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Benzodiazepine Overdose\nInstructional Tutorial Video\\nQBanks for AMC Exams, MCCEE, MCCQE \u0026 USMLE\n\nURL:

Ro Merrett écrit: Thank you for taking the time to make this video much appreciated ❤️���� respect3LDAD écrit: Can you do a video about the sedation effect of risperidone? It sedates me more than klonopinwoosh écrit: this is fucking boring!Mark Tusker écrit: And what about clonazepam//Rivotril//k-pins ???Alfy écrit: Killed my motherSimplez écrit: At one time in my life I was at a all time low and was losing everything in my life. My gf, my car, license, friends, job just everything was falling apart. And I was depressed for months as all this was unfolding. I had a car that I had been dreaming of since I was a kid and eventually I got it. One night I took after work I took 4 2mg Xanax bars after getting a lot of depression and anxiety. I fell asleep and somehow woke up only 2 hours later. I then went out with a friend and crashed my car from my incoordination. The next day after I got out of jail cuz I had a dui at 19, I took a lot of Xanax. I recorded what I thought was gonna be my last moments alive. The next day when I woke up I noticed all my Xanax was gone. I had bought Xanax off my friend and it was 100 of them. I couldn’t really remember what happened to all of them that next morning but I figured my brother took them from me or that I had sold them but that couldn’t be it cuz I had no money around to show for it. So I though I might of also misplaced them. A couple days pass and I noticed that on snapchat I had a anniversary for a picture that I took a year ago so I went to look at it. When I looked at the picture I noticed that there was also a new video that I didn’t remember taking and it was me the night I planned on ending my own life. I made a few different videos that night updating on how I was feeling all in the course of about two hours. The first video was me smiling while almost crying as I swallowed 5 Xanax. The next was number 27 and then the next which was the last video as well, was Xanax #56. I said to the camera that I was constantly nodding off and that I was fighting falling asleep. I still to this day don’t know how I swallowed 100 Xanax and woke up like nothing had happened. I should of had some type of overdose or something because i was not expecting to come out alive that night and didn’t expect anyone to ever be able to do that either. In ways I’m grateful that I woke up and was able to walk the next morning, but part of me says i should of not woken up. Lesson is don’t be stupid like me because Xanax gets you no where if your trying to fight your depression. It can only make it worse. What helps me is talking to someone that I enjoy talking to and just keeping me distracted from everything in my past cuz that’s the stuff that puts me down the most.Psycho écrit: The fella who is making this video needs a Dexedrine.Ben Holzer écrit: u cant overdose on benos u will just fall asleep.KinqHuskyy – écrit: How much i have to take to be high?NoeLSD écrit: can anyone tell how high the chance to die is from taking like 50mg of xans and a bottle of vodka?
I've read about a lot of people trying to od this way but not succeeding? Just want to have a save way outPleroma écrit: is it true that you can't die from Benzo OD? You just sleep it off?Kerri Johnstone écrit: Midaz is a muscle relaxant. They use it when I have seizuresJames Vella écrit: I want to end my lifeEr Elmo écrit: AGLI FSK NON PIACE QUESTO ELEMENTOIT 290 écrit: I'd have to take a few hundred Xanax I been on them for 30 years don't think I could overdose I've taken 300mg of Valium and still was finefallout was life écrit: Olly olly axin freeA̸̽͘͠Ǹ̸͘T̴́̓̕IC̴̓H̸͊͌̕R̴̐̚I̴̽͠S̵̾͠T̵̓͑͠ écrit: YOU CAN NOT OVERDOSE ON BENZODIAZEPINES IF YOU TAKE THEM BY THEMSELVES!!! NO ALCOHOL ECT. IT TAKES AROUND 50,000MG-S ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!Charlotte écrit: I took 28 5mg of diazepam in the space of 3 days , I could of died but I’m fine , I had no reaction except from confusion,dizziness and tirednessWilliam Schutz écrit: With the LD-50 being just about off the charts with benzodiazepines it's usually poly drug use that leads to death. The LD-50 for etizolam on a mouse is 3,000+ mg. Benzodiazepines are wonderful when not taken recklessly.MONERISplayz écrit: The doctor gave me a choice if i wanted to take these pills because of my anxiety. I said not yet unless it gets worse. 3 months later and i still kinda have it but i really dont wanna fuck with pills to fix my retarded anxiety that i gotta suffer with. Like fuuuck manChristina Yates écrit: These are all LIES. I’ve taken so many benzos and drank so much liquor yet I’m typing this telling you the storyRandall Tinfow écrit: Keep popping BZs, guys! Hope you've got someone to change your diapers and wipe up the drool! Strong correlation between BZ use and dementia. The rest homes are filled with smart guys like you who are admitted in their late 40s/early 50s with a history of BZ use.jimcat X écrit: I took 60 1mg kpins and woke up 4 hours later and just had a mild headache I don’t think you can od from them alonePharmacist Girl écrit: The real thing is…. Canadian's NEVER won't pay even $10 USD for Vicodin/Norco/Lortab (Hydrocodone)
The real customer's who going to pay even $90USD for a single pill are from United States of America. But white people,they are really the people who like to take pills the most without generalizing!! (I'm pharmacist).Brennan Blair écrit: I doubled my dose of olly relaxation gummysSol Andre Raz Somoza écrit: the best drugHussein Kassam écrit: Once took 100mg a lot and slept for like 3 days woke up feeling extremely crazy and idk how to describe itAS écrit: CLONAZEPAM, KLONOPIN, ATIVAN, LORAZEPAM, VALIUM, DIAZEPAM…anak sunamoon écrit: I did the flumazenil detox from the coleman institute. I took lorazepam for 3 years and tried several times to quit and the withdrawel symptoms were just horrific. I paid almost 9k but it waz well worth it. If you want to get off benzos thats the way to goMauricio Letona écrit: You mentioned anaesthesia, what is the difference?Bob Ravenscraft écrit: If this guy took xanax hed go backwards hes so tranquil ommmmBob Ravenscraft écrit: Anyone fall asleep besides me lolBradley Perrine écrit: I had taken 600 mg of valium and 300 mg of lexapro about a month in a half ago and i woke up in the icu with a defibrillator ozygen 2 ivs and a catheter attached to me i was unconscious for a day then i was sent to a mental hospital not surw what happened to me buti waa told i was extremely luckyLittle Chucky écrit: What is benzodiazepine anesthesiaArtio Dactyl écrit: Now on 7,5 mg Lorazepam and 4mg clonazepam. Im fuckedNiceguy Jjjj écrit: I took speed everyday iv on myself . Tonight i got like panic, cold feet, and problem pee. I had some valium and Clonazepam that f helped me from losing my mind!HATED TRASH écrit: How was in my recommended videos? I never heard of a benzowhatever but this was interesting anyway. Back to my kitten videos now. Sorry guys.Daz Longthorne écrit: What about the use of midazilam in a syringe driver at end of life when someone is end stage renal and has stopped dyalisis? Shouldn’t flamazenal be available ?Marcelino Castro Garcia écrit: There are doctors, children of God, many and good. But of the devil … there are, there are.


1 .- "My son, the most important thing in life is money, look for it and it will open all the doors and you will get everything you want, all the tips that follow have as a final goal that you get money.

2 .- "In your profession as a doctor keep this important concept in mind:" Neither cure, nor kill, but keep sick. "If you cure or kill, the client is finished and the money is finished. Try to have your clients in a disease not mortal and you will have your money insured. To this end tend the following tips. "

3 .- "Create addicts. Recipe medications that generate physical and psychological dependence and so you will have hooked your client and you will ensure your periodic visits. If he tries to become independent from you, he will feel so bad that he will return home. "

4 .- "Side effects are the most important, take care that the drugs you prescribe, while it seems to cure part of the body, get three or four, so you will have more consultations, more money and more time sick to the client "

5 ..- "Always be" angel of light. "Do honor to your name:" Lucifer. "Everything you do or say should appear: truth, virtue, wisdom, altruism, love of neighbor, you are a representative of medicine You are the doctor, the one who knows, demands blind trust and whenever you can discredit any other alternative medicine, your true interests must go unnoticed: you already know that you are the son of the inventor of the "lie".

6 .- "Keep in ignorance, so that your prestige does not take risks keep as much as you can in ignorance to your clients, the one who knows is you, always speak in difficult so that it is practically not understood, like your letter. Avoid prescribing medications that specify in detail the side effects and contraindications because the client can be stoked and you will lose it. "

7 .- "Start with the complex, do not ever start with simple things, like listening, getting your tongue out, researching what you eat or similar things, because it can happen that a simple and small thing solves the problem and you will stay without taking advantage of those devices that you have bought and how many dollars they cost you: you have to make them produce ".Sabel Tesfaye écrit: Thank you!!!!!!Marius P. écrit: I have just taken 50 x Diazepam 10mg and 6 x 20mg Oxicodonand I'm feeling soooo good now, i hope it's not that painful anymore and we're all in front of you. Goodbye, and do not make the same mistakes as me.misanthr ophy écrit: This is shit if you take benzoes regularly and you o.d. when they will give you Flumazenil you will
Start to heavily fall into cold turkey
And will have a high risk to die
O.d. with benzoes only will only symptonatically treated.siobahn10 écrit: Excellent information on this thanks.��Rody Pila écrit: what happens when I drining 200 mg rivotril with alcohol many blood cam out my nose and mouthJames Morrison écrit: You cannot die from a benzo od. .alone,maybe w a mix w opiates and alcohol. .I've taken 180mg clonazepam and just slept 2 days,while on methadonedr lalmuanawma jongte écrit: very good video easy to understandJake Lancaster écrit: Tried finding more vids on your channel like this…too many videos.

I'd like a channel with videos basically like thisJake Lancaster écrit: You should do a video on SSRIs and what not. (Serotonin syndrome as well)davidofchinkov41 écrit: would the same principle be applied to benzo analogs such as etizolam? As well, will the dosage of flumazenil/benzo antagonist be dependent upon how much Benzo the person is od on?

nice, simple and comprehensive video! keep up the good work 🙂J W écrit: you forgot to mention the worst part of a benzo OD when you wake up a week later in a street corner naked woth a wad of 100s and a sore bootyhole… in another country.. also your ethnicity changesCheryl Wuoti Jenks Millerji j écrit: u can't OD on klonopins or xanaxCanadaQBank écrit: Benzodiazepine Overdose
Instructional Tutorial Video
Video: écrit: Benzodiazepine Overdose
Instructional Tutorial Video
QBanks for AMC Exams, MCCEE, MCCQE & USMLE


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