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The side effects of zopiclone on me depression

la description:
Depression brought about by sleeping pills last night took a sleeping pill together want to sleep no more last night and most mornings I wake up slightly depressed it’s because of the zopiclone have to learn to live with it she’s all them please comment rate and subscribe

coup de grace écrit: jesus christ…what nonce wing has he escaped from?Corina Maria écrit: Get rid of this treatmentMichael Morgan écrit: your problem is u didnt take enough if you take like 15 at a time like me the results are much cleanerwozzlepop écrit: I drink 1/2 bottle of scotch. 7.5mg. sleep OK. wake up anxiety and depression free.
Maybe its the scotch but … works for me.mandeepsekhon écrit: U feel like shit the next day and that horrible taste which last almost 48 hours from just 1 tiny tablet. I would recommend Valium or Xanax for the shitty feeling. They are not prescribing uk but you can get online on the black market as I doDessy Macc écrit: I agree there an awful tablet to take and yes they make you feel wretched
But what can you do. Far play to you.Hartley Hare écrit: That horrible taste in your mouth even the next day, awful. Lifes not easy, hang in there pal����Kaz baz écrit: They help me sleep. Take one if I am unwell as I have to sleep off strange post stroke symptom which I feel when had busy day or when depression worse. Bedore I sleep I can get crazy images and post strange things online. I feel fine next day and still wake up early…James Matlock écrit: addictive shit. a z drug, OK for short use. long term, they destroy ppls brains, all the best.allyouneedtoknow anonymous écrit: they are USELESS.
i took 4 at a time to work. that was like 7.5 times four a time and i still never felt like i slept.
am on zolpidem now was told to take 10mgs. does nothing at all. so i take 20 mgs now an i still can't damm sleep.
zolpidem is useless too they ever mention it to you.wendy price écrit: Percerve with them,they will help you get back into a proper sleep pattern.x

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