Lyrica MOA & The Science of Pain

la description:
This video explains the science of pain, the different categories of pain (nociceptive, neuropathic, sensory hypersensitivity), and the mechanism of action of Lyrica (pregabalin).

Kiz Bains écrit: Why would I start to feel tingling /burning/aching of my teeth after starting lyrica ? Please can you explain the science?regular male écrit: In the third world ppl use this as a drug including it's an anti peliptic medicinegildog écrit: Great video. I have pudendal neuralgia so bad I was to kill myself, been 12 years. I have just taken 150mgs for the first time and yes pain seems less, I feel pretty out of it thoughAllison Willcox écrit: This is so good! Thank you.Angelita Sinor écrit: I love this!!! I wish ALL chemistry was taught this way SIMPLE SESAME STREET style.exta Zy écrit: In France we are total hooked on this shit, worst that valiumMd Sahidul Islam écrit: ExcellentSajinath Ggah écrit: How does it reduce Anxiety?Hasan Ani écrit: Thankspolyna devi écrit: дав да да!! миу..! )Goran Vlacic écrit: Thank you so very much for sharing your work; such well presented and helpful information 🙂

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