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Modafinil Review 100 mg 200 mg Dosage Side Effects and Interactions

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Modafinil (Provigil) overview, 100 mg, 200 mg dosage, uses and side effects. Also discuss interactions and warnings.

maxXxbeck écrit: for me even a quarter tablet is enough, if not too much of it. Modafinil is pretty potent stuff. For me it's too heavy on the stimulant side where thoughts are racing and you're wired af. it's also a bit crampy on the physical side where muscles are tightened up and it's hard to relax. I get more done while drinking Mate tea with L-theanine. It feels so much healthier to me. beside that I will try mindlab pro for longterm benefits.Pankaj Pyakurel écrit: I am not focused in anything at all can I used it.Mallu uke écrit: what is different between modafinil and modalertDallas Welch Jr écrit: Ive been on a high dose of modafinal for years now 200-400mg depending on how my sleep is. I have noticed a high dependancy, even if I feel awake I have very low motivation to do things until i have the modafinal. High blood pressure and high HR. Another is a bit embarrassing but ED might becoming an issue On and off anyway.Andrea Mcalmon écrit: Is that pill good for remembering book work im 36 im slow in my reading im wandering if this is a good brain pill please text back to me so i can have a good ander standingPeter Jones écrit: I googled this and it’s been around since the fifty’s modicate used in the treatment of schizophrenia a mood stabiliser one of the groups of major tranquillisersYoutube freesubs écrit: I usually take it after food say 9am and after 1hour i need to shit immideatley. Frequent urination, those are the only side effecf i face.Cato V écrit: I wanna test this as a study drug, because i wanna increase my focus. I have no health issues. Thoughts? Is it a very bad idea og is it worth i try?Harry Pannu. écrit: I used it.. it was good but gave me a rash on my face and anxiety !Blade Runner écrit: It destroys your ability to think creatively! Makes you smell like a dog! Headaches from hell! Turns you into a heartless drug dependant robot & a stupid one.thejaraf écrit: i'm particularly worried about the rash, not that i got any (its almost been year since I started) but is something that's always in my mind before taking it.Names Dave écrit: Any links where it can be bought?Ahmed Raza écrit: I used Modafinil 200 for 2 years,
Quit it because of severe NAUSEA & DRY MOUTH,
Please tell me how can I OVERCOME this problem.
Thank you.Ossama Mokhlissi écrit: If it increases dopamine that means it's addictive, which is not. It increases serotoninutsav jhaveri écrit: Very informative video. It would be really helpful to know if there are any long term side effects?Niyaz écrit: Great video. Everything I need to know had been summed up. Thanks

I have one question
Are provigil and modalert the same ?seniors4weed écrit: Thank you for this video. I just subscribed. Can Modafinil be taken by healthy and active older people (60+)? I see so many young people taking it but not much info out there about if it can also benefit the elderly. Thank you again.Terenzio écrit: Hi there. Thank you for your video. I just started taking modifinil. 100-150 a day. I’m having issues falling asleep. As we all know this is one of the downsides. Is there anything I can do to shorten the half life and get it out of my system by the end of day?Wellington écrit: Nice Video..
ThanksJane écrit: Hubby has single kidney with cysts possible ca tumor treated w cryo ablation. Are there any contraindications with provigil. He also takes wellbutrin & januvia & several heart meds for HBP & cholesterolTayy Eliza_ écrit: Nice shareSummers Summers écrit: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise… it’s a great help

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