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WATCH: Valium makes Raleigh dad giggle on his way to vasectomy

la description:
A Raleigh woman record her husband, who had just taken Valium, on his way to his vasectomy and the results are hilarious!

evadney taylor écrit: COVID19 nasal swab brought me hereUniversal Powder écrit: Valium just takes off the extra thoughts, edge, stress and floods your brain with gaba. This is he's actual character. He seams cool to drink with.Bill Jones écrit: 10mg…really?Mentally Misunderstood écrit: Fuck that what if your kid dies then it’s no more, ripjer48888 écrit: He’s my hero!RonChallengesYou écrit: Lol I live in Raleigh and looking to take ValiumArcadeGo. com fan écrit: My mom got some so let's try itAsad M écrit: Please don't do Benzodazapine medicine specially Valium, it's addicted medicine please , you will addicted soon and it's very hard to go from this medicine, it's Evil Drugنسيمه البحراوي écrit: I need to take a airplane next month and i have phobia from planes and the flight is about 12 hours do you know how much should I take pleaseMichael Place écrit: How much did he take I’m gonna need about that much

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