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This is the softer side of Modafinil which is a Pharmaceutical drug which is considered a Nootropic. \n\nModafinil is a PRESCRIPTION ONLY drug in the United States. If you live within an area where it is illegal to use modafinil while not under the care of a physician, you should always follow the law to ensure your safety and security.

Dan Clark écrit: Dude, you are an absolute tool. JesusBurim Rexha écrit: You need a psychiatristApril Malika écrit: I feel uncomfortableWord Of Mouth écrit: Hello sir, can you do a video on what exactly were you on when you filmed this video? Cause I want to to try. Thanks in advanceValverdeno1 écrit: Armodafinil from waklert is really different than actual nuvigil. Nuvigil is actually softer than waklert. So, yeah if uve been taking waklert theres not one out there that works the same.mampuia chawngthu écrit: hahaha.. man you are funny.. ��mindquest1 écrit: where do we go now since its a dead link?Wayne Leong écrit: wow you are really long winded for a guy.Otterprincesstoadsto écrit: MAN A MY DREAMS…LOL…WHERE YA BEEN..?SMMOCHIN MY PRETTY LITTLE OL FACE IN THAT GREAT BIG FREEZER OF YOURS??������LMFAO!!!Creamcheese Diarrhea écrit: He's High..David C écrit: You'd make a fucking great Joker for the next Batman movie!ryan brush écrit: i recommend you watch your own videos in 2x speed. It is 2x if not 10x funnier than regualr speed.Justin Jezewski écrit: When you use a variety of Modafinil that actually works for you, what exactly do you feel? Is it like phenylpiracetam? Semax? I've tried two varieties and I feel next to nothing. It's claimed by many that the effect is subtle to unnoticeable, and that a small percentage of people are just immune to the effects, I find it unlikely I'm immune as this would be the first time a medication has had no effect for me. I can't help but feel given the two factors just mentioned, subtle effects and immunity, that this drug is just full of b.s.
Also, I've tried all the tricks, caffeine, ample water intake, empty stomach…. nothing.Mumtaz Nawaz écrit: I normally don't leave comments in YouTube, but this video maaaan, fantastically wellDoctor Baker écrit: the order from modafinalcat was delivered no problem? can you get this without a drs note?Thegglaser écrit: your fucking crazy but i love youellisan Lark-Griffith écrit: If this drug is going to make me relate loving something to a rotting frozen corpse then fucking count me the fuck in, sir.NbAlIvEr100 écrit: Wait, so modafinilcat requires a doctorMichael Primm écrit: Hey EB,
I recently got some Modalert from Modafinilcat and it worked well. However, the next day about 4 am I woke up with a massive headache (as you mentioned in your video). Does the "real" Modafinil or Provigil do the same thing? Really like your videos!
MikeAlice Nicolson écrit: What brand would you suggest?Prudentech écrit: I must say this. You are genuinely hilarious! You should be a lot more popular and I'm sure you will certainly get there. Keep going man. You can choose any topic – even outside of the nootropics space and make people laugh! Even though I don't use much nootropics, I still followed you because of your hilarious analogies and examples. Maybe I should start following your nootropic recommendations because you have genius written all over your face! Your sound affects coupled with your sarcasm and stories are none I've ever seen and I watch a lot of comedy so my sense of humor is anything but shitty. Keep it up! I'm your fan!Alan Connor écrit: Kitty cat ending on repeat ������Gary Taylor écrit: Yeah 30 hours later i did get into the school work but the way it made me feel its not worth it i was at college this morning freaking out
maybe that means i had an underlying problem which is why im having trouble studying in the first placeGary Taylor écrit: i just got my modafinil from modafinilcat this is my first try at modafinil for study
this is my second day but so far yes i have been at the books and stopped procrastinating which is great got me out of a hole. It just feels like i dropped a half a point on my tongue really bit dissappointedWill Drake écrit: Have you tried another brand of Modafinil named Provake by Ranbaxy pharmaceuticals?
 If so please let me know if that works.Mars Mac écrit: video funny as ShitDakrazialbo écrit: Hi, i enjoy your videos, they're funny however i'd like it if you can just cut to the chase. Sometimes i feel like im listening to a fairy tale instead of a review.My Path To Self écrit: Hahaha "Would we get really addicted and start murdering each other?….. Maybe, but that is such a small thing!"

Epic Beast, pushing the limits of deadpan humor! mua ha ha ha 🙂Darkseid53 écrit: haha! I like the way you explain! I've been taking modalert and sometimes waklert for a change. I love it.. you probably won't feel it actively but it does work.. keeps you awake and makes you productive especially when you lack the motivation. A strip of ten tabs costs me less than $2.00 😉
I take 200mg tab with 400mg L-theanine and its awesome! (I also take ALCAR and Choline, not sure if that's adding to the effect) 🙂Jmoney the Yeeter écrit: Bro we need a modalert vs modvigil and a waklert vs artvigil video!Larry H écrit: BTW Waklert better productLarry H écrit: Ok actually have rx for Modafinil and got US based pharmacy product. However it's a tier 4 on my ins plan and cheaper at Cat. No difference noted with Cats Modalert.. Maybe you got poor batch. Have noticed negative sexual side effect which is NOT normal for me but same issue with US rx version. Fortunately able to rise (pun intended) above it but still annoying. Been there? Comment?Smitherrz écrit: That's too bad Modalert wasn't as effective for you! The first time I took 100mg I was on cloud 9 for 4-5 hours…which was followed by a noticeable headache for the next two days.Eduardo écrit: Modalert just gives brain fog for analytical, high-level thinking––but that's just me. At the end of the day, I'll stick with addy

Keep up the vids!Mark Smith écrit: OK this makes sense to me now lol .I started just a week ago with modalert and have been overall disappointed. I didn't up the dosage I thought maybe it was just me anyway I will try to up dosage carefully to find the sweet spot. I have wakalert on the way so hoping that it will be a much better experience. You seemed to really enjoy wakalert anyhow thank you. By the way that is what Steven said also about modalert I was confused and thought your modafinil review the first one was modalert so like I said it makes sense to be now lolvirgo4200 écrit: Dude I love modalert !now I have the sample pack from modcat haven't tried the others.ive been cycling 3 on rest off . I'd love to get a prescription but it's hard to get for me I don't have the luxury of gettin one .i did 200mg for the first time yesterday it was awesome . I tried to get a script for it and my doc wanted me to take adderal instead so I was like fuck that I've tried adderall and hated it ..must be nice to Be able to get a script .i should try armodafinil and see how I like it good review as always !!!Danny Funez écrit: Dude!! Tomorrow I have my appointment with my Doctor. What should I say? I want to try it! I mean "I'm healthy" according to my blood work but sometimes I feel just tired. As you know I like to workout and stuff I use pre-workouts but I don't really crash. I know what crashing is but I don't know if she is going to give me a prescription. I'm really looking forward to it. Sometimes I work at night but I have heard that the Doctors sometimes think that you are a junkie or something…HELP!Tallyn’s Tech écrit: Stress is a killer ^_^ Meow

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