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In this episode, I discuss a medication known as pregabalin (Lyrica).\n\nSupport the channel on Patreon: \n\n\nTwitter: @talkaboutdrugs\n\nInstagram: @garrett.campb\n\nConnect on Facebook: \n\n\nFor information purposes only!

Vasantkumar patel écrit: How stop dose pregablin 50 mg twice day.Tamara Brown écrit: This med has really helped me deal with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. I don't know what I'd do without it. But I have trouble only using the prescribed amount. More feels better. And I've noticed it does make me stupid when I take a lot. For example, I'm really good at math but on lyrica, I can't even do simple algebra. And lastly, I have a problem thinking of what things are called. I can describe them, but I forget what they're called. Oh, and names of people, too. I've had a decade of severe chronic pain and with the opiod "epidemic", my doctors and even pain clinic won't prescribe them anymore. Lyrica is the only break I get from the pain and it is literally a life saver for me.BeMeeklez Velveeta écrit: Honestly can't believe more people haven't found your channel yet. You're the most informational and constructive YouTuber I watch. Thanks again for making these videos. I know it's hard to maintain something like a YouTube channel especially with the condition you've opened up to us about. You're doing awesome stuff for people (:Magical 801 écrit: Yeah it is a highly abused drugs. The doctors do not tell you about insane withdrawals effects that it causes. It gives you a very good high and also makes you want to go out and do things. Then you realize you do not want to do these fun things you were doing unless you were on the medication. The withdrawals last for like a year to 18 months it's crazyAnthony’s Brennan écrit: Can you become addicted in 3 weeks.shooshoo demoo écrit: You're a star, thank so much for this videoTrump 2020 WJB écrit: Dropped 900Nala Kia écrit: I was taking it for my fibromyalgia but it made me twitch so much.That’s Just Life écrit: I just did a vlog on my channel about my experience with lyrica, come check it out.LILITHS LAIR écrit: Can you orgasm while taking this medication ?LEGEND REAL écrit: THE CHARACTER TALKING IS ARTIFICIAL.Arvie Arvie écrit: this medicine is a killer ,Big_Paul écrit: i have been taking 500mg a day pregabalin for the past 6 years, i had never heard of the stuff until i was prescribed it, i had no idea what it did ect.. my experience on this stuff, i`m up and down with my moods on it, its made me dumb, its made me stupid, taken away my skills, everything i used to able to do, i cant anymore, its taken my emotion away, i have lost track of time, my body is in 2019 but my mind is still in 2013, time stopped and i`m forgetful, cant remember the simplest things, even my friends names, i repeat myself when i`m talking to someone, i tell them something then tell them the same thing again 10 minutes later.. its messed up my brain..Romano Böllermann écrit: I use 2x300mg a day, but I’ll die of phantom limb pain if I don’t. Any ideas?Alex Marshall écrit: Great video. I used 225 mg a day to withdraw from benzodiazepines. Its great that it works better then bromazepam fot meJoshua Kelly écrit: Love the videos, I like researching random drugs when Im bored and your videos are perfect 🙂Misha Sherin écrit: Maxgalin 75 can be used in pregnancy?Jamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Can one take 600mg in one dose? How long would that be effective for?
Instead of breaking it up into two, 300mg doses?
Thank you. 🙂Jamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Do you know what the recommended dose is for generalised anxiety? :]Yedidya Dear écrit: We should collab!

-Nursing Student 🙂Yedidya Dear écrit: You are AMAZING.

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