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Benzodiazepine and Anxiolytic Drugs

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Spencer cava écrit: Amazing channelThomas Jensen écrit: He said benzos can be used safely…….BULL SHIT.Fresh Beginnings écrit: Benzodiazepines saved my life. 🙂 You weak minded people who demonize it are complete morons.Jordan Smith écrit: PLEASE I HAVE TRIED 6 SSRI 2 SNDI AND COCAINE ( illegally as its a DRI. Benzos work if you take it as prescribed it is hell but tapered its nothing. What Is the BEST BENZO FOR GENERALIZED ANXIETY?Because Kittens & Paint écrit: #worldbenzodayEric Curry-Pitcher écrit: Don't risk it. They cannot be used safely and effectively. Some have no prob.The one's that have prob,The illness better than the cure. This drug is dangerous. avoid at all cost. withdrawl worse than H.Jake Ramirez écrit: valium is better than opiates or opiods IMO plus they help me with my Circadian rhythm (proper sleep) also pain. I suffer insonmia because I have abused stimulates in the past 13 years ago and I work swing shift jobs. sleep is my best drug and its important for my health. Ambient and other sleepin pills are too strong and help me oversleep. fuck alcohol it sucks for rem sleepMohammad Aslam écrit: Very useful information.Jolie Espinoza écrit: the "addiction" theory is bullshit. its,your gaba,receptors are downgraded therefore your body stops a king its,own. that's where the dependence comes in it's not dependents it's a physical physiological need for the medication because you're Gabba receptors stopped working completely that's why people have to take more and more and more so whatever your theory is is completely off and it's pissing me off because I was given it as a temporary relief for anxiety and then put on it long term which is completely and utterly ruined my life so why don't you go to benzo. Org and see how many people suffer and if you've never taken one yourself then shame on you for doing your homeworkJolie Espinoza écrit: THEY ARE THE DEVIL. PERIOD..cs Liverpool Fc écrit: doctor prescribed me "Clobazam"..why is it not mention at all in this programme?ladyinred écrit: I am 48 years old. I'm a person who's had a hard life. I'm in need of a miracle in order to live much longer. I am consistently being hospitalized for a fail to thrive illness. I am at the end stage of complete dental caries that have transformed me from a human being to something else I walk through each day in pain and suffering. I am widowed and it would appear that all my health problems can be linked back to the day my husband died and then my dog who was literally killed traumatically.

I am in acute withdrawal from a benzo. I've been on one for almost 30 years. I'm able to tell you exactly what a benzo is…first there is no difference to me if one benzo is switched for another. I was first given diazepine (valium) at 24 years old. All of the professional women I worked with and knew, myself a recent college grad…were given valium and prozac. We all were in the early 90's. I am so physically dependent that benzo's are a part of of 'me'. As I was saying previously…I am now going through SIADH. Horrible. It's as if I just won't die! Valium is the worst benzo if you are looking at a future of hell on earth when you withdrawal. Sorry for rambling.Renee écrit: I am working on an article – this is so very helpful. Thank you Dr. Merritt! Smiles from NYC.john smith écrit: Can you take BUSPAR with INVEGA ??Joe Anon écrit: Benzos are made in the pits of hellDylan Parro écrit: ssri's do not work, periodBlue Tree écrit: psiquiatras son hijos de puta. hijos de puta mierdaShehzad brilliant Gulzar écrit: magnificent basic knowledge shares by expertsThat Guy écrit: 13:52 14:13 ummm? lolCharles Duby écrit: opiates the high:-)feel like a king all worries are gone,the withdrawal visiting the devil himself while sick as a dog.crack high:-)oh it feels so great that rush that I sold everything and live on the street.acid and pot great guitar playing insight be carefully possible anxiety attacks from getting too high withdrawal total misery but less then opiates,anti depressants it's working but my sex life is not!! withdrawal I'm getting brain zaps!now the Buenos and z drugs first off ambient high one of the best highs on the face of the earth withdrawal who am I what day is this where am I.benzodiazepines high not any really dislike I slept and dreamt I was high,withdrawal well about everything you can think of that can mess up in the body will mess upCharles Duby écrit: ok as Lisa Simpson would say

I STAND CORRECTEDCharles Duby écrit: he has done his studying,but has he tried them himselfKristie Walker écrit: xanax has a much shorter half life than 12 hours.rola awad écrit: Thank you for your presentations . i spent the whole day watching them. however , in the last slide , you mentioned serotonin receptor agonists as anxiolytics. In fact, they're called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). They have completely different mechanism of actions and clinical uses.n écrit: The True solution is to anxiety and many more "illnesses" is to eat nutritious foods and cut out the ones that yank nutrients out of one's body.  Klonopin, a popular benzodiazepine, ruined my life, and just now, have I recovered my life.  Psychiatry = Prison.  (I am not a member of the COS, either, as I am anti-cult.)marie harris écrit: some very effective natural treatments for anxiety and insomnia are: Kava Kava, Lemon Grass, Valerian, Chamomile, and best of all: MEDICAL MARIJUANA, AND kRATOM.
NONE OF WHICH HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH WITHDRAWL OR BAD SIDE EFFECTS!marie harris écrit: As an acupuncturist I had a pt. whp came to me because she had gone into a rehab where they weaned her off a 15 year habit of 2 mg of Ativan every night for sleep.  She was a successful Therapist herself but now she couldn't function at all in her profession and became so depressed shecouldn;t dress herself. Acupuncture helped somewhat but finally they put her back on a very small dose of .5mg of Ativan every night and all her symptoms vanished and she was able to return to her practice!!!marie harris écrit: a great , now legal, alternative for anxiety and insomnia is MEDICAK MARIJUANA!marie harris écrit: benzos are very valuable in acute anxiety situations and for seizures. They are NOT neant to be used over long periods of time, except for in SMI (severe mental illness)
 an ocasional single dose for acute anxiety is fine. It is long term use and abuse of these meds that cause these problems!Khadijah Muhammad écrit: Xylophone to the game scoby écrit: I think that was excellent insight and very concise. I believe in a way you are doing in service to society, as education is always key! benzos are rampant but not truly understood as the danger that they really are, and for that matter, they are not understood as the benefits that exist within. None the less, benzos should be treated like a weapon, with respect for life, most importantly your own. san-x has many benefits, but when ambused it outweighs the benefits tenfold, and many will argue differently righteously so. It is a medication that gives relief, but also maintains control of the human psyche when it is abused especially with alcohol. We need to help are you, but not just argue, we need to help our selves by better understanding the things that are at times hidden from us by Big Pharma. that's not all the time, but sometimes we have to keep it in mind! But I see this information as an opportunity to save our children and future generations.Michael D écrit: Step 1 treat aniexty.. Smoke Marijuana simple 12sleek écrit: In Kenya here, psychiatrists dr's are daft, they administer midazolam as lorazepam is found here.Laurelin Lorefield écrit: The patient may not have a conscious memory of surgical trauma, but there is often an unconscious memory and a somatic memory. Surgeons and other MDs tend to not recognize the long-term impact of surgical trauma without conscious memory or believe that the benefits of the surgery outweigh the costs (which is generally true). But psychologists and therapists do have to deal with it. As does the patient.

I am not saying these drugs should not be used in these proper contexts; they should. But doctors should be more aware of the full impact of using them and more active in helping the patient deal with it.Airan Kunz écrit: Great video!
Roy Hamlin écrit: Awesome fascinating and understandable kalani williams écrit: good info

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