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FDA Cuts Recommended Dosage of Lunesta

la description:
Concerns about next-day drowsiness cause a change to the initial recommended dose.

leonakita écrit: won't work for opiate withdrawal…neither will ambien! You won't sleep for a week if coming off high doses of opiates like oxycodone.Anglynn74 écrit: when you haven't slept in 48 hrs you really don't care about drowsiness the next day. some of us need something strong or else we'll be awake for DAYS.– .̕͝ écrit: Do not try lunesta, its a joke of a sleeping pill! Stay with ambien 12.5 or 30mg temazepam.ole smokey écrit: Drallziness the next day my ass maybe for 30 minutes but only cus i didnt sleep but fucking 3 hours cus of the fucking shit taste feel like i ate a roll of fucking quarters lunesra is garbageA Person écrit: FDA are a bunch of clowns and I hope nobody takes them seriously.digupstuff écrit: BOO!!! Lunesta has REALLY HELPED ME get the sleep that I need. The only problem for me is that it's not enough the 2mg. Not after a couple of months of taking it every single night anyway. I need to have it upped to 3mgs, but I doubt that my dr will now If so, that means that I will continue to take 2mg of Lunesta along with an otc sleeping pill, which really puts me out when I do both!  🙁

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