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MG #75 -THE METAL EPISODE (what do all these numbers mean?)

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Lets talk metal. Like, iron vs steel, 4340 vs 300m etc etc. Stuff you need to know when looking for new parts for your truck. What is is made of does matter!\n\n\nMany thanks to Bilstein, Eaton, Off Road Design, DIY4X and Yukon Gear and Axle for their support!\n\nCheck them out:\n\nBilstein Suspension –\nBilstein Coilovers –\nBilstein Bump Stop –\nEaton Lockers –\nYukon Hardcore Locking Hub 35 –\nYukon Gear and Axle –\nOff Road Design –\nDIY4X –\n\n\n\nMy Amazon Store, buy cool things:\n\nCome find me on instagram:\n\nAmsoil for your engine:\n\nFacebook:

yerwrng écrit: Pressure angle the spline are cut at makes a difference in strength for example Dana axle uses a different pressure angle than AAM , so while a 35 spline dana axle is going to bigger and stronger than a 30 spline dana axle …lol… it's not going to be bigger and stronger than a 30 spline AAM that's cut different and this small detail is why so many people think a 35 spline dana axle is stronger than a 30 spline 14 bolt axle… because they don't know the basics.zachattack745 écrit: Butt metal…BobcatM3 écrit: Good info sir. Metal 101GRANOLA GRIZZLY écrit: That's lit

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