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Modalert vs Modvigil vs Waklert vs Artivigil

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In this video I talk about the differences between the various versions of Modafinil and Armodafinil. In total there are 4 versions which confuse new users leaving them wondering what one to experiment with first. \n\nCheck out the following vendor to purchase any version you want:

Giuseppe Amendolara écrit: what is the recommended cycle, please? should we take modalert everyday?NDTV écrit: I had been taking Artvigil for the past year and a half. Using 1,5 months (40 days) cycles in between with 1 – 2 months breaks. I understand that its different for everyone, but one thing I've noticed ( by the way while on my cycle I take artvigil every single day..) The instant effect you get from this is nothing compare to what it does long term… (Providing you take it every single day) A word of caution though: YOU HAVE TO DO A LOT OF MIND WORK while on Artvigil..meaning you have to do Self-equity and self actualization work as well as some form of light meditation. 🙂 I know a lot of people say you get anxiety from it if you take it nonstop and in huge quantities…. and you do get anxiety this is true, BUT its the "HEALTHY" anxiety. Anxiety that you can work with I experienced something similar when I took my 10 Day Vipassana meditation retreat. I know how to work with THIS SPECIFIC Anxiety… So for me it was great and once you work through the results are astonishing!!!! 🙂Daniel James écrit: What about provigil?Nirvana One écrit: I agree ��
I’ve tried numerous brands but Modalert is a very clean focused feelingTimTelligence écrit: Currently taking 150mg of waklert, it's been about 2 weeks n it works very well for me. Def strong since I do have issues wit anxiety already but it's not as bad as the anxiety I get from a cup of coffee..I must say it is so much better than modafinil for me at leastmaurice femenias écrit: 100mg of zalux is enough for 6 to 9 hrs hard !! Here in chile !! Movigil is so light i rather have coffee , l theanine dosent pass blood barrier i hear xpresso is enough , every 4 hrs or 6 hrsmaurice femenias écrit: I get zalux 100 mg i dont like movigilcody cooper écrit: nice video, take it or leave it. liked by meTerra messorem écrit: all indian drugs are fake. i hate india on this, its not fair, spent a lot of money on this, not to mention i needed the actuall drug.Mr. Wright écrit: Good deal, I like sun pharma's Modalert much better than Hab pharma's modvigil. I felt amazing when I took Modalert yesterday, I had what seemed like HD vision and mega focus, today I took modvigil, which ended up giving me brain fog and not much focus.Damian Murphy-Morris écrit: Great Video , quick and concise information. Thanks broSherry Herstein écrit: Nor sure where you get on email list.
You answered a question I been having a hard time with about toning it down.
Thank you for that information.
I enjoy your videos, I find them very informative
Keep making more on different nootropics.

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