to understand and address this very REAL issue-that many humans metabolize medications
very differently from the standard gibberish printed as gospel in the "PDR." (Physicians Desk Reference)
Good luck!

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