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How Modafinil Changed My Life | Modafinil Update

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I’ve been meaning to create this update video for almost 2 years, and after receiving a batch of new questions on Instagram I decided I should take the time to let you know how I’m getting on.\n\nWhen I uploaded my original Modafinil review, I was working a full-time 9-5 job as well as servicing a small number of freelance clients in the evenings with the intention of it helping to save money for a deposit on my first house. 6 months later I had bought a house, handed in my resignation and began running my own business full time!\n\nModafinil played a huge part in giving me the clarity and alertness required to service my own clients to a high standard during early mornings and late evenings, and also allowed me to remain focused where I would normally have lost concentration extremely easily. \n\nWhile I do not take modafinil as regularly now, I still use it as a tool on occasion to help during busy periods or when I need a burst of productivity and focus during my day-to-day tasks.

amandus152 écrit: Well done, all the best with your future and business 🙂Leonard Look écrit: I used to get them from UKmeds but they dont do them now…been looking desperately for themJohn Mackay écrit: Hiya there buddy I'm in the uk tryed buying modafinil from c chemist but didnt relise I had to gave a prescription is there a way round that thanks john

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