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My Experience with Ativan

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I now have two apps available for Apple \u0026 Android! They are free to download. One of them features a FORUM where we can discuss all types of topics and share our favorite things. You will find a lot of extra content there as well as a community of like-minded people, so go check it out! Simply search \ »rawsammi\ » and you will find them. The one from \ »Veam, Inc.\ » has the forum.\nIn this video I talk about my experience with the medication Ativan (generic I take is called Lorazepam). I hope this is helpful to someome!\n\nSong at end- Jaunty Gumption by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (\nSource:\nArtist:\n\nDon’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe.\nClick Here To Subscribe:\n\nHi my name is Sammi. My channel is essentially about my experiences in life, answering viewer questions, and attempting to give occasional advice. I also make fun videos such as beauty, fashion, hauls, unboxing, gaming, and review videos. Welcome to my channel!\nIf you like my videos don’t forget to subscribe. \n\nSocial Media Links: \nFacebook:\nTumblr:\nTwitter:\nInstagram: @rawsammi\nBlog: \nPatreon:\nFashion tumblr:\n\n\nNew P.O. Box!!:\nSamantha Adams\nP.O. Box 133085\nAtlanta, GA 30333\n\nGet a free audiobook:\n\nSubscribe to a box:

Ethan écrit: I prefer the longer duration of action of clonazepam.Floodythesweat Switch écrit: Most doctors writing prescriptions are not even neurologist they don't know how the brain works or even study about the BBB ,Cesar Lemus écrit: Is 0.5 mg a lot ? I want to quit this medication but idk how??ncuevas27 écrit: I’m a psychiatric nurse. Ativan is a great anxiolytic.. If it works for you, then stick with it…Hell yeah!faithriddle écrit: Everyone is different. I took Ativan 2.5 mg once a day for five days and when I stopped taking them I had full on insomnia. I continued to take them for the next 4 weeks to avoid the insomnia and when I finally threw the tube in the bin (with 15 pills left in the bottle) I went through a whole range of symptoms including insomnia, massive anxiety, visual hallucinations, tinnitus, hair loss and hair and skin texture changes. I still have lingering symptoms nearly a year later. There are some people that do react badly to this and by the time you’ve figured out that’s you, it’s too late.Brianna Charters écrit: Pretty sure you will never see this but I’ve never felt more comforted cause I just got on the medication and I feel more comfortable in the times I need it.Jeanne bréant écrit: have you got epilepsy?Jacob munoz écrit: You baby girl for sure ���� don't let em tell you other wise stay safe for yourself and others ��FitnessByMatt écrit: Your lips don't look insane because you are covering them with makeup. When I got into bodybuilding way back in the day, I read that Arnold said that to improve his weak calves, he exposed them to the public.

Maybe you have a genetic issue that causes your lips to chap – even if that issue is something in your genetics that causes you to lick your lips more, making them dry out. So I get why you would wear makeup, if that makes you more comfortable. Sometimes we can't just work hard and make our flaws go away [not ALL of them, at least]. So hey, I get it. But I suspect your lips look fine as they are, without the makeup. They most likely do not look "insane".Dude Fest bug outs écrit: Omg she so sexy she’s beautiful I would marry this gorgeous woman 🙂Hinton Homestead écrit: I am new to taking Ativan and seeing a psychiatrist and I really appreciate you opening up to everyone and explaining how this helps. Thank you again!huh hu hu I am so awesome écrit: what makes you think i am settling for abusing these meds. for one i don't believe they will work in so far as emotionally. i was quite lying on the updates. my emotional state depends on a girl's acceptance and the love and sex she could provide. that is the most important aspect of my life. i will be in the nba if you could provide me with all the support i deserve from a woman like you. just accept it. i don't need your over glorified secular opinions. a human being is suppose to adapt to situations. telling people to just be, "themselves" that they shouldn't have others to fill a hole in them is selfish and even hedonistic. i am the victim in all these.Owxn écrit: Lorazepam is almost the same as Xanax correct?Albert Feibstein écrit: People who are against people taking this med or others like it are selfish. Yal don't know the fear one has to go through and the amount of energy were always drained of because of being on constant flight or fight. People think we have the choice to stop it, if we did we would, nobody wakes up and says to themselves I want to be in stomach grenching fear today. So shut up and stop judging people when you don't know how anxiety works in the brainiceman Lol écrit: Why not just smoke a joint.Onventwithurmom P écrit: Loravepam saiv my lyfeJosh C. Landers écrit: Ativan is not a long acting benzo. Beem taking daily for 7 years… Klonopin is a long acting benzo. Ativan is the shortest acting next to xanaxJes Bone écrit: It worked. It worked 'till I hit the wall. Now the anxiety is 10 times worse. And sleeping is a miracle that doesn't happen.
I defended these pills too, because I was in denial.
Someone had warned me that they were dangerous, and I laughed at that person. Now I regret it. I've lost myself, and it's unbearable.Jonathan Cabrera écrit: Xanx is Way BetterGregory Clay écrit: man it saved me from hell one day.Tyler Howe écrit: Love your video this helps explain to family and friendshuh hu hu I am so awesome écrit: there's multiple videos like this where sammi looks like she has the potential to be hot. just eat lots of spinach idk, whatever vegan way to do it i wouldn't mind.Miranda Panda écrit: Very helpful video. I was prescribed Ativan as well for a while. You are very brave for posting this!!Tom e écrit: To see if you are addicted try stopping ativan for one week. When I was addicted to valium the withdrawal didn't start until the third day.Rockii Cooper écrit: It relax me like my whole body was relaxPhillip Burleson écrit: Thank you for sharing and you're incredibly brave. I'm listening and learning. Keep posting and sharing. I appreciate you.Robert B. écrit: It's so many fear mongering about addiction, people just overreacting and need to stop shitting their pants….Blu Delphinium écrit: ��sumit200in écrit: You should discourage use of this medication.u don’t know what harm they can do.this medication doesn’t help u it numbs your brain.sister u will regret if u keep using it for long prayers.u hv no idea what u r saying.tcA. Paul écrit: Mrs Bunni I really want to be your rabbit��Stephanie Tucker écrit: Your so lucky. I took Ativan once and I had a horrible reaction to it. Ativan actually caused me to hallucinate which is an extremely rare Ativan side affectLew Fez écrit: Good sleep aidСрбомбоница écrit: This is a strong medication but I think benzos are truly demonized for no reason,people abuse them and than the medication is not given to people that NEED them,it makes me SO angry.How to treat anxiety and panic without benzos ,I don't understandStewart Adkins écrit: I want to spank youJeff Galaska écrit: B careful…you do NOT want to experience a bad protracted wd or reaching a tolerance from THIS type of med. Trust's not worth the risk.markman manmark écrit: JESUS 24/7 🙂 I had an Othodox pastor tell me when your anxiety come on let it come ! you think you will die but you won't i thought he was crazy but i did it .MY anxiety would come on i would just say F IT COME ON KILL ME NOW I WANT TO DIE ….it just went away blew me away when i feel the anxiety coming on i just say bring it on it just leaves me crazy ..David s Lefort écrit: I am a former heroin addict and I have seen people who have been addicted to benzos and I can tell you that you have more options like escitalopram that is not a benzodiazepine derived but it did took a week for it to work but it is so much better after I started to take it after a week it worked but majority of people who have a serious anxiety disorder it's a serious illness it's really painful it's so hard that I am lucky to be alive cause I use heroin to kill my depression and anxiety I am still on my escitalopram I can't live without it Same thing with my seroquel and my blood pressure pills and I have still have anxiety it's is what it is dosen't doesn't matter what medication you take it's something that you have to realize that you will live with anxiety disorder and depression and you can't stay away from it cause it's part of your lifeRolling 48s ADF Guy écrit: 0.5. of these beauty’s and not a care in the world. Pure bliss !Andrew Hedlund écrit: I’ll take some raspberry with youSteve Rosberg écrit: Great to hear a positive benzo experience.Celestine Films écrit: My anxiety goes down listening to youWill-I-AM écrit: I’ve only been taking this A week or so but it knocks me out and makes me super tired. Is that normal?Will-I-AM écrit: I’ve only been taking this A week or so but it knocks me out and makes me super tired. Is that normal?Ryan Jones écrit: Took 1mg last night. It took away my anxiety but then got really sleepy. The next morning in groggy.Christina Skiles écrit: I just wrote out a big spill about my experience with ativan. Erased. I do want to say. It’s a wonderful medication. You do not get high. You just level out. I went through many for anxiety and panic attacks ativan is best for me.FrontoPronto écrit: Literally have severe anxiety and they won't prescribe me them…Sanjay Kumar écrit: I'm on Atvan 10 tabs now i feel sleepyJiko Hakai écrit: Thank youMark Carson écrit: Does anyone like taking Ativan recreationally?RRC [Random Roblox Content] écrit: I’m 12 years old and my mom took the medication while she was pregnant with me and my doctor was not supposed to give it to my mom but he did it any way so I got a deformity called a cleft palate apart of my lip was gone and it had to be cut opened and moved over.

Fuck what people think, tell them to suck that up.ethan beland écrit: Your very beautiful iHappy Dude écrit: Is anyone want to buy it contact me .my WhatsApp no is +16139178047Just Sharing écrit: quit it abruptly and you will know.Jeremy écrit: I too have taken it very rarely to stop major panic attacks. Usually I can get through it without, sometimes in the middle of the night I cannot, so I take an Ativan to get me back to sleep. Probably 5 times a year. Honestly, it is a life saver during a panic attack. I have, and would probably end up calling 911 if I did not have it. Middle of the night panic attacks suck people!Kimchii écrit: I've been taking ativan for 3 weeks now and I have to say that it has helped me gain my life back. I was having severe panick attacks at night, to the point where I was unable to sleep for over 2 days straight. The first 3 days of my medication before bed (10 mg) werent working great, it was too strong (it got me a bit loopy) and I would wake up at 3 or 4 am every day with a panick attack. I began to take 5mg before bed and another 5mg if/whenever I woke up and had a panick attack. After the 3rd day of using this method I no longer wake up at 3-4 am with or without panick attack and I am able to sleep through the night! I feel no addiction to the medication whatsoever and will be slowly backing off of it when when I get closer to finishing this medication. I am very conscious of avoiding alcohol as I do not wish for any unwanted side effects!

I was honestly suuuper anxious to take this medication as I've had bad experiences with antidepressants but this has been a very positive experience and I encourage those who may need it to try it for a week or so before they give up! No side effects and regaining my life one day at a time.minnesotajack1 écrit: Any of you naysayers have any herbal alternatives???
I have an MRI scheduled which is making me anxious as hell. Ironically, I am anxious about taking these….J. C. écrit: You are very attractive gorgeous would be an understatement. I too suffer from anxiety I have been prescribed lorazepam but I rarely take it, I even forgot that I had it sometime would miss place them. I’m going to get it refilled again. 5mg is way to much I does make me feel like I’m in a slow motion video. I will try half, I stay away from grocery store and shopping malls I just can’t take it. I once paid for someone’s groceries because they were taking to long and I snap swiped my card packed the person groceries and put them in their cart. With everyone staring at me I’m standing there trying to pass my items. It’s is very bad for me I can’t control myself and I have left all stuff and walked out. Shopping malls yeah for me I would panic if it’s not an outdoor mall. Other than that amazon fresh and online shopping works well. I’m happy this works for you we should link up.josh thumperluck écrit: your hot408 made écrit: Only thing that works for me408 made écrit: I took it those antidepressants meds make u crazy but docs dont like to give lorezpam i dont know whyMichaela S écrit: I've been on lorazepam for 7 months now. Sometimes it's the only way I can get through the day due to crippling panic attacks that leave me unable to get out of bed. It's been a life saver some days. Thank you for sharing your experience.Shane Lefave écrit: Is it just me or does it seem like she’s trying to play it off to her father and boyfriend that sees her take 10 of them a day That it ain’t a thang…
I’ve been taking benzos for years without getting addicted because I only have access to like 7 pills a month so the 7 last me like half the month I take a half every night only at midnight to sleep and the other half of the month I sleep way less. Btw she knew what she wanted she knew all the other meds wouldn’t give her what she was looking for. Those donations most likely go to drugs btw but free country where I am(this comment was before a Democrat pres) As always I could be wrong… not about Democrats willingly handing their God-given rights to the governmentcolonel Angus écrit: You are beyond beautiful to look at!! God gave you beauty!! He nailed it you are stunning to Lok at,and very, very smart!! You have this thing called "personality,plus" very rare!! Awesome you!!colonel Angus écrit: Wow,not only gorgeous,but smart as hell. You rock my friend. Really you have wisdom at a young age, awesome!!Jessica k. écrit: I was in the ER a few days ago unfortunately. I was having severe anxiety. Horrible panic attack . Associated with red hot face high heart rate … high blood pressure . Restlessness. And also I was suffering from a actual health physical health concern to. The ER doctor gave me 2 mg of Ativan . To help me . This drug worked miracles . In about 10 minutes my heart rate went down my face want bright red , and blood pressure went down . I was feeling light as a feather . My throat wasn’t tight …
my other tests results came back fine thank god. But now I’m having brutal anxiety again . Right now my throat is so tight I’m worrying so much about a physical symptoms .. I’m restless . I had to take sick days this week because of my physical illness , which has also brought me severe anxiety. My sister bullies me … at home to. I don’t want to go to work this morning. I hate my job it’s demanding on me physically and emotionally. I’ve been taking 0.5 mg of Clonazepam from my doctor for over 10 years now . I take this medication 2 times a day . It’s not helping me . My throat is so tight right now . I’m exhausted. I wake up at 3 am to have a cigarette which isn’t good . I’m trying to do yoga this morning to relax me it isn’t helping . I’m burping a bit. To . My throat is so tight I. Irritable…..
I’m seeing my doctor next week . I’m tempted to ask her for a temporary prescription of Ativan for emergencies. Like the one I had in the ER. Amd also the symptoms I’m experienced now . It’s exhausting . Absolutely tiring . I don’t know what to do . My anxiety hasn’t been this bad in a long time .80s 4ever écrit: Thank you for this brave video, I also have been on Ativan for a while for gad and panic attacks. It is a life saver in my case. I’m on 2.5mg in Australia. U can also take sublingual. Take care and I wish you all the best on your journey.Christina Skiles écrit: Yes it’s amazing when taken as prescribed. ThanksSean Phillips écrit: I take 0.5mg 2 times a day. But I've experienced the rebound anxiety effect.Jessica Sadler écrit: Klonipin Run and Run fast away from this awful drug .dlr écrit: Just got prescribed this today, thanks for this video it made me feel a lot better about it. From what you said it’s sounds like we have almost the same kind of anxiety, I’m hoping this will help. I am constantly overthinking, feeling judged, and am always stressing or worrying about things. I look calm and collected on the outside but inside is chaos. You seem like a really genuine down to earth person & thanks again for sharing this! ��wood wire écrit: my mother in law took that for 30 yrs. she's got jello for brains nowCasey Wagner écrit: i think im just going to take up alchoholismJoey Convery écrit: How are you feeling today?

My brother took his first dose today and I am worried.

Thank you.Mary Wilson VOCALIST écrit: it's an addictive drug, I'm sincerely concerned as I have come through one hell of an experience on this, the edits in your video tell me how much you fear judgement, I'm pretty confident I have some sensible suggestions, and ideas, i thought about you yesterday much and there were elements of this video that bothered me..I'm not saying I'm perfect but I am much older so like to hope I have wisdom..thoughts lead to feelings, I believe you are over justifying your use of this ..Your body your right to decide.. my voice my right to reach people who are confident enough in themselves to realise knowledge is power..please find me through quora or Facebook.. .dark blue eyeshadow cupping a microphone..IF I don't hear from you at least I feel good knowing I tried..because you matter.melisa écrit: when i take this, i sleep. there isn't anything that it allows me to do but sleeping.Susan Gil écrit: Having major anxiety rn took my ativan and it hardly touches my anxiety�� any pointers to help anxiety attack to calm and feel better??M Dub écrit: Great video!!faltu Kam écrit: Many Fingers écrit: I was almost going to take another dose against doctors instruction, I did some research and decided not to. I almost made a very foolish decision. But thanks for the great personal info ��Kitties & Doxies écrit: I think it has the opposite effect of this med when elderly take it. It makes them more agitated and worked uoM. Hardaway écrit: I just got prescription
My doctor told me I can take half to two pills at a time. I haven’t tried it yet. I just left the doctor’s office and decided to look it up on YouTube and found your video! THANK YOU!ij écrit: Be blessed !Evan Crew écrit: I’m 16 years old, and Ativan is the only reason why I’m able to go to school. It’s a literal lifesaver for me and I’ve never had any problems with it.John Rambo écrit: Are you still doing good? What mg are you take my a day? I am taking 2mg and am just wondering how you are doing because I am scaredchs18311 écrit: Have you ever tried Klonopin?– Exillion – écrit: I like taking 777777Chokeyer Frigginlightsout écrit: basicQ Q écrit: Please DO NOT START TAKING ANY BENZODIAZEPINES…. they will ruin your LIFE….. What you are going thru now…. is absolutely NOTHING compared to the brain damage that will happen…. it may take a week….it may take 10 years….. but please believe me…. it is not worth it….Nancyali Sadi écrit: I have social anxiety and im gonna take it everyday cause my anxiety is so bad hope it works!!!!EA écrit: She talks too much and seems a bit immature for 29 years old.– .̕͝ écrit: Only reason I clicked on the link was the hot chick, message me girl☻rhonia bertrand écrit: It help me yooApatheticEuphoria écrit: You're a total hottie. I'd like some experience with you. ��Dylan Lutz écrit: You are actually gorgeousRegina Bryant écrit: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️GIRL I FEEL THE SAME WAY, I took Xanax for a few years starting around 2003 & I didn’t take it every day, I took halves most of the time unless it was extremely bad & I would start out with a half, & take the other half if that didn’t work, I quit taking it for years but I stayed at home alot & had to get someone to go to the grocery store with me, sometimes I couldn’t go at all, I didn’t work for YEARS I finally got a job cleaning a vacation cabin the owners weren’t there when I cleaned but the few times they were there getting ready to leave I truly thought about quitting because my anxiety kicked in, my heart races it’s horrible I get dizzy my chest hurts, I made myself go to school this year & get my cna license , it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever went thru I almost passed out several times my pulse would race up to 168 bpm i almost quit school, all because of anxiety but I pushed myself to finish because I paid alot of money to go & it was non refundable but I got my cna license & I’m a home health nurse now, I take care of elderly people & I love it but my anxiety is killing me , I have a drs appointment tomorrow hopefully they can give me something like this again because I have tried about 15 other medications such as Prozac Paxil Effexor celexa Zoloft Wellbutrin buspar , ALOT & they made my anxiety wayyyy worse or didn’t help at all, the only one that didn’t give me horrible side effects was buspar but it didn’t help my anxiety & kind of just made me feel like spaced out, I tried hydroxizine something like that & I litterly couldn’t hold my head up I felt like a zombie it was horrible & the next day I just felt zoned out & tired & my bones hurt every time it started coming out of my system it was weird, no drs will listen to me tho nobody wants to prescribe benzodiazepines anymore my last dr said he doesn’t prescribe them at all because he’s only allowed to have x amount of patients taking them & it’s too easy to get into trouble as a dr & loose your license prescribing them ����‍♀️ & they are extremely too addictive, I’ve been to probably about 5 drs & nobody can or will give them I had one dr about 2 years ago gave me 5 pills to last a month & said I would have to be re-evaluated in a month and couldn’t give them longer than 3 monthsSherry Butler écrit: I take lorazepam bevause i have crippling panic attacks. My hands get so numb that i can't even grab my steering wheelSarah West écrit: I believe I took this when I was pregnant. It slowed me down and made me feel depressed.Anas Khalil écrit: I take 4 mg for insomnia, Works great 😀Joshua Stover écrit: My ex wife takes it, she drinks and smokes pot to when she can. Anyone experience problems doing this?

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