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Modafinil Review | Real-Life Limitless Pill? | Modafinil Effects & Improvements

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I started taking a 100mg dosage of Modafinil per day, 3 days ago. In this Modafinil review video, I discuss the effects of the Provigil brand Modafinil, changes in my focus and concentration, as well as the effects the drug has had on the negative aspects of my attention deficit disorder.\n\nI am NOT recommending you take modafinil, this video is simply a record of my experiences with this nootropic. You should discuss directly with your GP if you’re considering taking Modafinil yourself.\n\nI’ll continue to make videos on this subject if there is interest, including any effects I notice in my performance in the gym as well as any negative side effects or obstacles I might encounter along the way.\n\nThis Modafinil review covers my experience with the drug 3 days in, however, should my experiences or opinion change, I’ll be sure to make an update vlog and share those details with you in future Modafinil reviews. \n\nI won’t share details on where I bought the Modafinil, sorry. I don’t want to be facilitating the purchase of prescription medication to people over the internet.\n\nI should also mention that I got the branded Modafinil – Provigil.\n\nYou can follow me on Instagram here to stay up to date with my diet, workouts and experiences with Modafinil –

Captain Sunday écrit: Jesus this guy talks about himself alot. Tell us more about how amazingly and naturally creative you are. And every single one of your self-impressed tendencies.Shane Millott écrit: If you go to any Md or doctor and say u work swing shift and use the words sleep disorder they will write script day 2 for me..LASER FOCUSTerry D écrit: Just spent 100 dollars at the pharmacy on 60 tablets and after 3 hours folks ive got to tell you i felt nothing but a mild enhanced sense of things?
I would have more cognitive reaction from a coffee or 1 gram of Garauna. So far a complete waste of time and money-1star out of 5!
I'll update if things look better?Pete white écrit: Really good video. I haven't been diagnosed with or tested for ADHD but I associate with the symptoms and my PTSD can cause me to get distracted easily.

Are you still taking these a year down the line?J . Costa écrit: No doubt, one of the best Modafinil reviews on YouTube. Good job brthrEgenio Jaramillo écrit: Everyone keeps using the term “half life” wrong. The half life of this drug is 13-15 hours. That means at that point, half the drug is still in your systemDaveyTheDJ K. écrit: I also suffer from ADHD! When I was first diagnosed with ADHD it was 2006 I was prescribed Ritalin didn't work Concerta didn't work Strattera also didn't work but finally in 2016 I was prescribed adderall and that medication actually worked but because of this daggone drug problem in the United States they won't prescribe it to me cuz I had to move to a different state so I've been researching on this Modafinil and when I come across this it works great for attention deficit disorder and Cambridge University did a study on it and it helps with depression I suffer from bipolar so if I can get my attention going and treat the depression at the same time I can operate my life in better conditions than what I'm doing so I go see my psychiatrist on the 29th and I'm going to ask him about this this would be my 2nd visit with him so we'll seeStephanie Diaz écrit: My first day taking it 200 ml for ADHD prescribed my my psychiatrist. I haven’t taken any caffeine with it because I was told it makes your heart race. So far I might have felt a slight focus but nothing out of this world. Do you feel as if caffeine might intensify the effects ?MindDrift écrit: I will say I noticed the long strand of hair on your chin. Also, I've been on Adderall for 2 years and spoke to my psychiatrist today and received my prescription of provigil. I pick it up in an hour.

Wish me luck. Great video man. Sorry I notice weird shit.Pk écrit: Today i had good food and had mofill and had a good 2 hour deep sleep ���� so , never have pill after food, have it on empty stomach and then once it kicked have what u want ���� its jist slows its power when u took along or after having food ��ty sin écrit: Get on with it. God you are rambling.Jay R. Rees écrit: You're attention deficit description is exactly the same as mine. Modafinil has also helped me massively.Иван Делчев écrit: Do you take it every day?Benjamin Flynn écrit: Are there any residual benefits? Or do you simply go back to your ADD self if you don’t take it?lorrane écrit: I take mine before 6am otherwise I have trouble sleeping at night. I take 400mg daily for a condition called narcolepsy. It’s not a drug like limitless, it doesn’t make you smart. I also found it killed my appetite and I had to force myself to eat during the day. I needed to increase hydration because I had a dry mouth. I find it has a half life of six hours after the initial 12 hours. Makes it difficult to sleep without a sleeping tablet. I get my tablets on the public healthcare in my country because I have narcolepsy.Yunior Gamboa écrit: Thanks for the reviewRobert Venus écrit: Just ordered on private prescription. My reasons… car accident, back injuries, Tramadol and Co-codamol throughout the day. Basically means crap sleep, lack of motivation and general "why bother" attitude. A few papers show improved focus and reduced reliance, on pain killers, for people in a similar position. Doubt it's going to get me back to my previous gym routine, mountain biking etc… we'll see ��

Cheers for the straight review mate. Appreciate it ����NextWorldVR écrit: I wish I was do orgazized with food etc. I get into my work, creating worlds for my VR apps, I sit and work and I forget tk eat khe jeal, two, three, I can go 3-4 days and not have had any real food, i'm into my work.. What do you do? Physical training, dietician? One thing that helps me is to think about the energy you get from the Provigil as like 'precious' and temporary, and try to use it specifically for stuff and remember to think of it as a waste not to do that thing while dosed…ellana chughtai écrit: Good luck on the cognitive behavioural nonsenseAlfred Hitchcock écrit: Today I just got my Modafinil 100 mg from online seller Lazada and I'm going to try it later at work. I work at night so I badly need this to stay awake. And I also have ADD so I really need a drug that would make more focused and not fall into boredom. I'm easily bored. I can't sit for 8 hours in work. My workmates who have this "security guard mentality", they can just focus easily on one job, no boredom, no sense of emptiness, no wandering around. I'm different. I'm intelligent. But because of my ADD, I wasn't able to maximize the gift of my brains. So I will update you tomorrow if it will work out for me. Thanks for the review, mate. I could relate to everything that you said. I just hope that it becomes a "Limitless" drug for me and not just a placebo.R. Stylez écrit: Share the website you ordered from… don't be such a beta male dude. Alphas love to share what's worked for them and strive to see others succeed… your holding back info that could be valuable to someone to help others succeed. Yea ok sharing your experience is great but your only sharing half the critical info for someone to succeed. ���� major reason why I disliked the video. Don't be so secretive about where you ordered it from. Share man shareLyndon Anderson écrit: Modafinil feels like noopept . One exception the effects last for 9 to 10 hoursJay Say écrit: great stuff. I am doing intermittent fasting and dont eat til noon….so i was curious about doing modafinil on an empty stomach. i havent start yet (just ordered some) and intend to do 100mg for studying. I hope it works well for both of us. Good luck.DomLou2019 écrit: Hey man. I'd definitely like to hear about your progress moving forward ����

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