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Do not try MODAFINIL before watching this

la description:
Watch this video before trying modafinil, the most widely known and most powerful smartdrug and a biohacking staple.\n\nIs it really the limitless pill? for certain it is a productivity \u0026 motivation powerhouse! it works with the dopamine in your brain, and is a great ally for a dopamine detox!\n\nIn the video we will go over:\n\n0:00 Intro\n1:25 What is it\n1:56 What are the effects?\n2:41 Where can you get it? \n3:02 How to consume it\n3:50 Is it SAFE?\n5:23 Last words\n\nHave you tried modafinil? what effects did it have on you? let me know!\n\nIf you like the content please subscribe to the channel and share the video with your friends!

Alexx Leyva écrit: Just subscribed! This is so good, I love how it’s clear and to the point. Thank you for posting this!michael marshall écrit: You just got yourself another subscriber. I'd love to hear more of this kind of content.��Refeel Yoga écrit: I've been interested in experimenting with this compound for many years now. Maybe it's time to tryKester Gascoyne écrit: Reduced sex drive is a no from me, (I think that's more important for productivity than we think), but thank you for taking the time to make a video.Boy George écrit: Loving the simple straightforward info, Subbed!! Can i ask what is that record player you have? I been wanting one with those speakers.Caroline Bruyas écrit: Thank you so much !BoleBaba Yoga Tantric Vedic astrology écrit: Oppa I love the way you create and explain cool, keep like this!Rose écrit: Excellent video! You should be a public service announcement. You absolutely nailed the benefits. I wasn’t sure how it worked until you explained it, I just knew that it did work for me.

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