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DJ écrit: It didn't do much at all for my symptoms. It was too subtle.Louie Nasad écrit: Moda give you drive, but not focus. I take Oxiracetam 1200mg about 30min before my moda. Oxi gives focus. Make sure you eat eggs daily or supplement with Alpha GPC (1200mg) or can lead to headaches. Add some Huperzine A for extra focus (25mg of 1% diluted powder).Paranormal Rock Radio. écrit: Best thing I've ever taken with Prozac. Slept like a log. Best nights sleep ever.Country Sister écrit: I took it for sleep issues and felt fabulous. Til the insurance quit covering it and its price explodedADAMX6000 écrit: The big problem with these kind of videos is the host likes to say “you will feel this” and “It gives you that”. The problem is every kind of drug in this area class of pharmacology people will have different experiences. Their are common experiences but no two people will have the same experience.lauda écrit: Thnks broMatthew Hayworth écrit: That's very true. Good video. I can confirm everything you said.Adz écrit: It's like putting a sniper scope on your focus, but your attention is still a machine gun. For me it amplified my condition. PSA for anyone considering it, please keep your fluids up. You become dehydrated so much quicker than normal which can lead to terrible headaches. I drink a lot of water on a daily basis and have for years, but even I couldn't keep up. Stay safe and do lots of reading before you decide to try.Caoimhe Goggins écrit: Modafinil had literally zero effect on me :/Anu Menon écrit: My 8 year old has been put on Modafinil now..just waiting for the side-effects.. hopefully it will help him with his online classes.Phoenix Black écrit: I just need to try it so I dont pass out during the day. fuck..Jarrod Simmons écrit: Modafinil doesn't do shit! For ADD. Makes you awake but that's about it and it's not like a caffeine awake.Aliif Angga écrit: I take Modafinil only when I have lots of work to do. And then I will take Xanax at night to help me sleepModest Stardust écrit: Hmmm, I'm currently on Strattera and Citalopram, one for ADHD and the other, for Depression. But i find none of them working…I'm waiting for my blood test results to see what would work for me depending on the blood test results. Is it possible to combine Ritalin with Modafinil to combat both Depression and ADHD?bjni écrit: modafinil is the best in my opinion, Its amazing!!! love it, currently I can only have concerta right now which is not as good I feel.
Modafinil didn't increase my heartbeat as much as concerta does.JahnSnowvio écrit: Thanks for the video i want to know though is it wise to switch between modifinil and concerta to solve the problem of concerta toleranceJ écrit: Thoughts on adderall?? Have you tried it?Crixus The Norman écrit: I just ran out of Vyvanse. I have a script for 60 MG's. The only option for tomorrow given its a holiday and the pharmacy is closed, ok ll take modafinil for work. I'll see how it works if it does.d murphy écrit: what is a good trusted site to get modafanilmaëlyuma écrit: I took Modafinil a couple of times, before I even suspected that I had ADHD. It made me go into hyperfocus every time, I just had to pay attention to actually do something useful with it. Else I would be wasting even more time than without it. It also made me feel a bit better emotionally. Like a small fire which gave me warmth in my chest. I liked music even a bit more than usual.

However, if someone bothered me while I was working, it made me quite angry. I just wanted to work. Socially it made me talk even more energetic, and it made me overall a bit more nervous. It also gave me headaches in the evening, sometimes even the feeling of a fever starting to spread out in my body. These feelings were gone the next day though.

I skipped meals frequently because I wasn't really hungry while taking it.
I would only use it if I knew that I had a lot of deadlines, not enough time or just a lot of work. For normal day-to-day usage it felt like it drained my body to strongly. It's interesting to use, I used it 10 times(1 blister). I wouldn't account these experiences to placebo, they were very noticeable and reproducable. I tried Modalert too, this made me less energetic, just hyperfocus again, but the headaches were even worse. I drank 3L of water every day, by the way.Tari écrit: Interesting video man, loved it.Birdsong écrit: I took 200mg and it did nothing.Birdsong écrit: Thanks, I just found your channel. SubscribedTheChaosz1 écrit: I get mine from Prestigepharmagear.netLILITHS LAIR écrit: Basically this drug is a joke. Way over rated. And this person is not Bradly Cooper ! ������������joe coyle écrit: By the way good for you putting all that hard work and time and effort in to help people thank youjoe coyle écrit: Would you say a lot of these medications for ADHD mess around with r sleep
Looking to see what the next medication will do I just don't like the sleep problem what comes with them, because you always have to keep increasing the doseFORENSIC écrit: Modafinil with caffeine works great for me.Journey to Wellness écrit: This was really interesting. I wonder why it isn’t prescribed for ADHD?Emilia Lee écrit: Thank you once again for your great videos.dawiepower1 écrit: Love your vids, keep it up

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