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Modafinil – After 2 Years Of Taking It

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�� 13 QUICK BRAIN HACKS to boost your energy, motivation \u0026 get rid of brain fog\n\n\n 7 HIDDEN SECRETS about nootropics: \n➔\n\nLearn more about Modafinil:\n➔\n\nModafinil is an enhancing smart drug that is used for treating daytime sleep-related disorders.\n\nBesides, it is one of the most popular “nootropics” on the market. It is used to dramatically improve your focus, motivation \u0026 energy.\n\nBut should you consider taking it? What about the side effects? Where can you buy it?\n\nFollow me on:\n➔ Instagram:\n➔ Facebook:\n\nSubscribe to my YouTube channel: \n\n\nMy video gear:\n\n\n*Before ordering Modafinil, make sure it’s legal to order it online in your country. Check the disclaimer:\n\n #nootropics #supplements #nootropic #nootropics #biohacking

Your Inception écrit: Have you ever tried Modafinil guys? How do you like it? 🙂Glenn B écrit: Could you go an entire week say Monday to Friday for work on it?Oscar Perez écrit: He got accepted into Harvard. Joking. Look around his surroundings, has a new MacBook Pro, nice set up, and as well is organized.Absent écrit: Could have been better but he does his best.Real Wing Chun Videos écrit: What are your thoughts on Gorilla Mind Rush?B_To_The_B écrit: You’re a fucking scammer piece of shitNoor Aziz écrit: I got it prescribed a few days ago but I don’t feel anything when I take it. In fact I feel more sleepy because I cut out the caffeine to substitute for the modafinil. Is this a drug that takes 2 weeks or something before you start feeling the effects?alijumc écrit: I always thought all famous YT are on some drugs. I am waiting for side effects. I recommend some kind of fitness, garlic, go to nature on the fresh air for good concentration. After this you should have no problem with sleeping. Natural way, stay healthy. Good video.Satyaram Nadimpalli écrit: Lopes écrit: I have used Modafinil during times of high-workload and tight deadlines. It works extremely well, however I feel that it's only applicable to certain vocations or careers. I'm the CTO of a tech startup, and still code during periods of high demand. I have a very close relationship with our coding team, and contrary to what many say, I found that Modafinil did not diminish my social skills or cause me to become obsessive about a task to the determent of my interpersonal responsibilities as a leader, nor did it cause me to lose objectivity and "Big Picture" thinking. At the end of the day, it is a useful tool for certain situations, however not something I'd recommend living your life by. Whether or not it builds biological tolerance, anything can become habit-forming and addictive if you place too much faith in it, and it becomes a psychological crotch.
If you don't already know it, the old adage of Amphetamine or Methamphetamine is that by using it, you're simply "borrowing time from tomorrow" and eventually you will crash. I did not find this with Modafinil, and whilst putting in a long and productive day 15 hours or so, I didn't feel the restlessness or sleeplessness caused by amphetamines (including Adderall), but came home tired, but highly satisfied and immediately ready to sleep.

I have never had any negative side-effects from it, and I am on a LOT of prescription drugs as a recovering cancer patient. I did thorough research, and consulted a neurologist friend of mine on all possible contraindications prior to taking Modafinil for the first time, and I would recommend anyone taking anti-depressants, ADHD medications, Beta Blockers, MAOIs, recreational drugs, or basically anything else to do the same due diligence.

Otherwise, when used in moderation, it is an incredibly effective tool to get a LOT more productivity out of your day, without the nasty side effects of Amphetamines or excessive caffeine.Xonarrate écrit: I've tried modafinil quite a few times on difficult days and it has helped me most of the times while it wasn't as effective a few times but I get this weird side effect.It starts to smell bad, From breath to sweat and everything else smells pretty bad.Anyone else having a similar side effect ?Jason Osborne écrit: Da, da, Comrade!Grafter Allday écrit: Benefits:
1. Wakefulness
2. Focus
3. Motivation
4. cognitive function ( thinking faster)
5. Improve Mood

Side Effects:
1. Headaches
2. Nervousness
3. Sleep Issues
4. Dizziness

All the above can be achieved with Cocaine.Kevin Anderson écrit: It made my penis 3 feet longer and hard for 48 hours. I fucked so hard and so many times that she had modafinal in her system from all my juices that went in her. So we both liked it….A++Ryan Michael écrit: Your english is pretty good, keep it up��Tim Teller écrit: combined Modafinil with NoFap. can walk through walls now while counting the atoms of every color i taste by inhaling transcendent thoughts of my ancestors spirits. but the constant floating is annoying. especially if i walk down the stairs.Polinski P.J. écrit: You are a WILD and CRAAAAAZY GUY! LOLLOL! baker écrit: Side effects can also include severe suicidal thinking so I'd be very very careful if anyone's taking this.Gary McNeely écrit: thank youprodigalus écrit: i come for "After 2 Years Of Taking It" and i get, "I've tested it several times."
did the pill teach you how to lie and lose viewers this fast?GrumpyGamerFloyd écrit: First time was insane i love it i take it 3 times a week instead of my ADHD medication if anyone is struggling with motivation or anything. I would say to try this medication.Collin Robert écrit: I felt no effects, I guess I got bunk Madafinil.Lisette Casillas écrit: I´m depressive and anxious the last few weeks I´ve been in a really bad mood, being 0 productive. This is my first time taking modafinil, hope it works wellJesse Friel écrit: Joe Biden needs modafinilLucie Heloise écrit: Yes I’m taking it right now. Overall it’s good. Yes it increases focus, it helps elevate my energy level very well. I’m yet to experience the boost in intelligence. It’s relatively safe except for a bit elevated pulse at the onset which last for maybe 1 minute or 2 before absolute calmnessAaron Gabbard écrit: Read and watched great things about it, but I can honestly say people with ADHD may not feel anything, I've been taking it for several months now and moved to 400mgs and yet no alertness, energy or explosion like people say, no issues at all going to bed and no it doesn't help me wake up. I've had no side effects other than a little dry mouth from time to time and sweatiness, drinking more water can help but honestly it's not a super pill like people say.Elvis Cameau écrit: My two cents about modafinil is that it's the best medicine I've had so far. I'm narcoleptic so I really needed a boost to get trough a regular day. When i first got diagnosed, i was prescribed Ritalin. It worked really well, for a while. Then I needed something stronger, and i was prescribed Concerta. Same story, i grew kind of accustomed to it and needed something stronger. Then I got prescribed modafinil. Basically, I'm way more focused, active and alert without any kicks like mentioned in the video. I just feel really present. I also don't look like a just took speed either. Motivation is also heightened for some reason Maybe it's the placebo effect but I don't think so. It just seems like, as my energy and my focus is up, so is my willingness to use that energy to do something with it, not let it go to waste. Doesn't mean that I want to go climb Mount Everest everyday but at least, I'd be down in going outside for a walk instead of going back to sleep. There's also a lot less side effects and consequently, there's also a good side effect that I discovered. For me, the side effects are dry mouth ( I never drank so much water in my life before taking it). It's not like it incacipate me in any way but it gets some getting used to. Consequently, if you're like me, born while a small bladder, you'll go a lot more often to the bathroom ;-). Second side effect that is directly linked to the first one (although it might seem childish to mention it but here it goes) pee smells very different when you go. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way whatsoever an adept of Urophilia but I just thought I'd mention it cause it's true, so there, moving on.)The other side effect that i have, which I find to be more positive, is that it cuts my appetite by a lot. So since I've been taking it, I eat a lot less, feeling less hungry, and I kind of lost quite a few pounds by eating less and not much more than that. Win win i find. In conclusion, I've been on this product for a couple of years now and It's great. And I know it works cause when i dont take it for a day, I feel slower and less motivated. Well I hope it helps. Take care.Tony P écrit: Where can I get Modafinil? I would really like to acquire it safely. I live in America. So, of course everything is scheduled.Ryan Mitchell écrit: This or Mind Lab Pro for ADD/ADHD?Ramón BS écrit: Too much hand movement… and I'm half italian…DAvE écrit: I just got phermaceutical grade but yet to start. I need to, cause I’d been sleeping a little more than I use to.klawspawski écrit: what the actual f** you type every smart drug out there in YouTube and you'll find this guy taking in for 2 years !!!Devil’s Advocate écrit: Just remove the regulation gene and shoot plasma waves trough your brain. You will forever have your hemisphere barries rammed open. Same as with lsd but its a one time dealaqeel3344 écrit: This sound like speed !Kenny écrit: The approach that the UK socialist government takes for the treatment of it’s depressed citizenry is to turn them into passive, brain fogged eunuchs via the prescription of bargain basement priced SSRI’s.Michael Campbell écrit: Where can I get this please?Daniel Merrido écrit: Hi, when you take pills, can you after eat normal food withou off function pill? Or only drinking after use pill?D&T Dan écrit: Is this not a medication for ADHD? Unless you have this medical condition then you are messing with your dopamine system in your brain. I have to take Ritalin (Methylphenidate) for diagnosed ADHD, and it changed my life. For years I was prescribed various medications for depression and anxiety due to being misdiagnosed for years. Once I had the ADHD diagnosis, and Ritalin was prescribed, my day to day life was immediately changed. I could think clearly, focus on tasks to completion, avoid being distracted and I felt like I could function and fit into society.
To mess with these sorts of medications without the right assessments who knows what damage you could be doing to your neurological systems, its along the same lines as promoting the use of amphetamine as this is what Modafinil is based on. I worry that this sort of misinformation could hurt some people.Industrious Polyglot écrit: It destroyed my sleep for 2-3 days in a row. And my urnine smelled strange… definitely not safe long term…sascha Beck écrit: Well there are more side effects, especially if somebody has heart problems or high blood pressure, this can lead to tachicardia.Scruffy Mayfield écrit: It made me sweaty and my pee smelled weird.Michael Hleck écrit: You know there is a natural flow state in the human brain. Days I sleep and eat well I can work at a task all day and get stuff done, no modafinil required. If you treat your body well it will function well, like a well maintained car.Darren It749 écrit: Take it when you need it, don't abuse it. IT actually works. Great for new Parents that still have to go to worthwhile have been using it for about 7 years. IMO just take half a tablet. You can still sleep on it. You can just focus its great. There is no high and low its not a stimulant. Always have some in my wallet but really only use it about once a month.Oliver Hernandez écrit: can't get it anymore. Afinilexpress closed down. 🙁Kristaps Dinsbergs écrit: Where is this Smart drug available to buy ,if you are from Europe?
Im interested, keeping constant productivety is one of the things im fighting with, and im hyper-active.thawdani écrit: this all sounds like a crackhead trying to justify being productive after a cleanupJohn Zook écrit: I’m 42 and I’m taking msm for joints, stomach etc. will taking any nootropic with msm be oklife on two écrit: theres studies that this drug could have some pretty bad side effects like life threatening skin reactions (allergi reaction) trigger psykosis, mania, suicidal thoughts. just be carefulAmber écrit: For me, I take it for my narcolepsy. I have to take 200mg twice a day with Ritalin in between. Yes it works but not nearly as well as I would like. It absolutely sucks somedays.z b écrit: Can I get this in turkey?Chayse Montalbo écrit: Took Modafinil during fire academy . Plain and simple it works . I remembered everything I read in books , I was motivated to accomplish tasks . One thing I would suggest is don’t start with the full pill (200mg) . Unless you want to have a more euphoric effect . If u want just wakefulness and cognition enhancement 100mg works awsome .Pietja D écrit: I prefer armodafinil ~enchanced version ~works better, longerJ K écrit: Dude how much stuff do u take to review all of that shit? Is that safe?TaekwondoMaster SpeedPower écrit: I wonder how you say not to have side effects in the moment I realise after your full of tik move video you need professional helpSonic Elysium White Noise écrit: Coming from someone taking this for Narcolepsy, I feel incredibly envious of anyone who gets a good kick out of this drug. I only ever notice it’s doing something when I DON’T take it for a day, and I can’t keep my eyes open, can’t wake up, can’t get out of bed, can’t focus, can’t work, can’t socialise… It’s a reminder that even though I don’t feel any effects when I take it, without it I can’t function. So I’m glad you’re all running around like super productive machines but for me, this drug is essential for just existing.Chopel écrit: You got a very irritating voice, tone, pitch and accentHarry Pannu. écrit: I might be in minority but still want to warn – whoever here has anxiety please please don't take this shit! I have tried it and it was good for 6 -7 days but one day it went very wrong like wrong… It gave me my first ever panic attack and I felt like I gonna die.Alexander Brevik écrit: How do I get this + 😀Blade Runner écrit: It destroys your ability to think creatively! Makes you smell like a dog! Headaches from hell! Turns you into a heartless drug dependant robot & a stupid one.Adarsh Venukuttan écrit: I am allergic to certain protein in food so that histamine releases and starts my allergy symptoms,, does modafinil increases histamine release?Buck Weet écrit: This may just cure TDS. ��Rav écrit: Is there negative long lasting side affects? Or any at all? Also I saw you can get it online, is that possible ? Cuz i saw some websites selling them and sorta questioned if it was legit.Ellieen écrit: Lastly its synthetic so hell no! I only will take natural and organic supplements my friend.Kazi Shabbir écrit: Just watched Limitless movie after that I'm here.Aman Bishnoi écrit: U on drugs braLord Ho0ksALoT écrit: I've been taking moda for almost a year now, this might scare you guys but I take 1000 mg daily, it does motivate you to get work done and you do a really good job whatever you do, but the issue is it fucks up your appetite, I can't eat when I take it, anxiety is guaranteed, if I sit idle when I'm on it I'll go nuts, I don't have issues sleeping even if I take it 5 mins before but really I'm not sure it's a good thing, I don't like taking it but having an addictive personality I can't stop taking it, it's become a substitute for my previous addiction which I've quit now( smoking pot) it does have positives but I don't believe it's worth the risks….but if you have good will power and know how to manage( taking after good sleep) then go for it, since I take insane amounts of it I try and manage, I take it for a week and give a break of a week, I'm not proud of this but I've taken 2000 mgs a day also, so addictive personality or weak minded people stay offChargesheimer écrit: How many mg did you use at the beginning?thomas dam pedersen écrit: 300mg pr day.. 200mg in the morning and 100mg at noon.. Still enjoy my afternoon nap.. Ben taking it for 6 month, 20 pound waight gain.. Don't know what the fuss about..
But it does make very caffeine sentisive.. So combined whit coffee, it give me the shakes, the shits and the sweats..Honkler écrit: Does it help with weight loss? I gained a few pounds over christmasHonkler écrit: 'You cant just walk into the supermarket and buy it' in ukraine i just bought a some in the nearby sports shop for $15 made by nosorog, they also sell cerebrolysin here in all the pharmacies.Ron Brideau écrit: Nice to see you have it in a blister pack as I think it can lose effectiveness after just a couple weeks in regular pill bottle. What really burns me is they sell tetracycline with its original blister pack expiry date in pill bottles where it can go bad and cause kidney damage.БАТЬКА МАХНО écrit: Is this kiddy meth ?Fapepe écrit: I was taking Modalert 200mg that I bought online. It really boosted my mood, motivation (I was able to do things that normally were not enjoyable for me ), my alertness and wakefulness was amazing and when I finally fell asleep, I felt amazing the next morning even with only 5 hours of sleep!Lemurai écrit: That shit almost killed me, I have no history of health problems, healthy diet, low Bp, compete in triathlons, marathons and BJJ, 9-10% body fat year round. Anyway, I was diagnosed with a mild form of narcolepsy, I was actually prescribed this unlike most who don’t need it. My experience as well as others I connected with after my near cardiac incident were the complete opposite of what this guy says. (They wereACTUALLYprescribed the drug as well). 2 months after taking the drug my grades began to tank in college, I had poor concentration, poor memory and extreme exhaustion at the end of the day. If you abuse this drug it WILL kill you, and in the worst way, and I was taking it at a lower dose than what the doctor recommended. I do not support anyone that advocates taking this drug, it can also give you permanent panic attacks and random onset paranoia. Even after the drug is out of your system because you will have altered your brains neuro-chemical processes over time. Abusing any drug is stupid, but taking a drug that can alter your brain chemistry just because you need a bump is beyond idiotic. This guy is an idiot, I don’t care how slick he try’s to cover himself in this video, he’s an idiot and is not telling the whole story of the drug, which I’m in serious doubt that he actually knows much about it other than it makes his brain feel funny. Get Themis guy off of YouTube. I say it again, DONT take that shit unless you are narcoleptic and under the care of a pulmonologist or a psychiatrist.CJ Mattias écrit: You can't make a stupid person intelligent with a pill. You can make him efficient, but not intelligent.Luke Bateman écrit: does anyone knows where can i buy it online?Francesca écrit: I’m on Waklert right now and while it makes me more awake, it also makes me kinda anxious. And I’m not necessarily productive. Procrastinating right now lol so yeah, I’ll have to work on thatlui écrit: What dose did you used?Tom Smith écrit: BTW when I took it as needed it was wonderful and worked great for me.Tom Smith écrit: even with long term sleep apnea and jumping the hurdle of expense with it going to generic finally becoming affordable my Ahole doctors sleep doctors refuse to give it to me even though I qualify medically for it and can not comply to my CPAP machine due to severe neck pain from car accidents and pain in wearing my mask at night and ripping it off in my sleep. Let me know what doctor you see because the ones I have had don't give it except maybe one of two pills as a sample.Christopher D. écrit: Starts at 1:36seb stepien écrit: hi im using modafinil for over 5 years just now , its a product make your life successful 😉Austin écrit: Is it over the counterA écrit: I don't feel like I get any crazy focus or anything from it, I've tried Ritalin before and find that more focus enhancing (it is a stimulant after all.)
Modafinil really promoted wakefulness, it would be definitely good to keep you awake.James Galvin écrit: Brother …I’ve noticed I feel hypersexual …it makes libido almost insatiable … is that because of the dopamine and is the hyper sexual experience normal ?Henk Versteeg écrit: RECIPE TO HEAL YOUR BRAIN:
Lot's of people craving for smart drugs suffer from oxidative stress because of a poor diet. Oxidative stress is when your body cells (also your braincells) got oxidated by lack of good nutritions.
Let me prescribe you some things that heals your brain (repairs your braincells) and you won't need unhealthy smart drugs anymore. Take this every day for at least half a year:
– 1 scoop of undenatured whey (protein) powder. It's for the 3 amino-acids that your liver needs for making glutathione. That is the body's strongest antioxidant against free radicals. Don't take whey powder with added sugar or any taste. Just pure whey powder. You could make a shake with it and add healthy stuff to it. I just put in my yoghurt.
– N-acetyl-cysteine supplement �� this 1 of the 3 amino-acids your body need for making glutathione. This one is not enough in our foods these days. I take it anyway aside the whey powder. 500 mg per �� capsule is enough.
– Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) this a very strong antioxidant.
– Liposomal vitamin C. The liposomal stuff makes the vitamine C stay longer in your system.
– Crape seed extract �� together with �� the Lipsomal Vitamin C gives you more focus, more concentration. This only works for the day. So this is not for long term, like the other stuff i'm putting here, to heal your brain, but for supporting focus temporary.
– Lithium Orotate �� 2,5 or 5 mg per day, is for repairing braincells. It's not dangerous! Don't confuse this with the Lithium that psychiatrists are prescribing to bi-polar people. That is 'Lithium Carbonate' with a way to high dosis of 250 to 500 mg. That's why those people get side effects. I'm talking about 'Litium Orotate' in a very low dosis of 2,5 or 5 mg per capsule �� It does miracles to your brain. You'll notice after 4 weeks.
– Griffonia Simplicifolia 5 HTP 200 mg �� for making more serotonine in your brain. This is also temporary for the day.
– Ashwagandha �� for making more GABA in your brain. Also temporary for the day.
So the strong antioxidants are for healing your braincells (long term), and the Lithium Orotate is also for healing and repairing for the long term. When your brain is healed you only need 1 mg �� per day.
Good luck!Universal Powder écrit: Ild like to know if this will fuck your brains chemical balance or hormones balance.Julieta Velasquez écrit: Recently got diagnosed with narcolepsy and will soon be starting on these meds. My question is what happens when you’re off them? Is it safe to take them daily? Narcolepsy has affected me so bad to the point where I’m at risk of not making it through high school. Yes I’m 18 btwJohn C écrit: Have appointment tomorrow with doc to get Modafinil in place of adderall. I hope it helps this severe, constant fatigue. Just curious has anyone tried thyroid hormones for energy, even if the thyroid blood test are normal, I heard this can help???Mayank Khandare écrit: Well I want one ,
Link plzzzzzsommi écrit: �������� Weak beta males take Adderall & Modafinil. But I don't blame them. Not everyone was born to be a warrior, a fighter, a soldier, and successful. Some people were just born to be weak and addicted to junk ��������steve steve écrit: I have taken Modafinil for 2 years, and it pretty much fucked me up.Joe Davies écrit: What are the best sites to buy this in the US?Govind Sharma écrit: It's my lovecarsten nielsen écrit: Meth……Shah Zad écrit: When i took it, i had a very productive day. i became more efficient. for example. i was running slightly late for work so i shaved whilst brushing my teeth simultaneously. saved time and got the job done. never did that before lol. then had a solid day at work. it works best in the first 2 hours of taking itMaster Ezended écrit: it works.. but for long term.. it doesnt make me feel good. meditation is better.Phillip Loco écrit: I will be interested in knowing what happens if after a few years of using modafinil you then stop , Is this addictive ? They said Prozac was awesome only to find out years later of the nasty side effects. Prozac was supposed to be completely safe.Carl Louis écrit: Can anyone get it in Australia ?lindsey mayfield écrit: How much is he taking? I take 200-400mg for narcolepsy and this drug is not a magic pill. It helps you stay awake, theres no extreme results that he raves about. Fact of the matter is thos is a prescription drug and no drug is safe. It's not something you take like candy, it's for sleeping disorder not a new trend. Scary!

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