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Alprazolam Nursing Considerations, Side Effects and Mechanism of Action Pharmacology for Nurses

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Grab our free cheatsheet covering the 50 most commonly prescribed medications right here:\n\nView full post:\n\nListen to all the episodes at:\n\nAlprazolam\nGeneric Name: Alprazolam \nTrade Name: Xanax \nIndication: anxiety, panic disorder, manage symptoms of PMS, insomnia, mania, psychosis Action works in CNS to produce anxiolytic effect causing CNS depression. \nTherapeutic Class: antianxiety agent \nPharmacologic Class: benzodiazepine \nNursing Considerations:\n use caution with existing CNS depression, sleep apnea, renal dysfunction, hepatic dysfunction.\n may cause CNS depression, drowsiness, lethargy\n may lead to physical dependence, may experience tolerance effect\n assess anxiety and mental status\n Romazicon (lumazenil) is the antidote for overdose\n Grapefruit juice may increase blood levels

Ron Ruddick écrit: -Lam anxieolysis, apathy, reduced inhibition, etc.Zeke Z ZekeKan écrit: I'm about to get a new primary care because I generalize anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Is it reasonable to ask him to be put on Klonopin daily and for a small script for Alprazolam for when the panic attacks come on or 4 before bed?
I've tried both meds and the alprazolam works better tolerance goes up too quickly so I'd rather be on there Klonopin but if I can only have one medication I wouldn't know which one you choose. and I've been in a lot of different meds before we settled on these écrit: No prescription
Online brand opioids,benzo,pain usa to usa & ww “mrhalkhugan(at)gmail”A4 22% écrit: Ever since I heard of "Romazicon" from NRSNG, I have never forgotten it is an antidote for Bezodiazepines like "Ativan"Nurse CW écrit: Greetings Jon and NRSNG squad…the last 2 med videos including this one is very on point!! I have a few nursing student friends that are currently in summer school Pharm class..2 or 3 are struggling. I informed them about Med Master!! and suggested that a course as such should be taken within a regular semester and NOT a short summer timeframe, and that they purchase the Med Master course!! What they are also asking is along with your med course does one of your books, or can you recommend a book that would accommodate the course? Course name and/or content is called Pharmacology 1 & the Nursing Process. Help my friends Jon!! me, myself..I am reviewing your materials in advance..nursing will NOT catch me off guard!! smile!!

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