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Lucy thought her prescribed pain drug was safe. Now she’s warning others to stay away | ABC News

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A controversial drug has become the most prescribed pain killer in Australia, despite serious concerns about its side effects.\n\nRetailed as \ »Lyrica\ », the drug pregabalin is known to cause anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.\n\nIt’s been linked to 150 deaths in Australia since it was listed on the PBS in 2013.\n\nNinety-eight of those were fatal overdoses.\n\nAnd there were almost 1,000 reports of adverse side effects.\n\nIn 86 of those cases, people has suicidal thoughts.\n\nLucy Pallot had never experienced the lows of depression and anxiety until she started taking pregabalin.\n\nKellie Lazzaro reports.\n\nRead more here:\n\nFor more from ABC News, click here:\nYou can watch more ABC News content on iview:\n\nSubscribe to us on YouTube:\nGo deeper on our ABC News In-depth channel:\nYou can also like us on Facebook:\nOr follow us on Instagram:\nOr even on Twitter:

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