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In this Modafinil review, I share my thoughts an experiences after using Provigil branded Modafinil for 1 month. \n\nThis review contains things I noticed about Modafinil side effects, finding the best dosage for me and how to get the most from the drug without hindering your daily life (or sleeping routine!).\n\nMay 2020 Modafinil update video here –\n\nYou can also check out my initial Modafinil Review here –\u0026t=44s\n\n#modafinil #review #focus

DTB Lifts écrit: Thanks for watching my Modafinil 1 Month Review! There are a few more side effects I've noticed since taking Modafinil for a couple of months now, which I'll cover in my next Modafinil video coming soon!Free Classified écrit: If you want to buy a.d.d.e.r.a.l.l pills , visit WhatsApp +13185991361Gagan Deol écrit: It's fuckin shit can't sleep been up since 34 hours no buzz or nothing just you can't fuckin sleep ridiculous ��krainey écrit: I hated it. it was similar to speed, my tounge was banging around in my mouth, and felt mildly psychotic, I guess at least it reminded me why I stopped taking stimulants .. blurggCaptain Sunday écrit: This guy is flying on Modafanil. That monotone and monotonous speech pattern gives it away.Captain Sunday écrit: Pill seems to be huge in England. So many British videos on it. Why can't they be happy without drugs?Rav écrit: Is there negative long lasting side affects? Or any at all? Also I saw you can get it online, is that possible ? Cuz i saw some websites selling them and sorta questioned if it was legit.krayzieridah écrit: Thank you for the great review!
When it comes to focus in the gym, try to get Alpha GPC (it is the strongest version of Choline, which is considered one of the best nootropics in PWO's) I will receive my Modafinil today, and will definitely try with 100mg first.Kamil M. écrit: A lot of it sounds like yohimbeJosy Richa Danial écrit: It has really changed my life. Thanks to modafinil. BTW, where are you guys purchasing it without description? I am using any local vendors with such price?X-RayWolf écrit: Where did you get it from?Egenio Jaramillo écrit: It’s a 15 hour half life. Don’t know where you got 8 hours fromvj v écrit: i tried modafinil during my arrears……….for those three months i read nearly 30 engineering books(which i have already read in the past, but was bored to revise)………….and the result…….i cleared 22 out of 30 arrears in a single go………….but the con is that, it took me nearly a month to get back to my normal mind condition….that is i felt tired for about a month…but later jogging and exercise helped me fresh up.woulfe42 écrit: Brought to you by Modafini ��Hatebreedish écrit: Great content and hope that there will be more updates posted about your own personal experience with Modafinil.James Brincefield écrit: I tried modafinil for a little while. It made me feel like I always imagined meth would. I was constantly grinding my teeth, as soon as I would sit down I would feel the need to get back up and start walking again because my legs wouldn’t stop shaking, I was extremely anxious and felt like I was having a heart attack or something. This was from half a pill. I continued it for a week and felt like i was worse off than I was before taking it. The concept is interesting, but in reality it felt like a fucking nightmare. It definitely sped me up, but I couldn’t function in any meaningful way.Trojan Hell écrit: It took me 3 days to notice effect .. I felt groggy at first then it started giving me more focus and energyBruce Pham écrit: Hey man, i just found out modafinil recently and i wanna give it a try.
Just wonder if i take the pill to read a 300 page book, will all that memory be stayed in my head in long term or forgotten after 2-3 days
Hope you reply this
Thank youjoseph sakka écrit: I tried 750mg of armodafinil in one dose…�� It was the most productive day of my life. I had a final calculus test and i hadn't studied anything of it. I finished 250 pgs of it in about 4 hours and i finished all the questions… Its like my math solving skills got to a genius level and its like i felt like i had a part of my brain that i never thought even exists… but the side effects were kinda worse than usual and it was that i didn't sleep fot 2 days straight and the headaches were awful, with the dry mouth and excessive peeing… But nothing else happened.�� Im still alive��Simon Collins écrit: I'm living in the uk. Can anyone tell me one good reliable website where I can get Modafinil please?
I've tried and Both pretty useless takes ages to do anything and they're website has IT problems, then takes a week to tell me they can't supply and I'm due a refund. website is glitchy as fuck, half the info doesn't input properly.
Neither website has costomer services that works weekends.
Very frustrating.
Surely there's a company out there who's website works properly and can supply quickly and efficientlyMichelle Tucker écrit: Hi what about drinking alcohol? I read you can’t…. My doctor prescribed this and I am on my fisrt day… But realy I can’t have any alcohol anymore?! I just drink on weekends socially, not an alcoholic lolLeonard Look écrit: Why did you up the dosage?chaosenergy1990 écrit: I’ve been taking it for about 6 month now, but not daily. The positive effects are addictive! Whether this in itself is a bad thing is up to the individual. I can easily not take it when relaxing, but now I have a supply, I wouldn’t dream of practising piano without 100mg or doing a 12 hour shift at work without taking 200mg.

I agree that the intent to focus on a particular task comes from within but the increased ability and attention to detail in the task makes the task more rewarding because of better results which makes the tasks more enjoyable.

The main negative effect I’ve noticed is a slightly shorter temper and increased will to engage in and persist with arguments. I agree with the smalltalk thing. I now chit-chat a lot more with people.Shaye Paramoure écrit: Where do you get itAlfred Hitchcock écrit: Small chat with people at work didn’t happen to me. It was purely focus on task at hand. I am already developing tolerance to this drug. So it’s no longer as dramatic as I first used them.Monkey Revolution écrit: Pure herb is better . Have a nice coffee . Rash from Marrocos is good too and all natural .M écrit: Makes me talkative too… Modafinil helped me focus. This is my first dayxianjansenx écrit: modafinil half life is not 8 hours. It's closer to double that at 15 hours.Parham Amini écrit: well, I couldn't understand that accent as a native speaker.Judith Kimball écrit: I recently got diagnosed with a sleeping disorder called idiopathic hypersomnia, that was the cause of my many symptoms & cognitive problems. I’m thinking of talking to many sleep doctor about this medication. If you suspect to have a sleeping problem that is affecting your cognition, seek professional help.BigMoneyBeaton écrit: Are you from Sheffield? (I'm Canadian, but I live in Leeds)J-Swole Lifts écrit: So what do you think about taking this pill primarily for social anxiety? Like I just need help being more social and not getting ya know so nervous and anxious around others.Daniela Faus-Fit écrit: thanksAbdullahi A. écrit: Thank you @DTB LIFTS, that was informative, honest and short.pootie tang écrit: How do you feel about adrafinil?Sandra Solovjova écrit: Where do you buy it?Wandering Soul écrit: So if I really want to kill myself this drug will help me do it..niceRico Conti écrit: What's better Atterral or Modafinil ???Curtis Bona écrit: Try Adderall, if modafonil is a cup of tea Adderall is a hardcore energy drink make modafonil look weak just pure foucs and you feel so good and confidentIan MacDonald écrit: You are spot on!Nahim Wahid écrit: Where can o buy this fromAndy Rickfield écrit: modafinil made me feel drunk / like a zombie. ritalin equivilent for meJakob Baker écrit: Where’s a safe place to get this fromCathy GerWig écrit: Where did you get it?Paranormal Rock Radio. écrit: I tried Modafinil recently for 3 weeks straight with Prozac, to enhance the SSRI effects. I thought it was fantastic.Steven Blackford écrit: 5:58 how much can u deadlift?Chrek_DnB écrit: use xanax for the sleep.MrStoddification écrit: Yorkshire?David écrit: does it make you jizz hard ?Antonio Hiob écrit: I have been using Modafinil for quite a while and it's really helped me to do my job perfectly. I suffer from daytime sleepiness until my friend told me to use Modafinil. He shares to me a website name as Modafinil UK their website is this and it is a perfect website for me.Naomi V écrit: Has anyone who taken both this and Vyvanse be able to compare the two. Which worked better for them, which outweighs the pros and cons.. I would really appreciate the help! ☺Captive écrit: Are you still alive or did Modafinil kill you?Mike J écrit: In my experience I've noticed that taking the full 200 mg dose in one go really kills any artistic expression (I play drums) and makes it difficult to have a conversation in which you are present and able to articulate your words. To mitigate this I've found that splitting the dose into fourths to be taken every 2-3 hours really helps. I also take .5 g of phenibut and 200 mg of caffeine in the morning and have noticed that the phenibut eliminates any problems with being unable to fall asleep at night. Since doing this stack I've become a productivity monster and have been in a killer mood all day.Mohit Singh écrit: Can MODAFINIL cause "ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION" Or can MODAFINIL cause IMPOTENCE please do replyModafiniluk 12 écrit: Nice video…Thanks for sharing great & interesting information…Modafiniluk is an online pharmacy store which deals in generic sildenafil citrate products which is called Modafinil. Buy Modafinil Online effectively treat erectile dysfunction (ED).For more details visit : Mondal écrit: It’s funny how the comments have better reviews than the video ����nouhaila ELOUAZNI écrit: Please where can I order modafinil, I ordered it online but it wasn't the real modafinil, so what's the website, (confidante) that you can recommend to your followers, than you for all your videosandrea ceribelli écrit: Where do you buy It online?Kona Abhi écrit: Marshall u british!!!!!!Hartwell White écrit: Emmanuel Macron, is that you ?ON Family écrit: Isn't 200mg high? Maybe halving or even quartering the dose to suit you is better. Even micro dosing? I just got a script…. excited to try it. I'm on ritalin atmlorrane écrit: Best review of modifinal on YouTube. It’s not a smart drug, you have to be intelligent before taking the drug. Do you have narcolepsy? How do you get your supplyDmitry Goldman écrit: Hey man you are absolutely right about GYM, i thought that i was the only one who noticed that. I feel much more focused on my muscles, also i use steroids (testosterone) .
It does make you me very chatty. Also you should know that Modafinil reduce GABA from your brain, so after 12 hours i use 500mg of Phenibut which restores my GABA to normal level, and it definitely covers all side effects from Moda, my head feel fine and i sleep like a child.vladimir cools écrit: Great video, thxYoung Vman écrit: is it worth to spend 2$ for the effect or is it just a slight focuse benefit?crosswire7777 écrit: Hey bros i dont mean to hijack this video but im doing legs right now as i write this. Who is this guy anyway? I cant even focus on this guy talking. Hes too skinny, cant take him seriously. Does he even lift? He needs to lift. Someone start a patreon for the guy to buy some protein. The guy is a skinny beta male, us alphas cant be taking him seriously. Talk to you later bros my side things calling meJoe Evans écrit: I see that you have had it prescribed, how did you convince the GP? I actually need it for genuine reasons and I wouldn't know how to explain. Cheers.Paolo Zan écrit: Hello modafinil 100mg = 5 red bull? or 400 mg of caffeineMiguel Labrada écrit: i think modafinil is a little over rated, it definetely helps but if i dont take around 400mg i dont really feel it. and i barely ever take it. but the first time just 200mg got me wired.Tony Kinter écrit: Great Part about IT will NOT Motivate you to do the things you need to do…. I have experienced the same, When I have a game plan I am able to Get threw it very good, but if my mood is to look at facebook and youtube then I end up doing that for too long…Ad Addv écrit: Is this something i could use before a competitive volleyball game? Think this would help my performance at all?Charles Skeen écrit: Thanks for the personal experience and infoTod Sackett écrit: Gives me a booming migraine. It's just like the old white cross speed. Not much else. I ended up hating this stuff. I can't believe people take it every day. Just crazy.Vek FPV écrit: Do you still take a pre-workout on modafinil to hit the gym?Tu-k Tu-k écrit: You gayNextWorldVR écrit: What an impressive, thoughtful young man. Also, @1:17 what an incredibly insightful and self-aware comment. I try to remind myself to do little checks and make sure I am not focusing on trivial things. Really USE the energy I get from it, like you say, with a 'game plan' (hehe I make games.. ;") and use it to do my VR development work. I check myself and ask, 'Is this important enough to be putting this kind of focused energy into?" Then I finish cleaning the floor fast and fet back to my real work,.. etc..Nick Angelo écrit: Modafinil works for cognitive Improvement. A whole pill is too much for me. It gives me anxiety so I only take half. One thing it is not great for is physical work. Sure, it helps you speed around faster, but it makes your body more prone to bruising. For example, I install carpet and I am constantly banging my knees into a knee kicker and kneeling down. Modafinil makes me work more efficiently on the carpet, but my knees get really sore and bruised while on Modafinil, making it hard to work later in the week because I am bruised up. I only use Modafinil for Those days I need to clean the house or if I didn't get much sleep the night before. It also helps me draw. I have a natural art talent that I threw away by not drawing. I HATE drawing. I am just good at it. Modafinil helped me focus and get back into my art. I would never have been able to sit and draw for hours without Modafinil. I thought as a pot smoker, it might help me pay attention and hold a conversation when I smoke pot. Nope. Just makes me hyper while being stoned. I tried snorting it right after a bong hit and I got lightheaded and blacked out to where I couldn't see. Don't snort it. Just eat it.Newer Account écrit: Great info, thankyou for your timenoblelies écrit: You appear to be very sensitive to the drug from how you are describing your experience. Try adding 200mg of L-Theanine to your regimen to take the edge off. And if you want to sleep, take some rutaecarpine to pee it out of your system.Cory Modzeleski écrit: great information. I am thinking about asking my psychiatrist for this medication.WPIALInsider écrit: Did it have any negative effect on your appetite?Addi 666 écrit: Nice rewiew man! 😀Asma Kaur écrit: Nice insight.sic2mystomach écrit: Didn't do anything positive for me. Gives me severe muscle aches & fatigue any time i took it. It's not a miracle drug by any means. Drink a ridiculous amount of water.Andrew Sheppard écrit: Hey mate, that's funny you say that about the social effect as I have noticed the exact same thing. It's almost like I have to remind myself to shut the fuck up. Love the stuff! Thanks for your review mate.Jay Krupa écrit: Where do you get yours from?haltzy écrit: Why’d you increase your dose?K Man écrit: Yo! How can I contact you directly? I have a biz proposalArvin Badenas écrit: hey can you help me with some information on where to get some from????elsa Grace écrit: Studies show that it does nothing for focus but for planning and decision making only.Daniel H écrit: You seem wired ��Hacker Life écrit: oh yeah yeahSarah O’Donohoe écrit: Where did you get it?Danish Khan écrit: Can modafinil cure mental fatigue or tired brain to active ?Bernie TGalvan écrit: Hey bro r u have FacebookAllessio777 écrit: Can u believe I carry a gene that does NOT allow Modaf to work! I am trying to find another product with the same benefits but different chemistry. Thoughts?Dysfunctional Astronaut écrit: Good video.Val6412 écrit: I have experimented with the dosage and taking it with or without food, other supplements, etc. It used to do nothing for me, but it really packs a punch combined with a magnesium supplement. I take 500 mg of magnesium daily, split into two 250 mg pills morning and evening. I also combine it with 200 mg of caffeine. I have found 200 mg Modafinil and you'll blast off. But I get what you're saying- it definitely makes me more social.

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