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Sleeping Pill High | Why I Take Zopiclone

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Hey, everybody\n\nDon’t forget to subscribe\n\nI have had some questions about whether I am still taking sleeping pills or what. I thought this would be a good time to show you guys what it is like to take sleeping pills (zopiclone, imovane) and to explain about why I take them, how they affect you and of course my opinions on what the best use for sleeping pills are.\n\nI strongly recommend having a very long discussion with your doctor if you a recommended to take sleeping pills. Drugs like Zopiclone can be very addictive and as such it important to be informed and to be making good choices in regards to using them, when to stop using them etc. \n\nI don’t really like how sleeping pills work. They put you to sleep but you never really feel well rested. I think the best use for sleeping pills are to help get your body ready to go to sleep at a certain time. So taking the pills for a couple days to a week and then sleeping without the use of zopiclone or Imovane. \n\nAnother use is for if you just aren’t getting enough sleep. If you are only getting 4 hours sleep every night and you are already in a fragile mental state then using a sleeping pill can help you get enough sleep so that you can continue working and working towards \ngetting to a better place with your mental health (or even physical health).\n\nSleeping pills do really effect you and as you can see in this video, I am very sluggish and distracted. I could not drive and could definitely not work if I took them at the wrong time. Sleeping pills are not a \ »safe\ » drug. I think you really need to talk to your doctor and consider what will happen when you take them and the very real possibility of becoming addicted.

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