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Nuvigil is FDA approved for treating excessive daytime sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder as well as jet lag. Unfortunately the benefits Nuvigil provides seem rather meager. In fact in 2010 the EMA, the European equivalent of the FDA, drastically restricted prescriptions for the parent form of the drug or Provigil.\n\nNuvigil is a non-amphetamine related stimulant first approved in 2007 and now available as a generic preparation. Nuvigil remains a controlled substance and appears in schedule 4 – the same as the benzodiazepines. \n\nWhile Provigil contains both the “R” and “S” mirror image molecules, Nuvigil contains only the more active “R” enantiomer. This minor modification provides Nuvigil with a longer duration of activity compared to Provigil. Nuvigil may assist in maintaining concentration and focus for as long as 14 hours.\n\nWhile the concept of a “smart pill” to aid in educational and occupational activities appeals to some, whether Nuvigil fulfils its promise remains a topic of debate. Although Nuvigil might assist some elements of brain function, benefits are neither universal nor guaranteed. Currently evidence suggests those functioning at high levels fail to gain any advantage from the pill.\n\nOver time the most effective memory boosters are sleep and physical exercise. Nuvigil interferes with normal sleep cycles that remain critical to memory consolidation.

6heldk écrit: I wish you would talk more about both Provigil and Nuvigil Re: ADHD. It's at very least less addictive than Adderall.Tim norton écrit: But knowledge is amazing stuff that took me tons and tons of research all in one videoTim norton écrit: Just found these videos, love themMatt Marshall écrit: I was prescribed a trial run of Nuvigil 150mg for a month, and after a week I developed extremely bad side effects/allergic reaction. I went back to my script of Dexedrine 5mg.kapow4 écrit: Not sure if you're going to reply but I'll try anyway. I was diagnosed with Helicobacter P and was prescribed Nexium HP7 but replaced Amoxicillin for Metrogyl as I am allergic to penicillin. During the first few days of the 7 day course I noticed I would get acid reflux and some chest 'rumbling' after eating my meals. This was odd for me as I had never experienced this before so I mentioned this to my doctor to which he said I should continue with my medicines until I finish my course which I did. After 6 weeks of completing my course I did a test for Helicobacter which came back negative but I continue to experience acid reflux (bitterness at the back of throat) and some chest rumblings after eating my meals. I am currently on Mylanta which isn't helping in curing the acid reflux . My doctor prescribed cimetedine but that drug isn't sold in Australia anymore. Anyway the pharmacist recommenced Nexium 24 but I'm not so sure now after watching your video. Could you please provide your opinion on what I could do which I can then pass onto my physician as I completely understand what you mention is general in nature and a final decision would need to be taken my a doctor in person. But you do seem very knowledgable and I would appreciate your feedback highly.Anonymer Nutzer écrit: Thank you for your continous efforts!Heinz Krupps écrit: This guys retention, is SUPERHUMAN!! you can tell he is not reading from something. A true brain.Heinz Krupps écrit: I've been waiting for another vid. ��

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