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Lyrica Anderson – Feenin (Official Video) ft. Kevin Gates

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From the EP, “King Me 2”. Available Now!\niTunes:\nAmazon Music:\nGoogle Play:\n\nDirected by BenMarc\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIt’s been said that the perfect recording artist has a solid grasp of vocals and lyrics, and in Lyrica Anderson’s case, she seamlessly has both. Lyrica has written songs for artists like The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Keri Hilson, Young Jeezy, Jennifer Hudson, Demi Lovato and she landed her first Number 1 on Billboard, penning the song “Pyramid” for Filipina singer Charice featuring Iyaz. In 2012, Lyrica released her debut project King Me, and followed up in 2014 with King Me 2. The project boasts key collaborations from Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, YG, DJ Mustard, and Kevin Gates.\n \nAs Lyrica begins her King Me 2 movement, her songwriting career continues to flourish. She is nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album, as a songwriter on Frankie J’s Faith, Hope Y Amor. She’s also continuing her songwriting and has upcoming releases with Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, Machine Gun Kelly, and Young Jeezy — all while preparing for her debut album. One way or another, Lyrica Anderson will be a household name.\n\nOfficial music video by Lyrica Anderson performing Feenin feat. Kevin Gates. 2014 Lyrica Anderson\n\n#LyricaAnderson #Feenin #Vevo

Laquanda Leggett écrit: When Kevin gates come on it turns me on so much!!Dajah Brown écrit: This is so mind fucking rn SHE needs to leave love and hip hop alone she’ll never reach the top with all the drama she’s surrounded by them people are bringing her down when she deserves to be on top like wtf her voice is amazing!!!!Glo.Sista écrit: How come this song wasn't promoted more?Shemekia Martin écrit: who's listening to this in summer 2020.Kerrica Lester écrit: ����������������sj j écrit: LoveeeJay jay Songs écrit: 2020 this song is a hittttt love you lyrica ����������…….Louann Hernandez écrit: 2020 is so.beta dan a lot of.songs dat get more viewsStaci Williams écrit: This shit knockAnn Arbor Skinny Barbie écrit: Love From Ann Arbor Michigan ����������✨����G W écrit: Let me be 3001 ….love her musicLady in Red écrit: She says needing not feening so get the title rightqueenldm écrit: This was cute. I love Kevin's music, and Lyrica did a great job!Antoinette J écrit: 2020 still lit��Lateya Young écrit: I feel she should of kept it sexy and the video would of had a chance. The concept to me didn't make since. Don't care about her weirdo husband but i think if she made this about all sexy. She .might got 5*Denise Harris écrit: I think sheSashaye Brewer écrit: The beat sounds like something Timbaland would have done in his early days. The song is dope��Qutie Q. écrit: This song been one of my favs ����
THANKS LYRICA✔Honey Ci écrit: This song is dopppeeeeeee lyrica keep goinggggggggggggチャッキー écrit: LISADrucilla James écrit: My favvvv ��Pink Prive écrit: I love this songTracy Knowles écrit: Hard carCamille Wherry écrit: Omgggg this song is the hitChristine Detres écrit: Love this song beat is on fire. ……Chanel oxox écrit: If this was on the radio back in the day when y’all made this it would’ve definitely blew up ��sheila gamble écrit: Lyrica music �� is so fire �� they need to give her air play for real she’s hella dopeShuna Lewis écrit: I love you Lyrica you and you mom. The two of you have beautiful and very angelic voices. Good luck on All of your endeavors from now and always!!!!!Cherelle Cole écrit: I hate when people use Aaliyah she was so unique and treasured, ppl usually dont do her justice but I like this song. ��witney a. écrit: LISANissan_altima Bell écrit: They should’ve did that in a high school campus in Texas Nimitz senior high school. That’s a good song that ideas.Jamille Johnson écrit: She ain’t even have to sing this song like det… ������Olive Evy écrit: 4 page letter tributeYanni B Snow écrit: ����������msearthsign2 écrit: Had she not appeared on a reality show, she could have blown up. But, I can't see her for anything other than on love and hip hop. She messed up her possible image and success by exposing herself. Nice song, but I don't see her the same. FYI if you're trying to make it in the industry: DON'T BE ON A REALITY SHOW.Jannica Flyn Official écrit: Her songs are like sexy, chill, classy, sassy, like it should be played every night and on honeymoons. Or every making outCaroline Savva écrit: One of my absolute favourite songs EVERDasia Williams écrit: Love songVontelle Labrake écrit: Who’s here 2020 ??J Lynn écrit: I str8 locked the door and push u down and put it all on Kevin gates lmao his hood ass self is so sexy idkyAntonela Cruz écrit: Esta canción me alegra la cuarentenaAlexis J écrit: Tell me y’all hear the cricket in the background ����Roger Rolando Reyes écrit: I need her mother to be the back-up vocalist to this song. She killed it live!Desie Msbeauty écrit: That moment When you realise that's Ella Mai in the back seat ��Dopeviibez Intuitive PodCast écrit: In 2020 ������������������Leo Queen écrit: I was searching this song after Lisa dance in knowing bros showTina Lidell écrit: This is my mom's phone and she always listens to thisKia Curry écrit: Sounds like they sampled Timbaland one in a million beatTahitti Tapia écrit: ������Michelle Castro écrit: Love how she added Gates ��������Nikkii P écrit: Still my shit in 2020Jonika Wright écrit: ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������!Latoria Jennings écrit: Stand up..ooh…up…ah Babi.. suge aka prince j HARGROVELatoria Jennings écrit: ��Casiana Guyton écrit: I love she hairCasiana Guyton écrit: I love this song.Lyric Parish écrit: I hate that these new artists be using the REAL Singers Beats For this Generation �� Not Hateing But These New Artists Needs To Find They Own Beats And Leave The Beats Where They Found Them PERIODCaio Ramos écrit: 2020Zaniyah Hall écrit: Let’s here it for 2020 okay girl ✊��jstratus4 écrit: Lyrica yes baby yes this is giving me all the vibes I need.AlishaB écrit: Yal better stop sleeping on lyrica!! Stop playing & stream her music. She’s fire �� ����❣️Vanessa Marquez Ms.Barajas écrit: I'm needing my man Jaci miss u DaddyJennifer Mcgowen écrit: Yessss 2020 here and ready to get my DRANK ON …. OHHHHH BABY OOHHHHHH BABY IM NEEDING U ��������������������������������������������������������Eunique Davis écrit: Okay Lyrica�� you did your thang on this song.nappy roots écrit: 4.1K dislike's came from Love and Hip Hop fans.
128k Fans of GOOD MUSIC!!!!!bunny kookie écrit: i come here cause lisabunny kookie écrit: finally i found this songK G écrit: This can stay on repeat#H.Judah Mack écrit: I know Timbland is proud.Sabrina Elizabeth écrit: I'm still singing this in 2020 ��hipreestis one écrit: Oh hell nall����Jay’Breunna Williams écrit: I never knew she sung this����jermaine Riddle écrit: Biting ��Jacci Matisse écrit: Yes!!Tania Cruz écrit: 2020 still listening ��Mocha Love écrit: This shows you when you leave a ungrateful BM blessing overflow..Candis Bursey écrit: Just now hearing this wtheck ��������PrezTjus Woman écrit: Yo this women is very talented ��Deshae Johnson écrit: 2020 I’m still here ❤️‼️Tiffany Walker écrit: I like this songCourtney Louise écrit: As if am only hearing this song wow she’s amazing����Laponda thickslimbeautifulwomanShuntaeGraham écrit: ft kesihacole and Kevin gates❗️✨✨✨✨✨��Laponda thickslimbeautifulwomanShuntaeGraham écrit: ������ChangingLocale 911 écrit: This beat is sampled from Aaliyah one in a millionchocolate kisses écrit: Never knew this was her omg this was my songgggTiffany Kennedy écrit: Where is this type of video!? That cold video wasn’t it.
She’s so underratedTed Ashley écrit: awesome. you are great . God blessHolly Semien écrit: Beautiful ����������lofakind4sho écrit: wow just started hearing this song 2020… annnd didnt even know it was her until today… needless to say im s out of the loop! lolGiGiRed Cherri écrit: Here after the video ��Tia French Cover BTS écrit: OMG I'm looking for this song since last year I forgot the title ����jay work écrit: The video is wack….but the song is ����������Brianna Francisco écrit: I’m here for all of it ❤️Nicole Raheem écrit: She looks like a different person being skinnyS.Nikole Todd écrit: This sound sooo good!!Bless,loved&cherish ali écrit: 2020 just heard this song! Hot song!Melony Carter-Peete écrit: 5 Year's. Lyrica Please, Re-Release. It's not normal in the music world but, please Try ��. Remake the video with Gates & Evolved Vibes. Definitely A Summer Banger ��������Dasia Williams écrit: Love songTuesdae Townsend écrit: Still ������Erin Nicole écrit: Awwww, I like her. Had no clue she was jammin like this til I heard Marriott. Get it girl ��

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