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Dr Kaser presents his research into using the drug modafinil to help improve decision-making in patients with depression.\n\nDepression is typically associated with issues such as low mood, sleep disturbances and appetite problems. But some of the most persistent and long-lasting issues facing patients with depression are cognitive problems involving concentration, memory and decision-making. These cognitive problems do not respond to traditional anti-depressant treatment, leaving patients with a clear unmet need.\n\nOriginally licensed for use in narcolepsy, the drug modafinil modulates dopamine and norepinephrine levels areas of the brain involved in learning and decision making. In this study, Dr Kaser used a reinforcement learning task to show that modafinil improved patients’ ability to explore options when making a decision – and so leads to improved decision-making outcomes. This suggests that modafinil could be a valuable tool for improving cognition in patients with depression.\n\nDr Muzaffer Kaser is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge.\n\nOur Clinical Academics in Training Annual Conference, or CATAC, offers early career researchers the chance to present work and receive feedback from senior panelists in a truly interdisciplinary setting. The conference gives clinical academics the chance to meet people from all areas of biomedical science, and share ideas from many different perspectives.\n\nThis presentation, ‘Computational approach to reinforcement learning in patients with remitted depression: results from a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study’ was runner-up in the Post-Doctoral Plenary Competition at CATAC 2018. \n\nRead more about the 2018 meeting\n\n\nRead more about past Spring Meetings\n\n\nWe are the independent body in the UK representing the diversity of medical science. Our mission is to advance biomedical and health research and its translation into benefits for society. CATAC 2018 was held in the Academy of Medical Sciences 20th year. Read about the Academy’s achievements in its first 20 years at\n\nFollow the Academy of Medical Sciences’ Careers Team on Twitter:\n\n\nFind the Academy of Medical Sciences online:\nWebsite:\nTwitter:\nFacebook:\nInstagram:

11 12 écrit: well you may have to supply the modafinil usage with alpha-gpc and some cetam like piracetam and voila, the gaba is inhibited and the size of limbic area is not decreasing any more. But long term usage may develop addiction. This drug is a kind of biohacking or you can call it electroshocking the brain.Rahul Keshri écrit: Who came here after rhea's interviewJessica écrit: I wonder why the placebo responses are commonly so high in people with depression….? Any ideas?TheRach écrit: I use the following regimen:
1. 3 g of Kratom twice daily,
2. 100 mg of modafinil twice daily
3. 50 mg of ground and dried psilocybin mushrooms once every other day.

I've been doing this for about 4 years with nearly complete resolution of depression which I had for about 15 years prior. To be accurate, my depression was most severe in my late teens and early 20's and I was even suicidal at many points. The largest relief I got was from forcing myself to be social which alleviated my social anxiety (my main depressive trigger). I still had a great deal of depression though which would affect my work and relationships. The SSRIs, SNRIs, and DNRIs worked a bit but not for long. I'm a pretty experienced and safe psychonaut so I did my own research and set upon finding a regimen. This one has worked for me for a long time and I have no intention of changing it anytime soon.Beau True écrit: I use a more powerful version of modafinil called flumodafinil. Way better, way more potent thus one needs less of the medication to achieve therapeutic a écrit: Modafinil 200mg along with prozac cure ADD, depression and anxiety… cut off caffeine completely otherwise you will feel alot anxious… just stop modafinil for a month in an year just to stop it from taking continuously… at that time take caffeine+L theanine stackJoey Starr écrit: Been on Modafinil for 8 WEEKS. Half a pill every day except on weekends. Until now, I always felt super Awake and full of energy, focused and an overincreased memory, even though it made me unable to sleep more than 2h30 on average per night . But since week 8 the honeymoon is over, and I feel very far from OK. I feel pain in every organ and bone, my vision is blurred, anxiety and aggressiveness through the roof, and daytime BLACKOUTS. Plus the hardcore addiction, not only to modafinil, but also Phenibut, benzodiazepines and opioid that I need LD50 dosages just to "relax" one hour or two when paranoïa hits to hard for my family to cope with.
PLEASE BEWARE Of SOME OF THE HARD & EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE DRUGS FALSELY LABELLED AS "SMART". It is exactly what is says on the tip, except for the "Smart" part.Nopal Gamers écrit: Itu obat asli g sih ya guys?Abigail Gibson écrit: Where can I get it from? I'm in the UK, thanksBased & Redpilled Department écrit: Makes sense, lots of times depression had underlying things that make it worse, inability to focus and get things done is one of the main ones, the feeling that you're sleeping your life away makes you far more depressive i feel, and the downers that you're typically prescribed for depression do not address that issue in any way, they actually make it worse if anythingJohn You Cant See Na écrit: Could someone give me a UK Moda source ? For research purposes ofc!Pietja D écrit: Guy Is probably paeyd by big pharma. ��.But.. . I agree ��. Modafinil or even its stronger version ~ armodafinil is good.. Improve concentration, mood, focus alertness… As healthly indywidual I confirm it..Sometimes create state….Vibe of… Hmmm hard to describe it : something between small dose coke and small dose opiate~ sort of " meditative euphoria" ( one in its kind) When I was younger I did try many drugs experimentally ~ so I have comparasment . Side effects? ~ sometimes sleepnessnes, and stomach issuesEternal Novelty Learning Solutions écrit: The one potential bad side effect of modafinil is irritability.
But this is true for a lot of stimulants for a lot of people….
Taking low dosages and not every day can help with this.Zameer Pactyan écrit: I will burn a book inside the class room to get my self dropped from the University even if i see you giving a lecture in my dream!! the subject is good but this guy has remain silence or should practice public speaking 🙂Lidia Lidia écrit: I took medafinil (100mg) together with me medication ( amitriptilin 25mg) , and It did help significantly improving me day to day life, I’m just afraid to have to be dependent on yet another drug to make me function normally.Miguel Garcia écrit: I don't like this medicine at allEmma Leonardus écrit: All the symptoms you describe are because you took a very high dosage.

Brain is so sensitive. It reacts and tell you with headaches, diarrhea, nausea, pimples, fever, sleeping feelings, sweating or shaking if you're taking something in excessive dosages (or if you're in the lack of nutrients).

So try to start modafinil with 25mg – 50mg when you wake up. Not the crazy 200mg that everyone recommends! If you only find the 200mg pills, broke them in 4.

50mg will works like 2-3 hours only but in a more comfortable way. If you lose the rush you can try another 50mg knowing wit certain, how many hours will work on you.

That way, if you have to sleep at 11, or midnight to wake up fresh next morning, you will not want to have your 50mg dosage if the rush will avoid you to sleep.

Headaches and grumpy humor is because modafinil makes you pee a LOT! And also to have no hunger feelings.

So if you don't drink huge amounts of water and if you don't force yourself to eat in many moments per day, headaches will be the common body reaction of a dehydration and grumpiness the normal reaction of lack of nutrients.

If you can't eat at many moments because your work, then try basic supplements like B12, Complex B, vitamin D and zinc. You will lose a lot of Magnesium chloride too by peeing a lot. But don't mix Magnesium with the other supplements, take 500mg in the night every two days (thats the dose if you're an adult man).

Modafinil is about finding your sweet spot. The dose has to be customized. And not for long time. Just to return you a routine that makes you back in the game.

Have a nice day 🙂Lippy Lou écrit: Thank you for the post about buying Provigil from – I received the Indian modafinil brand. It was well priced and good service.Zayn Umar écrit: Just took 200mg tablet of "Signature Modvigil-200"Dihelson Mendonca écrit: I bet the same result can be achived with Ritalin ( methylphenidate ), if they would do the study.-Destroying You Verbally écrit: But is it really true does this medication modafinil- does it cause hair loss?? Does anybody notice this? If u take the med can u please let me know if u have notice hair lossBlack écrit: MODAFINIL 200 SPEED UP YOUR BRAIN GET ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! blackgold.ovhWellington écrit: That's video is so amazing.BioFercho García écrit: During university I had lots of trouble getting focused and motivated, the last year I needed to work while still studying so I started taking Modafinil for dealing with sleep deprivation syntoms; then I started to notice how my performance increased as I was capable of getting focused much more often and easily than before, even with sleep deprivation. Now I suspect I had some level of depression and modafinil aided me a lot.Viral Killer écrit: Modafinil is the best anti-depressant I ever took…wasnt even supposed to be one..Also gets rid of all anxiety…amazing stuffTom Lo écrit: A person taking modafinil will feel is not placeboo unless they give him some stimulant. I wonder how such studies look after the person becomes sleep deprived from the insomnia side effect
Modafinil restricts certain type of thinking ( creative).
There is now an antidepressant labeled for cognitive improvements : trintellix
I love modafinil but I’m yet to discover how to take daily in a successful way
I only feel it’s magic if I don’t take it for a few days I also recently noticed a higher dose does better for me
A low dose actually makes me more tired
With modafinil after not sleeping you feel Tired mentally but can’t sleeptrafficjon400 écrit: don't take it long it does not work. you made want more. pay more.Ajay Singh écrit: it also help for sexual activity, you can last longer as you wantGerry Davies écrit: I looked up Dr Kaser's paper – the dosage used was 200mg which seems very high to me. That's the prescribed dose for narcolepsy. Most people who use it for improved concentration/cognition etc. seem to use about half that dose.Scott Shepard écrit: I don’t have narcolepsy so I can’t get a prescription. I plea to my doctors about my lethargy and ADHD and it’s like they don’t care.Satoshi Nakamoto écrit: I've suffered from chronic depression for years. I started taking this drug to help me to study and get more work done, but shockingly I began to become happier. Granted I still have ups and downs but I second guess myself a lot less, and resolve conflict a lot faster. The major draw back is when it wears off. I don't exactly experience a crash, but I basically go back to normal and suddenly realize just how miserable I am, it's pretty horrible, it's like working at a mansion, and then having to go home to a card board boxValentina A écrit: I suffer from light depression and study law. I started using modafinil to study longer and more focused, but started to realize, how it helps my depression. I can enjoy day to day activities and the pressure in my mind slips away. It works 5-12 hours for me, but I feel kinda anxious and weird when it wores off.Chinamax Maxchina écrit: I was wondering if this also beneficial for migraine sufferer , or use for anticonvulsant medication?Ann Barclay écrit: anyone had any positive results for depressionDan smith écrit: Also be interesting to see the testosterone levels of the males in the group that responded to modafinil. Testosterone is known to interact with dopamine pathways. Its possible that male responders could be misdiagnosed with depression but instead be hypogonodal, especially if over 40. It should be a standard test for men over 40yo experiencing depression. It would be better to treat closer to the source then to treat symptoms when possible.Dan smith écrit: Although it wouldnt effect the immune dysfunction seen in cfsme, it could be a helpful drug for brain fog and cognitive issues they get. Although post exertional malaise could be an issue with these types of meds and maybe lower doses would be more effective. Many are also more sensitive to medications so a low dose woukd be a good starting point.باخبر نیوز BAKHABAR NEWS écrit: How can buy in pakistan?Jaff Fox écrit: It sounds like your case study focuses on people with long term clinical anhedonic depression. Its something I've suffered with for over five years. Unfortunately due to the fact this type of depression doesn't respond to ssri/snri's and people with it are a low suicide risk (there literally too depressed and unmotivated to kill themselves) the NHS has been completely useless and only made things worse. The cognitive degradation occurs over time probably due to unhelpful rumination and lack of motivation brought on by compromised reward pathways. Its refreshing to see psychiatric research investigating alternative theories for depression. For decades now the focus has been on serotonin partly because SSRI's aren't habit forming but patients usually have normal levels of this neurotransmitter so get absolutely no relief beyond placebo.

This case study only really demonstrates a dopaminergic drug can improve symptoms of clinical depression. This isn't exactly a groundbreaking discovery. Any drug that activates the reward pathways of the brain is going to temporally improve symptoms notably cognition, fatigue, motivation and mood. Most stimulants act as cognitive enhancers and traditional amphetamines work better than Modafinil as the dopaminergic actions of Modafinil are likely to be negligible similar to that of Wellbutrin. Irrespective of the drug used due to homeostasis this is only ever going to be a temporary fix and needs to be combined with therapy.

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