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Modafinil Review: First Impressions

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In which I review the use of the famed smart drug Modafinil (modvigil) for my chronic fatigue syndrome and give you my first impressions. Sorry for the less than awesome resolution. New camera coming soon. I talk about some of the background and basics. Skip to 9:45 if you are already familiar with the background and just want to know the effect on me.\n\n***\n\nHELLO FRIENDO! I’m excited to get to know you. Want to know me?\n\n1) Like, comment, and subscribe: Let me know where you are watching from!\n\n2) Follow me on Instagram: @supersensitivehuman \n(Insta is my favorite social media. Feel free to send me a DM to let me know you’re a subscriber. This is somewhat better than email as I can get a sense for who you really are.) \n\n3) You may also send fanmail and inquiries to though I may not reply to every letter.\n\n4) Check out my writing on my blog: I have a mailing list to alert you of new posts. \n\nI WOULD LOVE YOUR $$$UPPORT. HERE ARE A FEW WAYS:\n\n1) Support for FREE! by dragging this Amazon link into your browser bar favorites and using it every time you make a purchase. I will receive a percent of your purchase:\n\n2) Paypal donation:\n\n3) Donate Cryptocurrency:\n\nBitcoin: 13qmZZV78K7ZciYyUQb3S9eS2u7jmaSb9L \nEthereum: 0x9F4c6025c8533C7d97D4A528DB0354ae2206Cf2c \nLitecoin: Le7mDLGDyHwbq3hdnCNjhbkGndKKHEpAgB\n\nThank You!

Good luck everyone écrit: Thanks for the video Emily, it was very brave of you and goes a long way to help other people. I suffer from daily fatigue and find discussing it embarrassing. Good luck with your searching for a solution to your illness.Maxim Fabio écrit: I have same issues you describe but I found something more effective, simple and legal, I recommend any one that is intrested to look me up on Facebook so I can explain what to doAnastia Lagarez écrit: where is everyone getting them from?T Sulli écrit: You’re too cute for the drug gameThe Titan écrit: The problem for me is that I have general anxiety disorder And somatic symptom disorder and the drugs I take make me super drowsy and sleepy.
So my doctor prescribed (concerta) a drug that will stimulate me and make me more alert… But the anxiety came back and I had terrible time to recover.Lisa Killeen écrit: hi there, do you still take modafinil? just wondering have you done a review on it since?T NS écrit: I’ve enjoyed watching your video. I have chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism and premature ovarian failure. I supplement all my hormones and I was on hydrocortisone for a while, two years ago. I have discovered that my health issues were the cause of mercury toxicity, amalgams for 24 years. I removed them, started chelation and had some improvement. Still doing chelation but at a slower pace. I go through cycles when my adrenals give out on me and then all my hormones are not working. I’m taking a lot of supporting supplements and some are really helping. I’ve decided to try modafinil to help with tiredness, zombie like mental fog I feel at times. I do have a narrow therapeutic index for pretty much anything I take, supplements, prescriptions. With modafinil I could feel energized almost jittery at first taking 50 mg morning and 50 mg lunch. I did have a little headaches at first and the dry mouth. I have come across a video suggesting that CDP choline gets depleted and supplementing would help with headaches. I was taking 300 mg CDP and going up to 500 daily felt much better. In the beginning I’ve noticed if I took 100 mg at one dose it was making me feel more tired than normal. I’m still at 50 mg twice a day. My sleep is not affected at all, I still get tired almost as before, but it’s much worse without it… sometimes I skip it on the weekend or take one dose. I am contemplating going up to 75 mg mornings and see what happens. I did noticed I cannot handle a glass of wine as I was able to before. If I’m not mistaken it was used for treatment with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. I don’t drink much anymore, but I used to be able to have two servings of wine at an event with no problems, now I can barely tolerate half of glass of wine. I agree for us with more health challenges, it’s not a miracle drug. I don’t have attention deficit disorders, I just want to feel more awake and somewhat alive… I don’t feel anything from coffee.Ally Mantikas écrit: Hey do you know the cause of your CFS? I feel like crap! Me and my husband have been going through some traumatic legal stuff. Im so fatigued from the stress! I can hardly get any energy from 4 shots of espresso pretty sad! Im thinking it's my adrenals but the blood work comes back normal thinking about going on thiselsa Grace écrit: Yay, thank you lady ���������������� I’m super sensitive too and will be starting modafinal soon through my doc for fatigue/depression/autoimmune disease. I love coffee but it only works for 2 days most. I have to use it once or twice a week only when I need to do anything. I’m hoping my liver can take moda and hope it’s nervous inducing. We’ll see. Good to hear your experience.Jacob cohen écrit: Are you a vegetarian? Or vegan?SoulChiller écrit: Don't take this shit. Over time it will fuck you up completely. You will never get better with something that just violates your body and depletes you. You need to analyse your childhood. This stuff comes either from narcissistic abuse or some kind of emotional deprivation. The only thing you can do is give your body nutrients and peace. Arrange your life around your sensitivenes first. Who says that you must workout and do things all day. Just relax, eat some chocolate, say hey, I dont want to do anything now. I love being lazy. I have the right to do nothing. Then sit on a chair or lay down deciding youll do nothing. No radio, no phone. Just staring on the wall or close your eyes. Many times I trick out myself like this and suddenly I jump up and want to do something instead. Try it out :-)..jmarie8408 écrit: Seems nervous �� Thanks for being brave!Carrina Murphy écrit: I'm on a variation of this stuff. Armadafinil. Prescribed for adhd. I don't feel high when on it. I get anxious if I take the full 150 miligrams, because I start to get tired later in the day. I basically am just more productive and less anxious (unless I get hungry or tired). I'm supposed to take it every morning. Yeah you gotta drink way more water. I would say there is very little obvious effect. But I can't function like a normal adult without some kind of stimulant. I don't organize stuff, make or go to appointments, I lose things multiple times a day,etc.Paranormal Rock Radio. écrit: Tried Modafinil recently. Thought it was fantastic.Logan 49X écrit: Hi Emily, I've been dealing with Sleep Apnea for a few years and never did anything about it until now. I have trouble sleeping and breathing at night. I have to lay on my side to sleep, it worked for a few years but now it isn't working too much, so I find myself waking up to urinate more than 10 times a night. Which can also be BPH. Or, Nocturia which is also a symptom of Sleep Apnea. Anyway, my question is, do you think in your opinion, they will be prescribing me something like this medication? I know you're not a doctor, so you may not know. But just in case, I do suffer from fatigue, at times due to anxiety.Tabitha Freeman écrit: Lol@ 2:20 damn ����kpn slrRee écrit: Modafinil reacts differently to diff. person……. I took modalert almost everyday sometime 100mg n sometime 200mg it work perfectly with me, my first experience was perfect i can concentrate on my book for more then 8 hours i feel like m limitless… But its better u don't take modafinil if you don't study or busy with some important works bcoz its a waste.ashtray813 écrit: My doc just prescribed this to me yesterday & I took it for the first time this morning. It works NOTHING like the movie, “Limitless” . #HighlyExaggerated ��
In fact, I had little-to-no reaction to it. I took it at 7AM—thinking it would help jumpstart my day, but instead it put me to sleep until 12PM. #weirdRichard Williams écrit: Yea but how real does it seem?Arjun Nathan écrit: thats bad batch if its from india, do u r reading before u order,Anthony Agront écrit: Do you think it compares to the limitless pillKo Pa écrit: Are you still flirting online at nights, Emily? 🙂K Man écrit: boom buymoda . orgJames Winfield écrit: I started on it about 3 months ago, it was like a light bulb moment, 20 years of fatigue, chronic fatigue lately, I'd tried everything known to man, I've researched and tried the lot. Doctors a a complete and utter waste of time, so I went online and got some from India. Best thing I ever did, still waiting for my latest order from affinil express, stuck in customs uk, but like you said , they are sending it out again !2pac THA RUNNING SOULJA écrit: Like ur reviews, subbed, Nashville TNwilliamo1980 écrit: You should try Alpha Brain and Lion’s Mane mushroom like in the form of Four Sigmatic products to help your cognitive functions such as word recall, memory, focus, etc.Jodie High roller écrit: I think I love youvaspowerpoint écrit: I’m sensitive to stimulants but also suffer from adrenal fatigue during the day. I was told this can help. Does it cause any palpitations or chest discomfort? Is the discomfort long lasting or manageable?heavy meddle écrit: What goes up must come down… Why are you playing around with drugs? I got Ritalin prescribed to me 1981. No big deal. 30 years later and Im still using amphetamine. And what do you do if you can't get more modafinil? You think your brain is immune to the rewiring in your brain?.. If modafinil is that strong for you, you have an almost guaranteed ride down to what most people experience when quitting stimulants… Hope you're thinking before its too lateMohit Sharma écrit: One common thing about all modafinil videos I seen that in all videos they are not happy.Kev Gawne écrit: I been taking this shit for a number of years now, not in a big way just half a tab Friday and Saturday night and during the week for several months when I was studying. Loved the shit, it worked really well me and finally I could think clearly. The cotton mouth was annoying but I could handle that. THEN I GOT SICK! Couldn't work out what the fuck it was that was causing all my problems. I was having all sorts of tests and cutting out everything that could possibly be a cause. It seemed I was becoming allergic to everything, milk, wheat, sugar. I even fucken moved to Japan to avoid this shit more easily. But I took one thing with me, a number of sheets of modvigil. Most of my symptoms became manageable except my joints in my hands shoulders a spine were throbbing and inflamed. And it was only recently I heard this other guy say that Modvigil had given him all these food allergies and inflammation. Ive stopped taking them and starting to feel better tho I still some allergies but not as bad. Neck and spine are permanently damaged.mochadust9 écrit: I found your YouTube channel because I was searching Modafinil for my possible Ankylosing Spondylitis in my spine from an injury which causes fatigue. I am currently taking it and today is my first day. I'm going to Williamsburg Virginia and hopefully will have my energy. I love your authenticity you are a very smart and honest person. Your videos inspire me. Have a great day!Young Mike écrit: What else do u recommend for chronic fatigueChetan Sharma écrit: Do u have asthma? Just asking…Rick James écrit: this is so funny!!Sam Crook écrit: Really great review and so helpful, hope to see some others.. you’re great!!!Marvin Portillo écrit: Can one purchase Modafinil online without a prescription and without going through the dark web?algiddy bedworth écrit: This worked for my chronic fatigue syndrome after a bad virus (glandular fever) I was fine 1 minute amd bedridden the next this went on for nearly to years and lost 2 jobs in process
I managed to get it subscribe buy my doc in UK I had 100mg tabs
Was told to take 1 or 2 a day but I took them as I needed them wich was 1 tab on Wednesday and 1 Saturday after a few months of this halved the does and I was back to my normal self and I havnt needed this since and I'm back to working again. This stuff worked for ��robert ravine écrit: your so Cute…Ink Spots écrit: What are bitcoins? Would it have been unwise to order using credit card?Scott Geoffrey écrit: What is a good smart drug to try if Modafinil doesn't work well for me? I don't want to try something similar because that will most likely have the same effects. Can anyone help? ThanksIridium Silica écrit: Thanks so much for your honest and candid opinion. It really helps. Three week high, maybe an active MAOI in your system?Daniel Andersson écrit: Hello Emily. Your 3 week thing after weed was probably drug induced depersonalization/derealization disorder. dont need your opinion écrit: I would suggest that you use 5-htp for increasing in serotonin and using mucuna purensis for dopamine and use L-glutamine for rasing gaba
that will remove your depressionBjorn Oudenalder écrit: Have you checked from fatigued to fantastic by dr. jacob teitelbaum? its a great book on CFSatnstn écrit: You were constipated or had other issues with a metabolic activity which resulted in delayed absorption of the drug. It's the reason why it took you longer to "feel" the difference.Shortbread Head écrit: love your honesty about everything and how open you are 🙂I love the beach écrit: so what is the place I order from ??Joseph Richardson écrit: Oh my! You are SO open and honest about everything!mark j écrit: Hi from Glenwood, NM.  You are one exceptional gardener.  How is that going in the Arizona heat wave?  Your permaculture video, showing what you have done on the rental property, was really inspirational, and that's why I subscribed. Rare is the person who would do that on a rental property.  Do you have any plans for a growing space of your own?  I have four irrigated acres on the San Francisco river, where I hope to do what you have done. Great soil, plenty of water, but the growing season is shorter than the one that you have, which presents some challenges.

I used to have problems with fatigue, and on no one's advice, just intuitively, I went to a mostly-raw diet, and that was the end of that problem.  Different folks, different needs,  but that's the only thing that works for me. I'm really sensitive myself – can't drink, can't do coffee, and no drugs, not even an aspirin. I like weed, but can't do that, either, and don't.  It leaves me depressed, for days.  What your experience with the weed cookie means, in my view, is that you have a sensitive, cleansed body, and that's a good thing. You strike me as a very intelligent, highly-motivated person, on the right path. Thanks for your videos.

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