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Modafinil, My ‘Smart Drug’ Experience

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In todays’ video, I take Modafinil and give you an insight into my smart drug experience \n\nSUPPLEMENTS\nUse code TMC10 for the highest quaility pre and intra workouts, cognitive enhancers/nootropics and whey proteins\n\n\nTMC MEMBERS, SIGN UP BELOW\n

Thomas Maw écrit: Evening all, song is:
Have a good one…Blue Jay écrit: Will this help my atrocious ADHD? For now, I just drink dark roast coffee with no sugar or milk. I have found that sugar makes me turbulent anyway.Punjan Kusare écrit: Kon kon Susant ke bad aaya ??Trentino Priori écrit: same as what you said, got editing done with little distractions but even having to talk to anyone on the phone was to muchVishal Dubey écrit: Hit like if you came here after rhea interview .Rahul Keshri écrit: Who came here after rhea's interviewGlenn B écrit: Can you do without sleeping altogether indefinitely?Also does it help with a come down?magic..learn to create with purpose écrit: Hi..i took vigil(the german modafonil) first time..exited!Charles Henry McGregor écrit: But you're already Majestic.Arsh Thakur écrit: It gave me a headache, abdominal pain, made me feel miserable all day.Free Classified écrit: Interested in buying a.d.d.e.r.a.l.l pills , visit WhatsApp +13185991361barina73 écrit: My daily dosis Modafinil is 400 mg! I still sleep 12h/day ��Mac écrit: Omg, the part where you started shaking the mouse around ����������tavolama écrit: esta fonciona bien that works very well and proved it works gracias a esos.That Guy écrit: I used it and was great for cardio but I was self centred that day lol I didn’t have time for anyone else but my self and I was very serious and lost my sense of humour lolSatyaram Nadimpalli écrit: Armani – Biohacking Essentials écrit: Made a very descriptive video with my own experience on modafinil:

-What is it

-How to take it



-Personal review écrit: I have MS.
I wish it kept me awakeDaniel Merrido écrit: Which modafinil can you recommend?Patrick Currier écrit: Where did you get your hands on it?SRIPARNA ROY écrit: Well this drug made me lose appetite and I get stomach crampsDarkseid648 écrit: I can see that this drug helps you focus and everything but he couldn’t string a sentence togethergeneticsze écrit: esta fonciona bueno that works well good nootropics gracias a esos.Godzookie écrit: So after reading 500 comments about 50% say B.S. and 50% say it's exactly like the video.Hanna Peterson écrit: which is better adderall or modafinil?Randy L écrit: Lol wish it was like this for me. I had a script for 3 months of 200 mg pills. Just made me irritable, not wanna talk to anyone ,just jittery…nothing like addarol or ridlin which works great but it should since its straight amphetamineDr Saviour écrit: My balls lost testosterone after taking genius pillDmrdecs écrit: I have narcolepsy and start my day with 200mg and a further 100 at lunch. Hardly feel it �� McDonald’s coffee though and I’m jittery as. Taken it for 2 years and 5 years before dexamfetamine. That shit used to send me to sleep ���� Guess I’m just unlucky.make it yourself écrit: I'm 30
I took 100 mg modafinil for 2 days, first day I was able to concentrate on the work without feeling sleepy for 17 to 18 hours but blurred vision and feeling heavy head.
second day I took and went for gym I felt completely chest pain and too tired, the whole day body pain, back pain and dizziness but not feeling of taking rest or lying on the bed, I tested my blood pressure, it was damn high 135/95,
So next day I took only 50 mg at 5 am and slept till 7:30 am then again I slept in the noon for 2 hours but my BP didn't go low.
I gave one day gap for modafinil, then next day, my BP still high (stage 1).
In the noon again I took 100 mg modafinil I felt energetic, did some work in my laptop after 3 hours I went for a walk, then I checked my BP it was 149/99
It's too high, later then I had a cup of coffee and now BP is 122/101 dangerous level.
First number is systalic 122 no problems at all till 140
But second one diastolic 101 is to be below 80 but went so high, my BP machine started making
emergency signal ( I went through some web script about it, says if it was little more high there are double the chance of death)
My heart rate was consistently above 90 to 120 for all these 3 days
After an hour later I took an amlodipine atenlol (anti blood pressure pill) 2.5 mg, now my heart rate is 72 but blood pressure hasn't yet decelerated but not so high..
I had lot of hope on modafinil but now full of confusion.
I'll try modafinil with amlodipine atenlol, then will see if it works well or notCaptain Pearson écrit: How do I get some ?Crypto Bunny écrit: See you on other side… I get that so much…Mariamchairi Mariamchairi écrit: Verma écrit: Wanna take this before my important interview for a 200K/year job8675 309 écrit: Modafinil is speed. It doesn’t make you smarter. LOL!!!Esaens écrit: What a star! Don't burn too brightlyIvan Zhelev écrit: WankerRaul Mondesi écrit: Was that Lanark Artifex playing on your computer? Anyway, I’ve just been prescribed this. I still have a lil coke left over from the weekend, so I’ll probably do the rest of that before taking the Provigil. I’ve been prescribed it because of depression – some days I just can’t get out of bed and I end up sleeping far too much. Oh well.李明亮 écrit: Can you help me? I can't get medicine in ChinaAndrew Gonzalez écrit: Taking 200mg twice a day. I have nothing like the effect you are describing. Im starting to think its affecting you as a placeboJohn Anderson écrit: It all sounds good until…"shouldn't be taken around humans" I still might get some and keep it in my doomsday box.David Griffiths écrit: Hmmm… seemed to be deleterious to verbal articulation which is what we saw. How does it affect mental acuity? Improved focus is good of course…but an objective task performance test would be more useful. All sorts of mental performance may feel better on drugs, when in reality it has actually deteriorated.jb Frank écrit: I had prostate cancer and I'm on testosterone an antigen lowering drugs like Lupron and xtandi my doctor prescribed it for me if I needed extra energy I took a half of a 200 mg the other day and I noticed I was talking a lot and I didn't eat anything for a long time and I took it about 2 in the afternoon and I started eating at about 10 that night I enjoyed the experience I'm not much for uppers or stimulants I don't even drink coffee so I'm going to save it for when I need itMcan Duiken écrit: My modafinil rule #1 is don't use it when I'm going to be around people or communicating with them. I use it when I'm by myself and doing something productive such as reading or rehearsing.PandaHeroCommunity écrit: Shoulda played FPS games.
We all know that's what it's used for.Lana Ross écrit: I take 200 mg too but it doesn’t effect me like you… I wonder how comeBohdan Dolban écrit: I have been taking it for a few years. Only take it on the days you need to focus. Coffee makes it work better.Mark Haycock écrit: I am a registered nurse 52yrs old and have been taking it everyday. I still work shift work 3 shifts full time and this drug is amazing I am performing like I was in my 20s again. 0 side effects and I also get my bloods checked every now and then and they are fine. Also I totally disagree with his opinion that you don't want to be around people I found it completely the opposite and am very chatty and loves interacting with patients and staffGuitar Chemist écrit: Try not to take it around humans because it will make you hate them ��Guitar Chemist écrit: C-4, diet ginseng slim tea, multivitamin, eat healthy and smoke saliva hybrid oiltripnh4209 écrit: Sounds like a lighter version of excelsiorJames Gibson-payne écrit: Yeh get better results on meth my dudeNIGEL’S MUSIC écrit: Legal meth.2472 écrit: Lol moda is not cokeWil Hathaway écrit: This drug did nothing for me energy and motivation wise. Just made me read faster and think quicker.Jeff Silverberg écrit: Laser sharp but can’t think of any word to describe it.SayWhat IThink écrit: Where did u buy it from?Caleb Martens écrit: Hey man im not to interested in the content cuz you didnt talk about the drug and what it is or the history of it for people who dont know what it is…. but i gave you a like cuz its cool your doing drugs pubilc on youtube. Will you well brotha keep up the vids.Raul Martinez écrit: I get the same effect after drinking a latte.ramliooa écrit: 1:18 that rocks D écrit: HILARIOUS! I have MS & have taken 4 200mg tabs with no effect. Hats off to the power of suggestion! ������5winder écrit: Don't take it around humans… hahaha. God bless you.musiqdeep * écrit: Haha he said "I got rave belly"!Colin Johnson écrit: So amphetaminesCharles C. écrit: Yeah, you're real fucking smart. What a moron.Flex Gunship écrit: The question I have is, where can I get some? All I can find online is that it is prescription only.rui kosta écrit: Where do you get it fromRebel&Conquer écrit: Looks Like YouTube Thinks I need to be more productive ������Let Me Translate écrit: When you drink liquor , smoke ,do certain hand signs, and other activities. Unclean spirits enter your body. Just be careful out there. If you ever feel weighed down its most likely that you are hosting a Legion of spirits so fast and pray to Christ. If you pray to anything else you are also welcoming in unclean spiritswutru_voor_goud écrit: sounds like ritalinandrew clifford écrit: You are….. THE MOST gorgeous human EVER!!!!!!! ������������❤️Cort Herron écrit: Were do I get a sampleMichael Wolkow écrit: Where do you get this stuff?
It fucks you up like MDMA?JM écrit: Better just taking some eeees or coke �� if your focused and have an idea you will bez through it quick time.KarlaPatricia écrit: omg you are so HANDSOME!!!dead man’s dog écrit: you really gotta watch out because mania and psychosis can catch you by surprise.James Mcn écrit: So it's speed. Doesn't sound like a smart drug at all it just sounds like methamphetamine hydrochloride.gabdawg écrit: modafinil tastes fucking nasty. It's prescribed to me 200mgWorst Gamer Ever écrit: Give it a few weeks, paranoia will kick in and then the real fun begins. Slowly you'll split yourself away from reality, you won't be able to tell dreams from actual experiences.Alex Hutchison écrit: Sounds jus Ike when you take too much adderall or vyvanse lolSpare Tire écrit: Meth is not a smart drugjagglebones écrit: you describing the come-up was spot on. i actually have had panic attacks a few times from Armodafinil come up (artvigil) and have to remind myself every time that i'm just becoming more aware of things like heartbeat, small sounds, seconds ticking by, etc. i do not recommend mixing with caffeine. at all. also take it in the morning or you will get insomniagxsoz écrit: Be honest, you didn't search for thisMurph n’ Turph écrit: So it's basically Adderall?Dylan Breznay écrit: Tweak and peak hahahaRhysIsAlright écrit: I take Concerta for adhd and it sounds very similarAJ Bryant écrit: I was wondering about the knowledge retention aspect of it. Did you attempt to learn anything while on it? And did it stick?Honky Tonkinson écrit: I think I need something like the opposite of this to be normal. You almost described a typical day for me, minus the appetite suppressionVictor Ricardo écrit: Lol thrasher. Do a kickflip poserJohn Mackay écrit: Where can I buy it guys I'm in the uk scotlandQuestion Everything écrit: If you go on our Medina Phil, which is Nuvigil. It's actually stronger than the Morgana Phil. That's the Provigil. I'm finally after 3 years or two years of taking Adderall. They kick me off individual. I'm finally going to get back onto the Nuvigil. Finally. I hate f**** adderal Nuvigil is so much more healthier for you. First time I took it within 20 minutes. I noticed like the grass and the trees and the colors got really crisp.Scotto Hough écrit: You could have accomplished the same thing on cocaineRees John écrit: Oh boy he’s typing without keyboard 01.45Shonen Kairu écrit: u sure this isnt just methIvan Dimitrov écrit: I take modafinil for narcolepsy and what Thomas is talking about sound quite a bit like a bunch of bull. I have taken from 50mg to 200mg daily without any of the "laser focus" or hating on people. Just no chance of falling asleep until I am very tired 😀marcadores marcadores écrit: Oh man the Bulshit is strong with this one! MODAF is a labordrug. it is prescribed to latenight shift workers and shift switching workers to keep them awake doing boring tasks. It only exists today precisely because it is has been ripped off any significant psychostimulating qualities, it is a million miles away of amphetamines (aderall, ritalin etc…) that would generate addiction or significant cognitive properties, you selling this as a psychoactive or even a "smart drug" drug experience is just Laughable !
Any enhancing effect you had is just the result of you having shit to do an being awake. Modaf is so much not a smart drug that you could have spent your day counting beans if you wanted, being that the only effect it has is to keep enough dopamine around to make you endure the most boring tasks.Firas Abdelrazak écrit: Everything but drugs homes…
Whatever the type you take and the side effects are.. Drugs always lead to a dark tunnel that you won't get out of safemauricio londoño écrit: Some one experienced the difference between 200 mg vs 100 mg??SuperAlfaDogg écrit: My experience is first of all take it with lots of water. Start with maybe 50 mg. Perhaps moving up to 100mg. You can stack it with coffee. Also, be sure to have an intentional work goal or study goal or to do list otherwise you can spend hours playing games or watching YouTube videos.

It definitely had made me more focused on tasks. One thing I become aware of is becoming aware that I'm aware when I'm driving. After it kicks in. My eyes check out all traffic. All intersections. Pretty cool.

I also become hyper talkative. My friend know when I take it.

I've had zero negative responses or side effects or difficulties sleeping. No high blood pressure. No panic attacks. I've had Tony Robbins like moments or even days. I've also had days when there seemed to be nothing special. I suppose taking it too frequently mitigates the efficacy.

So I would say if you chose to try it out be wise. Start out with a small dosage. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. From there if you chose try to stack it with caffeine. Not too much. And perhaps try it with other other nootropics mentioned by others with a much greater knowledge or experience than mine.

I don't really consider it to be any kind of miracle pill but it can enhance one's focus and productivity. Also take it early in the morning so as to not interfere with one's sleep.

Wish you all the bestFelix W écrit: One question: Is Thomas Maw Australian?Jaded Wanderer écrit: Forget nootropics; regular sleep patterns, meditation, exercise and high quality food is the answer.

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