o xanax

o xanax

What are benzos including xanax bars like? How abusing anxiety meds can lead to benzo addiction fast

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Xanax, valium, klonopin, ativan, etc. experience described and how these can be some of the most dangerous drugs if not used as prescribed. \n\nBenzos can be incredibly medicinal and effective as anxiety meds. However, abusing xanax bars can quickly lead down a horrifically dark path of benzo addiction. Xannies cause sever drug withdrawal symptoms that can be lethal. Not only that, in xanax addiction people can engage in behaviors that risk their lives. Xanax dangers are somewhat swept under the rug. Drugs like heroin, meth, or crack are perceived as \ »worse\ » due to social stigma. This is far from the truth, benzodiazepines are hard drugs. Xanax dangers need to be exposed for anyone out there who’s thinking of trying xanax abuse. A benzo problem can rob you of your sanity by destroying your sanity and everything you love. The xanax high isn’t worth the consequences if this happens by a long shot.\n\nIn this video I highlight my xanax experience with a series of xanax stories that played a part in my addiction. There are many benzos which essentially do the same thing which I highlight. The xanax drug can be medicinal when treated with respect, but abuse it and you’ll get abused. This is one of the drug stories that can’t have a happy ending and one of the drug experiences I don’t wish upon my worse enemy. This is one of the most dangerous drugs out there.\n\nIf you struggle to with drug addiction feel free to reach out to me for support!\nText:\n9723724046\nWebsite:\nhttps://www.shamelessprotocol.com/\nSocial Media:\nhttps://www.facebook.com/CGKid219/\nSnapChat:\ncg-kid\nInstagram:\ncg_kid\nTwitter:\nTheCGKid

Jesse Pinkman écrit: Just use drugs. Everything's gonna be alright.JM écrit: lmao i just watched this too see other peoples opinions. i took 20 bars and blacked out i cant remember much from the last few days and i still have a really weird felling but it was a funny time ngl, this was my first time taking and after watching this i wont be taking againEww Bill écrit: “Yo Steve I wanna try xans “ cornyVivan Verma écrit: I love this guy, I guess I found my father������Lennart Hagen écrit: I taken benzos for 12 years,. valium and Nitrazepam,..im sick of it… maybe i need Rehab??Hunter Sanderson écrit: Can confirm, its kinda lame, there isnt much of a buzz u feel like a vegetable, took 4 2mg pills first time (started with half a pill, nothing, finished the pill, still nothing so then i wemt to a full pill, now i took 2 pills and thats the last) and theres inst really a high, u just kinda feel weird and disoriented, pretty relaxed but mdma does that alot betterharry init fuck off écrit: I abuse diazepam and i thaught i could handle xanax. I had half a bar blacked out and raided my dads tramdols. This was after a long week of mdma and lsd use. With drinking and 24/7 weed and tobacco smoking. I never thought about how dangerous it was until now. A year ago when i was 16-17 i watched this channel and related bevause i was addicted to bongs (i smoke a mix of tobacco and weed chopped together). And thaught that addiction was cool. Now im a benzo addict and i feel like a retard.DiMiTri ! écrit: Great advice man xanax fucked my life up real good. I blasted thru 100 bars a few weeks and my girlfriend hated me and my family was hella disappointed my dad would give me the same look he use to give me when I was on black…Anyways thanks for this video man I've watched it 2 or 3 times now it seems to help me NOTwant xanax if I'm having cravings..now I need to get off the kratom and weed I smoke herb and drink kratom like crazy I'm a slave to the plantsradicalgarbage écrit: I take it for anxiety and I can see how people can get addicted. It's so nice to just have the brain turn off. I can't imagine why anyone would want 10 bars at a time tho kfc I take like a .25 pill and I'm calm enough to take a nap. I guess I haven't experienced a high with it so I wouldn't know but even just a little makes you feel good ?Nate Perkins écrit: I took 5. 1mg ativan yesterday thought I was fine until I noticed I was seeing double. I had to get home asp with 1 eye shut. Please. Drive sober .nate hudson écrit: I can’t sleep without 12 Benadryl every nightTom Arnold écrit: Still taking Xanax, 5mg for anxiety attacks. Since about 15 years ago. Never when drinking. I've never been high from it at all. It just lets me calm down enough to sleep every other Sunday or so. Weird to even hear that it can make you black out.Shaik écrit: Hey im on 10 benzo right now. Every thing seems good.Sadim Hadaet écrit: I've been on benzos since 14 and now I need atleast 20 7.5 mg midazolams a day and that too just so that I dont get the withdrawals I dont even get high anymoreGarrett Roland écrit: Bih ate 10 bars damnmondllicht écrit: the video: me: “anxiety leaves you” ����C Milli écrit: my homie !!InsecT 69 écrit: i feel like dying man to much anxiety and strees and depression i need to get some fucking pills so badHitlary Cunton écrit: I wouldn’t recommend even if you have anxiety unless you have panic attacks daily I wouldn’t recommend benzos they take the soul and mind quickXa non écrit: the first time i tried xanax i took 1mg in pill form got a bit calmer but that was itMatthew Wright écrit: Check formula mg of Klonopin feel high as f*** and really dizzyPaya Berry écrit: I had consistant panic attack and muscle cramps from weed, i had to call an ambulance and they gave me vallium(diazepam) and i have to say when used for extreme severe panic attacks, it does wonders and i dont know what would happen if it didnt exist. But otherwise, it is one of the worst thing to get addicted for. I can see it being very helpful for those with anxiety so bad it disables them in societysomethingstrangeisgoingon écrit: ok cg , i'll just smoke weed 🙂183314842 écrit: Here's my "unbiased" view: FUCK XANAX
smhKyle MacArthur écrit: One time I took 1green xan bar 5 shots vodka and 2.5 lines of pdp from the sounds of this video I should be dead ��Chris Gordon écrit: Xanax is the most addictive drug I’ve ever taken and I’ve done most of the drugs out there, Im naturally an anxious person and I enjoy downer drugs in general but something about Xanax to me gives me the most perfect high and the most inner sense of comfort and peace I’ve ever felt in my life…. but It also rapidly fucks my life up and hurts my family more than any other drug due to the blackouts and other factors which is why I stay FAR away from that shit…. the damage it does just is not worth the high no matter how good it feelsSadBoi M écrit: I struggle with xanax abuse I drank a whole bottle of brandy one nite and my "friends" aint even tru to stop me instead they gave me more xanax and alcohol now im addicted wish I never took them now#anthonyron82 écrit: Baby girl how you doing where your man i just popped a xan 50,000 in japanGiveIt1MoreGo 488 écrit: 10 fuckking barz? 3 or 4 could kill some oneGrace Mora écrit: Weed gives me panic attacksGrace Mora écrit: I take 4 2mg for pain attacks it works !CreepZoN écrit: i bought 15 xans i ate em in 2 days i dont remember how they felt… wtf am i getting myself in toDeadBoy écrit: all the times that ive took xanax and drank alchohol and im still aliveCody Miller écrit: I took klonopin for five months prescribed and didn’t abuse it, I got off 3mg a day for two months in the course of two weeks and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be since my anxiety was horrible at the time, but I did get headaches and was quite restless for awhile, and I had a slightly shorter fuse. Honestly it saved my life. But it can be easily abused and I’ve had to help friends off xanax. It was tough to watch them in that bad stateMatthew Wright écrit: Thanks for sharingAnthony Giannone écrit: "so without further ado I'm gonna give you an unbiased view on Xanax or Benzodiazepines……………… To get into it with Xanax, Fuck Xanax!"Trippehhhhh écrit: Fuck Ativan ������. Hospital had me freaking out after they gave me a shot of itJose Luna écrit: I'm watching this of the barsDa Memes écrit: Your voice sounds like bill from workaholics!Nina Giani écrit: i’m sorry but i died laughing when u said u were throwing pizzas at sams clubRancidTacoGas écrit: Such a terrible fucking drug. I’m about two months sober off of benzos trying to just stick to weed. I had two seizures after withdrawing each time I tried to quit. This most recent one was the wake up. Now I don’t even crave this poison, but the cravings with opiates are getting harder. But yes. I hate Xanax. I think it’s probably the worst drug out there.Humble Haitian écrit: I would self diagnose myself wit anxiety in HS and take 3-4 bars a week it was cool for the time but i think i outgrew my anxiety so no more need for emSicario écrit: im on 2.5mg xanax 4mg k pins and 60mg of oxycontin, drank 4 cups of coffee (caffeine) and 4500mg gabapentinluca cappa écrit: My brother overdosed on xanaxwhoknows whoknows écrit: Im an extreme xanax addict with a meth habit only did when i would go overboard and take too much mgs for work, kicked dope tried fentynal stopped xanax for a month then went baxk to xanax never had withdraws from any other drug except xanax bc i would black out off the meth comedown and opioids never had a withdraw affect to me i quit alprazolam use 4 times for half a year to as little as 2months cold turkey and i don't know how im still alive when i did it cold Turkey i relapsed btw im at 8-10mgs a day while at work. If u even see this I'd like an opinion from someone that's been through it and genuine not like my bar head buddies or parents that never lived my crazy fast life777 écrit: I was on very low dose rivatril for like 5 months…..literally like 0.2 mg a day…..when I stopped, holy shit. It felt like some kind of hyper-reality where everything that the drug blocked out over the course of a half-year rushed in all at once. I cant imagine what its like to be popping these several times a dayFredi D écrit: i pop 2 bars on top of 90 milligrams on methadone every then and then it makes me nodding and experience sweet dreamsblack hole propulsion engine écrit: If your doctor wants to prescribe you Xanax against anxiety disorder ask them for Diazepam in oral solution instead, please.
Finding the correct dosage can only be done via oral solution.
0.5mg Xanax is roughly equivalent to 10mg Diazepam, which is a SHITLOAD.Marwan Ahmed écrit: My drug of choice is Tramadol . but fucking benzos are much cheaper!! I can't get high on benzos unless I crush pills and snort them !! but the real high is opioids high ,Oxys , Tramadol, heroin!!Andy Jarvis écrit: I had a friend who drank alcohol, smoked weed, and took xanax all at one timejoey ramone écrit: Great video man, I am also a poly addict, was on heroin for nearly ten years, but loved benzos, in my opinion Xanax was like ten years of heroin abuse condensed into a couple of monthsrandy scott écrit: All they did for my old girlfriend was ruin her life and get her put into a hell hole state nursing home/prison under a guardianship imposed by her parents . She's going to die in there . She was to fucked up to even have a clue as to what was going on until about two months after she got there . She's been there for years and she's still totally FUBAR .Ryan M écrit: Fuck Xanax it made me do stupid shit I would never do soberRationalityRules écrit: "Drooling repeating over and over again I love Xanax" ��Gaming. exe écrit: Just took 10mg Xanax plus 4mg klonopin and weed, should I be worried? ��Casper Kuethe écrit: 17 years old suffering from schizophrenia and this drug saved my life. I take a maximum of 2 bars a day and since i went on xanax i don't have anymore psychosis or panic attacks and the voices in my head disappeard. Im just worried what will happen if i eventually stop taking them. I am at a point in my life where I want to stop taking xanax so I can get my drivers license. Just too worried the voices in my head will come back. Use this only when the a medical expert advises you! Heavy shitDior Diorrrs écrit: Watching this while on xan:)Michael Humer écrit: Detoxing from benzos is easy. You just prescribe the patient his usual dose and then lower the dose by 0.125mg every two days. The problem with this is, that it takes forever, since most people who have been on benzos long term take something like 4mg daily.ANGRY RABBIT écrit: Sobriety doesn't exist pharmacy drugs ruin more lives than street drugsBen Miles écrit: fuck man i need some bars. now !!!!!!!Aaron Villalobos écrit: Barz are great medicinally just don't take them for fun everJefferson Winfrey écrit: shit ain’t cheapBrenda écrit: 2 years into withdrawals during my taper. Still not off the med. I feel like I live in hell. I’m praying they start talking about this more. It’s the worst thing I have ever ever experienced. It has permanently affected my brain. I was prescribed this for PTSD. It’s so god awful. I hate this ��Krazy Curr écrit: When I take bars .. I make sure I hide my wallet and car keys . Because I lose everything .toxic bee écrit: I have extreme anxiety and fear that everyone will put the blame on me in my workplace and will eventually lose my job… Black thoughts overtake me especially when I'm in my bed not being able to sleep well… I take a lexotan prior to sleep… Is xanax any better?sam wright écrit: taking xanax leads to abusing xanax period theres no "take xanax responsibly"Frame écrit: Took 8 benzos 5 xtc and lost my AirPod aha and me pal got a shag out of 1 benzo ahaTurner Sigo écrit: I've tried xanex medicinally for anxiety and it barely works ��Michael Bennett écrit: This vid was posted 2 years ago and idk if you respond to viewers but is it possible that the guy in your rehab was still taking Xanax there? My friend who went to rehab said drugs were prevalent there. But also he was in court ordered rehab, this might be different among rehabs that people choose to go to.Nate écrit: First time taking xanx was the last for me and my friend underestimating the drug taking 2 bars at a time i don’t remember anything woke up the next dayZoo Poo écrit: I’ve never done any drugs and I don’t plan to but my mission is to find a drug dealer on social media who sells like hardcore shit. The worst I’ve found is a guy who knows a guy who sells molly and Ik a dealer who sells xanaxjoe mama écrit: just realized the other day that my dealer’s bars were pressed with speed ._. not good
ps: havent done xans in so lon- wait nevermind nevermind was nevermind what am i sayingprick sw écrit: you're not unbiasedjulle huu écrit: ive heared people can have very bad rage attacks while alcohol and like diazepamThaspacegoat Æ écrit: Shits lame. So many better drugs out there if you're gonna take drugs at all, psychedelics, dissociatives and weed obviously being the only drugs one should use recreationally.Anfa Ellis écrit: When I took benzos I had to take out what I was going to take and hide the rest otherwise when I got high id say I want to get higher and end up overdosing because the high felt so good I wanted to be as high as possibleA Beezly écrit: Recovering from Ritalin perks and xannies I’m in New York ����‍♂️Miranda Collar écrit: I did Xanax once took some out from a bottle I sold and I’m so glad I sold it before trying it because I wanted it again so bad.Vinny Contini écrit: There was a kid at my high school who was arrested because he came to school on Xanax and tried to steal a police officers gunSt. Clare écrit: Xanax is heaven on earth for me. But I have GAD and panic disorder.Nico_ Garrix écrit: Unge nimmt also benzos sooooo nicht minjungSeth Russell écrit: Xans r the real gate way drugsŁåśåğñūţ écrit: If i take 1/4th of a Xanax, is that safe? Or should I just not even try it.

Nvm i watched more, ill just stick to smoking weed. But I will try lsdGang gang 420 écrit: Wish I watched dis before I took my Xanax :/Justanotheryoutubeaccount écrit: Im a poly user, benzos gave me relief. I feel normal on them at reasonable doses. This is why they're the most dangerous drug for me fr they feel so good until you're addicted and just taking to keep the CNS from going haywire.Nick Fernandez écrit: "Meth was the best feeling ever" "alcohol and xanax will kill you" okay yeah buddyhalacris écrit: nigga u high rn, arnt u?cristian guyy écrit: i’m off a xan rnanggapra écrit: Dude I once blacked out at 1mg. I could never understand how people can still be alive after popping a few barsmatt mammone écrit: My Mom is dying, I can't sleep. One night I took about 18-20mg over about four hours. I can say though withdrawal I went through at a crappy hospital left me with one therapist suggesting PTSD, but during those 10 days I was also denied anything for pain, legit script for severe headaches and so I was in opiate withdrawal at the same time. The 3rd day I was allowed to have some music in my room, and just sat back watching these not unpleasant hallucinations of the singers on my Ipod, projected on the wall. Jimi Hendrix at woodstock, Judy Garland, The Stones opera scenes, it was so real. Anyway I still take meds but no more than a few mg and a heavy sedative seroquel. My advice, go ahead, its not fun, you will have seizures and piss and shit yourself and if your'e alone forget it.Peter Pan écrit: I was taking 1mg Xanax daily for a week because of panic attacks.
I am two weeks off, but still feel something is wrong with me. Also my anxiety and depression increased.
This shit is evil, stay away if you canXijinping écrit: You talked me out of XanaxMimione Laxxa écrit: How can i stop this thing broDiMiTri ! écrit: Damn bro I have some bars that I dont wanna take after watching this…I'm a former heroin addict so this spooked me420 OG écrit: Weed and Mushrooms are my go to ❤️����✌️✌️����Ms Minny écrit: I should probably be dead right now..Matt ttt écrit: I'm 15 and got some shitty fuckin anxiety a couple months ago, I would have horrible insomnia, be super nauseous, zero appetite….Dab pen fixed everyone of those issuesyung boi écrit: I took 50mg of Valium the first time I tried it and I was at school. I couldn’t remember that day and blacked out, I was high for at least 2 weeks and all of those days are still hard to remember. I was such a fucking idiot. Never againPs4 Trophy Guide écrit: Wen ur phone went off I went to check my phone for a msg even tho I’m watching this on my phoneSergio Vale da Serra écrit: I think I stopped just before things got bad. I haven't taken more than 4mg a day. only for the month of march, prior was less frequent and very low dose. I stopped when I started to notice I wanted/needed "one" to deal with my thoughts/anxiety. I was like whoa think about this, you can go a whole day without? So I stopped 2/3 days ago and yeah, I'm going through withdrawals and I . I don't think it'll last so long with me, but I'm happy I was aware enough to stop.

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