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We are happy to present you our newest Deep sleep track. \nThe black screen after ten minutes will reduce the amount of light on some devices to emphasize a relaxing environment.\n\nWe have based our music on recent scientific studies that demonstrate the benefits of binaural beats on sleep quality and the body’s ability to heal and regenerate.\n\nThese studies published in the \ »US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health\ » can be found at the following links.\n\n\ »A Novel Insight of Effects of a 3-Hz Binaural Beat on Sleep Stages During Sleep\ »\n\n\n\ »Sleep stages and other sleep parameters indicated that the 3-Hz binaural beat on a 250-Hz carrier tone can be potentially used to modulate sleep stage. Shortened N2 duration, extended N3 (NREM sleep) duration, and shortened N3 latency were presented after receiving the 3- Hz binaural beat on a 250-Hz carrier tone during sleep. Furthermore, the results also suggested that an auditory stimulus can be used to modulate sleep stage without disturbing sleep, which is in agreement with some studies on auditory pathways and sleep.\ »\n\nDuring the deep stages of NREM sleep (N3), the body repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system.\nAs you get older, you sleep more lightly and get less deep sleep. Aging is also linked to shorter time spans of sleep, although studies show you still need as much sleep as when you were younger.\n\nDuring deep sleep, a variety of functions take place in the mind and body:\n-memories are consolidated\n-learning and emotions process\n-physical recovery occurs\n-blood sugar levels and metabolism balance out\n-the immune system is energized\n-the brain detoxifies\n\nWithout deep sleep, these functions cannot take place and the symptoms of sleep deprivation kick in.\nOn the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be any such thing as too much deep sleep\n\nWe’re devoted to grow a place where you can return whenever you need to relax and heal.\n\nNEW RELEASES by NuMeditationMusic\n\n\nEnjoy our new releases of, Sleep Music, Healing Music and Relaxing Music from different cultures.\nWe upload twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) a great collection of Reiki Music, Chakra Meditations, long Deep sleep music videos, and relaxing music from different cultures such as Native American Flute and Indian Flute music.\n\nMOST POPULAR by NuMeditationMusic videos:\n\n\nOur most popular video (Indian Background Flute Music) is one of the most viewed meditation music videos ever!\nIf this is your first time visiting our channel, you can start by watching this selection of videos.\n\nSLEEP MUSIC\n\n\nA selection of our best sleep music, some videos have visuals, some have a black screen. Sometimes we mix healing frequencies like the 528hz, the 432hz, and others, with the music for healing benefits. Sleep waves music may also be found on this playlist, look for the title and choose what you enjoy the most.\n\nSUBSCRIBE! NEW VIDEOS Every Monday and Wednesday\n\n\nNUMEDITATIONMUSIC youtube channel\n\n\nMusic by NuMeditationMusic\nAvailable on every streaming service worldwide

Nu Meditation Music écrit: Remember that you’re amazing my friends. Stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day!

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NEW RELEASES by Nu Meditation Music

NEW RELEASES by 5 Min To Zen écrit: 11:11:11 length of time ?
hmmmmomo bali écrit: De vois touse salamralakoum mdrCarole Chance écrit: On dirait la musique d.un film bref musique magnifique et oui tres reposante relaxante apaisante pr faire le vide et se relaxer super efficace des que je l ai mis mes yx se sont fermes et jai dormi oubliez svp les somniferes poubelle c des poisons ca c naturel et facile pr s.endormir merci bc pr cette magnifique musique������Lisa C écrit: Profoundly Beautiful��nsimba cyriane écrit: Aa2l;Alberto Figueiredo écrit: Relaxante mesmo !Alberto Figueiredo écrit: GosteiMAC SRL écrit: Bellisimo . Muchas Gracias por esta hermosa musicaJessica Davis écrit: Have a blessed day!Bijou De la lune écrit: I find this music perfect to read as well. Thank you for sharing ����RABBIT OF PEACE écrit: i loved your channel i already signed up i'm also working on a project have the freedom to know. much success and happiness. have peace.IRMA ESTHER AVILA NAVARRO écrit: Maravilloso ����������������������������������������❤️������IRMA ESTHER AVILA NAVARRO écrit: Gracias.dormí excelente ….una noche espectacular..gracias .gracias..EXCELENTE VIDEO… gracias graciasRelaxing Music écrit: Like si en vez de estar durmiendo estás leyendo los comentariosLlynnette Love écrit: I bid you Health, I bid you Wealth, I bid you Wisdom, but most of all I bid you LOVE!Sula Lange écrit: ��♥️��������������♥️♥️♥️Мукаддас Халилова écrit: Спасибо за музыку очен приятно!Только одну человеку вспомнила��Mmm Said écrit: السلام على الجميع…. peace upon allLuidgii Catpattes écrit: FranceMitch Sell écrit: NiceI’m A bbas écrit: Is there any short version of this? I really need itGloria Alberta Castillo écrit: Bellísima melodía…Vera Santos écrit: ��Kathy Fletcher écrit: Ditto, love the sound and vision, so relaxing����Laura Stevens écrit: I miss my daughter in law who died of cancer and thankful they found the large tumor on his kidney and had to remove the kidney from my only child but I am still thankful for beautiful sun rises and rising of the moon and stars the smell of the ocean time with family so I still thank God every morning for so many good things in my life jesus said there would be tribulations in this life but heaven will be so perfect no pain no heart ache so please thing about all the good things in your life even if they are small laura canada5555 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge écrit: Literally 1 % people who are reading………..May you parents live happily healthily for more then �� years��❤️��❤️����5555 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge écrit: Literally 1 % people who are reading………..May you parents live happily healthily for more then �� years��❤️��❤️����Santosh Yadav écrit: m9ommmmmmmoJoice do carmo écrit: Muito bom é relaxante e cósmicojz Hz écrit: This feels alot like heaven.I ��The Wolf écrit: How ironic is that i am using this �� in a negative way to annoy my above neighbor during nights for what he does to me during the day !��Valantain Caro écrit: Tell me something why is son long your videoDe Em écrit: 10 godzina rozkreca sie ha haDe Em écrit: To ma byc muzyka no ja pier doleDe Em écrit: 111111The Natural écrit: ������Faravahar écrit: This is Racist music for the white people. Reported !!!! BLM BLM BLM No justice-No peaceMaria Assunção Soares Araujo écrit: So podemos agradecer.Rúbia Renata écrit: AMEI ��❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️����❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. MARIA FERNANDA
��������������������☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️������Faisal Qureshi écrit: My LORD YOU ARE AMAZINGSuely Cassiano écrit: Magnífico! InscritoRelaxing sounds écrit: Check me out I'm new hereM- Dragamot écrit: Very beautiful, thank you.RAIN HAVOK écrit: Dude these commercials really suck when I'm trying to fall asleep. ��DoYLe T écrit: The commercials kills the mood and scares the shit out of me!Shane Cleveland écrit: Whats the deal with the ads in the middle of the meditation… how do those help you meditate or help you fall asleep???Dan Marhoover écrit: Why must there always be an interruption of soothing quiet music by a high pitched tone? Rakes across every nerve!Lizbeth Guerrero écrit: La musica maravillosa, lástima de tanto anuncio, asi no sirve. GraciasLuciene C. Medeiros écrit: Brasil ��‍♀️ANTONIO BURGOS LOPEZ écrit: A quién se le ocurre poner comerciales de pesadilla cuando apenas estás agarrando el sueño? QUE PENDEJOS!!DESDE CERO FILMS écrit: Por favor NO colocar publicidad!!… gracias 🙂Eliene Chean écrit: Thank you so much for your efforts making this video. You'll be blessed many times in return for your good will and effort, because many people are beneficial from this healing sounds.��Rik Lott -vocalist/bassist écrit: Very nice. I like to think it sounds like Angels singingMaria alves écrit: AmeiSumu Sumon écrit: Beautiful footage, peaceful & relaxing music.caremullo mugonsa écrit: GraciasSoleil De la lune écrit: Wowwwwwww belle musique apaisante et relaxante qui favorise le sommeil !!!♥️♥️♥️ Merci !!!Inga Mamedova écrit: I’m 10 I’m on my mom’s phone ��Luisa Sánchez écrit: Está hermosa esta música me levanta el ánimo bonito díaRosemary Castillo écrit: ��������Bandula priyantha Galla gamage écrit: Graze mille ��❤��������‍��‍��‍����Simo Zamb écrit: Thank you so much. The best relaxing music with binaural soundsVeronika Thananan écrit: Are there any pictures with this…?The One écrit: 新銀河法典が更新された情報を共有します。
瞑想をされる方で攻撃を受けたくない方は上記を心の中で詠唱する事をお薦めしています。Agnes Sinja écrit: 11:11:11 frequency, I love you universe ��Ricardo Galleguillos écrit: Gracias !!ZapFlap écrit: One of the best around! ��Eva Grao Castellano écrit: Gracias por su música, preciosa. Un saludo ������Erick Henderson écrit: You tube is a corporate propaganda machine. Nothing is free anymore. If its free, then YOU are the productYolanda Aguilar écrit: Titoloaguinaldo francelino écrit: Obrigadomario rai écrit: Sembra completamente uguale ad un video postato 2 anni fa…… Magari sbaglio, ma li ascolto da tanto tempo…… Comunque bellissimo, funzionaAlexsandra Swarovski écrit: ❤Vere beautiful ❤Costel Curcă écrit: SUPERB Thank you����������������Joseph Rimmer écrit: True peace is only attained through Jesus Christ! He found me and took me into his realm! It's just lovely with Jesus and the Angel's! Know that this isn't home here on Earth! Its temporary! Your true home is with the creator…Jesua!waxing gibbous écrit: ❤��❤Amy H écrit: Thank you for sharing this, to you as well, Rest and peace. Bless youNicole Douglas écrit: I love this music its very relaxing and pure to my ears. whoever is reading this I hope you have a awesome day. ❤❤��������Roliza Abucay écrit: ������❤��Erika Becerril écrit: I can finally enjoy life because of, e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o mHoob Cervantes Narvaez écrit: Perfecto así se ve excelente ♥♥Gabriel Becker Ferreira écrit: falo portuguesRAIN HAVOK écrit: Black screens please. How can we listen all night when your images suck the battery down. Night.Tierra Maya écrit: Saludos desde Manizales Colombia. Gracias, por su APORTE. EXCELENTE música, para RELAJAR; en tiempos de CRISIS o, en cualquier momento. BENDICIONES PARA TOD@S EN EL PLANETA TIERRA. QUE NUESTRA ENERGÍA POSITIVA, ALEJE A LOS SERES OSCUROSAuxYuki Love écrit: Blessings & thank you! Are headphones necessary with this one? The imagery is beautiful in the beginning, so very calming & peaceful, the northern lights.. then the black screen after a bit!! ������Marie Sainte Rose écrit: J'aime beaucoupHéber Fernando De Lima écrit: Canal maravilhoso ��������Reme Hernández Vidal écrit: Hola, buen vídeo!!!Rose-Aline écrit: Un morceau de ciel.
Encore et encore svp ������
Voyage vers l'intérieur de soi.
Merci.힐링나단뮤직 – Healing NadanMusic écrit: Amazing video! it's very peaceful and dreamy. I like your choir sounds. Thank you so much. 🙂flamme bleue écrit: من الجزائر ارض الشهداء اقول لكم ليلة سعيدة وتصبحون على خير .one two three viva l'algerie ������������Abri EL Music écrit: Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.Stay Positive and Share Love, Have an amazing day to you ✅Mind, Body & SouL écrit: Your videos are very inspiring. As a fellow content creator i admire your work. Thank youSamir Samir écrit: ����BYMENZ écrit: oh my gad, thank you.R. Welsh écrit: LOVE your music❣ Thank you ��
One request: Could you make the "vocal" sounds lower in volume, lower in tone so they are more in background? It'd be less interruptive; for some reason it catches my attention too much and I find it a little distacting whenever it comes in – it takes me out of meditative state a bit. Its like my brain wants to suddenly listen intently to the human voice – not sure why!!!!�� Thx:)
NamasteEunice Marques écrit: Eu adoro ouvir a lembra de Jesus CristoMaria Jose Delgado Gomez écrit: Aurora boreal…Marie-louise GUILLAUME écrit: Merci beaucoup – Magnifique Musique Apaisante pour retrouver un Sommeil Réparateur -������������

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