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Zolpidem tartrate, or Ambien, has been prescribed to millions of insomniacs internationally, yet those who use the drug to ensure a good night’s sleep are seldom aware it also possesses the ability to normalize functioning in certain types of damaged neurons, a phenomenon called \ »the Ambien effect.\ » The first awakening occurred in 1999 when a man who had spent three years in a persistent vegetative state spontaneously regained consciousness after ingesting a 10mg tablet. Since then, hundreds of patients have experienced miraculous recoveries from traumatic brain injury using Ambien. Hamilton Morris travels from South Africa, where the Ambien effect was first discovered, to England to interview a physician on the cutting edge of Ambien research, and then to Florida to meet a voice-over artist who depends on Ambien to speak.\n\nCheck out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Best-Of\n\nSubscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE\nCheck out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos\nVideos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com\nLike VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice\nFollow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice\nRead our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com

Ben Tree specialist écrit: Ambien fucks me up big time, I will never take that devil pill again….feel dizzy and anxious. Waking up missing my pants, with no idea I took them offhuman choice écrit: Research Chemical | Pain Killers | Buy Testosterone Online


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Website:- http://chemresourceshop.com/Ja ne écrit: ❌ ❗️Berlin Demo 29.08.2020 LIVE…: https://youtu.be/IklUy5R9rSUJennifer Perizzolo écrit: Im 6 years tardy watching this and I wish Id known about the potential of this drug when my dad was recovering from a brain aneurysm followed by 3 strokes from his brain swelling. He was literally a 60 year old infant; having to learn to speak, read, write, walk, bathe, dress, etc himself exactly how my now 4 year old son has. This drug could have taken YEARS off the amount of time we spent in speach therapy and I pray strides have been made in the last 6 years with this miracle drug. Brain injuries seem to be talked about more now than they werev11 years ago when my dad suffered his yet I have not heard of this at all until this video. With the chance of my dad reverting to infancy with each fall and seizure I feel very blessed to know about this just in case the almost worst happens. Not just as a daughter but an 11 year caregiver 24/7 to abrain injury patient I'm beyond grateful for this education and knowledge! Many thanks to Vice and Hamilton ❤Kyle Smith écrit: How little we actually understand about our body and how they actually interact with our environment is one of the craziest things about this life.

PS – stop hating on Hamilton Morris, he's one of the very very few internet journalists that have a unique style, compelling stories and an actual artistic view for how to present his topic. A young American Louis Theroux mixed with Hunter S Thompson.Alfredo Ormazabal écrit: The only problem is when i go on a rampage and i start shoplifting anything… There I'm blackout on my bed with a bunch of random stuff on my pockets next morning ��The right cut écrit: this just blew my mindBig Aitch 81 écrit: Tom looked as if he had anymore he would have started trip. It’s amazing the difference madeLaura Barr écrit: Wow…….my Aunt just died of Alzheimer's. I wonder if she would still be here if she had been taking Ambien? I bet she would.TargetOpa écrit: “Endowing Tiger Woods sexual abilities,” yeah, your informative alright.Dustin McCain écrit: I quit taking it after later finding out I had went for drives, had all night $exathons gathered vegetables, etc etc . All while asleepEdellea écrit: i was already scared enough of getting my wisdom teeth removed damnDekos SND écrit: Fun drugJay Sims écrit: Thanks for this. ❤️Impending Doom écrit: Imagine that his wife left him because he was in a accidentmelt bs16 écrit: Just imagine the size of the camcorder the guy who recovered his speech in 1999 was usingsergiodt141 écrit: They should try CBDJackie Redinger écrit: The one time I’ve taken Ambien I was sitting in a spinny-chair when it hit and suddenly I was in space. I saw galaxy’s around me. I moved to a different room to fall asleep, I was in bed alone and I started watching Netflix and realized there were people behind me watching Netflix with me. Spirits in the house. Trippy!Shahab Akhavan écrit: What would happen with someone whose brain damage to take shrooms?generic name écrit: don’t forget that it makes you racist!human choice écrit: | Buy Cialis Online | Ambien 10mg | Buy Tramadol Online USA buy soma online | buy gabapentin online | Buy Fioricet Online | Buy ambien online | buy valium online |


Website:- https://www.ambienonlinestores.com/Dayton Sauke écrit: Ambien must be horrible on my Autism.EdilsonGs2 écrit: how do these people stay awake after taking itJohn Herron écrit: listening to this episode has me convinced i have apd ive struggled with understanding speech and dyslexia my whole lifeAmensa Seasan écrit: Mission..Kevin Burrell écrit: Wait. She gave her son ambien and didn't go to jail? regardless if it helped him or not that still criminal behavior. wtf? She could've killed himJames Bell écrit: I took ambien once……. I woke up in a hallway closet…… in my neighbor's hallway closet…. after their initial shock they took me home!��MooWithMe Tubes écrit: Ambien is my favorite drug. I cant have it anymore because I have no self control lol only thing that has ever made me feel at peace in my head.N8 Metal Detecting and Coin Collecting écrit: its 2020 and im drunk as fuck and people still aren't using this without it being illegal…… FUCK BIG PHARMAFroufrou Deluxe écrit: Ambien is the only thing that works
It just worksJ B écrit: This dude is full of shit strait up acting from the get go i cant even watch this dumb shitBridgetth1969 écrit: I wound up naked and sleeping on the kitchen counter top as a result of ambien. I am so happy to know that it has some good uses tho.Paul Davis écrit: I've been eating one cannabis cookie before bed. It's been working wonders. Full night of uninterrupted sleep.Deepak P écrit: Shroud what are you doing here apart from PUBG 😛Christopher Young écrit: Florida USAguikatinskas écrit: ambien is the fucking devil, im never touching that shit again i rather have insomniaKeegan Hymer écrit: Dr. Lansing I hope you made you way here. Please let know what you think about this video, and if it makes you wonder about other potentially benefits?Nick Mougros écrit: 5:14. A video still of a picture of louie with his Dr with a picture in that picture of Louis with someone else. Inception type shitNick Mougros écrit: Woke up from a coma from ambien? His mother mustve been in shock.potatis22 écrit: yung shermanChris Monty écrit: Brother ,coming a combat vet of 12 that made tear up. DamnCh Kh écrit: Has this guy ever taken hashish to control the same symptoms he has. Would it work, if it worked would he switch. Would the hash be better long time health wise mentally and physically. ������DeadSteezy TV écrit: Just a tip, if you're going to do a voice over drink plenty of water before hand to avoid spit crackle, is disgusting and some people have something called misophonia which makes us want to rip out ears off when we hear these noises.Dank Mheems écrit: The Z-drugs have shown to provide Benzo like effects, especially Zopiclone, I guess the cousin of Ambien. Zopiclone doesn't have the sleep walking thing and feels like strong Xanax with euphoria and muscle relaxing properties. So there are alternatives that could be tried without the side effect of walking around asleep on Ambien. There are many Z-type drugs they have in use medically. And Dr's think they are just sleep meds but they have so many other uses. I know one Dr who takes people off Benzos and puts them on Zopiclone and then back, in a cycle, to control tolerance.joe740544 écrit: People need to wake up to these alternate treatments! They can help so many people in this world if only we took it seriously and did the studies requiredChristian Nikolaus écrit: For me it's like larping the hangover movieFroufrou Deluxe écrit: I have severe insomnia because I’m on the autism spectrum
Ambien is the only thing that helps me sleep. It really changed my lifebvetter45 écrit: Does anyone else take ambien and feel like a total zombie the next day?Ron Kraftwerk écrit: Good stuff Vice. Keep up the good work. Glad to see these guys get better.HL Watts écrit: Yo, Hamilton is high af at 5:12 He looks like a damn zombie ������BEST psy music BEST écrit: I told you mom,,
Drogs are not bad.just normalJr Hill écrit: Thomas rohe is a fraud…Alex Jay écrit: Too bad it didn't have such a positive effect on Rosanne.nnnn écrit: Hamilton is the manskin09588 écrit: who sells ambien here?therandomchannel tv écrit: the banker that lost his ability to recognize numbers is quite ironicJP 9590 écrit: Valium > Ambien.

Diazepam > Zolpidem.

100% Guarantee.
��Matt B écrit: I'm 28, and my two biggest fears in life are having either a heart attack, or a stroke.. I think it's so terrifying to me because you will never see or feel it coming. Also age is not a factor here.. my step sister was 26 when she suffered a life altering stroke and lost feeling in half her body all the way down the middle. One of my best friends was 31 when he suffered cardiac arrest, and later died due to complications from the heart attack.. literally your own body kills you ��Dylon Jackson écrit: I dont like that they had a stranger read it to him the first time then his wife the second time. He literally said when his wife says her name Sue he can comprehend it, but when a stranger says the name Sue it sounds like gibberish to him. Seems deceptive.Ross RC Fallacaro écrit: I’m curious if other gaba(a) agonists would have the same effect? If zolpidem, which is technically labeled as a sedative hypnotic and has a binding affinity at the (a) subunit, has an ability to create new neural pathways in damaged brains, then wouldn’t a medication with a greater binding affinity at the same receptor site – class of compounds in the
Benzodiazepine class – have a higher efficacy? Curious to see what research has been done thus far, as well as the direction that this phenomena has taken.ThIs_Is_IrOnIc écrit: Doctor wally is so pure I'm actually crying wtfKW 2024 écrit: I've really come to like Hamilton…Ranjit Tyagi écrit: 17:16. Salutes to his will power! ��������Ranjit Tyagi écrit: Interesting. Time to research Zolpy. ��jordanw2009 écrit: Hamilton is the best. Really love this guy!Greg Porras écrit: This is another example of a MIRACLE.No Name écrit: The beginning is me two hours after and two hourse before Xanax.Indukuri Raju écrit: Twice on Ambien, I lost my self. Once reportedly ate my ice cream with chilies. The other time, I got off from my flight and went through customs etc. I woke up 6 hours later not knowing what I did.Avalon écrit: Well, always have a semi-sober body with you.CrippledMerc écrit: I had a family friend get prescribed ambien and had some weird shit happen. He took it one night and went to bed, then “woke up” hours later with no clue where he was or how he got there. Turns out he drove about 45 minutes to a walmart (even though there was multiple walmarts that were closer), went in and bought some food and other random stuff, left there and walked part of the way back home. It freaked him the fuck out so he quit taking it.
Also had another friend who got a dui after she took it and went to bed, some time later got in the car and drove off and got pulled over about 10 miles from her house. That stuff causes some freaky shit to go on with some people that take it.Will Andrews écrit: I would give anything if drugs would just be legal. All drugs.GraceUponGrace écrit: PLEASE hire a good attorney who deals with medical malpractice! I am a medical professional. I’m HIGHLY suspicious your dentist was negligent with your anesthesia during your wisdom tooth extraction. Do not look at this as “going after” your dentist! Look at it as “going after” an answer and the cure. Blessing to you!GraceUponGrace écrit: I have no doubt they can produce a longer acting drug that could replicate the positive affects of Ambien for this gentleman (and others) without the negative ones. BTW, WHAT did this dentist DO?! You have to be place under anesthesia to pull a wisdom tooth. I have a HIGH suspicion his dentist was negligent.The White écrit: I took part in an Ambien / Placebo study and after taking 20mg, I cheated on my wife and shoplifted at Target…then was told I had the placebo.Magnific Blue écrit: Maybe they should try a long acticting benzo'wirh high level of long and strong muscule relaxing , one,. like Clonopin, Clonazepam ( best exemple).servicarrider écrit: Amazing.Skinny Buddha écrit: Wtf? Ambien makes me trip balls like I'm on acid while I'm blacked out. Idk how that shit could work for anyone to give you anything as a benefit besides a trip.al g écrit: Mustache implantpeggy easton écrit: don't take ambien with alcohol it will really fuck you upHarry Harry écrit: Illegal drugs are bad for you.
Legal drugs they're the good ones.Wailand Karisma écrit: Exactly the opposite of valium lolBoTL1kE écrit: I've a feeling psychedelics would have a similar effect.Sapere Aude ; Dare2Know écrit: 15:14 hope this isn't his actual home addressSandyRiverBlue écrit: "I didn't hear it fast enough so I lost it". What an interesting perspective on perception. It's probably another one of those skills that you don't realize you have until you lose it.Brandon Dilucente écrit: Poor guy ��. I cured my depression with drugs. Lsd and mushrooms to be exact. I've heard of mushroom curing speach issues before. Find your relief friend ��Cisco4kid1990 écrit: I was prescribed Ambien but I have been to afraid to take it cuz I don't have some to watch me while i sleep in fear I will wake up and take my meds or leave or cause harm to my self but I wanted to see what else it has show to help cuz my doctor said I have small seizures in the back of my head close to my neck and so would it help fix that possibly? has there been any studies on people who have neurological pain conditions or pain caused by brain damage??Cisco4kid1990 écrit: He needs to try medical marijuana aka cbd and or valium as well before Ambien since that is a sleeping medication it can cause you to sleep walkyung boi écrit: That’s mad I live right near Guildford. Just weird seeing such a random place that no one cares about except you and the people there on a vice doc.Skidink’s Video Hole écrit: Louis’ story is absolutely amazingPurple Strike écrit: How do get Ambien? What do you have to say to your doctor?ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴀʟ ᴅɪʀᴛʏ ᴅᴀɴ écrit: that’s unfair. he gets to take 10mg of Ambien without acting spastic and fucking up simple tasks, but when i take it im out using my sink as a urinal and shitting in the bathtub…rick stevens écrit: U can’t prove his IQ increases…come onrick stevens écrit: I think this is trick reverse recording where they are showing the oppositeFogboy Enterprise écrit: Ahh Ambien, one of the few drugs found in the Virginia Tech shooters blood after he shot himself. Gotta love it.. wait.. what?imelemi écrit: My friend took ambien, at 15 years old, he became very zombie like. He was walking across a busy street and I remember he tripped and fell face first into the pavement and his tooth went through his lip, he did not give a FUCK. He kept zombie walking around, while I was trying to keep him from getting hit by a car. Took him to his house and his mom took him to urgent care. Not good timesSNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS écrit: Huh wtf why are they South African if they from Orlando I wasn’t expecting that accent hahaSNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS écrit: Weird wtf I used to inject ambien and way before that I would just eat hand fullsAll night Sellar écrit: I hope Michael Schumachers doctors have tried this on himBarry James écrit: Oh how I love Zolpidem.Kris P écrit: Lou should also try cbd

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