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What Happens When You Overdose?

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If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, there are people and resources available to help. Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255\n\nYour body is a delicately balanced chemical system, and if you take too much of a drug you destroy that balance. That’s what happens when you overdose. This week on Reactions, learn how to spot an overdose and the ways different types of drugs wreak havoc in your brain. \n\nSubscribe!\nFacebook!\nTwitter!\nInstagram!\n\nYou might also like:\nThe Top 5 Strangest Poisons That Can Kill You\n\n\nCan You Take Expired Drugs?\n\n\nWhat is Addiction?\n\n\nWhy Are Synthetic Drugs So Dangerous?\n\n\n\nCredits:\nProducer: Elaine Seward\nWriter: Samantha Jones, PhD\nScientific Consultants: Adam Blumenberg, MD\nLauren Murphy, MD\nExecutive Producer: George Zaidan\n\nMusic:\nOwl Service\n\nSources:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEver wonder why dogs sniff each others’ butts? Or how Adderall works? Or whether it’s OK to pee in the pool? We’ve got you covered: Reactions a web series about the chemistry that surrounds you every day.\n\nProduced by the American Chemical Society. Join the American Chemical Society!

Reactions écrit: Help is out there.
In an emergency, call 911 (in the US).
The US National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.Diana Silva écrit: Anyone else here watching this before contemplating Suicide?Kate Arnold écrit: pov you looked up if it was painful to over dose and here you are :TrashPanda écrit: UpExpose Ig écrit: Man I snorted 9 pounds of crack and took 90000 pain killers and ain’t feel nun tf is this bsGouL écrit: Can we talk about how attractive she is?9ine écrit: IM HERE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY
I AM BLESSED BY GOD.Haine Lei écrit: Gusto ko mamatay ng d na sasaktanSarah • 18 years ago écrit: Me and my coworker saw someone overdose tonight. Help arrived and he thanked us for helping. It was very very scary.nyeem écrit: im doing it very soonThe Avengers écrit: I came just to know how but….

Everybody in comment section wants to die wth stopMr. PrtPrt écrit: This is why Mac Miller and Juice die����Zach Stokes squatting 565 écrit: So this is what happened to juice WRLDsataekambing écrit: just how to dieIzhanTFN écrit: Guys don't try it no matter what's going on in your life you can do it I believe in you I use to want to die but Now I wanna live because I got so much to live for! pls don't do it.Nova Bright écrit: Without having a medical prescription, I can't overdose on antidepressants, opioids, painkillers. Fuck.EXO PLANET écrit: I wanna die im useless, im nothing, im just wanna die im so tired of this kind of lifeManjunath P S écrit: All those who doesn't want others to die I know bcz they need labours and workers in their company, so person who want to die educate them even then if he wants let them bcz they need their freedom, all people life are not same so if you don't know others don't stop them from dying��fuck this world!!Stephen Blacklaw écrit: We’ll see ya guysMary-Beth écrit: I wanna die because I have nothing left to live for.princess écrit: can someone recommend me a pills that can make me passed out?JrodGam1ng écrit: October 16th 2020‼️Feorzzy écrit: I just came here to decide my deathjen écrit: what are the best pills to yk????????? pls lmkRyan Eppert écrit: Damn it. This helps. Im 14 and Im so done. I just want to take a ton of random pills I find and go to sleep…. That sounds really really peaceful. I don't want to feel much pain.IzhanTFN écrit: Pls someone tell me what medicine I can overdose on that makes me die without painIzhanTFN écrit: I wanna overdose but Some pills can make you stop breathing I don't wanna die like that, I wanna die by dying in my sleepMadz Cadoodlehopper écrit: Ok imma overdose now thanks for the help!Ann Margaret S. Sellado écrit: Im afraid my gf took about 10-15 pills of iron supplements as suicide attempt last night i dont know what to do she's sleeping right now and she's feeling a pain on her stomach i plan on taking her on the hospital tomorrow since its like 1 am here todayNba K3 écrit: I pop pills to feel okay ��Britney A. écrit: so u basically die if ur lucky enough, niki écrit: i took 200 pills acetaminophen ibuprophen sleepin pills and im still alive. Im tired i just dont want to be anymore. Which kind of sleeping pills are deadly just gimme the name. Now im more sick and suffering please dont name fuked up pills that doesnt workh e r a écrit: I overdosed like one minute ago lol bye everyonehenry castro écrit: Guys please don’t overdose it is not worth it. I have never tried it but i seen videos of people dying. And listen if you are feeling down talk to me. I don’t want you to dieC’Naya Warren écrit: This comment section requires a ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️Tyler Hogan écrit: After losing $90 to a portable ac ad on youtube ill never take the chance on youtube ads regardless the product or price.Blake Lamude écrit: i urge anybody struggling with any sort of addiction to talk to a friend or seek professional help! i know life is hard and we are ALL going through shit, but there are better ways of coping. I love you all, stay safe.Bradley Frank écrit: Better off going to for a better tutorial. Sorry kids. Earning degrees will not get you a job these days. And trust me, doctors do not take to heart the oath they took. It really is just like any other industry. Fueled by greed and that pernicious "invisible hand".gaby hernandez écrit: I'm ismael and I'm depressed and no one cares everyone thinks I'm fine and strong but i dont show my pain and the girl I call my partner opens up my personal problems to her family to ridicule me ..I have nothing else in life my family hate me and use me as a bad example to my family…I'm alone I'm this life I'm a ghost this is what I wantMrKeel1234 écrit: I don't see weed on here.Rylee Collins écrit: How much benzos to take for a person face death?Lúcio Biazotto écrit: You guys plz don't try to overdose on purpose!
YOU DON'T DIE! You only multiply your suffering x1000.
Some comments here are really serious and worrying. For your own mental/spiritual sake, don't try suicide, because you do not die, you wake up on the other side and find yourself in a far worse situation than you already was while a living human being. Read Allan Kardec. The Spirits Book or others, it is freely available on the internet (PDF). If you dislike reading, look for videos, whatever info that helps you. Spiritism may give you the answers you're seeking, and the best: comfort to live your time on Earth. Just don't commit the mistake of ending your life before the natural time! Nobody gets to experience the peace they were expecting if they do that.
Allan Kardec and Jesus Christ, you won't regret of investing your time on them. That kind of knowledge is power, wisdom and is going to bring you all what you are looking for: comfort and peace.
LISTEN! If not for you, then for your families, friends and love partners. Every single one gets to suffer ruthlessly for an impulsive and thoughtless act like suicide.avi écrit: This was really informative and the format made it easy for the layperson to understand. Clear, concise and great commentary.Elliot Rosa écrit: yo i just wanted to know how many pills i have to take to die, any tips? or any other ways to self deletey, that's fine too thanks~you’re so freaking hot like damn but écrit: me, who tried to overdose a few weeks ago but luckily my 4 year old brother caught me: ������BubbleKitten01 Bubble écrit: Me watching this after trying to kill myself last year: ������William afton écrit: I overdosed sadly im still alive :,(Jack écrit: I can’t believe people who are good and don’t do drugs who die but there’s people in the comments who hope to overdose and not wake up it’s just such a sad world I’ll never understandIdkfed Rome écrit: GOD LOVES YOU,

John 3:16) For God so Loved the world that he have his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Become a new person in Jesus Christ.

And no matter what struggles, JESUS will always help you through.

Just Believenight écrit: Me knowing that I could ask some of my friends for a drug to overdoseNhì Gònzagà écrit: Thanks for this I'm 15 and I'm so tired thanks see yah on heevenjoseph chavez écrit: How many pain pills can make a person over dose? Genuinely curiousI am Ann Vlogs écrit: will i die if i took 200 benadryl pills?jehxnsjsjsjsjsjs écrit: bruh how long does it take cuz im waitingFred Daltons écrit: What is the effective way of killing myself? Ive researched overdose and i think itll not work in my case.Alissa Maroon écrit: how many antidepressants can make someone overdose?Iliketodraw! écrit: Does pill suicide hurt?simon szn écrit: some peeps need some love rn. just message me on snap @simon_mckeown we can have a nice convo, talk abt gaming or just chill. y’all ARE loved ��Robert Wright écrit: I’ve been using for about a year now and I came looking for information. I’ve watched about 4 other videos without any luck. I use heroin. I have been for a little over a year now and I’ve been trying to taper off for about a month now. I’ve quit shooting it so it’s a step in the right direction but I’m not quiet there yet. I need to know there are a few sure signs if not Just one sure sign of a heroin od BEFORE I fall out. I haven’t overdosed on heroin yet and I’ve been super lucky. I’ve overdosed on Xanax but I need to know about heroin. I have a narcan nasal spray and I need to know if I noticed one of these signs (if there are any) if I could use my narcan myself before I fell out. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read my story and thank you in advance for reaching out.. have a great day/night and god bless..Elizabeth Holbrook écrit: I tried to self overdose myself after being gaslighted on a night out. Everyone. If you feel suicidal talk to someone. Be kind to yourself too.Aqua xBender écrit: So I’m stuck in my head rn I’m just 14 I can’t imagine what’s it going to be like when I’m an adult i don’t want to be alone without a job or kids or without a wife I don’t want to feel the pain of losing my grandma or my parents I just want these thoughts to go away I think of everything I do with my grandma the more she gets older the harder it is every time she does something funny or like tells me her favorite color of things I think about when she dies ima remember this things and then I cry I’ve been crying for 1 month straight every second I can’t handle it I don’t know what’s going to become of me and I just want these thoughts to go away and I’m so scared of being without my family and being by myself homeless I got left back twice for being absent so much someone help I don’t know what to do with my lifeChristian Lopez écrit: my friend overdosed last night dont know on what but pillsapdroid geek écrit: Lowkey watching this cuz its apparently one of the option for painless death… now to get my hands on itThe Fun Fact Guy écrit: Thank you for telling me how Lil Peep died ��Mistress Kirbyyy écrit: Od on Xanax…they give you a xanax…����. Wow.Manuj écrit: I am gonna overdose on life ��Cristina Ocanas écrit: Hey I was wondering if you can answer a question for me cause I really don’t know what to do at this point my boyfriend did coke two days ago and ever since then he’s been throwing up his body has been hot and he’s been sweating and his eyes move around like he has Nystagmus. I just wanna know are these symptoms of overdose and if they are what is the best way to go about thisminari écrit: What if I get like 10 different ones? Do I die or no?Ꮆ尺丨爪 écrit: I took about 45 immune system pills and I ain’t die as yet ��xenny1818 écrit: can someone pls tell me the best way to OD and the dosage and the type of pill/pills im ready to go and i cant find a safe way to peacefully die its like not even reddit will help me out its like i gotta either go on the dark web or shoot myself with a shotgun which would be too awkward to hold in correct position. every in-patient place i go is always jail like and they punish u for ur mental health issues and remove all privileges and staff are never professional not to mention the healthcare system is for profit so im still in debt from my last visit.『K a y s t a r』 écrit: I honestly want to overdose on sleeping pills.Devesh Bose écrit: Please make a video if what drug overdose is bestLee Jxx -Yxung écrit: I overdosed yesterday with Pills how long does it take to kill me PLS ANASWERsoggywet écrit: Lego Yoda I am, take 125 antidepressants I mustVivek Singh écrit: Bye this world is not my home ��Ethan McCafferty écrit: POV: You looked up a tutorial and got thisJoaquin Rodriguez écrit: If you want to overdose and you read these comment, i just want to tell you that life it's not what you are living. You can be happy and hate the fact that you even wanted to die. You just need to be patient, try to look everything with another view and the most important thing i want you to look very deep inside yourself and think what would an ideal person do if it were you.

Let me tell you that that ideal person actually it's you, it's what you really are. Now if you compare that person with your actitudes, how much a diference there is? Maybe you are not happy because you are not been you.illey ios écrit: i wanna overdose so bad but i ain't sure of how many to takeDP Visuals écrit: Cant wait to overdoseNordz écrit: Apparently adoral is just impossible to overdose on and you just end up shaking and slowing down time and feeling like complete shit, I guess dying is too much to ask for ��Melanie C. écrit: I just wanted to know if it was painful or not.mya carter écrit: google won’t answer my question will 10 30mg percocets kill me ??Itsnotkira écrit: For all yall saying you wanna overdose you don’t trust me, death is a massive factor but if you don’t die the come down from an overdose is possibly the worst feeling in the world I tried to shower in hospital and ended up throwing up all over the floor and sink it’s awful just don’t it’s not painless it’s horrificYoung Tsukune écrit: Who's voice is it, ours or it. Sometimes I feel like somethings waiting on the other side for me, just waiting for me to push the button. Demons fishing for souls have the most patience and best kind of bait.Luxanna Gilbert écrit: Is it painful?cindy écrit: i just ate 50+ random pills i can find. my body felt heavy and light at the same time, i felt sleepy, my body felt tingling, but in the end i puked some of the pills and food i ate before. didnt die, damn it.Phyllisity Rodarte écrit: I OD and the doctors thought it was anxiety but I never told me parents nobody know expect meMBatimon écrit: Thanks ��Joseph Luna écrit: I od'd on a fake xanax bar and I fell into a deep sleep were if I wasnt waken up I wouldve died. Because I was only breathing too little and I woke up to my family waking me up and I was too fucked up and tried walking but I was jus trippin n leanin not sure what was goin on.Then I woke up in the hospital and yeah im here now still wanting xanax…Stick to weedDumbBabySai écrit: Bro the comment section is crazy������‍♂️ it ain’t worth it I swearTiktok Tookmylife écrit: k but like how much do i take to do itUnknown écrit: What if 10 sleeping pills? Or more ?Covid-19 écrit: I always wanted to overdose man life sucks I hate it work every day
1:get married
5:deathJlybv écrit: Rip peep��M0SHi écrit: Lets admit most of us are here because we're planning to kill ourselves or already have tried.farida khaled écrit: i tried overdosing on 18 pain killers which is the least i've ever overdosed on. after 15 minutes i started to feel off and all of my nerves were loose. i couldn't stand up without falling because i couldn't control my body. i was really dizzy. it was even harder when i closed my eyes. it was like im not here. i passed out for 20 minutes straight. woke up paranoid and my eyes were wide open.. literally. i couldn't sleep well and i wasn't comfortable. my organs felt weird and my mouth had a weird taste to it. it was a weird experiencelaura` Espinosa écrit: Overdosed two nights ago. Woke up in my room with heart palpitations and I couldn’t stop throwing up. I don’t think I did it on purpose.Afaf Abdo écrit: I came here after watching breaking bad ��, good information ✔️��save Wavyyy écrit: I took an entire bottle of cetrizine… it did nothing…Josephene Jimenez écrit: So what if I drink alcohol at the same time I overdose a pill? Will I die?

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