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Benzodiazepine Dependence and Withdrawal – How To Avoid This

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Benzodiazepine or benzos for short, is the class of drug that works at the GABA receptors in your brain to produce a relaxing or sedative effect. We use benzodiazepines to treat short-term anxiety and sleep. Some doctors will use them as a muscle relaxer – Valium is pretty typical for this. They can also be used to stop a seizure. You may get valium or Ativan prior to a procedure like a colonoscopy.\n\nThe common benzodiazepines or benzos for short that we use for anxiety are Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax and Valium. \n\nBenzodiazepines are habit forming and it’s easy to become addicted to them. Here’s why. Benzos cause a tolerance effect. This means if you take them regularly like daily or several times a week, overtime the effect can wear off and you;ll need to take more to get the same effect. So now instead of a half pill or one pill working, you notice you need two pills. \n\nThis is a medication tolerance effect. It can happen to anyone and is not the same as addiction. If this happens to you, it doesn’t mean you’ve been misusing the medication or have an addition. Addiction involves developing a psychological dependence on it where you need to take it.\n\nDaily, long term use is associated with cognitive changes like not being as mentally sharp. It can create balance problems in some people where you just aren’t quite solid on your feet. This can be a big problem with elderly people by increasing their risk of falls.\n\nIn this video I discuss the details of what dependence looks like versus addiction. I also discuss how to avoid developing a dependence.\n\nWant to know more about mental health and self-improvement? On this channel I discuss topics such as bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), relationships and personal development/self-improvement. I upload weekly. If you don’t want to miss a video, click here to subscribe. https://goo.gl/DFfT33 \n\nDisclaimer: All of the information on this channel is for educational purposes and not intended to be specific/personal medical advice from me to you. Watching the videos or getting answers to comments/question, does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. If you have your own doctor, perhaps these videos can help prepare you for your discussion with your doctor.

hunkschannel écrit: Now I'm even more affraid of quitting ambien, klonopin, zoplicone and weed (that's what I take on a daily for basis for years) I'm doomedIronwood NF écrit: I been taking Xanax for years. I use it on the weekends to unwind instead of beer. My life is doin better than it ever has been. I also test and there is withdrawal but nothing compared to Klonopin. Just never daily because for me it wasn't a slippery slope but for some as all things are.Namjong digru écrit: So true.Denise LeBeau écrit: Three months……by that time your body is so physically dependent. Dr. you have never taken this poison and it should be banned for anyone to never START this Med. I have worked with a dr three times to come off of a benzo and ended up in hospital each time. I am 67 and was given this poison 11 years ago….needless to say, it has ruined my life. End of story.Duc Phan écrit: Please advise what to do, Dr. Tracey!Duc Phan écrit: I felt unsafe as my daughter took lorazepam 2.5mg every day for more than 2 years now. When I showed anxiety of addiction the treating doc said cut it 1/4 down, but when cut down she cud’nt sleep and have to go back to one whole pill. Now very worried but don’t know what to do.Kristine Willems écrit: You fix a problem by creating another one. In the mean time precious money, time and good health is being lost. My God, this is insanity to me. ��You_know_me écrit: Is there any real help for benzo withdrawal I sorry but I can't live the rest of my life like this.Norman Snowman écrit: I am glad glad that here in germany benzos are prescribed les often tan in the US. From what i know from my personal experience benzos are primarily prescribed in germany for suicidality and strong forms of agitation in major mental illnessesJohn C écrit: ATTN If you are going to talk about how bad your withdrawal was in this comment section you need to give your whole story, how long your were on them, how much were you on and do you drink alcohol which makes things worse. if you don't give all your information you ARE NOT HELPING ANYBODY but just confusing people Come on folks this is so basic!!Lisa R écrit: Excellent video! I was prescribed klonoplin due to severe anxiety. I was unable to go down the route of antidepressants because I have bipolar 1. My psychiatrist did not want to prescribe another antipsychotic medication used for anxiety because he felt it could make me more depressed and the lithium was helping with mania but I was still dealing with depression (nothing as severe as what it was before lithium). The psychiatrist thought that my extreme anxiety keeping me in depression. My doc was excellent in explaining the addictive nature of benzos and how he would help me wean off them in about 3-6 months. I have felt the urge to up my dose from .25 to .5 but because of being aware of how addictive it is I have resisted and intend come off it by the end of the year. It has worked wonders on my anxiety. I was so anxious I could not feel my body and within about three days I felt a calmness come over me and my extremities returned. The other thing my doc did was put in touch with a psychologist that I see each week so I can learn to manage anxiety better. The main side effect I have is just feeling off balance, walking into door jams more often etc. I also have more problem remembering words. This was an issue with lithium but has become more worse. I just rely on others to tell me what the word is – what’s that blue thing shaped like a rectangle – pencil case. Haha it’s not too bad and people are good about it.
These videos are excellent and very informative. Thank you for taking the time to produce them.Eric Kwapong écrit: Can you cover Mood Stabilizers? Especially the relation to mental sharpness.Kamber Baugh écrit: I have been on some sort of benzodiazepine for more that 10 years. When I became pregnant in 2018, I didn't even know I could get pregnant bc I had been trying for 13 years, anyways I had my doctor help me wean off the medication over a 3-4 month period and my OBGYN upped my folic acid to help prevent neural tube defects while coming off of the medication. I stopped my prozac immediately when i found I was pregnant, and was weaned off wellbutrin over a 2 month period bc when used a long side of benzos it can cause seizures if you quit either abruptly. I didn't take any anxiety medication again until my son was about 6 months old. I wasn't sleeping. I would go up to 96 hrs without sleep and it wasn't bc my son was a difficult baby, I just couldn't sleep or relax. I started blacking out and my doctor started me back on my medication and I am still on it today. It has improved my life significantly. It does not make me tired at all, it just relaxes my body. But I usually have a paradoxical reaction to medications. Xanax gives me energy but Vyvanse, for binge eating, makes me fall asleep within 1-2 hrs after taking. BTW prozac never helped with my anxiety it actually increased it.Lennart Hagen écrit: Its a living hell i have taken valium and Nitrazepam for 12"13 years, presribedLuke 078 écrit: Long story short: Phil is screwed.vanesa valdez écrit: Clonazepam caused me Dry eye :'(Veronica Lopez écrit: Doctor leaving clonazepam is it life threatening???Lindsay Marie écrit: Wish they would of told me this when they put me on it at 27!Luke Aladeen écrit: I am going through Xanax withdrawal, I went from 2mg to 0.5mg, I'm slowly trying to ween off it. I'm also talking Lexapro for depression and anxiety. Dr Marks, how long will this last? I feel so anxious at the moment.Gleisiel Araujo écrit: What seems to me is American doctors prescribe very high doses when they could start with small doses and see how the patient reacts. I've taken them on and off, sometimes for years and didn't really have a hard time coming out of them. The doses given to me were small and to be taken just once a day. People say benzos and antidepressants are poison. I totally disagree. They saved me from panic attacks in my teens and also made my life much easier when I had depression as a young adult. When I hear people say benzos kill, I think thats very, very exaggerated. That kind of medication, if taken correctly, saves lives and gives quality of life to people who need it.bruttosporcoecattivo écrit: I've been taking clonazepam, for chronic pelvic pain, for 2 weeks now. Started with 3 drops at night, now I'm at 9 drops (1 drop = 0.1 mg). I want to stop. Never liked the idea of taking drugs plus I dont like the feeling. Too sleepy and groggy the next day. Keep in mind, even 9 drops isn't a huge dose. Anyway, would It be dangerous if I give It up cold turkey, or should I tape it off gradually? Any advice would be grealty apreciated.Robert Smith écrit: I'm taking 2mg daily for 16 years and I can feel the long term effects. I want to stop taking them but I have panic disorders and it's terrifying to even bring up the conversation about stopping them. Rock and a hard place situation I noticed when I only take like 1mg I get like depersonalization disorder problems. I cry out for help but only on the inside because life without that pillow is horrific so I stay silent.Mega Hawk écrit: Benzos are poison not a medicine, 10 yrs of withdrawal agonyοὐτόπος écrit: of course is an addiction like any other, what sbout when morfine and heroin were legal and given by doctors? Was then not an adiction and now, that is not legal, it is an adiction? It is an addiction.Francois Beavertree écrit: tynicbleu écrit: alex mahone had Benzodiazepine withdrawal when he was in sonaJosie Sunshine écrit: I am trying to get off clonazepan for 1 year now, doesnt matter what I do … I always go back to it because the side effects is the worse thing I have ever experienced in my life.kfc santaclaus écrit: I took 20 at one time, blacked out and woke up in a chicken coupeRichmar Duran écrit: Hi doctor tracey i have medication ecitalopram (conjupram) anti depressant and xanor but i dont take them because im scared of the side effect the only problem that i have is overthinking and worrying things wich i know its non sense i can sleep properly and eat properly and also im not comfortable in front of other people like im shy to them what should i do ? I need to take the medication or not? All i want is to overcome it naturally thank you .Tim Peterson écrit: I have had experience with my loved one taking kolopin. It was terrible he is an addict and would take kolopin for a high. That caused him to be angry and became to be a monster. I was very scared during this time he was also taking diarrhea pills. Lucky he is in rehab right now and getting the help he needs.Mihai Samiș écrit: I am a 24 years old male and i had taken benzodiazepines daily for the last 3 – 4 years with periods with heavy abuse plus alcohol in the past 2 years. i am 2 months free now with no long lasting problems after the withdrawal. I do not experience any cognitive impairment ( or any that i can notice) but the studies of permanent brain damage create me lots of anxiety …. 🙁Knocknitshark écrit: i feel like phils doctor dident like like him very much so he gave him the worst possible treatment for anxiety, the benzo treatment, just to get rid of him hopefully for goodMiss Lady écrit: Dr. Mark's, do you have experience with benzo-induced akathisia? I think I have it. I've been on benzos for 12 years. I started 1 mg at night only. After the 8th year it stopped working, and my Dr immediately tried to taper me off. Almost 5 years later and I'm still going through hell. I'm still trying to taper, but it feels impossible. My problem isn't with anxiety, it's with the inner restlessness. I have no inner peace or rest. I can't settle down inside. My nerves inside feel like they are on overdrive. It's hard to sit still, hard to concentrate. I have to keep shifting my position, or when I'm sitting down I have do move my legs. It's utter torment.aStone Mirror écrit: Is it possible that I'm in withdraw from Valium after only taking them a few days a month…and it's been about one month since I had any.
And I feel depressed, anxious and my equilibrium is off.
Thank you for any information.Vasja Kej écrit: I am 27 year old female. I think I will die from withdrawl. I am off benzos for the first time in my life. I dont know how to live, my doctors dont know how to help me, I live in 3rd world society and look for help anywhere I can – so even online help is good. But seems like nothing works against this devil.Áron Ó Maoil Eoin écrit: Thank you for this videoKevin Burrell écrit: Been on klonopin for 13 years now and going through alot of hell. I'm going through alot of loneliness in my life and have Noone so I take it to help with that.. I try to explain to my doctor but she's not very supportive at all. she's not a good doctorKevin Burrell écrit: I hate XanaxPARVEEN KAJAL écrit: Thanks DoctorFritz Baden écrit: Tolerance and addiction go hand in hand. Yes, they aren't the same thing, but drugs that have high rates of tolerance generally cause addiction.Erika Torres écrit: Wait so is propranolol a benzoJp Jp écrit: Hi I only been taking Ativan for about 3 weeks why do I feel worst when I don’t take them doctors have denied me for refills now I’m trying to keep it together and trying to calm downshkunk1 écrit: I REFUSE to engage in daily use. I average 3 or 4 Klonopin a month. If I had to go to a convention or something I would probably take it daily for the duration, but quickly cut back (4 days max). The thought of addiction scares me. I will suffer what I can to avoid it.Jan Cox écrit: My mother who is 93 years old on .5 mg at night for 10 years. She is out can't get them refilled. What will happen to her.Naama Holmes écrit: Thank you for this video. I've been on it for 6 years (clonozepam) my Dr never told me about the dependency that comes with that because he was paid in cash and wanted me to keep coming back. Once I switched doctors, my new Dr after 3 months of being completely ok with it said that she was cutting me off. I completely panicked. I was on 2 mg a day. I called her back after realizing how sick I'm getting and she said ok.. I will wean you off with in a 4 month period. I know you are busy but please tell me what you think. IAM really nervous and no one seems to understand I had no idea what I was getting into when I was put on this medication. IAM scared.. I hope you read this and have some insight..Chris S écrit: The worse drug dealers have PhDscatherine kelly écrit: Leo Sternbach owns the intellectual property on the benzodiazepine molecule. Jew who addicted people since 1961! Kava and Passion Flower are gabanergic like bzs. Don't use bzd!catherine kelly écrit: the same dose can be used for seizure disorder; Epilepsy – without increaseSara C écrit: How do I get off Benzos when I have massive anxiety & panic attacks? I have had near death getting off them w Gabetine. Always go back. But I have no idea what to do for panic attacks. I don't like tolerance I have. Thank you so much.Wen Dee écrit: That broken glass scared the crap out of me, let me go take my benzo.sikj écrit: So is Propranolol safe to take daily long-term for anxiety?Carla Leone écrit: My brother ran out of clonazepam and felt tremendously bad (his doctor rescheduled and he didn't have any pills left). He went to the hospital three or four times to get a shot, and nobody would give him a prescription forcing him to come back the next day… all of this during a pandemic.deeDrama206 écrit: I was put on clonapin and it started to affect my liver really bad.Abe Kelly écrit: Benzos are POISON !!!!
Never ever never take this drug.
If your doctor tries to prescribe this for you… RUN.
That doctor is trying to kill you.
My son is 21 and benzos have destroyed him and everything and everyone around him. Wrecked cars, rehab, jail, doctors (who basically do nothing but suggest another pill), holes punched in walls, broken doors, broken hearts, broken dreams. His mother and sister have PTSD from his Xanax fits. His brother won't talk to him. I am heartbroken and financially strapped.
He is passed out on Xanax right now. When he becomes conscious we are in for at least two days of pure hell. He never remembers any of it. Benzos erase your brain. Once you get on the Benzo train… you can never get off.Cynthia Ennis écrit: Finally! Someone telling the truth about these drugs BEFORE one decides to take them! SUPER!Robert McCall écrit: Thanks! I'm currently tapering off with my psychiatrist. I was on 1 mg a day for 10 years and now I am down to .5 a day. The first cut was rough. Getting ready to cut 12% more next month and ride for a bit.fistwood écrit: Hi, my psychiatrist just prescribed me Ativan, for my insomnia, just 1 mg before bed, is it safe?Ryan B écrit: Just a question. I have had a really hard time this month from side effects of a drug called buspar and then trying zoloft. It’s been about 3 weeks but I am still not feeling amazing but have improved. I was suffering from massive panic attacks all day long almost everyday. I still feel all the discontinuation syndrome and take a small dose of a benzo at nighttime to cope and just ibuprofen during the day. I am considering giving up on antidepressants entirely but was curious about an antidepressant called remeron. I am afraid of long term benzo use as even klonopin does not work for me. My psychiatrist is hoping to get me to baseline and take me off my extended release xanax by then as my relief was just not enough and we felt my life was in danger. Should I be worried and concerned or give up on antidepressants entirely. I have tried 3 in the past with bad side effects but never this terrible. I am scared of never getting better. I also am scared of getting addicted to benzos although I do have an amazing psychiatrist now with 60 years worth of experience. I do not like being hyperactive either it’s uncomfortable and makes things worse hence buspar and zoloft really messed me up.Susannah Allen écrit: As bad as Benzos sound and the side affects I am surprised that when given the instruction of usage its too vague. Take it but only if you need to and I’d rather you not take it more than you want to. People don’t Understand the ramifications and detriment of this drug and they trust the doctor explicitly. They don’t do research and I don’t understand why doctors aren’t more strict and emphatic about what can happen if you don’t follow the instructions. I have researched the short term use as 2 to 4 weeks not three months. After hearing Jordan Peterson story about this drug it is scary as all get out and I would never touch it.wendy C écrit: not addicted but dependentCory Modzeleski écrit: There are alternatives for Benzos, I have been prescribed Vistaril and Tenex for my panic attacks. And I hear a lot of people have Gabbapentin.Disingenuous White-Boy écrit: the specialists never mention the debilitating inability to breathe; akin to COPD
xanax gives you brain damage that can take years to correct itself, and the psych meds they hand out like candy to mentally off people pushes them over the edge. its like they do this on purpose in the guise of helping people with the purpose of driving them to suicide, because of prescription kick backs. its all about their making money off of your pain. and they claim to be health professionals. go ahead, Dr. Marks, delete my comment of further truth that exposes your kind for loving money over life, at least other people's lifeMark Palavos Vrahotes écrit: If you are taking 40 mg benzo a day and not pass out. Ive been taking it for 6 years. Does that mean I am an addict.Autumn Petersen écrit: when that glass shattered I about jumped straight out of my chair! lolMichal Ďurana écrit: Hello. Are you czech please?Den Maskerade Daskaren écrit: Fuck benzos. It's a nightmare quitting, it took me about 6 months of horrible withdrawls before I could function.BGivka écrit: Thanks for this. Good information.acidbath32 écrit: To get off Benzos you need a several things, first of all you need to get yourself some phenibut especialy if you are on a high dose and you've been taking it for years. 2nd you need to get some CBD Isolate, Third you nee dto get some ginger. Mix then all toether and they will remove any problems you have from the acute withdrawal. for the rest of the swithdrawal you will have to exercise, smoke pot, distract your mind some other way. It is possible though and this has come frfom someone whos been through methadone, suboxone, benzos, etcDavid D écrit: You just freaked me the fuck out. Time for a 2 mg Klonopin.Killerkolt 88 écrit: Benzos should also be used for OPIOID WITHDRAWAL!! (As long as its just for 2 to 3 weeks MAX) They help SO muchAllan Byrne écrit: Why do doctors hand out these damn things when it makes things worse? Change your job mate and live your life. I have been on Lorazapam for the last year since a heart attack and stenting and have been trying so hard to wean myself off, to no avail.Ryan Conaway écrit: Benzos help. I have rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Plus numerous anxiety disorders. I've been on many medications. I take 3 2mg. Alprazolam tablets daily. Plus 2 2mg. Tablets of clonazepam. I also suffer from chronic insomnia. Sonata as needed. It really helps regardless of the controversy. The bipolar diagnosis I've questioned because since my late teens Over 6 Psychiatrists diagnosed me as type 1. I also take lithium. Works great minus the side effects. 1,350 mgs Daily. I do what I have to. Now come someday when it's time to discontinue the minor tranquilizers..I'll probably be in the hospital for over a month. Very controversial. Though when it comes down to it..if it works it works. Is this safe Doc? Its closely monitored as with the lithium. Lithium does wonders. Just not for Anxiety.John Titor écrit: What about etizolam?J. Michaels écrit: First time on Prozac 10mg and 1mg of Ativan 9days in I had a panic attack personally checked myself in the mental hospital the psychiatrist immediately raised my prozac to 20mg and gave me trazadone while I was still on Ativan, next day I told her the trazadone didnt work for sleep so she gives me seroquel and says if i want to leave i have to get off the Ativan she wasent asking me she was telling me and not in a nice way. First day took the seroquel it put me out 2nd day took it again it gave me every mental illness in the Dsm5 I couldnt control my lips I had jitters I couldnt see and I couldnt keep my balance so 3rd day I refuse to take seroquel and i stay up all night with seratonin syndrome and at this point i was going on 4days with no Ativan and the withdrawels hit hard. I did everything under my power to fake being normal signed myself out and I withdrew from it at home. My psychiatrist tried to kill me how the hell do you give a new patient a drug cocktail like that after raising there prozac and withdrawing from Ativan fucking Dr is nuts. I almost had a heart attack. I had to fake a blood pressure and temperature in order to leave I sucked on icecubes just to get my fever under 99.0 I left the hospital with irregular heartbeat fever over 100 thank God I have basic training in stabilizing vitals or id be dead. Pedialite saved my life. If your detoxing ny yourself pedialite will cut your withdrawels by a few days.Србомбоница écrit: In my opinion they are great drugs ,people just abuse them severely OR the doctors make them go cold turkey which is dangerous ,other than that ,they are awesome medsgrəy écrit: glad i've found this on time while im still on a 0.5 mg a day for xanax i have been taking them for less than 3 months if im not mistaken getting rid of that crap with advice from mi dr tomorrowDick Van Steijn écrit: Dr. Tracy if you take a benzo every day for three months you are severely addicted. After three weeks you,re in trouble having to taper very very slow. I take one tablet of 2mg diazepam per day for sleep and it helps me big time. Tapered from 20mg to 2 mg in one yearJames Watson écrit: Infusions of NAD beat my Benzo addiction. Check it out. I hope it helps you. Without NAD I would be dead. I was hopelessly "kindled". Search drug rehab testimonials for NAD and see for yourself. Benzos are the perfect class of drugs for big pharma's agenda. Sell drugs that have to be taken until they kill you. The Sackler family made their first fortune pushing Valium. Now they (Purdue Pharma) push synthetic opioids.Rose��Red écrit: Smoke some weed! !!!!!!!!Rose��Red écrit: Big pharma creates all of this to fill their pockets with money ! And the agencies Allow it!MsScruffy4 écrit: IN MY OPINION, THESE ARE POISON. SEE WORK OF DR. HEATHER ASHTON ON LINEJames Melven Basil écrit: Hi doc.please help me.ive been on benzo on 5 yearsLeo Darknig écrit: Tracey I had a question for you. Are Benzo Withdrawl Seizures Epileptic? or Non- Epileptic?Aaron Klein écrit: Hello Dr! I was prescribed lorazepam 3 time a day recently to use until my ssri kicked in . Problem is none of my ssri s have helped me yet. It's been about 3 weeks on lorazepam and my doc hasn't prescribed a new ssri yet. Is it ok to switch to klonopin or valium cause of longer half lifes? I don't like taking 3 lorazepam s a day cause they are short acting and don't seem to help as much. My doc wants me to wait till I see him again in two weeks… But I don't know what to do. The problem is also that the ssri I was taking was giving me more anxiety but seemed to help my depression… So now I'm stuck with being depressed , anxious, and a little confused! Any feedback would be awesome! ThanksAliceInPantera écrit: Thank you for this. Education and awareness is key with this trashHayley bourgault écrit: I've been on klonopin or 15 years 2 mg of the but a lot of times I only took 1 mg.I've been trying to get off them with a doctor. He told me after 2 weeks I was done, as you can imagine it didn't work. Do you have any advice on how I can possibly get off these. I'm 66 years old!!! Need help in R.I.Sid Organised Chaos écrit: I have been prescribed them for 5 years now 🙁 Valium.Superchet écrit: You're so calming. I was well educated on the topic, but I couldn't click off. Awesome video 🙂ThE PiCasSo Of BoXiNg écrit: Im a blue headTu Salamat Watan Ta Qayamat Watan écrit: Doctor I am trapped in taking medicines that is lorazepam and diazepam now I want to cut down but withdrawal effects are much severe kindly help me to get rid from these..Gabriele P écrit: thank you for this explanation. It was very important for me to understand the difference.Boujia Texas écrit: I took 4mg of klonopin everyday for over a decade and im only 26 . I quit about 4 months ago and i would never wish those withdraw effects on anybody . Im still having to learn how to deal with life without benzos . I was clearly addicted but rationalized it by not "abusing" it more that what i was prescribed daily.froilan anthony écrit: i need to withdraw on klonopin/ clonazepams, been taking it for 15 years half tablet a day because of my panic attacks, anxiety depression and insomnia. im scared of the withdrawal symptoms like seizures. but i need to take it out of my system, im tired. but now more anxities on covid pandemicRockii Cooper écrit: Got that today and a ivAmanda Oneill écrit: Why why why is withdrawal do protracted it's easier to come off opiatesFabiano Pina écrit: I'm watching this because I'm without insurance and can't get my xanax. Am I going to die? Long term userThe Analog Kid écrit: Reduced from 6 mg to in the 20 years to 5 mg but in the middle of the night my heart starts racing all the time and I would go days without sleep so I would give in and take the .5mg, but I forget simple things. Doctor gave gabapentin but it had no effect. Please help! I have been on klonopin for 20 years everyday. Started at 6 mg from psychiatrist.Stoic Saxon écrit: Im addicted too valium, and sleepers like nitrazepam i love them im just being honestEinafets Dubbs écrit: I think people have issues with this stuff and their are others that can take it responsibly like me. I take my prescription 1-2 x a day and it’s saved my life . It’s better than being off of them for me. I’ve done it all since 17-35. What I take now for the last 8 years has saved me . Without it , I know from my personal experience , life would be way f omg worse especially with this pandemic . So I’ll risk it . Works for me . Sorry ✌��Paso Sekgapane écrit: I suffer from tinnitus, constant ringing in ear. Tends to be loud at night. i doubt i`ll ever go to bed at night without taking something to relax my mind.

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