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Supporting the immune system with Lindsey

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Supporting immune function, thank you Lindsey\n\nSleep and Immunity\n\n\n\nHow to breath while wearing a mask\n\n\nMasks and face coverings\n\n\nWhy did Canada lock down\n

Safire Thompson écrit: Great video – I would love to hear Lindsey's thoughts on Berberine as an anti-inflammatory and blood sugar balancing remedy!Kevin Ryan écrit: "The zoles". I was prescribed Aripiprazole once (I probably spelt it wrong). I couldn't sit still. I kept pumping my leg up and down. Became very jittery and kept moving from place to place. Couldn't sleep at all. I was like that for 3 days and had to go into Hospital.sms4Hou écrit: Those symptoms the Dr. Said he had were exactly mine for corona virus.We Shall Feast écrit: Dr John: "What's omega 3?" LolJibbie49 écrit: Los Angeles Times 7-10-20
A plasma shot could prevent coronavirus. But feds and makers won’t act, scientists say    @tAdrienne King écrit: Sitting here at 3.45am watching this – chronic insomnia has definitely compromised my health – physically, mentally, emotionally, the works.Elen Jones écrit: This is brilliant. Thank you Dr John.��Beetles and Bees écrit: Developments in herbal medicine–I almost think of it as discovery of ancient wisdom–used for hundreds of years by First Nation and indigenous peoples. We have much to learn.Vedic Way écrit: I can’t believe John asked if pharmacists do 6 month course or something hahaha hilarious.Simon Hodges écrit: If you have home wireless networks you should also turn them off when you go to bed as they interfere with sleep.Simon Hodges écrit: I always thought it was ridiculous that pharmacists could not prescribe obvious treatments. I used to wear contact lenses and about once a year I would get conjunctivitis. I knew what it was and the pharmacist knew what it was but they couldn't give me any medication so I had to book an appointment with my GP and waste everyone's time. I realised this 25 years ago why is it only now that we are seeing a change? Our health care systems are stuck in pretty useless paradigms and need to smarten up. I still cannot believe that the government and PHE etc have not advocated building natural immunity: its just insane.Valarie Lacasse écrit: Isnt most drugs derived from plants and herbs. Education idefinitely important i agree cautiom is the key pharmacuetical is just as dangerous. The pharmacist has hit the nail on the head wholistis approach is my first option efore going to écrit: Hi doc, your are the bestSue Wright écrit: Here in England where so few Drs stay in the country anymore, thank God for our pharmacists who are there pretty much all the time. A brilliant video, Dr John and thank you so much LindsayKaty B écrit: Question.. I'm taking vitamin D, it's winter here, so I can't always sit in the sun for a sufficient time. If I've been in the sun I don't take a tablet, if i haven't I do. How can I make sure I don't overdose? I'm taking a bit more than I normally would in the pandemic as I obviously want to do all I can, but how do I make sure I don't take too much?Ashley Lala écrit: A lot of pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic versions of herbal medicines. They can’t patent herbs and patented rx drugs are far more profitable for the Big Pharma cartels. I’ve had tremendous success treating a variety of serious health problems with herbs under the guidance of a great naturopath. Unlike the allopathic system, it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg and give me a dozen crazy side effects. If I have a sinus infection, I can take antibiotics for a week and wreck my gut flora or I can take oregano oil and it will be gone in a few days with my gut intact. Of course I’m careful with the dose, it’s powerful stuff.Ashley Lala écrit: I had severe gastritis many years ago and those proton pump inhibitors did help a lot but I do think there are healthier options with less side effects. For myself I have found Marshmallow tea or Marshmallow pills coupled with Aloe juice (the inner filet, not the whole leaf) to be just as useful. Slippery elm is another great herb for soothing the GI tract and rebuilding that mucus layer of the gut. Herbal parasite cleanses can help eliminate yeast and other harmful, gut damaging organisms as well.

Do not take these herb with Coumadin or Warfarin as they can affect INR.Richard écrit: I started taking Vitamin D3 4 months ago, since the start of this pandemic and the benefits it has already brought have been profound. I have suffered for 18 months with an increasingly painful knee joint, to the point when I couldn't sleep without waking myself up with the pain when moving my knee. Since taking Vitamin D3 (2500iu per day) the pain in my knee has almost completely gone now, presumably because of a significant reduction in inflammation in my knee joint. So it's a real 'winner' for me and a bit of an 'unsung hero'. My son (works out weight lifting every day) and my wife have both reported similar benefits; they no longer have aching muscles or painful joints after exercise, so it seems to be having a really positive benefit.Thornton Tarr écrit: Dr Campbell, you pointed out several weeks ago about the sad case of 1600 Forces Personnel who were enlisted to be aids at long care facilities in Ontario and Quebec because the regular staff had just left their patients alone. So, why does Lindsay suggest that Canada is doing good work? And then these 1600 Forces Personnel were tested, some found to be positive and were spreading COVID-19 because Canada Defence Forces didn't know that one could be asymptomatic yet positive. Really!!!! You discussed all of this, Dr. Campbell. So Lindsay, I know you discussed doing better but are you really proud about this episode? I consider it disgraceful.Tara Cat écrit: So good for Doctors to learn their nutrition!!!!!!!Simon Smedley écrit: #Covidisbollocks

NHS full of wankers!odontomatix écrit: Plants can't run away from predators like animals can, so they have evolved chemical methods of defending themselves. That's why so many pharmaceuticals were discovered in plants.odontomatix écrit: Cold ground flax seed is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, but only about 10% of the ALA fatty acid in flax seed is converted by enzymes in the body into the useful form, so you need to take a lot of it. However, the quantity of ALA in ground flax seed is quite high, so it's easy to take a lot in. I mix it into my cold or hot cereal. The unground (whole) flax seeds are not digested easily in the gut, so get the ground seed. And not the oil extracted from the seed because flax seed oil degrades quickly before you even ingest it. Something in the ground seeds actually preserves the oil naturally until you absorb it in the gut. écrit: The whole bone. LOLOneKindWord écrit: St Johns Wort is contraindicated for transplant recipients. They learned that the hard way. The bottles carry that warning now.OneKindWord écrit: I’ve taken plant based Omega 3 ever since I broke open a fish based capsule and it was so rancid it stunk to high heaven.Paul Stanley écrit: "What's the training to be a pharmacist? A six month course or something?" Cheeky! LolTravelWell écrit: I like camomile tea in the evening.Charmer Tech écrit: Dr Campbell and Sister Lindsey — Magnesium citrate and Magnesium glycinate are best to develop immune system and take care of heart Co morbidities . Magnesium L Threonate is best for improving synaptic density in brain

Why medical schools do not promote or educate about Mg . Are medical schools under influence of pharma companies like Pfizer who promoted statins of no use ? My straight question , why undermine the importance of Mg which is most integral component of mitochondria . Why promote calcium which promotes more CHD cases above 50 yrs . Why myocardium and Sinus arterial nodes are deprived of Mg+2 cations to maintain electrical balance across heart componentsWalter Duranty écrit: TOTAL FAILURE: New York State ruled by Governor Cuomo had the worst Wuhan Virus death ratio in the world – higher than any U.S. state and higher than ANY NATION!
New York State has 1,668 deaths per one million residents for a total of 32,000 deaths.
Only New Jersey had a worse number than New York state with 1,760 deaths per one million residents.
Both states sent Hop Sing Syndrome patients to nursing homes.
There is not a single country in the world that has worse numbers than New York State.

Have a chuckle at Cuomo's ridiculous poster:×600.jpgeireannsg écrit: Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey, stop flirting with Lindsey you babbling old fool and go out to do some exercise. You are becoming fat.mimifleming369 écrit: I cant see video this morning 7/14. It says privateM écrit: Unfortunately my pharmacist has the same condition my GP secretaries have ( very unfriendly and almost rude) .mary busch écrit: every time we go to the pharmacy here in the USA, there is such a line that there is no chance to discuss anything with a pharmacist. However when we went to pharmacies in France and Spain or was it Portugal, they were more than happy to help us. and I love the French registration process for supplements…Rae Fishman écrit: Wonderful to hear you in conversation with this lovely Canadian pharmacist. So many helpful tips shared. I inherited chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and I am still suffering from chemotherapy side effects, so I'll sign up with her Friendly Pharmacy 5 Immunology group for sure. G0d bless you for your calm cogent and clear daily updates. Very much appreciated!James Darlack écrit: Dr. Linda's video volume was up and down. Otherwise, it was excellent.

Thanks to both Doctors for your efforts.
Be blessed,
JimManoj Dupare écrit: I am not a medical practioner,
I want to know about how Indian tinospora cordifolia plant helps aur body ,I know it does but not know how ..Jenni Elina Holopainen écrit: I have braindamage from 1990 and restless feet syndrom. Both affect my sleep.
To syndrome I have pramipexole, and for braindamage I just have to keep myself from stress.Daniel Pavlin écrit: Awesome Show Doctor. I truly appreciate this episode. Thank you Dr.!swenson047 écrit: I checked out this ladies YouTube videos. She states the U.S. strategy is herd immunity. Grabbing a can of seventh generation now. Garbage.Josef Taghizadeh écrit: ♦️A question!
(Please! Can some one who has dr.Campel email adr send this note to him? Or give me his email adress?)

We know that vaccines that are attenuated viruses, in order to survive during transport globally, should be kept refrigerated or frozen during transport. We know that foods incl. meat, fish, … are transported in the fridge and there have been several viruses spread in meat and food markets and food factories globally.
Is it possible that eg imported meat's surface can be infected with viruses and from hanging meat in cold stores or on meat market spreads viruses in the air and infects staff and visitors who breathe in contaminated air?
In addition, that in a month or so COVID-19 could spread only via traveling from Wuhan who had been in quarantine (somewhat late) to almost every corner and island in the globe seems unlikely. Therefore, for example, can refrigerated preserved international cargo play a role in pandemic development?
Could not this be the reason that many countries despite, mouth guard duty, testing, isolation can not get rid of viruses and outbreaks occur especially in meat and food factories and markets in these countries? Eg in South Korea, Germany, Beijing, …
In that case, it would be simply like posting in the refrigerator virus to which address in the world and when it is desired to start the second or third wave. PS! Probably as a consumer there is no risk of infection because the meat is cooked and vegetables are washed and rinsed. The risk is more for those who work in food factories, cold stores and markets if there is an infected product.
Dr.Josef Taghizadeh/SwedenChristine P écrit: The best pharmaceuticals are zero pharmaceuticals.. I NEVER consult these drug pushers, I consult only natural health providers.E W Sieczka écrit: The Great Covid-19 Deception and What You Need to Know to Survive W Sieczka écrit: Oh, she is a pharmacist and she is an expert on covid??Jennifer Rae Fuchek écrit: I appreciate pharmacists but don't like getting one who tries to run interference and dispute a written prescription… if a doctor deems something necessary or needed and it is taken to you as a pharmacist, dispense it. It isn't up to you to scrutinize a patient and overstep. The doctor prescribed it, you dispense it. The only exception is people doctor shopping or multiple scripts for controlled substances.
Towards the end of this – has her added part of sleep series… some is good info but some was weirdJosephine Winter écrit: doctor, i want to know about the time you snogged a crocodile…Josephine Winter écrit: my mother said, the homeopathist was the only person who really listened to what she said and so helped her, she took it for thatJan Viljoen écrit: South and southern Africa is rapidly turning into the greatest epicenter of Covid-19 in the world. Since early April, the cumulative number of infections in South Africa has doubled about every 14 days. Today, 13 July 2020, 287,796 cumulative cases have been recorded, slightly less than double the 144,567 on 30 June, 14 days before today. Compare that to the USA (50 days) and Brazil (23 days). South Africa is firmly on track to record half a million cumulative infections on 24 or 25 July. Community spread is now unstoppable. At the current rate of increase, 1 million will have been infected by 8 August, 2 million by 22 August, 4 million by 5 September, 8 million by 19 September, 16 million by 3 October and some 32 million by 17 October 2020. That is 53% of the population of over 59 million people. The daily number of new infections should then drop off steeply. However, over the first two weeks of October, on average over a million new infections are likely to occur daily.
Public hospitals in South Africa have been plundered bare over the last 26 years and are unable to meet the increase in demand for sophisticated health care due to the Covid-19 crisis. The additional 'health budget' announced some two months ago, has turned out just another opportunity for 'connected' black business people to plunder, by loading contracted prices for protective medical equipment several hundred-fold. Even private hospitals are now being flooded by covid cases, and are closed. Many people will not be able to access hospital care over the next four months. Also, the epidemic in South Africa comes on top of high incidences of tuberculosis, aids, diabetes and hypertension, all co-morbidities that significantly increase the likelihood of death – Dr Mary-Ann Davies, In addition, a high incidence of infant malnutrition and, quite likely, also substantial Vitamin D deficiencies in many South Africans with dark skin, may leave many in South Africa vulnerable to inflammatory respiratory conditions such as covid-19. Defiance, denial and unwillingness to accept the discomfort of lockdown are further exacerbating factors.
Early 'evidence' of flattening of the curve in South Africa is unreliable and misleading. Exponential epidemic growth of infected numbers is now well established, and it appears that, some eight to ten weeks ago, the authorities have quietly accepted that the epidemic will run its course essentially unchecked. Officially, the peak is expected in September. Notwithstanding acceptance that the epidemic will run its course unchecked, very harsh, albeit clearly predominantly entirely nonsensical, irrational and uselessly ineffective, lockdown measures were introduced and are being brutally enforced. Ostensibly, the purpose is window-dressing that the 'government is doing all it can to address' the crisis. Death rates are likely to be high, regardless of a relatively young population. One of every two infected people over the age of 75 will most likely die, one of every four between the ages of 65 and 74, one of five between the ages of 45 and 64 and less than one of 25 younger than 44. Statistics of 'recoveries' are evidently highly suspect. Clearly, many politicians are totally out of sync with epidemic events. Everything that could possibly be done wrong with regard to the social and demographic realities of South Africa, they have managed to do wrong, demonstrating inability to understand the course of an epidemic, and of the role that social and demographic conditions play in its unfolding.
However, far worse, still, is that the government is now trying to conceal their incompetence by beating the old Marxist drum of human suffering caused by suppression and exploitation of the black majority section of society by the privileged white minority section (But see Jordan Peterson,
The harsh lockdown measures in South Africa is certain to drive a majority of small businesses to the wall. Countless numbers of these were started by Whites when legislated black economic empowerment since 1994 forced Whites out of jobs. Generally, these businesses have done well, a reality resented by many black South Africans with Marxist leanings. State financial assistance to weather the covid-19 crisis is not available to white-owned businesses; they are being discriminated against on a racial basis regardless the fact that they pay taxes and employ large numbers of black citizens. The epidemic is being used to selectively drive white-owned businesses out of business, even though replacement employers are not being instituted. The interests of black employees of such businesses are simply being ignored. This is most deplorable, cowardly racism against an ethnic minority and will result in greater famine, hardship and poverty among ordinary people – both white and black – already impoverished by the ongoing plundering of state assets, especially during the Zuma era. The outside world must take notice.
Expatriate South Africans and others worldwide need to do whatever they can to help white-owned small businesses in South Africa survive the crisis and the racist campaign against them. Please look through the causes listed at and donate to a business of your choice. Help preserve the lives and livelihoods of countless numbers of both Blacks and Whites in South Africa. The likes of Malema, Dlamini Zuma, Magashule and many others care only for power and the opportunity it affords them to plunder state assets at the cost of the poor.
Community spread is now unstoppable. No amount of lockdown will have any effect whatsoever. It is up to every individual family unit to protect themselves as best they can. Fortunately, with a little self discipline, this can be readily achieved. Family isolation, social distancing, washing of hands and of surfaces outsiders might have contaminated with small drops of saliva, and the wearing of a mask whenever within 6 meters from outsiders, are the measures that should be rigorously applied for the next three to four months. These measures allow individuals to still go outside for walks or a run. These simple measures are 100% effective and many lives can be saved.
The upshot of this chain of past and prospective future events is that, by mid-October 2020, South Africa could be one of the very first countries in the world where the population has developed true herd immunity. By November, the epidemic in South Africa should be all over. South Africa can then enjoy their enviable position for a few months until vaccines become available. But the next 3 to 4 months will bring unspeakable suffering and tragedy to the people of South Africa.Josephine Winter écrit: sea food all contains about the same things, so sea weed including that fashionable bright dark green popular one that stinks (tastes of nothing but smells like sick) also has it in; in terms of the omega fats, a mix of nuts and seeds eg sesame pumpkin sunflower is a great substitutePaul Bork écrit: Thanks, as always, John. You are quite welcome in my home, again.

From this, one might think that in the UK and Canadian socialized medicine systems, no only can’t one keep the doctor they like, they can’t timely see any doctor, but need to rely on nurses and pharmacists to adjust their medications and treat more than the whole bone. One might be wrong or might be correct. This one hope we don’t find out in the US of this would be how nationalized health care would be implemented in the US.

I see she got a grant to produce her videos, while our good PhD nurse is producing his without a grant. Thanks again, John.Jean A écrit: What about vegan and vegetarian diets? Do they make any difference in COVID infections and recovery? Thanks, Dr. Campbell! Love your videos! Liked and subscribed!carol ward écrit: cod liver oil is high in omega 3 plus contains Vits A & DZsu’s Vegan Pantry écrit: Thank you for looking out for the fish and the vegetarians, too, John! Thank you, Lindsey for all the great information!Tracy Gittins écrit: A couple of spoons of ground flax seed gives this vegan all the omega-3 he needs.Dana Quinto écrit: This was a great interview. Lindsey is very knowledgeable and informative. I live in Ontario, Canada and agree with her comments. We are doing well right now and I hope it continues. Masks are being mandated in most areas as of today which is great. This may help us ride the 2nd wave in the Fall. Areas needing improvement definitely include LTC homes.Honor Burza écrit: How about oral spray supplements? They bypass the digestive systemJill Klausen écrit: As an autoimmune sufferer, I am very grateful to you for addressing inflammation. Thank you. The Canadian pharmacist is quite knowledgeable. She should hire someone to edit her videos, because the sound quality is a distraction to the message. Thank you again.david hynes écrit: Listen or watch thunder and rain video on Youtube. Be careful with electrics or you may sleep forever. Have a clear consciencedavid hynes écrit: If you have trouble sleeping watch most of the movies we have today, phone a relative and ask him how he is, there follows a tirade of his health problems, etc, read a book on the dynamic stresses on concrete in a dam construction or a book concerning the various types and numbers of triceratops that existed in the past–these will knock you out in no time.david hynes écrit: She's doing an ace job.– the person who discovered aspirin thought that rheumatism was caused by damp, so look for a tree that thrives by water in wet conditions-the willow tree -and it worked. If I wanted to try a herbal remedy and I asked one of my doctors from the past, if it was ok to take with my medication, he would say, I know nothing about herbs–game, set and match to him.Airsporter G écrit: I dumped the proton pump inhibitor I was on for 2 tbs./day of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV). GERD disappeared! No more heartburn.R E Malm écrit: … Did you know New York City Records Zero COVID-19 Deaths: Preliminary Data and in an Icelandic study … (Good news for once☺) …TheWholeOfTerror écrit: Thanks a lot Lindsey. Great video and thanks for making me smile in these hard times. Please Dr Campbell bring Lindsey as much as u can onto your channel.ecwaufisxtreme écrit: There is ZERO immunity with COVID19! COVID19 completely destroys the immune system! All recovered cases have NO immune system left and they will die from a second infection! COVID19 is the most lethal disease on earth and we are all set to die from this disease! Humans will become EXTINCT!Trimorg Cyborg écrit: Well, one of the only benefits of this pandemic is videos such as this which educate and highlight the benefits of looking after one's health to keep our immune systems at peak levels. Thank you Dr. John and Lindsey, much appreciated!minicoopertn écrit: John, 6 month course on how to be a pharmacist. Who knew it was so difficult. Especially when nurses only have to do a 6 hour course and doctors a 6 week course 😉Dawn McMillan écrit: In Canada we have been taught to use our pharmacist as the medication specialist. Their health care role has been greatly expanded in recent years. Because pharmacists are so accessible using them to administer seasonal vaccines and reorder basic prescriptions has increased efficiency in our health care system. Family doctors are who we go to to figure out if and what sickness we might have. My family doctor then sends me to the correct specialist if required.kevfromm ackounce écrit: i once saw a pharmacist clinging to one of my walls
but an old newspaper took care of thatLee Magrish écrit: We love Dr. Campbell here in the states.Freebird H écrit: Thanks for all, the video’s today. I shall refer back to these time and time again. Thank you Dr C and Lindsey ������☮️ronnyandjamiejoy Sandvick écrit: I think people have lived longer on herbal medicines than on anything else.
Now, the pharmaceutical industry has taken over the rules and regulations of health in the worldMike Pelligrino écrit: Trump is such a moron its unbelievable. Get him out of office before we all die.!Tadhg Hayden écrit: Homeopathy never had success with it myself ..but then it took me quiet a few different practitioner before I had great success with vedic medecine. Even water you know espically the water medium has what is called memory…..ever medicine can be a position..Evey poison has within it some healing property..She is impressiveSharon Green écrit: Thank you so much for this video! I just joined Lindsays Facebook page and will be looking up her videos!Sue Wright écrit: A brilliant video, so extremely informative! Thank you so very much, Lindsay and our very dear Dr John. I was very interested to hear your views on B12 as my husband has had injections for it for about 30 years. Your views about Rabeprizole were also so interesting, I'm sure I'm going to give apple cider vinegar a try to get the acid back in my stomach. An amazing video, very many thanks indeed.Robert Drake écrit: Have insomnia, tried lots of ways of treating it and only one thing has had any long term positive effect. Cannabis. Getting it as a medical cannabis patient though its legal here otherwise (Canada). Idiot neighbors and businesses who like to make noises at night don''t help. Warning: Diphenhydramine is associated with increased risk for Alzheimer's. Blue light has been partly discredited by resent studies.Belinda Martinez écrit: Thnnk you John and Lindsey for all this information!Deb Stay Blessed écrit: Excellent discourse. Thanks for the video. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed has 1.8 grams of plant omega 3s. WEB MD. I enjoy ground flaxseeds in my soups and cereals. When consuming food sources of nutrients need to be done consistently for maximum effectiveness. ���� Appreciate the guest pharmacist sharing her expertise. Hope she considers sharing studies supporting the excellent points and recommendations she makes.��Leslie Anders écrit: See Dr William Davis articles and books. All carbohydrates are reduced to sugar. The problem is carbohydrate overload leading to insulin resistance. A high percentage of the American diet is made up of carbohydrates. Dr. Davis states that whole wheat bread raises insulin levels higher than table sugar. Eat more fat and less carbohydrates overall and start by illuminating additional sugar and wheat products.L.S.N. écrit: Canadian health care isn’t immune to racism, experts say.L.S.N. écrit: They came to Canada as essential workers. Hundreds were infected with the coronavirus on the jobShafi Muhammad écrit: Love it beautiful information thank u ���� so much sirL.S.N. écrit: Canada's cautious school reopening plans leave moms in the lurchNora Hiller écrit: I have an awesome pharmacist Frank Davison, at Davison Drugs Colusa, CA. He and his staff put safety protocols into place long ahead of the rest. Thanks to all those great pharmacists.Freebird H écrit: The discussion around herbal meds, made me wonder what our good Dr is growing in his allotment! ������L.S.N. écrit: Global Coronavirus Cases Top 13 Million As US 7-Day Average Hits Record Highs:Julianne McDevitt écrit: Pharmacist are invaluable ! I call them first with questionsbidentity69 écrit: Well this is a surprise , Dr Campbell blocking my comments ? I wonder why ?David Liptrot écrit: How about Dr Buttar, Dr Kaufman. They would give you a, run for your money in an interview. Blow your legs off with a lot of your opinions on Convid19.mamacd17 écrit: I sleep well, but I find when there’s a virus that I’ve been exposed to I have a long 10-11 hr sleep and I don’t get sick. If I deny myself that sleep and have my usual 7-8 hrs I will get that virus. Sleep is my anti-viral med. Plus I keep inflammation down by lifestyle practices.kevin mckenzie écrit: Doctors and Nurses Betrayed Patients – and Themselves Turnock écrit: Lyndsey, please let your prime miniister know that many would welcome Canadian troups should he have a bash at anexing the UK.Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb écrit: That wasn't very clear with the sugars hopefully she was saying don't eat man made sugars fruit and veg is finebidentity69 écrit: There is someone in the comments banging on endlessly about monkeys ! I'm fairly sure this is the paper in question.
If it's not , have you considered looking for it yourself ?Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb écrit: Got crohns and haven't slept properly in years lol. Eat nuff kale thoMichael Snelling écrit: Hi John, if you read this and have the time can you give us info on 'half lives' of various vitamins.superviola écrit: you are a fraud. all you need to know about this scam is here Days écrit: Dr. John, I love how you feign ignorance to ask the important questions. �� xWhiteboard Doctor écrit: Thanks for the video!Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb écrit: All legal and illegal drug dealers didn't stop. They never will lol

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