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Today I’m discussing a common sleep aid known as Zopiclone aka Imovane.\n\nSupport the channel on Patreon: \n\n\nTwitter: @talkaboutdrugs\n\nInstagram: @garrett.campb\n\nConnect on Facebook: \n

Drug Talk écrit: Have you ever used Zopiclone for insomnia? What was your experience like with it?Callum Highfield écrit: I've been prescribed zopiclone for 7 years. Doesn't work anymore. Tried zolpidem but that made me aggressive?? Why??stacy belcourt écrit: Can people overdose on this medsara-jayne Davis écrit: I was on zopiclone for a short time, then my doctor suddenly stopped prescribing it for me I've tried everything over the the counter and doesn't work can I buy zopiclone on line? I have RA ind the pain in my hips knees and hips make it impossible for me to sleep naturally then I get all worked up thinking about all the stuff I've got to do the next day it's a living nightmare my parntnerhasto sleep on the couch some time coz he has to be up at 3am for work as a fisherman please help idont know what todoi can no longer trust my self behind the wheel even just in case I lose my concentrationX4 4 écrit: Why is zopiclone so bitterDarth Dennis’66 écrit: I am on day 2 following total knee replacement in hospital. Dr. gave me this medication last night and I was informed by the nurse this morning that I was out of the bed searching for my guitar to perform at a wedding….????? Sleep walking??!!Nathan 34r13 écrit: Your audio is horrid, however I have a question, does zopiclone have any interaction with paracetamol and codeine?NMS – Colorful player écrit: thanks for your review, really informativeRebecca Gamble écrit: How long does it take to work for you after you’ve taken it? I took 10mg an hour ago and all I feel is a tiny bit out of it..AS écrit: You missed several important points here..AS écrit: The Devil himself made this drug.GoodieLogic 365 écrit: Great info & ur hot ��AS écrit: It affects the structure of sleep, caused me acute sleep walking, sleep eating. This is NOT RARE.The Horrorist écrit: My mouth tastes like a iron mine,sleept well,but thirsty as fuck but it tastes shiit.Richard Hayes écrit: I’d like to congratulate you on making me fall asleep.Mr. Kelowna écrit: If you're suffering from severe anxiety this stuff won't help you sleep. You need Clonazepam to do the trick.��Lander F écrit: Is it normal to experience severe insomnia when tapering off this drug? Can it permanently change sleep patterns or cause brain damage when used for long periods of time (years)?David Ronson écrit: I have been taking zopiclone 2.5 mg for 20 years along with ativan 0.5 mg x2 and never had any dependency, ativan was to stop the hands shaking from anti-rejections drugs and zopiclone because most of my 30 medications cause insomnia , last 10 years we added Emtec 300-30 x 4 a day due to spinal and neck injuries following severe accident caused by school bus hitting me at full speed , last 2 years we added Pregabalin 25mg x2 for neck and back pain to complement emtec, everything is working like a charm and I have many vials unopened which suggest there is zero addition with people who have self control and no mental issues.lauren munro écrit: I’ve had no bad taste at all ? Just a tablet form ? It’s help me a lot been getting full nights sleep but I know it won’t last as the doctor told me after2 weeks your body gets used to them and will stop working ��which a shame as I don’t feel drowsy or any side effects after using them xxSirsmokealot 709 écrit: My brother takes up to 15 of these a day and says if he takes less he gets terrible head aches, it has literally melted his brainMaria Brydon écrit: I’ve been taking zopiclone 3.5mg every night for 7 years. I desperately want to come off them but it feels impossible. Are there any long term risks?Rusty MacNicol écrit: Bitter taste and drymouth 100% taking 2x 5mg at bed. Started last night. I like your channel for straight info and not feeling like you are promoting/dissuading the use of a drug.ij écrit: You are the man thank you for the valuable insightTheRogi22 écrit: I was prescribed Zopiclone 7.5mg today and have just taken a second pill because the first one was not doing anything for almost two hours after taking it (and by anything I mean not even in the slightest). It's now one hour after taking the second one and again I'm not feeling sleepy – and could go as far as to say I felt sleepier before I took the first pill. Does anyone else have this happen to them when using Zopiclone?Sham Persaud écrit: Audio sound is too low and its not my device issue.stephen quinn écrit: i take zopiclone 7.5mh 10mg diazipam amisulpride 300mg dexamphetamine 31 pills a day 175mg codine paracetamol and more so many drugs im on its crazyJeremi Deuso écrit: I been getting a type of "Brain fog" and I'm suspicious that this medication is the cause.Jeffrey Jeff Jefferson écrit: hello i have a question does somnols pills contain zopiclone?Cherry Belle écrit: I use them for anxiety I get prescribed them I have taking two a day and gettin 28 fortnight ,th n cut me to 14 I'm heroin addict too this harder to come offTheLeon1032 écrit: I'm astounded at the rate this man replies to everyone, very cool!!tiffb17 écrit: The taste is absolutely terriblebayleybomber écrit: Your far too quietRobert Howarth écrit: I need to have medications in order to sleep at night. This awful insomnia has frustrated me for 9 months. I ran across this sleeping program from my doctor. Right after Five weeks, I gained the very best sleep of my life. Individuals who have suffered with insomnia for quite a long time should also look at this. My sleeping habit every night has improved substantially. I researched this guidebook on Google.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
take careAaron e Stefano écrit: I have 7.5 (x 14 ) every 2 weeks prescribed. I am supposed to take 7.5mg but I feel like I need x3 to fully feel happy to sleep. However, with my new anti-depressants 'Mirtazapine' I now take x1 7.5mg but I sometimes feel they don't do anything. Therefore, I take x2 on average but my doctor is really not happy with the idea. I have had them for a couple of years in the UK on repeat prescription. They help me a lot but I feel I wish I could try something new or stronger to help me sleep. I have now been reffered to a sleep clinic in England to help but haven't yet gone as it takes 18weeks to get an appointment. It's called a respiratory clinic but what will happen i don't know? Does anyone have any tips to making them stronger or any advice? For example, I have noticed not to take them when I have eaten as it makes the effect weaker. I'm sure, not for certain, but smoking my E-Cig helps and also drinking water instead of pop (fizzy drinks) to help them work more. I feel as I feel the 'hangover' more than the effect there and then. I feel to shy or nervous to ask my doctor for something stronger as he usually says there is no way with your other medication or cause i'm 25 like he doesn't want to listen to me, what do I do? I take propropronolol for anxiety long term, diazpam (valium) for anxiety in the moment, zopiclone for insomnia to sleep, mirtazapine for depression. What do you guys think?Call Me Papi écrit: Hey man I’ve been really sick and my head is all over he place and my stomach hurts so bad and haven’t ate in 4 days, these doctors gave me this when that’s not the case of my illness, do you have any thoughts on this and should I take it? I don’t wanna get addicted to this because I have a tad bit of addictive personalitylois lane écrit: ive been on it for over 16years!David Greene écrit: Just took 8 of the 7.5 what way will I be I experience with this since I'm 12 but took massive. Break
WhatMichael Heery écrit: I take 3of 7.5 some days .i feel shit..
Just only 3 hours sleep. Thet are not working .dunno what to do..tksKing Cat écrit: About to try Zopiclone for my insomnia, quite an interesting sounding drug. I hope I don't oversleep my alarm. I find the pharmaceutical brand name "ImRest"Daniel Gillespie écrit: Yeah right fakes and fraudsShaheed Petersen écrit: zopiclone or zopimed used for insomnia. but its tge worst f##n tablet I ever took. I am paraplegic post 20 years and c have been on almost every med. this Zopimed should be outlawed. its like swolling benzine or xzylene and the tast last for days. and I took one tablet. I will rather live with insomnia than taking this f#!@n shit. The f!$#n chemist says they have that side effect. even the equivalent!!patrickg420 écrit: what 4, 7.5 at 1 time?Scotty Bee Scrapped! écrit: Very good in its doses o take 2 7.5 and sleep great…but over time you meed more as any any drug a tolerance is built. Most I've taken over a 8 hour period in 10 7.5 and i recommend not doing the "sleep waking" snd amnesia id intense so i read most times as i post things to social media and dont remember doing them i recommend staying away….from this medication is a double edged swordMichael Corvin écrit: It helps me with anxiety i take it at day. Works alot like valium, hate the taste tho.JACK_KNIFE-1 écrit: Been taking zopiclone for 7 years because I really struggle to sleep.Brian Cleary écrit: THE WITHDRAWALS ARE HORRIFIC,IVE BEEN TAKEN 1-2 tabs a day to offset Xanax and I've experienced terrible psychotic episodes,����������������strange cal écrit: Am I tripping or is the audio robotJoseph Wennsho écrit: here in chile we have zopiclona zonix from MINTLAB 7,5 they sail in the street for just us$5.00Rebecca Postma écrit: My doctor has me prescribed 14mg of zopiclone a night for sleep. Ive been taking it for about 4 months now. Should I be worried?Dixon Yamowthe écrit: These things make my mouth taste like straight metal in the morning. Had to stop taking it.Calinda Reed écrit: I was just prescribed this medication, today, in the 7.5 mg (half tablet per night, for 2 nights, then try a night without it). Thank you so much for the information you have provided here. It is very helpful, and very well explained….again, thank you.The Haunted Library écrit: Is this more similar to Ambien than a benzo?Maria Dolores Ayala écrit: I hate the metallic taste of the zoplicone!!!!Sandy Wasy écrit: LONG TERM USAGE CAN DEPRESSION YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. I do NOT have any serious underlying health issues and this drug is seriously harming my breathing. I am trying to wean off- and its giving me respiratory depression AND central sleep apnea. The dr put me on 7.5 mg of this as a TEENAGER- and had me on it for decades. I had no idea of the serious long term health issues it can cause.matthew gonano drums écrit: Is it just me or the video sounds like its on zopicloneJudy Dawe écrit: There is a 10 mg. I was prescribed up to 2 a night. One half to one usually gets me to sleep. The taste can be awfully and there’s no high. I can see them being a crutch, but addiction no.Alluring Bettas écrit: I’m prescribed Zolpidem 5mg as needed. I’ve been trying to figure out whether Zoplicone is a “safer” medication. And what it’s effects are. Zolpidem made me sleep walk in the beginning. But I learned to take it as soon as I am in bed with my eyes closed. Is it worth asking my doctor to switch? Zolpidem only helps me sleep for about 3-4 hours. But because of my job, I need to take it to force myself to sleep (flight Attendant). What would you suggest? Thank you for the only informational video on this medication.Celine Johnston écrit: I would love to buy zopiclone on line I live in dublin, stupid pharmacies over here,Konrad von Marburg écrit: This medication has been a God-send for me. I have a very stressful life and am always on the go. I take 1 7.5mg pill Wednesday to get a really really restful sleep. I do not take another until the next Wednesday. The 5mg doesn't do anything for me. What's interesting is that sometimes I will chop the 7.5mg pill in half and only take half, and this still does far more for me than a full 5mg pill of the same stuff.ali bell écrit: I've been on it for years and have rarely taken more than half and I'm able to enjoy a few bottles of wine .LovinFiveAwesomeKids écrit: Do you have a girlfriend or wife. Was scared to ask but went for it anyways ��Whoo Youu écrit: Whoa! You sound like a robot. Cool!LovinFiveAwesomeKids écrit: You are so extremely handsome!!!Heather Pulford écrit: Imovane 7.5mg SHOULD NEVER be taken for more than 10 consecutive days in a row or you are at risk of becoming addicted and your chances of having the stated side affect will increase. Also people that take imovane only eat sleep, sleep drive etc if they have mixed imovane with another drug and/or alcohol.
Dont be stupid people.iseeu1980 écrit: It's good that you're doing these videoes but the audio is pretty bad. Get a microphone, a pop filter and a soundcard. (The difference between your intro and video was very noticeable.)Jordan écrit: terrible audioTydin écrit: Makes me sleep walk like crazyJamie Forsyth écrit: The sleep apnea caution never says if is untreated or under control with CPAP.André Fahlman écrit: My friend had sleep apnea and cleft palate, he had this med in large doses and died. So be aware people!Roberta Echum écrit: Thanks for the info!Roberta Echum écrit: Your looks are too distracting ����CyborgPunkMonk écrit: Thank you for this info. It now makes complete sense why this medication seemed greatly helpful to me. It helps me with my anxiety. To let it all go before I go to bed and wake up feeling happier. Helps me meditate and feel at ease at night. I have tried taking it every night. But the effects become less. So I would like to be able to take it every second night or maybe even once or twice a week. But my doctor won't prescribe it to me because she doesn't trust me with it.
I was prescribed seroquel. But it makes my nose close up, so I can't breathe during the drowsy effects. She gave me nasal spray, but it only does so much, and by the time it works effectively so I can breathe properly, the drowsy effect is low. And my mind still races on too much either way. I still end up always falling asleep between 3am to 8am after being exhausted from tossing and turning all night. Or trying to focus on reading a book. I'm also on antidepressants. But they don't seem to be working. It's been increased multiple times. And I've switched a few types too. I still have trouble leaving my house, to do every day tasks, and I still can't manage to finish a simple 1 course semester. I feel like I'm on a road to failure. I don't think these pills are the cure. But I do feel they could potentially help for a portion in my life. However I feel there's just something doctors and psychiatrists/psychologists are missing. What's truly causing my anxiety and depression. I've gotten little help so far, so I've been focusing on trying to figure it out on my own. Because I'm tired of feeling held back and helpless. My mom thinks I'm a hypochondriac because I've been doing so much research and considering possibilities. But I'm not claiming or thinking I have everything, just paying closer attention to myself and comparing. I don't fear I have something severe. And not every little thing worries me. But many things I can relate to. And it helps me find the words to explain what I for sure do experience. So maybe when I finally have my next appointment, I can better explain my struggles and find the true cause for them.
Sorry for the long comment. I'm not expecting you or anyone to help me out, but it does help me reflect. And maybe it might be interesting to read for those into these areas.CC C écrit: Fuck im high on zop right now. Its all I can do to type.Trucker Daddy – AKA John in Québec écrit: Becomes addictive and withdrawal is painful. Vicious circle.Cameron McBride écrit: Do you dream less on itTaurus-Paravati écrit: I've been on zips for 14 yearsIsabel Olsson écrit: Thanks for the update. Much needed.Cameron Anonsen écrit: Great video sir_����������_
����������Riordan Parata écrit: I'm on Zopiclone, 40MG of Temazepam, also Lorazapam and Xanax and Clonazaoam plus Soma. I've been on it long term but I want to get off itWhatAreYouSaying? écrit: Some years ago I used to take like 20-30 Zopiclone 7,5 mg almost every day, I ate them like candy…I even smoked the pills sometimes. I really dont remember very much of that period and I did some weird stuff. Im happy I was able to quit..Zopiclone is bad! (if used improperly)MightyForSure écrit: Damn this video is so fucking creepy, the sound, this guy is fucking creepyThat’s Definitely Some Good Excrement écrit: Weird that I keep seeing people online that zopiclone shouldnt be used for more than a week or so at a time. First time I told my doctor that I had been sleeping for like 2 hours max pretty much every day, he prescribed me zoplicone, and the prescription said it was for 100x5mg pills. After he had written the script, he just told me "Take 5-7.5mg before bed, if you feel that you need it to fall asleep". Never said anything about stopping after a week at all. Now, if im out of them / had taken a months break, I just text his office, and within a day or 2 I'll have my new prescription of 100x 5mg pills.Max Gurinov écrit: Omg his eye browsMathew Pettipas écrit: Thank god��, finally a professional video on this medication. Most of the youtube video is done by biased Zopiclone abuser.��GMAIL ACCOUNT écrit: Ok thanks for the information

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