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The Pros and Cons of Lyrica for Anxiety Treatment

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I wanted to gather my experiences with Lyrica / Pregabalin into one video, where I weigh both the pros and cons. I want to emphasize that experiences with this medication are different for everyone.\n\nCamera: Nikon D5100\nEditing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017\n\nFollow me on Instagram and Facebook! @falloutyogi \nPlease support me on Patreon:

Robert Collins écrit: Im on 600mg Pregablin for Gad anxceity .Georgia Michael écrit: This stuff is treating your symptoms and masking the real reasons for your anxiety.
If you really want to heal pls make some research for ayahuasca.
I wish you all the best on your journey ��Gulag archipelago écrit: But what if when you try to get off them, you find that you have become addicted?Tracy Slechta écrit: Have you tried coming off of it yet? That’s when people run into major problems. The extreme anxiety and hellish nightmares are a bitch. I was the absolute mess. And I only came off of 75 mgAngie Weston écrit: Lyrica is freaking awesome… I been on it for 7 yrs. Hope I never have to do w/o itElliot Bigland écrit: I take lyrica for anxiety it just masks �� my problems it doesn’t get to the root of it ��Woodly Marcello écrit: I have had anxiety and panic disorder for 25 years. Tried all the drugs. Just have a lot of pain now and will probably ask for Lyrica to deal with this pain issue. If you want to try to reduce anxiety and panic symptoms without medications look up Dr. Alicia Meuret at SMU and the CART training. I purchased a unit from Freespira and re-learned how to breathe correctly and balance my blood gases and it works for everyone because its science. Not a cure, but definitely helps reduce symptoms. A lot of meditation practices, yoga practices, etc. help you breathe better which calms the nervous system. There's a scientific reason why these things work and now we have the answer. Thanks for posting this video and keep asking for help when you need to. Lots of us out here willing to help.Scotty Ben1 écrit: Ive been taking lyricas for about a year now and it really has done wonders for my extreme anxiety and depression. The only really bad drawback is that beggining this year I have started getting minor rashes and dark spots on my neck. Now im worried its getting worse and really dont know what to do because this has been one of the only medications that have helped me and I fear the worse if I stop and find no substitute. Please help!Andy Mitchell écrit: Thanks for this very informative video and I hope you are still doing alright on your medication! I have just started Lyrica for GAD (1.5 weeks) and I was wondering how long it took before you felt that it was working. So far, I'd say it is going ok(ish). Not feeling great and struggling mainly with a decreased ability to focus. Some reports I found online said that it worked like a light switch from one day to the next so the fact that I did not experience this light switch moment makes me kind of anxious and doubtful again.Dan écrit: I had a hard time focusing on what the girl in the video was saying cause she's so ga ga gorgeous. ��Unique System écrit: Hi Dana. My name is Antor. I also have GAD and panic disorder like you. Lyrica dose help a lot but do you feel any bad side effects. Please let me know.Michael Clarck écrit: God bless u hope u be okAkash G écrit: Taking LSD analogues and other hallucinogens with an experienced guided mediator works for many of the issues of anxiety, panic attacks etc. I take lyrica with oxycodone and use lsd and its analogues every few months. I can do this therapy by myself but I would adevise a sitter who knows how to ser and sit with anyone looking into this. It is better than a therapist! You get to sort out5a lot under a therapeutic dose!!!Sven Huber écrit: Hi I am on Lyrica for 3 years starting with 75mg up to 600mg for GAD, Panic attacks heavy psychosomatic symptoms. Morning 300mg evening 300mg. Now I am off of it for 2 weeks by about 75mg by a month.
Side effects for the first 3 weeks: like you, nausea, sleepy, headaches
6 months: low libido
during taping off: anxiety, slight headaches
with alcohol no effects:
if you miss a dosage dont worry about it, just go on normally and just leave out the missed dosage
Positive: nice deep sleep, GAD gone no visions like you, now I can talk about it , PA gone, however anxiety will never go away, still have some nightmaresBenny TheKid écrit: Been on pregab since 09 and I'm terrified bout getting off.. a few months ago my script got messed with their dates and I ended up going without for like 36hrs.. on the way to the chemist the next morning to get the pills I had a full blown seizure in the street ended up in hospital where they pumped me full of benzos and ran tests.. I had the seizure because of withdrawal from pregab, I knew it anyway but the Dr's @the hospital agreed.. don't get me wrong the medicine has been a massive help over the years but I truly believe it is dangerous, I'm gonna try a few things to stop starting with plant based medicines.. thanx for the video fallout, not only are u honest and helpful but ur hot and easy to watch.. peace out xDamon Roven Yaffe écrit: Hi! Just stumbled upon your video. Not anxiety related, but prescribed Lyrica 3 days ago. My issue being severe onset of neck/shoulder pain – right side only. Hit me out of nowhere, back on January 3rd. I took Aleve/Advil on/off for over 4 weeks before finally seeing my Dr. Xrays showed no breaks/fractures, yet some images were 'cloudy'. He tried 2 different muscle relaxers – over a 3.5 span. They did nothing. Nearly 11 weeks after the constant aching hit, I got a full series of shoulder, neck & spone MRI's. I use a Johns Hopkins doc and he is highly regarded – he's very solid. Less than 24 hours after he read the images, he had me come right back. Turns out I had 2 nerves in my neck that were nearly fully ruptured from protruding bone spurs. They went in, right then – arthroscopic – and cleaned off the spurs. The nerves were seriously inflamed. 4 days later they did a spine epidural…then a 2nd one 14 days later. My follow up was Tuesday. Things look clean, yet the aching and pain remains. It might take 3-6 months for the nerve pain to fully subside. Lyrica was prescribed. Im now watching and reading all I can about Lyrica. Ive never been a smoker, drinker or druggie. Hardly use meds of any kind, really. So, Im educating myself and being cautious. After 3 days on Lyrica I mainly feel very calm, relaxed and very sleepy. In relation to the pain level – noticing much, however the doc says it takes about 10-12 days for the pain receptors to bind with the drug. Fingers crossed, the Lyrica works. Just sharing. If others use it for pain management – lmk your experiences. As for this vid, Im glad its helping you. You're truly a naturally gorgeous woman. All my best to you.Gee Wiz écrit: You seem like such a sweet soul. May God keep youChristopher Greenough écrit: So pretty, wishing u well.
I'm able to get things done and focus 100% better with Lyrica. Have more patience and am more social it's like cause the pain and anxiety is gorn I can function like a normal person again.Scotian Coast écrit: I was perscribed lyrica a couple weeks ago but I haven't started taking it yet. I'm supposed to take it for pain but I suffer from anxiety as well and that's what's keeping me from taking it. Almost everytime I take a new drug I have a panic attack and I'm nervous of that happening again. I didn't know it was used for anxiety until now so I'm hoping it will be alright to take. I'm supposed to take 75mg twice a day and I was wondering what dose you started off at? Is 75mg a small does and will I have really bad side effects is pretty much what I'm wondering? I can handle being drowsy but there are other things that freak me out about this drug. Any advice would be great. Thanks.jacob kanal écrit: Does it make you sleep an infant? How are you doing now?Joanne Pereira écrit: Thank You dear I guess everyone has diferente experience.. ��������GenSneaky81 écrit: I started taking lyrica 2 days ago for neck pain. Had a shot in my spine and it didn’t help, so the doctor prescribed Lyrica until my surgery. I suffer from extreme anxiety. I stutter sometimes if talking to 2 or more people at once. I speak low, and am asked to repeat myself a lot!

Yesterday at work was my first day on Lyrica, and I was the life of the party at work. I felt good about life. One thing I noticed, is that I felt like I could take huge breaths. Kinda like when I would take Stacker 2’s in the early 2000’s. But the butterflies went away, and I was able to control the lunch conversation at a table of 6. I usually turn red when people make me part of the conversation, but not yesterday. I know I’m still early into taking this medication, but so far, so good. I also take vistaril for anxiety.Anders Wennerblom écrit: Thanks. I am starting to take Lyrica tomorrow at a low dose 50 mg, Three times a day. I read also about all kinds of side effect but will give it a try anyhow.Himani Sharma écrit: I have prescribed lyrica for my body widespread pain I am taking 75mg in morning I want to know what it will increase my weightCinGin écrit: Well done good videoCinGin écrit: Con – it's very expensive in South Africa!Unpopular Patriot écrit: I use it as needed for anxiety, a coup,e times a week. Taking any meds daily is normally not healthy.Graham Purdy écrit: I was on 150 4 time,s a day I came of them cold Turkey I did not sleep for 7 mounts I felt like killing my self this drug is pioson please DO not take this drug.Cloud 9 écrit: When you open the capsules up it looks like cocaine and tastes horrid. Dont do it.Cloud 9 écrit: Easy drug to get off, i took 2500mg in a day once i felt like i was on crack. If used right its not too bad but i used abused everything from alcohol to benzodiazepines, methamphetamine to heroin and suboxone. I got off it all except alcohol due to seizures. Lyrica at 300mg at max i believe is fine if you need it.stylianos kostudianos écrit: lyrica is great i take it too im happy for you thet y are ok and i hope to be forever.. 🙂Nicole Eberlein écrit: I have been taking Lyrica for the past ten years for pain. I also have very bad anxiety and panic attacks…. the Lyrica has not helped me with that at all..Mark Austin écrit: I take lyrca best thing for my depressing when nothing else worked. But then again it works different to other people . It an have a major effect one way or another. Me not being a doctor what would i know.Mourad Awad écrit: You’re so pretty 🙂RichMusic écrit: Lyrica is terrible for me I take it for my epilepsy.I have been on it for nearly three months it was supposed to help my anxiety and depression aswell but I have started having sucidal thoughts over the past 2 weeks which is why I am requesting to come off it.Great Video by the way!Jenn Martinello écrit: The doctors don't know $hit!MR HotRod écrit: You’re Hot…eddie brady écrit: How long have you been on this medication? you sound really positive ive started my first dose today .After listening i feel confident im going to get a break from anxiety and panic attackseddie brady écrit: Thanks for the video very honest and helpful ��Lad Book écrit: And this isnt my own experiences.. my dad, father inlaw and uncle was prescribed this for various reseans and jave all had negative experiences.. this chick annoys me ��Lad Book écrit: Evil stuff stay away.. drs hand this out like candy, wish id done my researchHeidi Georgiadis écrit: PLUS, those Pfiser cheaters were charging five hundred and fifty dollard for a month of supply. To pay for their poison. Melt your insides out.Heidi Georgiadis écrit: Lyrica is a drug from hell. I am an RN. I also spoke with an anesthesiologist recently who told me directly that to date she has not yet seen any of her patients tolerate Lyrica long term. Too many toxic, undesirable side effects. Lyrica put me in the hospital five times. I am fortunate to be left with my life. Get off it while you can.F M écrit: Thank you, and I must say you have done this video, as beautifully as you are, you have really done it in a way, people with similar symptoms one can relate including me. Thank You for the infoSulejman Omeragic écrit: Where are you now? Did you get off pregabalin? I want to get off suboxxon and doktor give me pregabalin… I m not takeing that shit, from one stuff to another… Who wants to live whit out tablets need to lover your doze max and just cold turkey… It is not bad when you lover doze…Walter Houben écrit: Sooooooooooooooooo cute ! �� and very informative ����������Patrick McMullen écrit: I see all over the web how this wears off. Is their ANYBODY here that it's still working for them with anxiety after a long period??Kim Furuwal écrit: Damn you're hot.Howard Davies écrit: Load of little old mokeys bollocks really. Lyrica is a fuckwit.Joao Faria écrit: I am baffled to know that Pregabalin and Gabapentin ate so problematic. I took the maximum dosage of both, separately, for months on end for neuropathy and it was as good as placebo.
Does the composition varies depending on the country, specifically the UK and USA.JA M écrit: Yes you are so very right. everyone is different thank you Jesus for thatc hernandez écrit: I have 2 months with the medicine I it is not working anymore , does anyone had the same experience? I started with 75g a day then 300g it worked for a while but not anymore. I feel really sad I tough that finally this nightmare was gone.5-String rebel écrit: You have the weirdest accent.
Is it Scottish/Canadian/American or what?Patrick McMullen écrit: Hi, I've been on Gabapentin about 9 months…1,800mg per day total..spread out. My Dr. suggested Lyrica and i'm going to talk with him in a couple weeks about it. I see the very very bad cmments about it……….someoine mentioned being on it for many years then having to quit. That scares me alot! I don't mind being on it for many years, but will it really wear off on me after many years on it??? By the way, anyone been on it for very long period of time for anxiety?David Corper écrit: so glad to hear that pregablin has stopped your panic attacks, I have been getting them for 8 years and it is hell on earth. you can't focus on making good life choices when your constantly in fear, especially for no logical reason. I had a car accident 11 years ago and pregablin is the only medication that helps me without real addiction which you can never understand unless you have been there. (try getting off oxycontin after 5 years) pregablin is not addictive to the extent of destroying a life and it will help many people I'm sure despite it not being perfect.Amanda Davidson écrit: Thanks for the info and your experiences. God bless!C Mcc écrit: I have to take 300mg a day… and everyday i wake the first thing i thought of was the tabletsCedevita Azbuka écrit: <3XO Adez écrit: You're from Denmark? You should come off these pills and start taking Kratom!

I've been taking it for about 2 weeks and HOLY SHIT! It's made me a better person, I'm happy, I'm outgoing, I'm off pain medication (broken pelvis), I'm still on Pregabalin because of nerve pain… But try Kratom!

I think it's legal in Europe as I buy mine from Germany.

Just don't take it with any anti depressants. Green Maeng Da (Kratom) works well! Youtube it. ����‍♂️Kian O’Donoghue écrit: Thank you Dana, really informative!c hernandez écrit: I am on my second day of this medecine seems that works for me so far..I can sleep better so farNessa UK écrit: Has anyone here suffered memory loss due to lyrica? I used to be sharp as a razor now I can't remember what I'm doing from one second to the next,my concentration is zero and I function robotically its pure hell.KD6-3.7 écrit: You are so beautiful stay strong and always find the silver lining in life!Ivan Clements écrit: Get ready for the withdrawal I'm on day 28 of withdrawal from 600 mill a day for anxiety decided to quit this shit cos they're being used to dumb down suppress keep people mentally enslaved. When you stop taking this drug you WILL consider suicide if your that way enclined.Jason McKee écrit: Forgot to take it , ask yourself WHY , & it's addictive big time , try cognitive behavioural therapy,
I'm sorry to say but this drug will go down in history worse than diazapam.Picuda tequilera écrit: thank you, I've taking it and I don't get hungry barely eat and been gaining a lot of weight and really hard to ose, I swim a lot but I don't loose weight,Elaine Caudill écrit: I took 50 mg of lyrica morning an nite 6 years no problemshelium 30 écrit: Im Bi polar and i have chronic panic/GAD along with that.My new doc put me on lyrica 150 x 3 a day and its great.Just watch what you eat,i eat healthy and exercise.I put on about 6 pounds at first but once i watch my eating the weight fell off. I will always suffer with bi polar disorder but lyrica has been good for me.Read the side effects of over the counter meds and you would take nothing.Chris E écrit: Watching from Germany:) Thank you so much for sharing your experience with lyrica! I have gad and I have been reading up on it on the Internet and got really freaked out after i came across all these horrifying stories. Your neutral Point of view really gave me the courage to give it a try!tom stokes écrit: Hi. I liked the video but had to ask a question. When you first started taking them (In the 2-3 week range) did you feel slightly hyperactive and a kinda numb? I ask because I had a really bad couple of months before taking Lyrica and wonder if it's just my brain getting used to feeling 'normal-ish' again. Thank you, it would be nice to hear some feedback.D Sun écrit: I think there are several reasons Pregabalin is demonized online… 1.) It's way over prescribed nowadays and the benefits aren't outweighing the side effects for those individuals. 2.) It's wrongly blamed for symptoms caused by underlying illnesses/side effects from other medications 3.) The method of action for Pregabalin isn't well understood by science yet, leaving some people to assume the worst. 4.) Negativity begets negativity… The people making sensational claims about Pregabalin online are the vocal minority. For most, if a medication works, they take it happily and never mention it unless a need arises.OxyCo Foxy écrit: I take Lyrica for sciatic nerve pain and it helps. I also get nervous and shit too (which i refuse to see a doctor for it) and Lyrica has helped claim me down. But god damn i get bad withdrawls if i miss a dose or have to go a day withoutJessiCat écrit: Lyrica has worked wonders for my anxiety, and it's non-addictive! I was prescribed it for fibromyalgia, and athough, I don't know how it works for my pain, it has stopped me from having panic attacks, which were dibilitating. I haven't had even one since I started either. I have extreme anxiety, and it has been a miracle drug for me. I have been on it for a few years now, and I take 100mlg 3x daily.Andreas Englund écrit: I hope that I have the same good reactions regarding my anxieties. Your videos have given my hope in my future treatment with Lyrica. I wish you good luck, fra en nabo i Sverige!Sue Lynch écrit: im on tis so hard if u miss a dayAnthony O’Donnell écrit: GABBAPENTIN OR PREGABBLIN ARE VERY GOOD MIDICATIONS FOR NEUROPATHIC PAIN (FROM E.G. DUABETIES), EPILEPSY, PANICK DOSORDER. IT MUST BE NOTED THAT THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM SOLVER, IE, IT WONT STOP THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM, IE, WITHOUT PREGABBLIN IN YOUR SYSTEM, YOUR PAIN IS LIKELY TO STILL BE THERE. AS WELL AS PANICK DISORDER, WHILST ON PREGABBLIN YOU MAY HAVE 0 PANICK, HOWEVER, WHILST ON THE PREGABBLIN THE PANICK MAY NOT BE PRESENT!!! In my personal opinion, GABBAPENTIN & PREGABBLIN should only be used for a short period; in conjunction (if one is taking it gor panick disorder) with, ie, CBT & OR COUNCILLING. So when your medication is stopped, the psychiatric care is still there. It must also be noted that both, GABBAPENTIN and PREGABBLIN are highly addictive; hence my prior statement that one should be on it gor a short period of time!!! I have wittnessed somebody withdrawing from PREGABBLIN & GABBAPENTIN. In short, it didnt look nice. They had, paranoia, anxiety, cramps, pain, being physically sick, withdrawn from society, depression . This is why i RECCOMMEND short duration of treatment. When the patient us tsken off PREGABBLIN OR GABBAPENTIN; it should be noted that it dhould be reduced very slowly, over a long petiod of time, depending on the patient and there diagnosis *(why there on the meds in the 1st place) i hope this helps the reader. TonyPolish Lass écrit: This won't cure u, only sessions with professionals can help. Lyrica will make it worst. Get ready girl ��Polish Lass écrit: Latest research shows irreversible brain damage after using lyrica. Pfizer has a lot to pay as compensation. I cannot watch this….. You'll see side effect, when you'll have to stop it. After 3 days withdrawal it's coming. This is not medication, it's genocide.whisper whispers écrit: Thanks so much for this video. I've just been prescribed this for GAD and panic disorder too as was getting crippling panic attacks whenever i was left on my own. Today is day 3. I am underweight sonim really hoping this will be a miracle pill if it stops my panic attacks and puts weight on. They say this is similar to diazepham just wondered if youd ever had any valium or benzos and if so do you feel this to be as effective?.'xd3nv1 écrit: In my case it was great for neutralising stress and anxiety. It totally blanked them out. However, it does make my appetite greatly increase. (My weight has increasing about 50 lbs). ALSO, I lose about 20 IQ points whilst on it. Other than that it's been great for me. ( I keep hearing that coming off it is like heroin withdrawal !! – I am not looking forward to that….)

Add: Forgot to mention – it has also stopped my Migraine with visual aura, which I've been having since I was 11 ! So that's a great side effect I was not expecting !Valdrin Cuca écrit: I'm in two types of medication right now, because i was taking prestiq for about 4 months but it didn't work for me, so i talked to my doctor and now i'm using lyrica before sleep and deprevix in mid-day. I feel more calm now not stressed or nervous no negative thoughts so i think is working for me.Valdrin Cuca écrit: I'm glad your HappyRachel H écrit: I just started Lyrics today and I'm glad I came across your video. I have fibromyalgia and I've tried everything else. I put off this medication because of the side effects and what others said about it. Cymbalta made me feel sick to my stomach so I stopped it. I didn't push past it I just chalked it off to, I couldn't tolerate it and needed to stop taking it. My doctor never said to push pass that so I stopped it. I also have depression and anxiety. Have you taken other medication for anxiety in the past?AnnieNashh écrit: I have just been diagnosed with GAD and started taking this med thankyou so much for making this video im in the midst of side effects and getting used to them so this has made me feel a bit hopeful to keep taking them to correct dosage xxxBenedictus écrit: so beautiful… wowNuAgeHyppie 1 écrit: No disrespect, but do you realise that your experiences are no more or less "biased" than anyone else's..? I hope you have positive experiences always and wish you all the best with your GAD..chrm1993 Marin écrit: I took ONE Lyrica for anxiety. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE, So bad I had to leave work, and everything around me on the freeway started moving slow, in a circular motion. It made me so dizzy I couldn't walk straight. I managed to make it home safely and collapsed onto my bed thinking thank god this night mare is about to be over!. Well this thought was three and a half years ago, That following morning I woke up with severe pain in my hands, I couldn't even turn a door knob the pain was so bad. Here I am years later and just wasted juice all over myself attempting to pour due to the sudden crackling pain I get in my hands when I grab something. I didn't have any physical pain before Lyrica. Now my hands feel broken all the time, I also Have back pain from hell randomly when I sleep on a normal firm bed. Keep it mind Im only 25, and have been suffering since 22 from one lyrica "pregbalin" pill. Does anyone have any suggestions?Brian Macpherson écrit: Hi Dana, I have watched all your Vlogs and they are very helpful I must say. Like you I am also Scottish but lived in South Africa and now Lincoln, England. I have started the same journey as you and am on day 5 of Pregabalin on 75 mg x 2 daily and go up on Tuesday to 150 x 2 daily. I really hope it works as my anxiety is just so debilitating. I suffer also from Depression, Anxiety and Agoraphobia. I have found that my anxiety has just taken over and I am completely housebound with Agoraphobia at present. I had a health scare last Christmas and that just blew me away and set the Agoraphobia off. I have also been dignosed with GAD and panic disorder. I am really grateful to watch your journey as it gives me hope for the future. Well done for having the courage to make these vlogs. I take my hat off to you that you manage to work. I will keep you in the loop as to how my journey goes with Pregabalin. I am praying as it is a last resort, they have tried everything else. Take care, Brian xTom Colgan écrit: What dosage of Lyrica are you currently on per day and do you find it manageable? Do you find that your tired during the day or can last the whole day with no problem

Ps – brilliant informative video

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