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Zopiclone / Short Film

la description:
I made this short in my first year of film school.

Shogun – 47 écrit: Get the fuck outta here ��Zibaharo écrit: This is funny… Zopiclone is a fun drug… When I play with it I usually find something funny in the morningAyman Motya écrit: 2020 stillmmjv beats écrit: It ain’t that deep man I just popped some earlier and I’m chillingCorina Maria écrit: Stay away from itCorina Maria écrit: And the withdrawals are bigger than methadone or heroinCorina Maria écrit: Single truth is that at the beginning u don’t remember too muchPachita A. écrit: Yo uso zopiclona casi todos los días y nada de eso me pasa jajaja es verdad que aveces cuesta recordar muy rapido cosas , o cambias palabras por otras, un poco de dificultad con el equilibrio pero nada mas que eso jajaj ahora si te tomas unas dos, nose �� yo me tomo una y solo me relaja ��Logan Wood écrit: Lol overthinking much?.Kayla Michele écrit: My mother took these the other night ontop of drinking wine and she woke up and started acting crazy and posessed so I called the ambos and when they came in she started hissing at them like a cat. Never seen anything so scary in my life. She is ok now thankfully. She does remember everything that happened and described it as feeling something 'dark' infront of her and something trying to posess her.EGO BIRTH écrit: IVE WOKEN UP SO MANY TIMES WITH GLASS SPLITTER ALL OVER THE FLOOR SO MANY TIMES im like where does it come from was that ME?Laura Ditchburn écrit: i gained pounds on Zopiclone. I used to eat through the night. I had no memory of it until I saw the empty food packets and boxes on the floor next morning.666OBSESIÓN écrit: siento temor que tal vez mi personalidad malvada tome control de mi mientras consuma esta drogaMark Alexander écrit: This is more like the effects of alcohol. Zopiclone has never made me do THOSE things lol.Hartley Hare écrit: Zopiclone for sale, Doctor prescribed 7.5 ×28�� 7 lots for sale��Manchester England��������������£15SkaarSilver écrit: I once took zopiclone and beer and juped second floore so yea paiful.supergeten2 écrit: I was yelling at my sofa in english, while taking this combo. (I´m Swedish..)Jr. Throttle écrit: lolLeon écrit: I just popped a zop baby don’t worryBlast Oise écrit: Over exaggerated BS, I do tripple dose of zops and it feels niiice and is the only thing that makes me sleep. I’ve had the withdrawals too and they’re just like an E come down nothing painful just feels like a massive comedown. Which it is.SWIM619 écrit: This is amazing! Good fucking job 😀ali bell écrit: Did he neck a pile of these ? If not this is fucking bollocks lol , I take half a 7.5 every night and a bottle of wine wed fri and sat and it gives me great sleep with no crazy side affects !SK écrit: Last time I had these poped 2 5mgs and drank a bottle let’s just say I was hallucinating for the rest of my night ����Joanne Arctic écrit: Well, in my case if I take alcohol I won't be able to sleep, noticed that, I will need to take another pill and the effect won't be as expected.Dima Kachurin écrit: Imovane is well tolerated by most people. The most likely adverse reactions may include: a bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, headache, drowsiness residual, depressed mood, irritability.
As usual Imovane has no serious side effects, so Imovane surpasses all known drugs for treatment of insomnia with its pharmacological safety. I bought Zopiclone here Maybe my review will help somebody)Trucker Daddy – AKA John in Québec écrit: Zopliclone addiction is real. Painful withdrawal too444Marui écrit: Me afSamuel Jordi écrit: sounds about rightJames Dio écrit: I can't get a bone on and cum on these pillsSuperJohnMontana écrit: Used imovane (prescribed ) for years. Never any of these issues, even when drinking. IdiotJeff écrit: is he still looking in the mirror when the cut on his face moves to the other side ?paulspydar écrit: my Dr just prescribed me these pills to help me sleep, havnt taken any yet,sparkynight73 écrit: all of that just because he took a zopiclone tablet! I usually just fall asleep when I take one!baretillo écrit: hmmmm beer and pillsarron frederick écrit: what bs zopiclone dont do thatW G écrit: my friends would tell me all this shit I did that I didn't remember…scary. so I stopped taking them they said I even looked like I was possessedLla Ming écrit: Makes your mouth taste gross.Steve M écrit: Was chilling watching this, it's that accurate. Made the mistake of mixing this with alcohol a few years ago and proceeded to ruin a friendship by sending an email, one I have no memory of. Something similar must've happened to you to come up with this. Good jobExoticSpeedify écrit: that's dude just needs to go to bedGEZZA1 écrit: zopiclone affects your diet, with a penchent for human flesh. take the time to bbq the good cuts around the shoulder blade and arse cheeks.ChrisUlf écrit: I'm addicted yo Zopliclona…Take 30-40 pills alomsetery dayJake W écrit: i wanna ** you the way you want to be **** tooDaniela Sprella écrit: Wrong… Zopiclone is a non-benzodiazepine which means pure placebo bullshit!..(at least for me) that said, Nothing compares to a real benzo.
[grabs a cup of wine, chuggs it with 4 triazolams xD]WhiteEagle écrit: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SHIT AND NIGHTMARE FOR A YEAR AFTER…TEN4_RD écrit: Take 3 zopiclobe with 2 nice joints…an hour or two after the zopis kick in. Feel the rise! Had minor hallucinations. Good head buzzes. Feel drunk but more aware. Recommend for a decent time.
My current night right now is 7 joints from earlier. 15mgs of Zopiclone and 1.5ltrs of Leibfraulich….yes I feel nice! Blurry, of balance, empty mind and over all decent feelings in my headseeriktus écrit: Watching this video taking zopiclone is so weird. My shrink gave me it for sleep induction, it doesn't do anything, just makes me relaxed.Todd Lavigne écrit: Zopiclone is very dangerous at higher doses and very very  addictive. Withdrawls are hellish and you can easily die from seisuze caused by the withdrawl. This stuff is as dangerous as heroin.Ganjaa Crotch écrit: this film speaksself-destructive nature écrit: zopiclone does absolutely nothing for me 
until i took 5 and that made me little light headed and then smoked a reef and it did more than just on its own snailorgy écrit: Zopiclone are a lot more fun than this film suggests Vytas Jankauskis écrit: true. turn off your phone while you are high on that shkakha chantladze écrit: this is not real :))) fuc k you Sebastior Sebastiorson écrit: I know the feeling, these fuckers amongt ambien and 'real' benzos really fucked my life up.candy5floss écrit: This video is hilariously accurate. Well done XDshon écrit: i took even 3 a drunk a went on plane
a went to sleep
u get kind of high a relaxd a thats it
a avoid it for a while after that…shon écrit: THIS IS TOTAL BULSHIT
A ONLY SOME TIMESjig dot écrit: I take them at day sometimes to stop withdrawal. When you have a tolerance you can be normal on them. FoxBanana écrit: this si exactly whta im doing right now lol but for differeent reasonMaximilian Vartanian écrit: He was blacked out and did something stupid. It's something we never see.David Kebell écrit: music from LOST. epicMaximilian Vartanian écrit: It works for some, and causes mayhem for others. To each his own.ianroady écrit: I love my zopicloneMorrish1973 écrit: A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a total wanker….monkshood999 écrit: that was so funny,.and then you cant stop taking it, and it goes around and around , it feels like you ve drunk half a bottle of vodka,with the hangover in the morning and finding , that all your effort to lose weight all day,has been totally ruined by having the worst munches ever,eating the entire fridge,or making pancakes at 4am in the morning,or cooking a great big pot of pasta with cheese on top,just to say i've put on 5 stone in 15 years.though at the time you think your in heaven x x x x Maximilian Vartanian écrit: GOOD FOR YOU, SIR.ianroady écrit: I love zopicloneianroady écrit: Dude just have a shower. U will be right as rainHeadkick Adict écrit: zopiclone + weed heheheheheTheLcasey1 écrit: zopiclone is awesome. just dont have them everyday. even when i was doing that, i could stop straight away no worries.Boris Kuglov écrit: lol a lot of thing in these video happen to me when i was on zopicloneahudson2012 écrit: These for me tend to bring extremely good luck!TullyBuddy écrit: @morrismagic08 I'm currently on Zopiclone. I feel like its stepping on individual functions of my brain. I like the feeling and I get like this when I take it. It helps me fall asleep. Any advice?Martin Chatfield écrit: Like part from the Bud Ad. Cute guy too x

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