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Benzodiazepine Withdrawal by Dr.Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha

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mian rizwan écrit: Urdu to.kisi ka.bala.hotawazza33racer écrit: its pure evil.Saraiva Toledo écrit: A little bit too fast , haha , but I got the general idea. Very informative and helpful , I can say that I got to the end with a greater knowledge of how to approach my taper . thank you very much !Douglas Ryan écrit: I've taking benzos for 45 years and I can see me in these videos, but they don't explain how bloody nice they make u feelderek flynn écrit: Can someone answer me this question?,i was off benzos for 11 says cold turkey but i took a .5 tab last night.will have to go through the withdrawls symptoms i first encounteres again?Manhattan Blocks écrit: I think it’s all mind control. If u can think like you think normally on benzos (confident head high not worried about people) u can do it easily when going thru it if u put your mind to it. I’ve struggled with short scripts and being short due to my own negligence for 10 years now. But the one thing I learned from dropping my dosage and switching to Xanax from klonopin to always feel my stress is that I can get over it in about 7-10 days my mind just gets bored lol… I start shifiting my thoughts back to my regular mind state I try to pick up my routine “working out cleaning working long hours” etc whatever stress might be for you it’s not the same for everyone if u have an active life and a lot of responsibility you don’t indulge in the same worries as maybe a married house wife with the kids does so I think this very beneficial to utilize during withdrawal wish everyone luckDisingenuous White-Boy écrit: this is the bullshit so called professionals will tell you. DON"T believe it. this is mis-information
this guy is a punkJay Bob écrit: This shit strip you off of your humanity, and when you quit it gives you seizures like epileptic people experience. The craziest thing is that doctors prescribe this to a patient for years, knowing very well it shouldnt be taken for more than 12 weeks. Very evil shit.K.R. Hoffman écrit: marie bigger écrit: some1 said 2 me "if u think u Can't handle life Now; buckle-up AssHole You Will b in a worse position from Benzos" needless 2 say They were RIGHTColin Conaty écrit: Dollop = DevelopedLIFEISAJOURNEY LETITGO écrit: ��Shana Neidig écrit: he sounds exactly like the doctor in the ER when I was c/t off k-pin taken as prescribed over 20 years. Telling the ER doctor I was cut off K-pin wtf is happening to me? Do I have a brain tumor? or is this withdraw?. "No such thing" " No such thing"Marcelino Castro Garcia écrit: There are doctors, children of God, many and good. But of the devil … there are, there are.


1 .- "My son: the most important thing in life is money. Look for it and it will open all the doors for you and you will get everything you want. All the following advice is intended to get you money."

2 .- "In your medical profession keep this important concept in mind:" Neither cure nor kill, but keep sick. "If you heal or kill, the client is finished and the money is finished. Try to keep your clients in a disease not mortal and you will have your money insured. To this end they tend the following advice. "

3 .- “Create addicts. Prescribe medications that generate physical and psychological dependence and thus you will have your client hooked and you will ensure their periodic visits. If he tries to become independent of you, he will feel so bad that he will return meek. "

4 .- "The side effects are the most important. Take care that the drugs you prescribe, while it seems that they cure a part of the body, make three or four sick. This way you will have more consultations, more money and more time sick to the client ".

5 ..- "Always be an angel of light." Honor your name: "Lucifer." Everything you do or say should appear: truth, virtue, wisdom, altruism, love of neighbor. You are a representative of medicine. "You are the doctor, the one who knows. Demand blind trust and whenever you can discredit any other alternative medicine. Your true interests must go unnoticed: you know that you are the son of the inventor of" lies. "

6 .- "Keep in ignorance. So that your prestige does not take risks keep as much as you can in ignorance to your customers. He who knows is you. Always speak in a difficult way so that you practically do not understand, like your letter. Avoid prescribing medications that specify in detail the side effects and contraindications because the client can stoke and you will lose it. "

7 .- "Start with the complex. Do not think of starting with simple things, such as listening, make your tongue out, investigate what you eat or similar things, because it can happen that a simple and small thing solve the problem and you will stay without giving fruit to those devices that you have bought and that many dollars cost you: you have to make them produceFrugal Frugal écrit: If your intelligent enough to be a doctor, for Pete's sake be smart enough to get a speech coach so people can understand you without having a panic attack trying to listen and keep up. It's just rude. I couldn't even listen for more than 10 seconds. It's insufferable.Brad Hayashi écrit: certainly not the way to taper off benzospure entertainment écrit: this drug has made my life livig hell after i cted clonazepamGood Fruit écrit: Look up Dr Heather Ashton for proper taper advice. I tried to wean quickly. Bad! I cold turkeyed finally 3 years ago and I am crippled and in hell! And I'm a believer in Jesus so he's with me through this utter hell!!Family Man écrit: Weened off 40mg daily of clonozapine for 5 months, pure hell. 10 months clean, still suffering everyday.. ineffable.Q Q écrit: Your withdrawal rate is WAY WAY WAY too FAST!!!!!! It took me almost 2 years to taper off 1MG of Ativan….and it was PURE HELL the whole time….Smile Mor-phony écrit: Benzodiazepines can be an effect drug in acute cases but Dr's & Psychiatrists are prescribing them far longer than the recommended 1-2 weeks. Try telling that to a person who's Dr. or mental healthcare worker who's forced them into a cold-turkey benzo withdrawal after being prescribed them for years and decades, that benzo's are a good drug. Try telling that to a person who's already holding a gun to their head to escape the mentally torturous withdrawal symptoms. You can't ask the others, they already killed themselves.8biscuits écrit: im a person who has been prescribed a moderate dosage of a long acting benzodiazipine. ive also been prescribed short acting benzos (alprazolam to be precise).

benzos dont make you "high". at least if you are a person who trully needs them. a person who has a trully crushing anxiety problem. any "high" in such a group is attributed to feeling well due to an ease of the crushing fears. feeling normal at the most. i have been prescribed a long acting benzo for almost three years. the milligram dosage has been constant.

that said, they can be highly addictive. i cant help but imagine that many people have been misdiagnosed. i must ask that you take this testimony with more than a grain of salt.

i have been prescribed two different SSRI's that did not help with anxiety. i am currently on an SNRI that well controls my depression. it has never trully halped with my anxiety.

to say that all benzos are bad in the long run is a folly. there are many benzos that should not be prescribed regularly. again i say this from experience.

however, all benzos which i have been long term lrescribed ARE addictive.

you need to do your research, solid research, before taking any benzo through the long term.

i say from my objective experieince, however, that the right benzo prescription can be a literal lifesaver.

it is imperative that you find a trully competent doctor, and tell the absolute truth before you make a decision. im a patient. not a doctor. no matter what, choose your doctor well.

this will require multiple attempts. above all please be careful..

i am not a doctor. do not base your decisions off of what i have said.

please be safe, and be well.Will Power écrit: this is a great example of how NOT to taper off a benzo.Java ta hut 1 écrit: Slowed it down to 75% speed can understand every word. thank you.mason guritz écrit: Time and suffering is the only way out

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