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Gabapentin for Anxiety, Alcohol Addiction and Withdrawal – Dr Mendelson, Addiction Specialist

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Dr. Mendelson discusses Gabapentin as a medication to treat both alcoholism and anxiety, as part of an alternative approach to quitting drinking.\nLearn more at\nSubscribe:\n\nIn this video, Dr. Mendelson, addiction specialist, speaks about the medication gabapentin and alcohol addiction. Dr Mendelson will explain how gabapentin works to treat people with Alcohol Use Disorder, and how gabapentin can also help with anxiety. He will also touch on dosage amounts for the medication, any side effects that might come from taking gabapentin, and how long it takes to begin seeing results.\n\nRia Health delivers evidence-based care that includes medications, one on one support, a digital app, and progress tools. We support people who want to either reduce or stop drinking with the care of an expert medical team and community support. \n\nWe use safe and FDA approved medications such as naltrexone, which is the cornerstone of the Sinclair Method. We also support not for profit advocates that promote awareness of options for people who want to change their relationship with alcohol. We are proud sponsors of Claudia Christian’s CThree Foundation and Moderation Management. \n\nLearn more about the Sinclair Method: \nReady to get started? Visit \n\nContact us at: \n \n800-504-5360 \

Ria Health écrit: Find out how Ria Health's program can help you drink less from home at or schedule a call with a team member at meddle écrit: I've been an amphetamine addict for about 25 years. Have ADHD. 49 years old and today I take 5-10 mg diazepam at night. Done so 6 years. Had 4 terrible seizures when I quit drugs 6 years ago and don't want to go there again. I wonder if anyone knows if gabapentine is better than valium? Just to get some rest in my brain. I live in Thailand and everything is sold over the counter here. The only thing the pharmacists usually want to know is how much you can pay so whatever is lucrative… They will give you what they have. Valium is valium and there's no real surprises about that medicine but gabapentine? I'm not willing to stop taking something to relax at night right now. Anyone knows? I don't want any more seizures and no more stimulants for my ADHD. Just want to be okJan Cox écrit: Can we talk about transactional magnetic stimulation. My insurance will cover 20 sessions. Hoping for drug free relief from depression/anxiety?miguel martinez écrit: I just got prescribed this havent tried it yet but its supposed to help me from drinking cuz im a binge drinker.Mt Hangnung écrit: Guys I really need help..I'm cocain addict and I want to stop.can Gabapentin would help me.?F M écrit: gabapentin vs baclofen for anxiety and benzodiazepine addiction?Appliance Guru écrit: I was an alcoholic till i found itAl Cameron écrit: Sexual dysfunction is a key adverse effect leading to medication noncompliance. Psychotropic drugs associated with sexual dysfunction include antiepileptic drugs, antidepressants, and antipsychotics. Gabapentin, frequently used off-label to treat psychiatric and pain disorders, has previously been reported to cause sexual dysfunction at a minimum total daily dose of 900 mg. This report addresses dose-dependent gabapentin-induced sexual dysfunction reaching total sexual dysfunction (loss of libido, anejaculation, anorgasmia, and impotence) at a total daily dose of only 300 mg. Arafin écrit: Thanks Docter Babu☺(INDIA)C.M. Solnero écrit: Very dangerous at high doses. Monitor your feelings and behaviors. They changed the name because of suicides. I tried it as a replacement for Zoloft for my anxiety. It assisted in getting me off Zoloft and then I stopped taking the Gabapentin because I kept needing higher doses for it to work at all.Jan Cox écrit: Good for Benzo withdrawal.Rob Brown écrit: Dddduz it it it Hubbell with sutttering?Brian Y écrit: Two words. Gabapentin Wd. I was on gabapentin for a year, ending doses were 600mgs 3 times a day…. My Dr said it's okay to stop taking it. Over 12 days I went from 600mgs 3x a day to 0. I was then awake for 6 days NO JOKE NOT A WINK OF SLEEP, NAUSEA, DIAHREAHA , RESTLESS BODY SYNDROME FOR DAYS…

The withdraws were brutal…. My Dr never mentioned them just like THIS DR DIDNT. Why ?????? Why not mention a long taper schedule needs to be implemented. It also messes with the glutamate system causing toxicity over time… Why is that not mentioned ??…what kick back is this quack gettin ?? ��Paul W écrit: Thank you Doctor. I’m finding this a very interesting medication for and chronic pain and chronic anxiety disorder, it’s really settled everything down with just the one medication. I’m on 1200 x 3 a day.


Paul (Australia)Vinnie Diego écrit: how should gabapentin be used for Benzo withdrawal off 3mg Ativan or 30mg Valium? Desperate as I am on day 9 of Gaba and down to 19mg Valium, but heard of so many horror stories from W/D symptoms, but guess it's better on the brain than Benzos? Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. God bless y'all.Jesse Lee écrit: Until you're addicted to Gaba.PERMA FROST écrit: It’s crazy cause when I started taking gabas I stopped craving beerpunk2879 écrit: My psychiatrist prescribed this to me for anxiety and restles leg syndrome. And also do struggle with alcohol. I'm over 13 months sober. The drug worked really good. But made me a zombie in the morning. And could not sexually climax. So she slowly took me off of it.Tommy Gun écrit: This gabatin work like a mf when you have a bad withdrawal. Get it in your life people now cheers be strongStephen Eee écrit: Its nice when a Dr. knows his shiz. This was an enjoyable listen.Chris écrit: Gabapentin doesn’t even work for me. My psychiatrist keeps giving them to me. It sucks. I want medicine that works for my anxiety.Woolfy écrit: I wish the DR talked more about it's off label use in depression / bipolar disorder. Seems to act like a mood stabilizer so is adding an SSRI even possible?Richard Cronin écrit: What is dosage for tsk ?M R écrit: Can Gabapentin be used with Baclofen? Some psychiatrists are telling patients that it's either one or the other for AUD. Alternatively, is Baclofen better paired with Topiramate, especially in patients with cirrhosis and very severe AUD/severe anxiety/PTSD? What's Ria Health general position?Indian Giver écrit: Talk about the withdrawal from gabapentin Doctor….Love YaYa écrit: On day 2 for anxietyPaul Motea écrit: This drug is amazingSteve G écrit: Thanks but I'm confused – at 6:50 Doctor Mendelson says a week or two of Gabapentin can help with withdrawal but later he says Gabapentin takes a month or two before a response is noticed. Please clarify. Thank you.

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