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Modafinil is a stimulant which is often referred to as a \ »wakefulness-promoting drug\ » or \ »eugeroic\ » because its stimulant activity is relatively subtle. It’s used for conditions characterized by excessive sleepiness and fatigue.\n\nThe drug is also taken for cognitive enhancing purposes and to help people remain alert for longer periods. Modafinil is particularly effective at supporting cognitive performance in sleep deprivation.\n\nOverview Page (Including References):\n\nReddit discussion:\n\nModafinil: Provigil; Modavigil; Alertec; Modalert; Modvigil; Modatec; Modiodal\n————\n\nPsychonautWiki Page:\n\n————\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\n\n\n\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall, Jonathon Dunn, Thomas Anaya, Ross Martin, Harald Selliseth, and David Kernell.\n\n————\n\nFacebook –\nTwitter –\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!

Mercyful Fate écrit: I can take modafinil and still want to sleepAlex V écrit: I rather train my brain to focus, meditating! Big pharma thanks all of you that need external inputs in order to become on to it!!! And, to have a bit of fun, cocaine is a much better high!!!Eric ! écrit: I would definitky add that when bought online illegaly or without a prescription, nasty other drugs are added from times to timesblood soaked whiskers écrit: I need this shit….Sebalogía écrit: I took 200mg modafinil for around 2 weeks, it felt weird in some aspects: I felt physically like coming up in ecstasy but without the mental effects… So I felt stimulated but in a really rare way so I switched to 100mg pills and it felt so much naturally that you can easily go through the day very alert and awake and it doesn't feel pleasant which I think it's not addictive. Pretty good drug if you know how to use it.Samar’s Gadgets World écrit: Does it also increases focus?Zeig Dich écrit: DiahrreahfanilPaulius Tamulis écrit: Modafinil/armodafinil/fl-modafinil and all other possible analogs of the base structure got put in sched. 1 with a danger/abuse potential of heroin, meth, carfentanyl and others in Lithuania. Funny how they haven’t provided any scientific basis for this action, only that it’s highly addictive and deadly with no known medical use.Onfroi écrit: this used to be great until it started giving me anxiety :/Rabo Alvarez écrit: Do not worksDaniel Merrido écrit: Hi, i would like know. Have you personal experience in long period? I see all this product, its from India.
Here is someone with experience? Its better visit doctor for perciption or get order from internet?Daniel Merrido écrit: Hi, its safety for using?Wallie Hart écrit: Vanilla Ice Ice baby,,��GECKman88 écrit: I got vertigo from Modafinil, felt like I was on top of a tall ass tower all day at work and like I was falling but also not.Collin Robert écrit: Took 400mg, dont feel shit?Cato V écrit: I only get minimal dry mouth. If i only take 100mg i can even take a nap later on the day xdBunnyMcAwesome écrit: do it for the memeBunnyMcAwesome écrit: doing a videos about crackBunnyMcAwesome écrit: crackThe Bloody Talker écrit: So this is basically Mentats from fallout.kolows écrit: are you johnny candito?DisasterousComedy V1 écrit: Good channel good video will subscribeDiogo Martins écrit: Mix black coffee with xanax ( a lot of both and then tell me about it ) . Its the best speed ballSubendu Thanda écrit: Do modafinil effect sex drive?Bea L écrit: I could attest to having depressed mood as a withdrawal symptom.Rav écrit: Is there negative long lasting side affects? Or any at all?Mr. Kevka écrit: That tablet pic is from indiaSklawz écrit: I accidentally took 3 times the recommend starting dosage and I was hallucinating…Shubham Sharma écrit: I slept only 3 hrs and took modafinil its noon here in India I'm still feeling like I can do anythingJacin Gamarra écrit: Fuck drugs, just smoke methCapt. Freedom écrit: Made my BP go up, but it worked great and I felt great.Zim The Invader écrit: This or adderall for brain fogKaFFi3N écrit: I have sleep apnea took this dug and I definitely got a wow factor . Before I was extremely tired, concentration very low and was quite hard to focus on work without being distracted. First day I took it I was very motivated and didn't feel like a zombie, still feel tired but didn't feel as though I was going to fall asleep. Didn't have any side effects, just made sure to stay hydrated. This has definitely help me get through the days of work . Note it's not a fix but more of a temporary solution to the effects of sleep deprivation. If you are in a similar situation focus on getting more permanent solutions.HighCurrent11 écrit: My experience: CONS: Makes me ADDHD (trouble focusing); Makes me talk to myself a lot (crazy internal dialog); Occasional headache; I feel like I am having withdrawal issues, sadness, the day after.  
PROS: It will enable you to be aware even when sleep deprived, which is why is sought it out. Music sounds awesome! Driving skills are enhanced.Isaki Dube écrit: the rash can lead to SJS which is fatal in some cases and is very very nasty… just google it first before you're sorryGallium Games écrit: I’m stuck with adrafinil because it’s not scheduled, but this class of drugs sure can change a shitty day into a productive one.C. Michael écrit: Not for daily use. If you want the best results don't take it regularly183314842 écrit: I think it's interesting how some dopaminergic drugs like modafinil and bupropion can have profound effects on mood and pleasure, without having much abuse potential, while methylphenidate and amphetamine have a comparably higher abuse potential.Gallium Games écrit: With Modafinil being schedule IV in the US, does the unscheduled prodrug Adrafinil have the same benefits?Mari Christian écrit: 100-200 milligrams gives me the energy to do everyday tasks. I have an autoimmune disease which drains me of energy and I've found that I can feel almost normal on Modafinil. It also has the properties of an anti depressant which really does make me feel better. I take Mod about three times a week. When I really need to keep appointments or have especially strenuous cognitive tasks.Dan Boniface écrit: Modafinil completely changes my personality – in a good way as far as my career goes.  Typically I'm very shy and have a hard time with any type of disagreements with people and standing up for myself (not a good trait as I am a sales rep)  When taking Monafidil I can carry on a full negation with complete confidence, with a clear mind, and get my point across flawlessly – even with extremely difficult customers (I deal with New York City construction companies – they can be extremely verbally abusive)  Its really mind blowing stuffTouch Bionics écrit: It really varies with people
For me it has a good effect on my productivity but I don’t get much of cognitive boost. In fact it can give me trouble of concentrating on task. Like I can get stuck on doing an assignment but have trouble on focusing my thoughts and make sense of what I’m doing. At the end I find myself been sitting working on the same task with zero results.
Like been doing task while kinda disoriented.
I find Phenylpiracetam is a better supplement for studies and completing assignmentsJim Cowley écrit: Any drug that gives you good effects will make you pay with bad effects.Doug Cox écrit: Comment section = People on ModafinilLuke Johnson écrit: Imagine if the trillions made from drugs were invested in prevention….
Oh wait, that would mean they know the cause….
But if they know the cause, and propagate it… 'earning' themselves trillions every year.nonuseraware écrit: I've been taking 50mg of Adderall for over 10 years. Would this drug be a safer alternative?vetofthenet écrit: I micro dose this, around 50mg or less daily. It's my nzt.Jose IV Martinez écrit: Is it true that 200 mg needs to be divided into two hours, so your stomach will have a maximum absorption of the drug?NocterOul écrit: Very informative video, bump.Wolfman7870 écrit: So anyone know where one could get Modafinil?First Last écrit: I really hope I actually get the pills. ADHD has crippled my life for the longest, my parents didn’t want me on pills as a child so I was never medicated.Robert Barrett écrit: I dont feel much energy when on it 200mg I feel hazy and in about 4 hours after i feel like crashing.SanDiegoJoey écrit: It has been all positives for me, in fact it is so good I’m afraid to take it daily.

However, I do have trouble staying hydrated, my body simply won’t retain water and especially my skin. If I take 200mg three days in a row I’ll look ten years older by the 3rd day and be a few pounds lighter due to hydration issues.Dr. Debjit Das écrit: Comparison of Modafinil vs metals écrit: 200mg is too much for most people. 100mg is plentyMatthew721 79 écrit: Madanifal to madanfidel to mandanfandanfidle, fuck science, spinning my headJack Dolah écrit: Essentially it's cocaine PG-ratedKrill156 écrit: Been taking this once a week for 2 weeks now. It has severely helped with my Chronic Depression/ADHD/ASPD. I seem to have some kind of effect were i feel Euphoric/High on a near 24/7 basis all week long, hence me only needing to take it once. Not sure if that's a reaction to previous psychedelic usage (LSD 6 months ago, Cannabis 1 month ago). It certainly helps with preventing future drug abuse though.

I Had the opportunity to chow down on some Shrooms with a friend (With benefits), in which i agreed. I however suddenly lost complete interest in following through shortly have taking Modafinil. I've also had urges to block and remove said friend because i feel like i'm going to go insane just being around her. Constantly talks about how she doesn't give a shit about anything and just wants to get high. So much so as to move out of her $150 a MONTH group home because they drug test and she wants to do drugs.Night Bot écrit: No fair ��rebecca polos écrit: How can u get it?Shroommane Theshaman écrit: Pls do bupropionMd.Ahashan Ullah écrit: What is the difference between modafinil and armodafinil? Is Armodafinil can same Working like as modafinil?MVMT écrit: Could somebody drop some links of the sudies that show its cognitive enhancement capacity?mohan krishna rao écrit: I am on modafinil now but it's dizzy and sleepy it's 100mg and it is my first timeLochtaupo écrit: The first time I took this, within 40-mins it was like all the lights turned on, like electricity was fully restored to my mind. It’s not a high feeling, it was essentially a familiar feeling, familiar in that this was how I used to feel many years ago before all the major sleep issues I developed. I have found it to be a real game changer, it allows me to do a job that is extremely cognitively demanding.Jamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Can you do a video on Parnate (Tranylcypromine)???? 🙂Jyotiraditya Deka écrit: I have taken 2000mg… the span of 3 days… I going to die?Zen Lerit écrit: Is it safe to take it during the exam?Thaspacegoat Æ écrit: Shit got me through 12th grade.Hussein Kassam écrit: Would it work for adhdMark écrit: What happens un combination with other drugs? For example LSD or marihuanaflexuntun green écrit: So it's basically speed.Himani Kherde écrit: What dose should be taken for healthy people ? How many times a week?jhmm gf écrit: Do you build tolerance to the drug?Kurt Yazici écrit: Thanks for putting this together!Daniel écrit: I took 400mg and holy shit, it felt like i was on a Rollercoaster for 5 hours. Almost had a panic attack, it worked really well.Valuetainer écrit: Dosage for sleep apnea?Vijay Kumar Talluri écrit: Feeling lightheaded with use of thisVijay Kumar Talluri écrit: Does it cause dizinessNimmy G écrit: limitlessAsan Masraf écrit: There is any effect or side effects for peoples who are having epilepsy?Joe Smith écrit: He says it's a scheduled class 4 in US ,(where I live) but in other countries it's just a doctor script away (kinda blase [can't get the French tone in text]). In America class 4 IS where it goes from OTC to 'script only', so I don't get that sentence. Please elaborate?Max écrit: So, adderal?Alan __ écrit: Moda is the shitCode _V_83 écrit: the people who took 1600 and 5000 mgs were clearly Morons…Bbbb Gggg écrit: Lmao so basically a variation of caffeine.

Like honestly the effects dont seem really dramatic in comparison to caffeine (like Adderall or Cocaine), and the overdose symptoms are almost identical as well.TT Kk écrit: 100mg of modafinil twice. Once on Tuesday, once Friday caused a reaction on my skin. Itchy hives on my stomach, thighs. It’s now Wednesday and I suffered itchy hives so far 5 fucking days. My skin did not blister or break but it’s just as itchy as poison ivy and I catch myself scratching and forcing myself to not scratch. I’m going completely nuts from itchy hives. Benadryl and allergy medicine did not seem to help at all. What the fuckGreen Apple Inc écrit: is modafinil narcotics or notLyle écrit: You are the best explainer on youtube!nonuseraware écrit: I have tachycardia or rather a very high heart rate yet I still take a high dose of Adderall 50mg and I'm looking for an alternative. Would modafinil be safer by comparison to Adderall? With my high heart rate would modafinil be safe at a low dosage possibly 50 mg? I have developed a high tolerance to Adderall and it no longer affects me except for helping with fatigue outside of that I do not experience any significant increase in focus or attention span anymore after 13 years of use. I had to quit my engineering work because of this. It's believed I'm currently suffering from adrenal fatigue. I plan to ask my doctor about it in a couple of weeks.fortnite4201 x écrit: Attempting suicide with modafinil what an idiotEndtyme écrit: This shit it´s almost the same as Cocaine i tried it and there´s no difference to me and both are EXTREMELY addictive. Do Yoga, do at least ONE thing you love, sleep for 8 hours, healthy food and LOTS of water and avoid drugs. ALL it´s in our heads 😉1TheWhiteKnight1 écrit: This stuff has saved my life. I take 100mg along with a little CBD oil and some Vit D, Omega3 and a Probiotic. The transformation has been quite incredible.ReDa VallE écrit: Modafinil the ice Pissidon candyCody Lindsey écrit: Does anyone know what this shits made of? For some reason there’s no information on active ingredients and that’s kind of scaryKo44cHPM écrit: I use this for CFS and I really love it. Highly doubt anybody with it is seeing this but it really helped me. It just feels like really good energy to me. Not all weird and unnatural feeling like ritalin and amphetamine were. I don't see why you'd use it for recreational purposes. Feels about as "recreational" as caffeine to me but I guess we're all different, and maybe yall are taking way more than me. I'm gonna go off of it eventually (reducing down to 0 as I get healthier) but I needed it to help me be able to start working and everything so for anyone with CFS it might be worthwhile to ask your doctor about it.MircoDHD écrit: You have very good presentations. A+.Happy Pliskins écrit: Has the drug tested to have a positive or negative effect in creative thinking?ko52 ‘ écrit: Crank like effects without the scratching, crash, major mood swings, no urges to steal or visit pawn shops frequently, no destroying of family, one major plus is that you get to keep your teeth��, yes all of them.Mark Bouncer écrit: fuck oxycontin. This is my drug of choice ��

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