Adam Calhoun – « Klonopin » (Official Music Video)

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I hope this helps somebody out and makes you feel like you’re not alone. I don’t do songs like this for views. Things like this are therapy for me and hopefully some of you who struggle with mental illness. This is very real for me and my life. I hope one day I can beat this. Most days I feel like I’m gonna die but we can’t let this sickness control our lives.

Adam Calhoun écrit: This isn’t a joke for people who have to deal with. It’s hard to explain to people who don’t deal with it. Love ya’s as always… You can go right here and stream or buy the album ��������
Or I’ll be posting every song on here, so you can listen to it right here��������brittany sadie écrit: I love this song.. go back to this Adammak 10 écrit: Kpins taste like candyKrista Kaye écrit: I love this song , I love that I can relate to your music on so many levels ,, your an amazing artist .. Thank you ��❤️❤️������Zackary Milliken écrit: This song is so fire it gave me goosebumps the first time I listened to it��Brent L Sloan écrit: Thank you good sir!Jeff Lovett écrit: One of my favorite songs you have ever doneMatt Georger écrit: OUTSTANDING!!!!!! As a combat wounded Marine this hit home like a mac truck! Thanks for everything you do!Kristi Martini écrit: A daily struggle this song speaks the words I can’t ��Josh Hurley écrit: Found AC by his patriot song & been loving his shit but this here is on another level.Rob Shipley écrit: My ex was addicted to pain killers went through hell with her she got so bad that she gave painkillers to our four year old little girl that was the day I lost my baby girl went to sleep never woke up my life has never been the same this epidemic is real this song hit home tough to hear but message needs to be toldMichelle Carranco écrit: I had to go to go to work at 14 on a farm to help my mom and my step father
Both didn't work,quit school to work to feed my 4 siblings and my parents,life made me a strong person,I had three kids by 20,went back to school and got my GED.I had a ex that beat my ass ever day for 15 years ,I'm a Survivor,not a victim,I'm white I never used what happen in life As a excuse!!!!Vincenzo DiMeglio écrit: I have no idea how many times I listened to this song. But each time I do, I get the same chills I did when I first heard it.Joshua Duncan écrit: I been clean almost 5 years now, this hit so close to home. I'm so glad for mine and all of y'all's sobriety bless each and every one of youJohn Sikes écrit: Thanks for making musicShawn Evans écrit: Feel it allShane Lee écrit: Adam your slackin bro you need to make more musicJoseph Ewing écrit: damn his flow is so fluid in this one. love AC. keep it up brother. love your art.James Garrison écrit: Flex on em I feel ya pin pin boxing ring them bells okRyan Lloyd écrit: ����������Amanda Cragun écrit: Needed this I felt like I was alone taking clonzepam…. I suffer major panic attacks. �� much love Adam ����Krista Kaye écrit: Love all these guys and the music is my top choice good honest lyrics ❤️❤️❤️������������������mike greendale écrit: Adem , Has anyone ever introduced and or explained JESUS to you ? . He and he alone genuinely heals from the inside out . Enjoy your videos , but sad to see the pain you carry . There is a way out .Steve Gifford écrit: @Adam Calhoun I listen to all your music for my therapy. I play drums- and I hit it hard to go to another place. I'm good enough to go on tour– hit me up. Find me at www.drummerup.com or weclosein7days@gmail.com Former Marine- we get down.Julie Mcalees écrit: Fu**en BangerWalter Whitaker écrit: Spitting nothing but the TRUTH! Big Homie! This shit it a real MONSTER that chews up lives everyday WORD!Shane Rogalski écrit: I love it!Barney Samples écrit: STOP YOUR SHIT ABOUT BEING IN PRISON AVERY BODY FUCKS UP YOUR DOING GOOD LEAVE THAT SHIT BEHIND YOUDavid Holm écrit: Klonopins…fuckthem shitaAndrew Nelson écrit: This goes fucking hard broRelics Car Club AZ écrit: Support your local WHITE BOYRick Millican écrit: Man…I kinda liked this guy…then I heard this shit. ���������� Real shit.space man écrit: Flow is getting sharper and sharper.nice.buggo12 bb écrit: I'm white soo!c jennings écrit: WTF!!!!!
I feel cheated on the white privileged seen?�� My dad passed in my teens. Paid for my own college, bought every car I could afford, mostly Shi.. boxes, paid my own rent, bills, house. You know how I Fu..king worked!!!!! 60 and 70hour weeks!!!! I got nothing handed to me. Had to put in hard work, time and energy!!!

I don’t see color never have only character I’ll walk side by side with anyone of any color and race who’s a true America! Into battle.Tech King écrit: Klonopin is a life saving medication if used responsibly and nobody can tell me differently.Tori Isbell écrit: I take it for anxiety, and panic attacks, love this song ❤Heather W Heathcoat écrit: This song speaks volumes to me suffering from anxiety and panic disorder sometimes "klonopin" is the only way I make it through a day!Zach G. écrit: This, you, Sir. I am interested. OK sees you, Adam. And, for myself, I dig it. The rest of the state is already singing your praises, alongside Mr. Roll & Church. I lean more towards, Mr. MacDonald. But So far, I see you.. Thank you.Tristan Keech écrit: This song hits on so many different levelsDan Lindboomer écrit: Imagine Adam and King iso from strange music?!?!?!?! That's would collab id die to hear, legendary…Alumino Man écrit: CNN: Your white so you're the problemDaniel Griffiths écrit: Another daily reminder that it's OK To By White.David Melvin écrit: Was prescribed xanaxsAshley Berryhill écrit: I can't function in society unless I take medicine. It's horrible and makes me feel fucking weak that I can't handle this shit on my own. But, I can't.Viktor Skrewlews écrit: mad relatable.. keep up the good work boss. too many people out there don't realize they are not alone.Jesse Hagel écrit: I've dealt with some rough shit in my life. Always had the fuck it attitude. Others will never understand. But this hit home for me. Keep pushing it ��Gavin Sitler écrit: Im white so im the problem. Im white so ive never had problems. I feel like thats what blaxk lives matters thinksSandra Johnson écrit: How you explain is just how it felt 1987 for me I have to take Xanax and for those of your fans who treat you like they do is because you already given them what they need your knowledge and your songs and that is precious and for the ones you think that aren't treating you so not so good that know you and love you and our family and our friends possibly they want more from you when they shouldn't be that way they should just love you and accept you for being Who You Are some family and friends but some don't know how to do that family and friends seem to just expect certain things that we cannot explain why we may never know why they treat us that way you have a lot of heart and love you don't judge you just say what's real and it comes from the heart some people don't know how that is and don't understand how that works American matters we all matter and you understand that and your fans need to hear it cuz some of them don't know what it means until they hear from you you said how it is we said so thank you always and forever loveBack Yard Kustoms écrit: Lost my family for me having anger issuies now on Prozac and Klonopin but it helps I’ll give it that just ups and downsEvan Connolly écrit: I'm not tryna reach or nothin, but the flow reminds me of eminemHunter Young écrit: This song helps me when I'm heart broken ��Kyle J écrit: Baw got that ����Jonathan G écrit: U hear this a lot but this shit hits close to himeKimberly Folsom écrit: I just found this song and it speaks to me on every level. Alot of his songs I can relate too. But this one hits the nail right on the head. I struggle with anxiety panic disorder PTSD and manic depression. I take klonopin 3 times a day just to be normal and have a functional normal life along with xanax and lexapro. It's something that's not curable and you will always have it in your life no matter what. Doesn't make you a bad person it's just an invisible sickness that people can't see from the outside. Wish people understood the pain battling with your own head everyday. You can't escape yourself.Lorenzo Garcia écrit: My favorite rapper period !! Love the flow the delivery the change up and everything you stand for bro ��������David Holm écrit: Hits me everytime i hear this… i overcame addiction to hard drugs.. but still feel this wayTroy Peterson écrit: Fuck this song hits home so hard, Like fuck Adam Bro!Aaron C écrit: i would seizure if i got off emAaron C écrit: klonopin is impossible to get off of. it messes up ur memoryDallnar écrit: This song speaks to me because I was diagnosed with a acute anxiety/panic disorder with bouts of depression. The in 2015 I was in a work accident that took part of my right foot and was diagnosed with PTSD from the trauma so yeah I have to take a bunch of different drugs everyday just to make it through. Morphine for pain management, xanax for anxiety/panic and prozac to help with depression and anxiety/panic and PTSD. Life's a struggle everyday. You find out who your true friends are when you go through something this severe. I lost about 90% of my so called friends what a beautiful life.Topshelf 710 écrit: I went to bed in a panic attack tossed and turned all night to wake back up in a panic attack… the dr. Has had me on 8 mg of xanax then klonopins and now there taking them away after prescribing them to me for over 20 years. I never knew you had a song about them until I was looking for something to take my mind off things and seen this how ironic #fuckbigpharmaJoni Niemelä écrit: I got valiums.. pretty same.. Trying to quit but demons come when i tryTony Rotondaro écrit: everyones got their vices man, no one walks around without something on their back.Josee Plouffe écrit: Whites need to drop the guilt, and out some respect on the blood, sweat and tears given by our ancestors… Paid in full so we could enjoy our lives… And now we're giving away everything they worked for because of being shamed? Fuck that.JLockwood écrit: Totally relate to what your saying bro wish you well and good things are coming for you!Luke Howells écrit: 382 Biden Voterschris white écrit: Every song is fire from this guyLiam Thomson écrit: Love this so trueJustanotherstoner écrit: Havent done kpins ina while but i feel like its what started me on stuff idk manLILwoody woods écrit: Adam and nf together.. yesJonas Bailie écrit: I love his music my favorite rapper. Im native American. He is 100 times more better than eminem. Adam Calhoun should be more well known to everyone. ����Daniel Hale écrit: Exactly what I feel. Im 29 and ive been locked up for a long time. Maybe 11 year of my life. Last bid was 37 months. Love you manClint Rutherford écrit: I didn't even know you existed until a few days ago and now I cant stop watching and really listening to what you're saying. You're inspiring a shit load of people so keep doing what you're doing and all I can say is who the fuck is Eminem?Trouble écrit: Brother your first verse and starting up into the second man sounds just like me. This song touched home. Great Song man!! Been a fan for while brother. Keep it up man you are a rare bread; not many people will say what is on there mind anymore. Much respect and love. Hope you and your family stays safe.Brian Proffitt écrit: For the 369 dislikes, this is for you ������������Jamie Kshirley écrit: Thank you Adam!Stoutner Stoutner écrit: Damn manBlount Farms écrit: I hate the shit i take. Paxel cowboy with 4 heart pills daily. Adam is fucking aweso.e. folled him fro
Start. Much respectLeash Ward écrit: ��Amber Lemen écrit: Adam, I have followed you for years and constantly feel inspired by you, but this song, I felt this in my soul. Mental Health is a dangerous thing our society ignores and I'm thankful you were so willing to open your heart to help those of us that have mental health issues. Thank you ❤
Much love from Central CaliforniaChewey Kay écrit: Way kooo! L&R CheweyTwin Falls Receptionist écrit: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONGTawnie Wolf écrit: Calhoun fan? Yep. Till I leave earth. Live, laugh and love bro. Please keep jammin.
Hold loyalty and be loved by those that understandSheryl Butler écrit: Just ran over a b with my car.. I should have took my med but i wanna feel life needless to say im going to jail��BIG CUBA écrit: Yup…miss u mom écrit: I hate pills so much i have 4 bottles with 300 pills in them for the next 3 years and more pillsBrian Stears écrit: I'm white so I must be the problemStay out of my country écrit: Was sober off xanax then the army prescribed me kpins. Next thing I knew I was in a cocaine alcohol and benzo dreamSamantha Pauline Hardin écrit: Oh this is good! I love the beat to this!������jeremy lancaster écrit: Taking that shit gave me anxiety. Bad shit if you don’t have mental issues . Don’t do drugs kids been 7 years clean .Cheri Stevens écrit: THANK YOU ADAM….THANK YOUShawn Dennis écrit: This song is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!BigChriz Chapo écrit: Shit lit �������� keep it upDoggetron écrit: i love snorting clonazepam in the back of my honda civic before workHaywire écrit: Play it at 1.5 thank me later.Chris Romero écrit: My son is dead………..at 23…… I'm fucking pissed dog….. I'm a imma imma imma imma imma imma did. Ima kill. I want vengeance…..u want self awareness…. fuck that…..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuChris Romero écrit: HuHUHUHUHJUUUHHHjHjdjjdejduMatt Brown écrit: I use to take klonopin for my seziours, that shit fucked me up bad, to the point to were i almost killed myself. But I stopped right when i was about telling myself i cant leave my daughterJd Happy écrit: Thank you for putting your music on here. Thank you for spitting facts and not the mainstream same old nonsense that is irrelevant 6 months later.

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