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3 Signs That Modafinil Is Working

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In this video, you’ll learn the modafinil benefits. My modafinil experience has been up and down. Of Adrafinil, Armodafinil, and Modafinil.. despite the side effects, I like Modafinil The Most. Some of the side effects of modafinil include headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. Emotions and feelings of dissatisfaction are to some extent muted while on Modafinil. \n\n0:11 SIGN 1- MOOD ENHANCER��\n0:33 Something Worse Is Not That Worse!\n0:55 Does It Increase Willpower?\n1:14 SIGN 2-WAKEFULNESS��\n1:29 Effects With Fatigue\n1:40 SIGN 3-FOCUS-BUILDER\n2:07 Is Smooth Transition Of Tasks Possible?\n2:29 Modafinil \u0026 Multitasking\n2:43 Is It Helpful For ADHD?\n2:52 Stimulating Effects��\n3:18 Overview\n\n��VIEW MY PATREON FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT:\u0026fan_landing=true\n\n��Sign up for my newsletter:\n\n\n����\nNOOTROPICS I TAKE:\n\nIMPROVE YOUR SLEEP:\n\n (U.K.)\n\nIMPROVE YOUR FOCUS:\n\n\nLOWER YOUR STRESS:\n\n (U.K.)\n\nLOSE FAT:\n\n\nLION’S MANE:\n\n (U.K.)\n\nL-TYROSINE:\n\n\nRHODIOLA ROSEA:\n\n\nASHWAGANDHA:\n\n (U.K.)\n\nBACOPA MONNIEIRI:\n\n (U.K.)\n\nACETYL-L-CARNITINE:\n\n\nALPHA GPC:\n\n\n\n–\n�� CAMERA:\nPOCKET-SIZED CAMERA VLOGGING:\n\n4K CAMERA (AMAZING CAMERA!):\n\nLens (Blur The Background Like Many Youtubers Have!):\n\n\n��️ AUDIO:\nMicrophone (I Use This One):\n\nMicrophone Without Boom Stand:\n\n\n�� LIGHTING:\nLED Lights (Great Value):\n\nLight Diffusers (Makes the light less harsh):\n\n\n�� ACCESSORIES:\nSD Card for 4K Videos (MUST HAVE, if your videos are shot in 4K):\n\nMicro SD Card:\n\nCamera Remote:\n\nCamera Stand:\n\n\nSAY HI ON SOCIAL:\n\nWebsite:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:

YndriaDin2 écrit: I've been using armodafinil for 1 month on and off only when I need it when I feel unmotivated or need to wake up. I haven't used any moda for 6months as it's hard to get where I'm from. But recently the pharmacy restocked on modalert modafinil 200 mg. I started with half and felt nothing �� now today I took 1 whole and still feel nothing. I want to know why it's frustrating as I am just depressed and unmotivated with day to day tasks I have moments where in just down. Maybe armodafinil is what works well with my body? I'm not sure. Should I just up my modafinil? It would be great if you can help me out. I miss structure and happiness in life. I'm missing out on so much.MR Sam écrit: I hate this stupid anxiety about sjs �� other than that it works great for me.Bhaskar Taneja écrit: What can help with Fatigue and anhedonia? + Poor sleepShankar Cheerla écrit: Sir how to reduce sleep I feel sleepy always ����������Emma Leonardus écrit: Hmmm the focus benefit isn't working with me.

Actually that's what I was expecting to get.

I need focusing nootropics because my ADHD.

Do you mix modafinil with something else to achieve modafinil focus? I tried with coffee and it didn't work.

Everything else you pointed works the same with me too.A M écrit: Do you get head aches as side effect? Second day trying this. Started with 150mg, not much greatness, slight headache. Took a nap 2 hours after taking it, although I got bad sleep the previous night. Today I took 200 mg, don't feel that great, and I've got a killer headache. I wonder how it would feel if I didn't have this awful headache. Do the headaches subside? if I take higher dose, will the headaches suck more? How many mg are you taking to feel this good?BC écrit: Although I haven’t used actual modafinil , I recently purchased Adrafinil and take 600 mg am on empty stomach. Adrafinil being a prodrug for modafinil, I personally experience all these benefits described in your video. Im going to talk with my doctor about it. I currently use Strattera and Adrafinil is an excellent addition. I took Ritalin in the past for years and just got sick of side effects. Ritalin felt artificial as Adrafinil doesn’tJasween Gujral écrit: Thats true.. it doesn’t feel like a high. It just makes hard to stay in a bad mood.Emergency écrit: can we take it daily for 1 year?J. Ricafort D. T1D écrit: I take modafinil for sleep apnea (no I dont wear cpap at night). I take for me to focus on every day task. I dont take it everyday. When I'm on it, I feel so relax and alert and focused. Time flies and before I knew it, it's time for me to cook dinner my down time.Michael D. écrit: Has anyone switched from adderal and noticed a positive result?
I just picked up my ex and will take my first dose tomorrow.Nelson Pichardo écrit: I have 100% yawned and fallen asleep an hour after taking 300mg Modafinil… drugs work differently for everybody.Jason Miller écrit: Modafinil is by far the best drug i have taken yet for my adhd. It is benefiting every aspect of my life. But there is one thing i hate about it and its how high my heart rate can get on it. My resting is usually around 100bpm and on the treadmill jogging it can reach 200 at times. Which is scaryd m écrit: Can you drive with Modafinil in your system?potato head écrit: I disagree with the multitasking part. For me it’s actually the contrary. It becomes very difficult to distract myself. If someone calls me, I can’t even hear what they are saying. I am thinking about the thing I was doing and want to hang up and get back to it ASAP.crete coyonyh écrit: Hi, great content! What would you suggest to a 5,5yo with a normal intelligence- to help improve focus, learning if problems with memory, focus, .
Things like:
Faster information processing
Improved learning rate
Decreased forgetting rate
Improved memory
Better multi-tasking accuracy
More sociable.
Any advice?Darius Horvat écrit: Hey man , I just bought 30 pills from buymoda 200 mg so I took the first day and it kicked in about 10 minutes , I felt very happy and energetic , but I had little blurred vision and the focus it wasn’t great , it only last one hour and half , and after the effect was gone I felt sad and depressed, please give me an answer and tell me more about it , I just want to know if is the right Modafinil! Many thanks !INDRAJIT GOUDPATIL écrit: I took 600mg of modalert and it got me very confused I mean when talking with people I would think a long period of time normally I take 100mg and it is just an great pillSangdin Hatzaw écrit: I use 100mg it work I can know it……but work very late after may be 5 or 6 hrs only they will start working …… any ideaEURO BOSS écrit: I BET YOU, THAT YOU HAVEN'T EVEN READ THE CASE STUDIES FROM CREDIBLE DATABASEEURO BOSS écrit: YEAH FOR-SURE BRO, YOU'RE A DOCTOR, TELLING PEOPLE TO TAKE A DRUG LIKE MODAFINIL CUZ THEY WOKE UP FEELING TIRED, WHICH IS A NATURAL PHENOMENON.EURO BOSS écrit: OKAY, SO NOW THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN MODAFINL, YOU THINK THAT YOU HAVE ACQUIRED SUPER INTELLIGENCE, SO MAKE A VIDEO SHOWING THE RESULTS, LIKE DOING ADVANCED PHYSICS OR SOME COMPLEX SKILLS WITHOUT NOTES ONLY FROM MEMORY.R. Wright écrit: Amazing review! More content on topics for endurance.World Shaper écrit: Meditation helped me a lot.LyricalStatus1 écrit: Thanks for the info my manRay Hernandez écrit: Hi I feel nothing on 150 mg should I go up?ADHD Management écrit: I've just ordered some and I'm going to try it tomorrow to help me with my dissertation. Thanks, your channel is particularly helpful for me!Nicholas écrit: why is my body temperature much higher on this? ots working but my temp is like 99.2 on itMexican Burrito Gainz écrit: I have ADHD and some other stuff but either way for me is somehow scary how moda is changing my life even with dose as low as 50mg, shit is amazing and so cheap is almost unreal.Trojan Hell écrit: Where do u buy it from ?Timothy O’Brien écrit: I have noticed little effect. And I can sleep easily. Of course, I can mainline Caffeine and sleep.JDB JBD écrit: More resilience
Mood enhancement
Wakefulness (no yawning)
Focus with smooth transition between tasks.adu1991 écrit: I disagree with the "yawning" part. Yawning doesn't always mean that you're sleepy, and even on Modafinil…. I'd still feel extreme wakefulness and focus, after letting out a yawn. It's a very powerful drug.Meredith Cook écrit: Your handsomeAravind Parameswaran écrit: What's your dosage and how often do you take it ?pro68ht écrit: Thank you for this information!Aaron Muhirwa écrit: This video had 666 views… Satan be welcomeStephen écrit: What is stronger moda or adderall?Josh McKee écrit: Can you do a review on wakalert and artvigil if you have tried them?1 1 écrit: Hi. Does Modafinil make your memory better?

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